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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ready for bed

Just got back from The Spring. Drove my FIL and little J for some early Christmas stuff to be brought back to Kapit by FIL tomorrow.

Oh boy, sure lots of cars when we reached The Spring, thought there is some big sales going in there. Apparently one of the carpark entrance was closed and every cars jamming to squeeze into one car park entrance. It took us about 15 minutes to go down into the basement and thank god we managed to find a parking bay.

Many people shopping in Tai Khiong tonight. I seldom go shopping for grocery and sundry during weekday so I never expect many people around. Guess every day is a shopping day, not only on Saturday and Sunday. Lol!

Little J is behind me now, playing her block toys after finished her milk. She is more obedient now, understand when it is time for her not to disturb her mummy, leave her alone updating her blog. *wink* When she is tired, she will keep all her toys and go to her bed without making any noise. I must admit my Little J is really growing up! Lol!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Caught in the act

This must be Little J's worst and unlady-like pose so far that I even caught her in! Well, who told her to mess up the bed. So here is my proof of her popping and tearing up the parking coupon in her aunty's bed, then arranging them all on her bed. And aunty did not know about this incident till now. LOL!

Of course in the end, the mummy has to be the one doing all those clearing, who else. I just don't understand her, just love to tear all those numbers. Everytime she saw on in my car, she will try to get to it and without my knowledge, quietly tearing them at the back of the car. Sigh!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Smarter than you thought

Don’t you think your kids are smarter and cheekier than you? They know what is computer at young age while you may only know how to use keyboard when you were in school back then.

Everyone said it is the milk they take that make them smarter. Guess all those DHA formulas really work for our kid’s brain development. Sometimes my Little J amazes and surprises me with her antic and words. Example like the other day when I brought her for her booster shot of Hepatitis A:

Mummy : Let’s go to clinic.
Little J : Ai yo! Mummy go for injection
Mummy : Not mummy, you go for injection
Little J : (touching her butt) Don’t want, butt painful.
Mummy : No, doctor will inject your arm.
Little J : (touching her arm) Don’t want, I wanna go to nanny’s house.

Hai ya! I shouldn’t have told her that I was bringing her for injection, because after that, she reluctant to get out from the house and took quite some times to persuade her to go. LOL!

Another scene was after sending her aunty at the airport.

Little J : Where is gu gu (aunty) going?
Mummy : Gu gu sit in airplane
Little J : Gu gu sit in airplane go KL (she used to us saying going to KL each time we flew)
Mummy : No. Gu gu go to Sibu

After few hours, tele-conversation with her grandma

Little J : Hello Ah Ma.
Ah Ma : Hi Little J. Gu gu?
Little J : Gu gu sit airplane, go Sibu

She remembers that her aunt going to Sibu. Don’t say kids have short term memories, okay?

Friday, November 14, 2008

What is beautiful?

Look at my Little J!! She even paint her own nail polish! Some kids, they sure know how to look beautiful, don't you think?

Girls are always girls, they more receptive to colours and tend to dress and want to look beautiful. When I ask Little for photoshot, she posed like the above. LOL!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My nagging continue...

Read in today newspaper that one of the old shops (almost 500 years old) in Gambier Street was burnt down during last night’ heavy rain. We were stuck at my parents’ house when the rain strikes around 6pm. Thunders and lightning were hitting like crazy and my parents’ front car pouch was flooded with water that cannot flush away faster than it rained.

The weather here has been crazy for the past 1 week. Rained almost every evening. Guess the year end raining season is finally here. And there goes our weekly jogging and swimming in the evening. I think we have to think of a new sport activities, maybe indoor type as it is hardly favourable to have much outdoor activities nowadays. And Big J has been complaining of lack of exercises. His tummy is growing bigger, almost 5 months old pregnant! LOL!

I have been nagging about his eating and drinking habit, always eat late and mostly take meat. If I ever cooked at home, the meat will be mostly stir-fried with less oil or cook in soup. And vegetables is a must in the menu. Maybe due to his work, he has started to drink again. Beer! Yeah! That is where is tummy come from. There were times when he was fitter, cutting down on beer and night life but now he is on roll again. Excuses? Got to entertain friends and customers! Sigh! It makes me worry and I think I no need to guess how his blood test result should be when he even goes to one.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I love scribbling!

I love to scribble on papers, books and on anything as long as I can write on them! LOL! You can say that I am a super scribbler. Even my boss commented that my diary (yes we have diary to write on and everytime she will check on my diary to see the contents) is very useful and I am good at scribble everything on it! *wink*

So when I got this Superior Scribble Award from Little Prince, I am more than happy to receive it! LOL! The rules every Superior Scribbler will name 5 other Super Scribblers.If you are named you must link to the author & the name of the blog that gave you the award.Then you must display the adorable award and link to This Post, which explains The Award.Finally you must visit this post and tell your name to Mr. Linky List.Then they will have a record of all the people who are Super Scribblers! Now, I am passing this award to Jen and Didi. I bet you girls are super scribblers too!

Hairy fruit

Everywhere people sell durians. On the roadside, on a lorry or even in the wet market. Durian is everywhere, and smell of durian in the house cannot be mistaken and get rid of easily. My house is smell of durian for the past few days.

I don’t fancy durian much, but there is a fruit that I love. It has been ages since I tasted one. Rambutan! Yes, the hairy fruit with juicy white flesh. I love to taste the yellow skin rambutan. Somehow the flesh is thicker and juicier than the flesh of a red skin rambutan.

Now I have a sore throat, must be from eating too much rambutan. Either that or I get some virus from Little J who just recovered from her cough and fever. LOL

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cost of schooling

Took Little J to a taska this morning, thought of checking out on the environment, programmes and fees involved. I never know that most taska do not cater for Saturday classes. This one is one of them that only open 5 days a week.

Fortunately when we reached there around 10am, they were open for some graduation rehearsal. RM800.00 deposit needed to enroll Little J in the next year classes. Not so sure on the monthly fee and insurance as subject to changes every year. For time being, they are around RM300 and RM80 respectively. All those do not include the school uniforms which cost around RM30 per set. Judging from everything, school fees are also in increasing trend. Wow! Really not cheap to put a child to school, don’t you think so? I would need to check out on another taska which is nearby for some comparison first before deciding which taska to put my Little J in.

As for her, she just feels at home, playing with the slide and swing, in regards to the teachers. When ask her does she want to go to school, her immediately reply is “yes”. Much to our amusement, she was nagging and wailing in the car when we on the way to taska, as the taska is somewhere near her baby sister’s house. She was wailing as she thought that we wanted to send her to her baby sister. Talking about a 2 ½ years old child, she does know her sense of direction and whereabout pretty well. But once we reached the taska, her mood is better and not in the hurry to leave when it was time to leave. LOL!

Ready for schooling? Little J's cute Barney bag (the Barney can be taken out).