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Our lovely princess

Monday, April 30, 2012

Handy vaporizers

If you want to have an outdoor activity yet dread the humid weather, then this is a good solution for all.

Portable vaporizer like Vapir no2 is great and light to carry around.  It releases the essential aromatherapy oil into the air whenever and where ever you are.  Like a friend who teaches molecular gastronomy loves to conduct his class outdoor.  It give the sense of belonging and distance, he said.  And he always love Vapir no2 because of its natural vapors.  His students commented that they feel great and refresh everytime attending his classes. 

So, if you are planning any outdoor potluck, picnics or even camping, do remember to have a vaporizer.  They do make differences to your activities!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Princess turns 6

My Princess is turning 6 today. My wish for her is that she grows healthy, beautiful and loveable. And forever mummy's honey pie (our nickname for her). And soon mummy is going to hit the number 35!!

Happy 6th birthday, Princess!

My present for her!!

A brand new hair band.

Her birthday cake that she brought to school to share with her classmates yesterday.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

She is who I am not

My princess is a drama queen. And Big J is saying that she is what I am not. I cannot sing well, she can. I cannot dance (Big J always said I am a stick) but Princess can. I am not good at drawing, but Princess can draw so well.

She loves to sing. And she can sing very well too! Her favourite singers are Katy Perry and Adele.

She can dance. And she can move those butt and body well than Shakira! *wink*

She loves to use flowery words to impress us.

She is my model and customer service assistant in the shop. Everytime customers come in, she will greet them first.

If she is unhappy, she will dial her grandma's mobile number and speak to her. Well, complain this and that until the grandma complain to us! Lol!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pavers for our home

For the next few months we would be busy with the house again.  The fitting works have stopped since Chinese New Year.  We have done the bedroom fitting works.  Now left the kitchen, backyard and car porch. 

Our backyard is not that big, but I always want a nice landscape for my garden.  I would be doing a lot of gardening in my new home.  So I decided to go for pavers installations.  We managed to find a contractor who give us good price on the pavers.  We will also have a driveway pavers so our outdoor have that chic look. 

She requests for nail colours

Sorry for the MIA.  It has been more than a week since my last update in this blog.  Times really fly fast when you are busy.  I have my hands full of my kids when their baby sitter took leave last week.  She came back yesterday so today the kids will be taken care by baby sitter.  Now I have some personal times again. 

Last week was a great time especially for the kids.  I took them to feed the fishes in the park, went to window shopping and watching DVDs at home.  And when the kids were busy on their own, I managed to have some times for my facial and manicure.  I bought some new nail colors from Julep Maven so I gave them a try.  Love its striking colours like Ashley and Renee.  And when my Princess saw I put on new nail colors she also requesting me to paint her nails for her.  Since her birthday is around the corner, I obliged.  Let her be a Princess for the day! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pot of gold

One evening after the rain, we spotted rainbow in the sky. And my princess asked me what is at the end of the rainbow. Well, in science, rainbow is a collection of 7 colours form after a light shower. Like a reflection of the sun. So I explained to my 6 years old princess, that rainbow is just colours formed after the rain and when the sun shines onto the rain drops in the sky. Correct me if I am wrong!

And my Princess was slightly disappointed and asked me "Are you sure?". And when I asked her why, she told me that she thought at the end of the rainbow there would be a pot of gold, just like in the cartoon series of Jack and the Neverland Pirates! Oh well, too much cartoons.

Need to tell her what is real and what is fantasy!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The kids

It is hard to take pictures of two kids together. It takes hard work to put them together and pose for the camera. Oh well, this is the latest one and although they hardly look straight in the lens, it is the best I could do!

One of the rare outing we had a week ago. And it was the first time we brought them to Reservior Park Kuching. It was a good outing as the kids can have some fresh air and exercise around the park. I used to go there for jogging but it has been ages since then.

I told Princess that my parents took their wedding photo on this bridge more than 35 years ago, and she also "kiasu" wanted to take photo there too! *wink*

Friday, April 13, 2012

Multiply cube

I had this cube when I was a kid. Actually this belong to my brother. It is in the shape of hexagon and you need to solve the 6 sides of multiply equation correctly. I remember my brother solved it once. Proved that he is genius than me! *wink*

Now this cube is passed down to my Princess Jan. Well, she has not learn multiply and divide table yet, but she is playing with the addition and minus equation for time being. Sometimes to keep her occupied when she is bored of drawing.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kids with their quilts

Babysitter made a little quilt for Princess when she was around 2 years old. Now she has grown up so much, the quilt is too small for her. Now the quilt is passed down to Baby Jay.

It was a hand-sew quilt, made from many pieces of clothing. Chinese believes the quilts give good luck and protection to those who use them.

This is her early birthday present from baby sitter. Thanks Aunt!

Baby Jay's handsew blankie!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moody Monday

If the baby sitter did not tell me, I would have not realised it. On Monday when I sent Baby Jay to baby sitter, the baby sitter was telling me that Baby Jay has Monday mood. Almost every Mondays.

And depends on his mood, he will either happily go out from the car and walk to the house, or staying put and saying "No! No! No" in the car. So this Monday, again he was in his bad mood, and did not want to get out from the car. After much coax, we managed to get him out, but still in his grumpy mood, he followed his baby sitter into the house.

And babysitter told me Baby Jay always tired and yawning on Monday. Probably too much fun over the weekend. But near to end of the week, I noticed Baby Jay has good mood. Just like he knows it is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday and it means no need to go to babysitter's house.

But every morning is a challenge for me. If he is in good mood, then everything will be smooth. If bad mood, then he will give you hard time at home and in the car! Sigh!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter in The Spring

We went for a 3D movie (Wrath of the Titans) last Saturday. First time Princess watching a 3D movie and she was having fun and thrill at the same time.

Anyway. the Easter mood is on and we had a few shots at its decoration area.

Happy Good Friday and Easter Day, everyone!