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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Paint my face

One day a conversation with my princess:

Princess: Mummy, you every morning paint your face. So "mei mei" (beautiful).
Me: Thank you. That is call "make up" not "paint"
Princess: Oh, make up. Can I make up too?
Me: Wait till you are bigger, okay?
Princess: Okay. Mummy, you buy the make up for me next time okay?
Me: (roll eyes)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Winner & the nanny

The winner

On the day of her competition, Princess Jan requested her hair to be tied, so my maid helped her and gave her 2 Mickey Mouse shaped hair clips. And she was happy with her new hair style that she did not want to wash her hair for whole day! Lol!

My Princess has conquered her fear and managed to go through the Final of her English Reading Competition. Although a slight break down at first (her voice is breaking and she was fighting in between her sobs), she manage to read her rhyme. She won a consolation prize.

The winners with their prizes. 1st prize winner recites her winning rhyme.

I am proud of her. As her prizes from me, I brought her to Boulevard Shopping Complex and bought her a colouring pencil set (as she wanted) and some books from Popular Book Store and treated her to a nice KFC dinner. At least a consolation for her bravery to go up the stage! Bravo, Princess!

Showing off her consolation prize

The nanny

It is going to be a long week without the kids' babysitter. Babysitter is taking leave from tomorrow till 2 October; she is going to Thailand for a holiday. And it means that Big J and I have to take turn to look after the 2 kids. Luckily I managed to employ 2 new staff at the shop. Both very new, one started about a week ago and another one just came in few days ago. At least I have my Indonesian maid mending the shop and I am relieved to take care of the kids.

With 2 hyperactive kids, it can be pretty hard job, but I guess we shall prevail. Our routine for the rest of the week would be:

Sending Princess to school during the weekday.......Have breakfast, open shop...Picking her up from school....Have lunch and bathe the kids at my parents' house since it is pretty near to my shop......Either me or Big J to bring the kids home for their afternoon nap....Bathe the kids......Dinner at my parents' house.....Playtime at the shop till closing.

I guess the routine would be like that.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Milestone in School - Into Final

I received a call from Princess' teacher yesterday afternoon. Princess is into the final of her English speaking competition which is going to be held tomorrow morning!

I was surprised when received the call but same time, I am proud and happy for my princess. Since starting school last year, this would be the first time she is through the final in any competition.

However her teacher commented that she cried on stage, but somehow she managed to read her sentences and into final. So when I told her in the evening about her achievement, she started to wet her eyes again. "I do not want to go to the stage, mummy", she told me. Sigh!

So to cut the story short, after much "bribing", she finally agreed to my request with some "bribes". Lol! So hopefully she will do it tomorrow morning. Mummy and daddy will be there to support her!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Spec-wearing kids

Since my Princess is back from her hometown about a week ago, she started to have a habit of playing games in the mobile phone. In the past, she will use her aunt's notebook to play games however lately she is addicted to this "bubble games" in Big J's handphone. Luckily mine did not have such games, but I am not worry about that.

My concern is her addiction. And also the effect it has on her eyes. As you may be aware of, nowadays the kids wear glasses at very young age. As young as 2, I have encountered before. Don't know it is genetic or due to external influence, but I do pity little children that have to go through the stage of going to optometrist, getting the right eye glasses and may be ridiculed in school etc. I know how it feels because I myself started to wear glasses at age of 11. I hated it then, if possible, tried not to wear it in school.

So I am concern about my Princess's addiction to games in handphone or notebook and since both Big J and I wear glasses, I wonder whether it would be genetic and passed down to her and Baby Jay? Hmmmmmmm

Thursday, September 16, 2010

His 1 year old jab

Poor Baby Jay. I just remember about his 1 year old vaccination yesterday. Finally he has his shot and 1 year old assessment. Currently he is weighing around 9.3kg. As usual he did not like people to hold him while the doctor inject the vaccination onto him and he has a bruise on his forehead from knocking on the doctor's table. Lol!

The next vaccination would be when he is around 15 months old which is end of November. Don't worry, I have set reminder in my mobile so I will remember it by then.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to school

Yes, today is the first day at school and Princess has been very good. I remember during the previous holiday she did not want to go back to school after school reopened.

I could not get up in time this morning. The clock is set but end up I did not heard it and my Baby Jay was the one that wake me up, around 730am. So it was chaotic as laundry needed to be hung to dry, feed the 2 kids, make food for Princess to bring to school etc....Anyway, thank Big J as he sent the 2 kids off while I can take some time to bathe and get ready to go out. Princess even gave me a hug before she went out, which she seldom do. I guess she did not feel like going to school after a week lay off, but she was obediently went into the car and wave goodbye to me. *wink*

As usual I would ask Princess what she would like for her snack time in the morning. She will choose between croissants and sausages. As she is growing, her appetite also increasing. She can finish 2 pieces of croissants or 5 strips of sausages. And slowly I am introducing her new food, like muffins, scones and cheesy sandwiches for her school snack. I am not like some mommies who are very adventurous and crafty in providing meals for their kids. Some even make good bento for their kids to bring to school. Alas. I am a lazy mummy. Just can provide something good enough for the kids, nothing fancy.... Lol!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

He did it!

Baby Jay is very close to Big J lately. Maybe because Big J look after him more than I did! *wink*

Since I started my shop 3 months ago, I seldom have the time and energy to look after Baby Jay. Sometimes I feel sorry for him, but I know everything I do now is for the children' future. They would not know much now, but someday they will understand my sacrifice.

Every night Big J would bring the children back from baby sitter's and sometimes have dinner together with me, otherwise he will eat take-away at home. He will feed, change and bathe the children. So by the time I reach home after 10pm, most of the times the children have dozed off. If the children are awake, either Princess reading her books on the bed and Baby Jay disturbing and making messes in the room. So it would be my turn to put the children to sleep.

I just want to say I am proud of Big J. He has been able to handle the children and whether he likes it or not, he finally did it. He can take care of the children and I really appreciate what he does. *wink* It just to show how important is in a family, both husband and wife need to be responsible and able to take the responsibility to look after the children. And it just feel great when your husband suddenly say to you "Darling, now I know how hard it is to look not only one but two kids. I admire you. Now I know how it feels" Lol!

Friday, September 3, 2010

She cries

Today Princess is going to Sibu for overnight stay. Her grandma bringing her to see her aunt in Sibu, and then tomorrow they will be heading to Kapit.

Princess came into my room (she slept with her grandma in the other room for 2 nights) with red and teary eyes. And when asked why was she crying, she told me that she is missing me......*sob* And it puts tears in my eyes too. However the teary moment is only for few minutes as Princess was all joy and chirpy again. She even ate a handful of fried kuaw tiaw and reminded me to buy 2 pieces of her favourite croissants and a pack of Milo.

So in her Barney bag, she was off to the Sibu this morning. I am sure not only me that going to miss her. Baby Jay may senses his missing and chatty sister and so is Big J. No one can stand the chatterbox but when she is gone, the house is sure empty and quiet. Lol! It is going to be quiet till she is back next Saturday evening.