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Our lovely princess

Thursday, December 30, 2010

She is back

Yes, my princess is back from her loooong holiday. Once she landed Kuching on Monday evening, she told me she was hungry so we headed to SCR for her favourite chicken rice. When asked her what she missed the most in Kuching, she said she missed "shopping" and "KFC". Lol!

So the next evening together with my MIL, we brought Baby Jay and Princess to The Spring. The Christmas decoration was still there so it was great to show both kids the trees and decoration in the mall. As for Baby Jay he was thrilled as he kept walking and we have hard times catching up with him!

I think princess grows a lot, even her pink jacket looks small! Lol!
This was taken yesterday when we registered Princess' P2 class which starts next week.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Counting down to the day

A week more! Hanging on there!

I am referring to my princess back from her long holiday in hometown. I miss her very much! She will be back with her grandma on 26 December. And it means that I would need to bring her to her kindergarden and register her for her P2 class which started early January next year. In 4 months time she will be 5 years old. *sob sob* I could not believe my princess is growing that fast!

In couple of months time I will register her for a placement in primary school. Yes! We need to register her for our selected primary school next year although it is 2 years away. We have yet to confirm the school we want, as both Big J and I have not agree on the school, but Chinese school is preferable. Too many factors to consider in deciding which school to put her. Sigh!

Spoke to her over the phone this morning. When asked her whether she is ready to come back, she replied "No". As expected, that was her answer. So it will be another round of headache on her first day at school. But deep down in my heart, I just hope she will be fine and no holiday blue eludes her on that day.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kid's immunisation

Baby Jay has gone for his chicken pox vaccination last Saturday. Not much weight gained for the past 3 months, just weighing around 9.6kg at 15 months old. Usually he will not like his visit to paede, but the lady doctor has gone travelling for a month since end of November and it is a young male doctor that tending to my boy that day.

He will wail or make lots of noise when his lady doctor checking on him or giving him injection but to my surprise, that day he did not wail a bit except when the young male doctor started to inject him. Still not much objection from him and everything went pretty well. Even the doctor said he was a good boy. Lol!

His next vaccination would be when he is 18th month old which will be end of February 2011. DPS booster. I don't know much about vaccination but boy! Our kids nowadays sure have a busy schedule of visit and immunisation. I do not remember my parents brought me or my other siblings for vaccination when we were small. Gosh! I pity my kids. Not forgetting that they are going to a child specialist, not general hospital which offer cheaper rates.