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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Family updates

Just a little updates on The Ling family. Activity wise, we mostly spent our weekends at home, hiding in the room. Damn hot and lazy to go anywhere lately. Big J has been complaining of stress at work and thinking of changing new job. His team is performing very badly this year and Big J’s boss commented on cost cutting measure. In other word, it is retrenchment.

Little J is doing fine in school. No complain from her teacher so far. Lol! Health-wise, she is not doing well, been hit by running nose and cough. On and off. Always have her running nose and it got bad after her birthday party last Friday. Too much of cold drink. Sigh! Stubborn girl, I told her not to drink too much cold water, she never wanted to listen. Like Big J, she also went for “one-go” that night.

The weather has been very warm for past weeks. Little J also got some heat rashes around her neck and both armpits. Poor her, been sweating and complaining of itchiness around the affected areas. Got some cream from doctor on Tuesday night when visited doctor for her cough and flu. I am still monitoring her rashes for now. I have been getting her to stay mostly indoor and try not to be too active. She sweats a lot and the rashes will be more visible and itchy when she sweats.

Rashes on armpit

My tummy

As for myself, I am into my 22nd week now. Baby in the tummy is very active, kicking most of the time. My next visit to gynae would be next week. Other than constipation, drier skin and feeling warm most of the time, I am doing fine.

So, that is for some updates on my family. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 years old milestone

She is turning 3 today. At 3, she

* is 129cm tall and weighing 14kg. She has 21 teeth. She is still very choosy when come to food

* is more well mannered and polite. Knows how to knock at the door before entering or someone opens the door for her, how to thank and apologise when she should.

* loves to dance and sing. Don't know where she learns all those dancing steps, but she sure know how to twist, shake and sway and sometimes doing some aerobatic moves. She loves those hot and fast beat songs. She can never stop dancing!!

* can switch on the computer, put her favourite dvd and play it

* recognise all alphabets in capital and small letters; and some numbers (1 - 20). She knows how to write some letters such as H, I, J, L, O and X and numbers like 1, 4, 7 and 10.

* can sing most Children songs clearly word by word such as London Bridge, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Old McDonald had a farm etc.

* greets people by saying “Hello, my name is Little J”. Sometimes she will greet you, “Good morning”, “Good afternoon” or “Good evening” when ever she is in the mood

* can differentiate one colour from another

* Still not good with writing, but can follow the dots on letters and numbers. She can recognises her name now.

* can press numbers on the remote control to her favourite channels

* chooses her own clothing and shoes to wear. No one can persuade her to change her mind

* hasn’t been to any extra classes other than her pre-school. Thought of enroll her to swimming or music class probably when she is around 4 or 5.

* no longer use diapers (and yes, save a lot of those disposable diaper!). Trained to go to loo before bed and when she wakes up in middle of the night. She will either pee in her own potty just in front of the toilet's door or with mummy's assistance, holding her while she does her business on the toilet bowl.

* knows her left from her right.

* good at changing song lyrics and sing her own tune!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The real "masak-masak"

Little J got her earliest present from her aunt and uncle early this week. Now she can have a real game of cooking with her new toys.

What a lucky and happy toddler!

Discovering that there is nothing in that carton!

Wow! She can hold that spatula well!

Does she has the talent of a cook? Her uncle opens a cafe and great cook himself, probably she will learn something from him as she grows up!! Whose know, she will be a better cook than her mummy! Lol!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ain't going up to the stage

There was a singing competition at Little J’s school today. It is a sort of audition for a spot in the final. More than 20 students participated and the students are given choices of two songs.

Each name would be called out and the students are ushered to the mini stage to sing a song. When I reached the school (which the competition has started 10 minutes ago), some parents were seen busy taking photos and clapping hands. Some children crying and did not wanted to sing when went up the stage. My Little J was one of those that did not want to go up to the stage. Her name was last few before the teacher called it a day. The teacher just merely asked her whether she wanted to try and sing, my Little J just shake her head. Sigh! I guess she has a stage fright after seeing so many friends one by one went up to the stage.

Just when everyone were queuing up and doing the “choo choo train” style to go back to classroom to collect bags, Little J was been pushed twice by her classmate. Oh dear! The little boy was pretty rough and pushing Little J away when Little J was trying to put her hands on his shoulder to form the train line. Poor girl! I couldn’t hold myself when she started to cry and teacher and attendants were busy to attend her.

Little J did not know of my presence till I called out her name. Seeing me, she crying even louder and rubbing her tears on my shirt. Lol! The teacher still have time to approached me and told me Little J was singing well in class and should be going to final, but she will give Little J another try to be fair to other students. I am not boasting but Little J does have an interest in singing and she is good. Am glad to hear the teacher's comment, but I guess going up the stage with so many strangers would be a scary experience for a 3 years old child. Anyway, Little J stopped crying after we picked her bag and went into the car. When I asked her why she didn’t want to up to the stage, she just said “don’t know”. And why crying, she said “friend hit me”.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It is art time

Before I have chance or decided to wrap her birthday present, Little J has spotted her present in the room. Since she has seen her surprises, I might as well let her play with her presents. For her 3rd birthday, I bought her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse stickers and Sand Art. Here are some pictures taken while she was having fun:

Trying her hand on sand art for 1st time

The instruction said it is for 4 years and above, but what the heck! Most of the time, it is me that helping her peeling the sticker while she did the sand spreading. It takes time and sand art is rather tedious and messy. We couldn't play it with fan or wind around, otherwise you would need a lot of cleaning up to do in the end.

Sticking away

Those stickers of Disney characters are undeniably cute. I couldn't resist myself too. Not only you can place the stickers on the given card, but you can also stick them on your legs or decorate your bed as Little J shown me. Lol! She loves those stickers on her bed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Soup for sick mummy

I have not been feeling well last week. Coughing and sneezing, plus insomnia for 2 nights. Hardly get good sleep for couple of nights but I am surviving. Little J has been so caring, and I was touched by her good thoughts.

I don’t know where she learns the “masak-masak” (Malay word for cooking) from, but she has been stirring some imagination on some of her toys and turning them into a new game. When asked her where she learns how to cook, she replied “From mummy”. Oooh, sometimes my Little J sure knows how to flatter people. Hmm, has she been in the kitchen too long with me and learn how to cook?

Back to her masak-masak game, she uses her existing toys (block games and its container, a customized balloon stick, and a lantern) and turn them into a game of masak-masak. But first she will bring the block container to one corner to pretend to buy some fishes and then to other corner to wash her hands before start cooking. *laugh* And what she pretended to cook? A bowl of soup for her sick mummy! She knew her mummy has not been feeling well the whole of last week and she made some soups for her. And mummy has to pretend to drink and bite the blocks, because Little J was very pushy and insisted I do so. Lol.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Visit to the playground

Little J has been nagging of going to nearby playground to play slide. Everytime we passed the playground, she will ask whether she can go and play the slide. So yesterday afternoon, after many days of promises, we finally brought her over.

We reached the playground around 5pm and it was very cloudy and not too hot. There were a lady with 2 young children playing the slide. One should be a year older than Little J while the other one is 1 year younger than Little J. The eldest one was very friendly and greet Little J. You know my Little J. Not that quick in interacting with children. But they have fun together running in between the slide and swing and so is Big J, busy running after Little J. Lol! He needs the exercise too.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A game of bowling

My dad bought Little J a set of bowling pins and balls last week and Little J loves to bowl around. So last Saturday, we brought her to the real bowl centre to witness real bowling games. *wink* And boy, she was very excited and happy to see all those actions. Big J and SIL also have a game of bowling. No suitable ball for Little J otherwise she was sure to join in the fun!! Wait till she is bigger and able to play!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little J's little mimic

Take #1

Big J has been calling Little J honey pie since she was a baby. Lately she started to call her daddy “honey pie” too. Like this evening, when Big J reached home, she opened the door (yeah, she is tall and strong enough to turn the knob and open the door) and jumping up and down seeing her daddy. She called him “honey pie” and said “I am daddy’s honey pie”. Oh well, don’t know who is whose honey pie now! Lol

Take #2

Little J has two laptops given by both paternal grandparents for her 2nd birthday. Her usual routine in the evening would be playing with one laptop then another and swapping back and forth. Sometimes she can be mean to her laptops by banging on the mouse and saying “stupid mouse” or “crazy me”. Oh dear! Got to teach her good manner and don’t vandalize her toys!

Take #3

When I pointed out her wrong pronunciation or directed her on how to sing, Little J will said back to me “No mummy. I don’t want you to say/ I don’t want you to sing. I read/I sing” She sure has her own personality and doesn’t like criticism.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A little shopping this evening

After dinner this evening, me and Little J have a walk at The Spring shopping mall. The Easter Friday is coming up so the mall is decorated with some Easter bunnies and eggs. I asked Little J to take photos with the big bunnies but she did not want to.

Aim to get her a birthday present since her birthday is just few weeks away. Either a pair of shoes or a dress. It is easy to buy presents for girls. So many things to choose from! Lol! Big J has been complaining that she has a lot of shoes and you know, toddlers. They grow pretty fast and sooner or later, they cannot fit into their shoes.

End up I didn’t get anything from her. They do have sales at Parkson, but I couldn’t find anything nice for Little J. Never mind, probably bring Big J to come along this weekend. He is good at complaining as well as commenting, so let him choose what he wants for his gal!!

Where else we went in The Spring? We went to MPH (browsing around for some books for Little J) and Tai Khiong (since Little J has been asking to buy biscuits when ever we asked her why she wants to go shopping!). At least we didn’t go back empty-handed. Get some household stuff and some biscuits for Little J.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby sitter wants to take care of her

Little J is still sent and taken care by her baby sitter. Her baby sitter unwilling to let her go, she said missing her very much. She loves Little J like her own daughter and like some companion at home since daytime no one in baby sitter's house. Little J has been with this baby sitter for 2 years since she was about 10 months old.

So we make arrangement with the baby sitter that she will pick and take care of Little J twice a week on weekday. So if I am busy or not able to pick Little J from school, at least I have her baby sitter to look after Little J. I found it is a good arrangement since we will still send Little J and my baby to baby sitter once I deliver. Just want to make sure Little J will still get used to her baby sitter and having someone to look after her when her mummy is not available. Money is tight and we are saving every possible money we could.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

When she is bored

It is an usual Saturday, we woke up around 8am. Little J would be greeting me and Big J with a loud "Good morning mummy. Good morning daddy" before jumping onto our bed. After much tossing and playing around in the bed, we decided to get up and have shower. This Saturday is much relax since Big J is not going to office, so we can have our late breakfast or should I call it a "brunch" since by the time we have our breakfast it is around 10am something. *wink*

Big J ordered Yong Tou Foo and kolok mee while I had Sarawak Laksa at C121, Jln Stutong. Usually I would feed Little J first before I eat. So after some mouthful of fried wantan and kolok mee, she has enough and start attacking the tissue papers. I don't know, she loves playing and tearing tissue papers since she was a baby. And this was what she done to our table. Little bits of tissues. She said she is making snow when asked what was she doing with all those tiny tissue papers. Lol!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here she goes again!

Little J has not been feeling well for the past few days. Look like she has a bout of sneeze and cough that come and go again. Either it was the hot weather or the school where she got the sickness. Other parents warned me that once Little J starts schooling, she will have more sickness due to close contact with other children. You know, children do not have strong antibody unlike us adults.

I found that the medicine that her pediatrician gave her did not work well with her. We had been to her pediatrician twice last month. Usually when she has symptom of coughing or flu, we will give her the normal cough and flu syrup that we bought from pharmacy, but when her condition did not get well, we have no choice but to consult her pediatrician. Her cough and flu surface again after a week of taking the medicine from pediatrician. This time round, I didn’t bring her to clinic, but instead let her try her normal cough and flu syrup. Today she is feeling better and not much coughing and sneezing.

Little J has just dozed off after her feeding. I knew she is getting better by her able to scold me for been sticking to this pc for so long. She wanted her milk just now so she told me to get ready her milk and don’t play with computer. Lol! My little gal…….