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Our lovely princess

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy birthday, my boy!

Today is my Jay's 4th birthday. He has grown up so much in this year.  He is more chatty, expressive and naughtier compared to last year, but I guess that is what boy is all about!

So to my boy, Happy 4th birthday!  We love you. Stay cute like this little minion which is his current favourite cartoon character.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


The kids are not around. They went back to Kapit this morning. Should arrived there by now as they are using 730am express.

Their grandma came to bring them back for few days. So till Tuesday morning it will be peaceful and quiet moment over here. Good time for me to rest as well.

Monday, August 5, 2013

They can be loving too

Some days they are nuisance to you. Giving you headaches and heartaches. But other days they can be angels to you and giving you joys and laughters around you. 

But the happiest moment??? When they hug, kiss you and say "I love you!"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Change tutor

She put a lot of resistance going to the previous tuition (above Sibu Thomson Corner in Jalan Oya) last month that we almost at our wit's end.  Luckily a friend recommended a home tutor for my girl last Wednesday. 

Princess has been complaining to me since the first week that she would not want to go to tuition centre.  Because her tuition teacher is stricter and fierce.  Princess is not a kind of girl who respect teacher and very quiet in school.  Not like her carefree self when outside the school.  A total different girl in school. 

Some afternoon I will have to deal with a crying pot who did not want to go to tuition and other day, she was doing fine and did not argue much.  But after a friend recommended this home tutor, I immediately decided to change for Princess. Reason is that it is only 3 days a week tuition; 2.30 - 5.30pm.  It is cheaper and the teacher also help in schoolworks.  And my Princess can relax more. In previous tuition centre, it was 5 days a week; 2 hours each day.  She complained she has no time to relax and play.  Lol!

I called the home tutor immediately and after brief conversation with the tutor, I brought Princess to the new tutor's home on Thursday afternoon.  Only 3 students in her level and she is more comfortable in a smaller group.  Asked her how was her tution yesterday, she commented that it was great and the teacher was kinder.  I guess this time, my Princess will be happy to go to her new tuition. 

Kampua kids

My kids are adapting well to Sibu life and food.  Every day without fail (except some Sundays), they would requested me to send them to my SIL's shop after picking them up from tuition (Princess) and school (Jay).  If I cook at home, then I will drop them both at the shop then going home to cook.  At least I can cook with peace without them interrupting me at home.

So they spend about 2 hours in the shop every evening on weekday.  And most of the time, they will ask their aunt to tapau kampua for their dinner.  If they can avoid rice dinner they would try anything to. 

Now from Kolok Mee, they are getting used to Kampua.  Most coffee shops here the kampua is priced between RM2.30 to RM2.50.  Big portion and most of the times, the kids will share one pack of kampua.  IF they are really hungry, they will request in advance that they want a packet each.  *wink*  So by the time the shop is closed and reach home for dinner which is usually around 7.30pm, both kids are full from kampua and do not want to eat their dinner anymore. 

Either it is me or I feel my kids are gaining weight.  Maybe eating too much kampua in Sibu.  Sometimes they even requested for kampua for supper!  Luckily we stay very near to coffee shops which open till late at night.  We will never go hungry with kampua available day and night.  *wink*