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Our lovely princess

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ready to go

Yesterday I have done with the unpacking of our items from our KL trip. Phew! I need two days to nap, as exhausted from the holiday. Not from the walking and shopping but from monitoring after my 2 kids, especially Baby Jay who could not sit long in his stroller. Instead he chose to push his stroller around. *wink*

Princess would be following her grandmother back to hometown this Wednesday, so I have also packing for her long holiday. As usual, every year end holiday she will be back for about 1 month holiday and celebrating Christmas with her grandparents.

A bit of disappointment for us as we did not see any Christmas decoration in Mid-Valley mall. Too early?? Over Kuching, most shopping malls have played Christmas songs and put up some trees. Some even way ahead of everyone, playing Chinese New Year songs. Lol! Now everyone is in the mood for Christmas and CNY.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A breather

It is that time of the year! And we desperately need few days to destress and get away from those hectic work and schedule. Or I can say me and Big J in need of a break! hahahah! We really need some times to relax and destress ourselves and at the same time, re-connect with the kids. So we are looking forward to our little holiday, which starts tomorrow.

No! We are not heading to the beach, although how we wish we could. But our trip would also be involving something of a therapeutic nature (to me!).

So, adios everyone. Will update more once we are back from our break.

Monday, November 14, 2011

She dances

Princess has her first graduation concert last Friday night. It was actually for Pre-3 students' graduations and all students from Pre-2 and Pre-3 are required to perform some dance routine on stage at MBKS Auditorium. Princess has 3 routines, one in Malay, one in Spanish and one in Indian. She really enjoyed herself dancing.

We reached there around 6pm and right away teachers got her ready in her first dances, put onto her costume and put some eye shadow and did her makeup. Baby Jay and I went to find good seat in the auditorium. Big J got there in time to see her first performance. I haven't got time and my Streamyx has some problem in shop, so have not yet downloading all those pictures and videos. Hopefully able to do it this few days. Need to delete the pictures from the camera too for our next trip.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

First school outing

Princess is having her first school outing today. Started from 8 to 12pm, she will be touring the MBKS library.

The outing consists of the Pre-2 and Pre-3 classes concert rehearsal and educational outing. The kids will have their graduation concert on 11 November evening. I am so looking forward to seeing my Princess graduates from her Pre-2 class. *wink*

Big J on other hand was a bit concern about her safety today because it was Princess's first trip and worry whether the teachers can control a big group of young kids. I am pretty sure everything is well arranged. Although at the back of my mind, I am also worry, but it is a good exposure and part of her learning experience. Hope Princess enjoyed her trip and have fun during the concert this Friday.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

About him and her

Baby Jay

He is recovering from his sickness and thank god he is back to his normal self. We know he is fine when he starts to hit and scold people and sing. Lol! He drank some milk last night and starts to ask for food this morning after 3 days. Good sign.

Baby Jay is 2 years and 2 months old now. He is weighing around 11kg. He lost a bit of weight lately due to sickness, but hopefully he gains back his weight.

His vocabulary is expanding slowly which include few new words, such as "What's this?", "Up", "Go kai kai", "Shoes", "Aduh" (don't ask me where he learns his Malay!) and "Nay" (pointing to his sister when ask about her whereabout).

He still not good with counting. Always start with either number "two" or "three" just like his sister when she was younger. So need to be patient there.

Princess Jan

She has been upgraded to Book 2 in her music class. So her fee per month starting this month is from RM60 to RM65. Saw her new music books which include a piano book. Does it mean she is learning to play notes on piano? I guess so! :) And Big J promised her if she passes her Grade 1 then he will buy a piano for her. I hope she really serious about music because piano is pretty costly. So far her teacher has been commenting on her good performance in term of theories. Glad to hear that. See how it goes from there.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wish for good health

Baby Jay was down with fever on Sunday night. I did not slept well as he was not sleeping well; kept rolling and crying almost the whole night. The next day I brought him to see doctor and doctor could not find anything wrong with him.

The baby sitter said he did not eat or even drink milk the whole day; but his vomitting and diarrhea subsided by night. Nothing to be out from him since his stomach was empty. He managed to finish a whole bun this morning, I guess he was too hungry to choose. However around 12 today the baby sitter called up and told me that other than the bun, Baby Jay did not eat. He does not want to drink water too. Suspected it is tonsilitis, I brought him to his doctor again and the doctor confirmed that it was tonsilitis. Sigh! The doctor subscribe anti-biotic, hydrating salt and panadol for him.

I myself also sick. AGAIN! Thought I have recovered, but the coughing and tonsilitis hit me again last night. Sigh!

Hopefully Baby Jay is getting better by tonight. Miss the active and bubbly boy. And he started to speak two new words for a week now. "What's this?" :)