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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miss Menace turning Miss Well-behave!!

In one month time, Little J would be a 3 years old toddler. Wow! She is growing fast and I feel that I am older. Lol! We haven’t thought what to buy for her or where to bring her for her birthday dinner, but there would be something nearer to the date.

Now that she is older and gone to school, she is much well behaved when she needs to. Most of the time, it is. When eating out, she can quietly sit in her chair without running around. Now she starting to eat more solid food and not that choosy anymore. She is more polite and uses words like "excuse me, sorry, thank you" in appropriate way. But once a while, my little monkey will let her hair loose and gives you some surprises when you least expect her.

Little J loves to “kay poh” (busybody) and can be very nagging. She will ask what you are doing when she knows what you are really doing. She also loves house chore especially folding clothing. She is learning to fold her own clothing and sometimes she can impress me by neatly folding her towels. Guess towels are easier to fold than shirts and pants for young kids as towels are rectangular shape.

Last time I used to be the one that wake up Big J every morning, but it is Little J’s chore. She will slap her dad lightly on his arm to wake him up. If it does not work, then she will shout “Wake up, daddy” or jumping onto him to get him up. Lol! So sometimes there will be a morning commotion between those two. I don’t bother about those two, as long as Big J in time for work and Little J in time for her school. *wink*

Friday, March 27, 2009

Revision in the car

Monday, March 23, 2009

Stranger to Chinese language

My SIL brought Little J to church yesterday morning. They gone to the children Sunday’s school as my SIL wanted her to expose to the session there. Big J and myself couldn’t get out of the bed as the night before we stayed pretty late catching up a Cantonese drama series. Lol!

After registering Little J, she brought her into the class. At first Little J was excited seeing other children and playing with them, but after a while, she chickened out! Why? They all talked and sang in Chinese! She cried and wanted to go home, according to SIL. Little J seldom speak Chinese at home and baby sitter’s house, so she must be feeling alien in a group of people that talked Chinese. Poor her. But after a while, she calmed down and listened to the songs and both of them managed to finish the whole session! *wink*

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too much of popcorn

Oh no! Little J is coughing again. She has been coughing since yesterday and still do so this morning. So have to bring her to see doctor later. She has fully recover last week from her flu and cough, but it is back again. Probably too much of popcorn for the couple of days? Dad bought her some popcorn and since it was a big container, I brought it to her baby sitter house to be shared with her other kids.
Oh dear! Our medical bills are increasing this month, with Little J been sick early of the month. Medical bills are really expensive now. One visit cost us around RM60 - 80!! Phew! And not forgetting my monthly pregnancy check up, which is chalking up. Which remind me, need to push Big J to do the claim.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Party hat

I was clearing Little J’s school bag since it is starting of her mid term school holiday. She is so much looking forward to going to school now, that I have to tell her every morning that school is closed for holiday and she will spent times with her “cheh cheh” in baby sitter’s house.

One of the crafts they done in school. A party hat. And guess what! I was surprised to see that she has two hats in her bag and upon checking, one hat belong to her classmate. Hmm, wonder why it ended up in her bag? Must be the other gal didn’t take hers and teacher gave it to Little J. The hats too small, cannot be put on hat.

All her crafts and arts are been kept properly in a box, so when she grows up, she will able to see her childhood crafts and arts. What a fond memory, I think!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Composing her own lyrics

Little J loves to sing that she even hum her favourite songs in the car or anyplace she feels like it. She loves it when someone asked her to sing. She will sing to requests! *laugh* When she learns new songs in school she would love to show off to me by singing or humming the lyrics but most of the time I don’t get them….Lol! Her school has their own songs so I don’t really know what she is singing.

Big J bought her a nursery rhyme vcd that come with lyric book back in last year. We never played it before till last month. Actually I found it in one of her toy baskets while doing some cleaning in the room. So, every night since then, we played her the vcd comprising of 16 famous nursery rhyme like Old McDonald Had A Farm, London Bridge is Falling Down, Auld Lang Syne etc. She loves the vcd so much that she must listen to it at least once every night. Lol! She knew most of the lyrics by now and will sing along too. Sometimes she will ask me to duet with her, i.e. she sings one line, I sing the other line and so forth. But once a while, she will forbid me to sing or correct her lyrics or pronunciation. Sometime I cannot stand her changing the lyric of a song, such as following:

Song from Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
3 bags full
One for the master, and one for the dame,
And one for the little boy that cried in the lane

(original song said "And none for the little boy that cried in the lane". I guess Little J pity the boy and gave 1 bag to him.)

Song from Ten Little Indian Boys

One little two little three little fingers,
Four little five little six little fingers,
Seven little eight little nine little fingers,
Ten little fingers have I

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Father and daughter relationship

After finished my phone conversation with Big J last night, Little J ask me in her exact sentence: “What do you say?” Lol! She wanted me to tell her what I have spoken to her daddy.

So I told her that daddy has reached KL last night, on the way to hotel and he needed to iron his shirt for tomorrow. After listening to me, she immediately went to sleep. Hmm, I guess in one way, she is missing her dad. Although she seldom show her loves to her dad, guess when he is not around, she does miss him. And when Big J called up around 1am this morning (after he finished his ironing, according to him), I told him about my conversation with Little J. And of course, Big J was delighted to know that his little girl is missing him.

Those two. When they are together, they always have fight and arguing, but when not together, they are missing each other companionship. The only time they have great fun would be in the swimming pool or when Big J playing his guitar and Little J dancing and singing to her own tune. Sigh!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She knows how to compliment and complain

My Little J knows how to compliment and complain about people. Check out the following scene:

Scene 1:

When mummy wearing new dress picking her up from her baby sitter’s house:

Little J: Wow! Mummy, you are beautiful!
Mummy: Thank you.
Little J: Mummy is “mei mei”

Scene 2:

Her grandfather hugging her:

Little J: Hmm! Kung Kung is smelly! Yuk! *holding her nose*
Mummy: (want to faint) Hahaha!

Scene 3:

After daddy came back from work:

Big J: Hi Little J! Come! Give daddy a hug and kiss.
Little J: Don’t want! Daddy is smelly.
Big J: No! Daddy in office whole day, where got smell?
Mummy: How about the cigarette smell??

Scene 4:

At grandparents’ house:

Mummy: Little J, is mummy beautiful?
Little J: Yes. Mummy is beautiful (come and kiss my cheek)
Mummy: How about po po (grandma)?
Little J: No, po po no “mei mei” (beautiful)

Our day so far

It is a relief now that Little J finally settling down with her school. She no longer cause any crying scene when dropping her off her school. Yesterday was a public holiday here, but she was asking me to go to school. I guess she knows that school starts on Monday as I told her it was Monday yesterday.

This morning she was so eager to be dropped off at school that she didn’t want to have breakfast with us. I was sending her and Big J to school and work respectively and since it was early, we planned to have breakfast together. But Little J insisted on going to school first. So we sent her off, then Big J and myself had breakfast at the old market in the city.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Away from home

Big J has left for Sibu this morning around 3am to attend a cousin’s wedding this evening. he is travelling by road with his sister and brother. On the other hand, Little J and myself will be staying overnight at my parents’ house.

Then Big J will be leaving for KL next Wednesday for 3 days to attend meeting and training. So lots of travelling for Big J this couple of days.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A brother for Little J?

Our weekly cleaning lady commented that I would be getting a boy this time round. Huh? How can she tell? From my face. She commenting that I have a “rough” complexion this time, unlike my first pregnancy when I had Little J. So, “rough” complexion meaning I am getting a boy??

I don’t want to hope too much on that, but if it is a boy, I would be happy to have a pair of boy and girl. *wink* And Little J has been influencing my thoughts too lately by saying she is looking forward to a baby brother. She keeps telling everyone that mummy has baby in her stomach, and when asked on the baby, she wants a brother. Lol!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Going into full time

Little J is at it again. When the car stopped in front of the car pouch of her school, she will start crying and holding tightly to my shirt. Hmm, it does not mean she doesn’t want to go to school. She is eager to go to school. Every morning she will help me pack her school bag and snack box. She even singing and chatting happily in the car, but the minute we reached the junction turning to the school, she will into her crying act. Wonder when this little drama will stop??

I am into my first week of semi-retirement (resigned from my job last month), so far it has been a good week. Yesterday, I had breakfast with hubby and then went to do my errand, i.e. paying bills, banks etc. In the afternoon, I was cleaning up the bedroom. Phew! It was damn hot with such weather.

Starting new month, I would be full time looking after Little J, no longer sending her to baby sitter. Cost cutting since hubby is the sole breeder now. So a lots of things need to save for time being, but thanks to PIL, they are supporting us financially till the new baby is delivered. I am lucky to have such understanding PIL. *wink*