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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A day of love

Valentine’s Day is 2 weeks from now! Everyone is starting to plan of what to do or give to their loved one. For many people, Valentine’s Day may be the ultimate day for romance, but for other, it is just another day and not a big deal.

Me and hubby consider it as another day, as everyday should be treated special days. We must not only show our affection and love on Valentine’s Day, but should extend to other days too. So, everyday should be treated Valentine’s Day (especially now we are married and once a while we are losing those loving attitudes!).

We seldom buy gifts for each other on Valentine’s Day after we married, as we think it is waste of money! Yes, perception on money changed once we got married. However, this year I have planned to give my hubby a Burberry Brit fragrance which he has been mumbling of buying for few months! Sssshhhh! Keep it a secret *wink*. In addition, we make it a must to have dinner either a day before or after Valentine’s Day. We don’t like to be caught with those lovey-dovey crowds and “throat cut” by price hike on Valentine’s Day.

On the day-to-day basis, we would make it a habit to SMS each other “I love you” or “I miss you”. We may not say the words out aloud but we know we still love each others. ~smile~ Like Ronan Keating sang “you say the best, when you say nothing at all”! So, action is better than words. Like a morning and good night kisses, and a warm hug are simple gesture of love! I don’t want expensive gifts just to know how much my hubby love me, right? Love does not weigh based on money.

Regardless of what your thoughts about Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas to help make this day special for your spouse and yourself. Remember that Valentine's Day isn't just about giving and receiving gifts. It is also a time to reflect on your love for one another.

1. Say "I love you" to your spouse more often.
2. Think of ways to show your love. Try something different to surprise your spouse.
3. Don't forget food. Dining out or have a romantic dinner together.
4. Write a love letter to your spouse. Or send a nice MMS or SMS with those catchy pictures via mobile phone.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Excite your marriage life

I am not an expert in marriage counseling, but with some reading and personal experience, I have gathered few ideas to ignite the fire in our marriage life. For those that plan to tie the knot soon or feeling bored after many years of marriage, please take note on the following ways:

Get temporary amnesia
When you are out in company and your hubby is telling a joke he has been telling millions of times, pretend you are hearing it for first time. Watch how animatedly he tells his tale – you may see him through new eyes and rekindle your appreciation for him

Get a hobby
Go biking or bowling, or visit a spa – whatever you used to enjoy before you married. Carve out some treats for yourself. You will have more energy for your life and more to talk about with your hubby too

Watch him do what he does best
Grab the kids and watch him while he plays his weekly tennis game, or hang out and admire his karaoke singing. Observing your hubby while he is doing something will give you a thrill as you think “He is good and he is mine!”

Do something unusual
Suggest a camping weekend, or surprise him with a fancy homemade breakfast in bed. He will be impressed.

Right here and then
When the mood strikes, do not hesitate to let him know you are thinking of him – send him a romantic SMS, or call to say how much you appreciate him. It may not look as if he cares, but inside, he is glowing with pride

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little rascal

Last night Little J said to me in the bed, “Ah Ma hit hit, cry cry”. Wow, her sentences are getting longer. I am still trying to get her speak proper sentence minus the repetition of words, but not wanting to put too much pressure on Little J, I let her be for time being. Just getting excited that she can express her feeling better now.

Her Ah Ma was here for few days, and being Ah Ma’s precious grandchild, I was surprised when Little J said those 6 words. Her Ah Ma never hit her. Hmm, wonder why Little J said such things. However I am happy that she knows the consequences of action such as when people hit her, she will cry.

As I have been describing Little J as mischievous little girl most of the time, however she always have a soft heart to her paternal grandmother. When I picked her from baby sister’s house, she will always ask me “Where Ah Ma?”. I have to repeat my answer few things as she keep asking for her knowing Ah Ma is not in Kuching.

When she saw her Ah Ma, she will ask her to hug and carry her. She will stay in her hug quietly, head on Ah Ma’s shoulder. The funny thing is that when we commented about her quiet demeanor, we felt like she is looking and smiling at us in a funny way! Like she has won a battle and showing off to us! Gosh!

Monday, January 28, 2008

1 Year and 9 months old

Wow, how time pass, and now Little J is 1 year 9 months old!! Pretty soon she is going to be 2 year old girl. Photographs taken yesterday during our grocery cum CNY shopping.

She kept helping her parents filling up the shopping cart with some beer cans and slimming tea! Gosh! Maybe she realise her dad need some beer and also slimming tea for those big tummy??

So cool!!

How cool can she get? Attracted a lot of attention from customers and salesgirl

Little J would like to wish everyone an early "Gong Xi Fa Cai"

Where is my ang pow?


Big J's car was stolen yesterday evening, while we were having our dinner at RH Plaza. The incident happened too fast that we couldnt believe it!
We reached the area and parked our car (Land Cruiser Grey Metallic colour) around 6.30pm. My sister-in-law picked up my mother-in-law from airport and reached there around 6.45pm, then my family arrived shortly after that! Big J's car was still there!
We finished our dinner around 7.30pm. It was raining last night so we immediately went back to our respective cars. To our astonishment, our car is missing from the spot! My brother spotted it first as his car parked few space from us. *sob sob*
We went to make police report at the Simpang Tiga Police HQ. I didnt wait for Big J, I get my sis-in-law to send me and Little J home. Big J came home last night around 10pm.
It is really "soi" (unlucky) as Big J is almost finishing his car loan repayment. Only 1 more left!! He paying around RM1700 loan per month for the car for the past 3 years! Sigh! The most unlucky thing is that he already got his green card back from the loan company and kept in his bag in the car! Now the car, green card and bag went missing! So much in a night!! He shouldnt have kept his bag and green card in the car, although numerous nagging from me. He lost his bag previously last year (his new bag that we gave for his birthday after about 3 months using it). He never learnt his lesson. Now the whole car gone! And the thief very lucky to get away with the green card in the car too!
Now we can only pray hard that we can find our car. However we know that is a wish only. It wouldnt be easy to look for a missing car in Sarawak, maybe the car no longer in here, but at neighbouring countries?
We are looking for new car now and need to obtain new loan again! S**t! Just when we thought we finished paying the loan for the car next month, and can concentrate on our house loan and save some for this year trip, this incident just couldnt come at the right time! And poor Big J, not in good mood although he didnt show it, but knowing him, he would miss his first bought car and memories that go with it.

Wedding invitation

It is the time of the year where everyone getting married just before Chinese New Year celebration. Chinese believes in starting the New Year with new family member, and marriage is one of the ways for new addition! LOL!

Newly wed entering the hall

Speech on stage

One of Big J’s drinking buddies was getting married last Saturday and he invited both of us to his wedding dinner in Sarawak Club. Yes, I just went to Sarawak Club one week ago for my company annual dinner and here I am again last Saturday. We missed out on his church wedding as I need to work and Big J got things to attend to in the morning.

It was a very grand wedding with approximately 30 tables full with groom and bride's friends from West Malaysia and overseas. The wedding started off with prayer from Reverend Father, then dinner and slideshow presentation of both newlyweds. The dinner started around 7.30pm and end slightly after 10.00pm. I didnt take any photos of the food after the cold dish, as everyone is hungry and attacking the food. The only comment that I would like to make is that the food serving is pretty slow!

I were having a good time there, meeting some old friends and few colleagues from other subsidiaries company there! Both bride and groom were totally "intoxicated" from too much whiskey and beer......LOL

Cold Dish

How tall the bride is? A professional model and friend of Amber Chia! Wow!

Yam Seng! (or "toast" in English)

With a friend

With Big J

Saturday, January 26, 2008

How much to give?

The other night I was talking to Big J on money for red packets (ang pow) for the Chinese New Year. How much do we need to stand by in the notes of RM1, RM5, RM10 and RM50? For the past two years I were the one preparing for the smaller notes but fortunately I were not required to give out ang pow. Reason being that we spent our CNY in my in-law's house in Kapit and my in-laws have asked me not to give to guests' children since they would give out themselves! So besides my family and Big J's family, we didnt give many ang pow at all!
Nevetheless this year I will still prepared the small notes as usual as we are spending our holiday in Kuching. I have few friends with young children, so expecting to give out some ang pows when visiting them.
There is no guidelines on how much to give to children, but usually I would based on how close is my relationship with that person to determine how much I give. Example, if long friend's children, I would give RM50! Too much? For those I am not familiar or Big J's business associates' children, I will give RM10 unless Big J specify the amount first.
Usually I will stand by different ang pow with different amount of money in them, so I would know which ang pow to give when doing the visit.
As for my family and Big J's family, we are spending around RM1500 for the ang pow money! Phew! Talking about festivity, we need to spend much on ang pow! Luckily I am going to receive my yearly bonus early next week. So my ang pow money is taken care of from there! *Laugh*

Friday, January 25, 2008

Walk Walk

Every day after picking Little J from her baby sister's house, Little J would say to me "walk, walk". She wants me to bring her for a walk either to shopping centre, park or out for dinner. As long as she can go out and not stay at home!
Maybe it is at this age, young children love to go outdoor. Like Little J, when someone is leaving the house (such as her aunt and uncle) she will immediately get her shoes from the shoe cabinet and walk out without putting on her shoes first!! She was panic in case someone forget to bring her along. LOL!
If she sees me dress up, she will go very excited and cannot wait to go downstair. One good thing about her is that she will not step out from the house without putting on her shoes first. She has been trained that way. So when she is in a rush or panic, she will put on the wrong shoes on her feet! After that she will cry out "Jin Jin" (I still havent decipher the meaning of that word and dont know what language is that), telling you she wearing wrong shoes and cant take them off herself!
So, everytime she heard we mentioned "walk walk" to her, Little J just barely cant content herself from not going out.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Progress of Little J

When ever Little J wants something from her parents or other, she will say “Pleezzz” (please). The problem is when we asked her what she wants; she only knows how to say “Pleezz” and points her finger in the mid-air. So, we have to guess what she wants by looking at where she is pointing to!

Now she is slowly to learn to say what she want, such as card, milk, open the door etc when we asked her. She has not yet master a whole and complete sentence, however her longest sentence is 4 words, which is “Mummy I love you”. Her frequent used words are “ayang” (love), “mei mei” (beautiful), “big bird” (indicating the statuesque Hornbill bird at the BDC-Airport roundabout) and “open”. I know, I know, her vocabulary is a “rojak” now, a bit of this language and that language!! Can’t blame her if I converse English with her, her daddy speaks Hokkien and English with her, her uncles and aunties, and baby sister speak Mandarin. I believe she got the Malay words from her baby sister’s house as there are some Malay workers there. LOL.

We are getting her to say “hung pow na lai” (give me a red packet) for the coming Chinese New Year. She already knows how to greet people and say “gong xi gong xi”. Well, hopefully she is getting lots of ang pow in Kuching this year! LOL!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Potty Trainee

Little J has been on potty training since middle of last year. Once she knows how to stand and squat steadily by herself, her baby sister has potty trained her. Now she is diaper-free over there. Only wear diaper when she is going out. Thanks to her baby sister which she fondly called her “mama”, otherwise I wouldn’t have the time and initiative to train her! Blame on my lazy bone! Hahaha!

At home, every time Little J want to do “big business”, she would just tell me she wants to “ng ng” and try to take off her pants and diaper. She will immediately go to the toilet after that and squat on the floor! Sometimes she can squat for more than 15 minutes although she has finished doing her “big business”! So to persuade her out from the toilet, I will bathe her, let her play with water until she is satisfy! Otherwise I will be dragging a screaming little girl out from the toilet who is reluctant to put on her clothes! Kids! They can be very stubborn sometimes.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Like mother, like daughter

Guess little kids learn faster by looking at the adults and imitating what they are doing! My Little J loves to look good, just like her mummy. She will say “mei mei” (beautiful in Chinese) when she wants someone to tie her hair, find a ribbon and try to tie her hair herself or when looking at the mirror! Maybe it is girl’s nature, they just simply love to look pretty.

When she saw her mummy putting on some body lotion, she will come forward to her mummy and say “tion tion” (short form for lotion). Showing her foot or hand, she is expecting her mummy to put some lotion on them. So, to oblige, I will dab some onto her feet and hands, and she will rub them off and say “rub rub”! OMG! She even put on my and my sis-in-law’s lipsticks onto her lips if she can find any. Luckily she hasn’t discovered that to apply lipsticks, she would need to twist the lipstick up!!

Big J and myself think that she is going to be a big spender like me in those cosmetic and skincare department when she grows up! Well, we can’t blame her if she keeps looking at how her mummy looking after her skin and doing her make up every day! LOL.

Future dancing queen

Aint she got style?

Saturday Morning Shopping

The Spring

Promotion at Concourse Area

Promotion next to Concourse Area

Cherry Blossom blooming around the centre

We went back to The Spring last Saturday morning, bringing along my father-in-law too as he want to shop some clothes for his wife! Been very “kiasu”, we reached The Spring 15 minutes before 10am. Luckily we didn’t have to wait so long, as the car park attendant let us in into the basement carpark before 10am. However, all the outlets not open yet even at 10am.

Been in A&P line, I have the habit of taking photos of any event/exhibition happening in a shopping mall! Hahaha!

We spent almost 2 hours at The Parkson departmental store, hubby spending almost 1 hours in men’s section buying his CNY clothes. He also bought 2 Pierre Cardin luggage bags worth RM400+. He said to stand by bags for our Thailand trip this year! LOL!! By the way, the luggage bags were on 50% sales, so it is pretty worth it to get them now. Some more, our old luggage bags were not in good condition (one with a malfunction lock, and other one was spoiled during last trip back to Kapit).

Little gal also got new dresses, her grandfather paying for them as Chinese New Year’s present! At last little gal got a balloon from the clown as during last trip she didn’t got any. She kept following the clown around and I guess the clown knew it, so the first balloon he gave it to my little gal! *wink*

As for myself, I didn’t get anything!! Why? Because busy looking and carrying little gal, I don’t have time to look around. Cannot trust hubby to look after her as she will shout for her mummy! Sigh! Maybe this week, I will drop by The Spring’s Parkson to hunt for my clothes as I have 7 pieces of RM10 discount vouchers. I need to utilize them by this week as due date is on 25 January.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Make Time for Each Other

Romance in a relationship usually last 6 months to a year. When couples marry, the challenge is to maintain that passion for a lifetime. However, once you are married, you tend to forget each other's needs.
To enhance the sharing of each other, there must be an effort and time from both spouses to create a space where you can be alone with each other. This is even more important once you have kids. No matter how busy you are with your work or other family commitment, it is vital to have some time for other, such as fixing a candlelight dinner, go for a movie or go on a holiday together.
Making time for each other does not mean sitting in front of TV for 3 hours as it does not and very little involvement or communication in it! You got married because you want to spend time together. All very often you tend to forget and take each other for granted. It does not only involve a pattern of just surviving day by day basis, but rather on living and enjoying each other for the rest of your life!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Me being a teacher?

A friend of mine asked whether I am interested in part time teaching. Her school has some vacancy for post of teachers, but I was a bit reluctant to apply for it. Reasons are been the following:

1. No teaching experience – I am not confident in convincing people to understand me! First thing first, I need to understand what I am trying to convey before helping other to understand what I am saying.

2. Cope with children – I would need to teach young children aged 7 – 10 years old. I don’t have much experience with children. I understand children nowadays are very active, intelligent and simply wouldn’t not take order teachers! Gosh! How to discipline an army of mischievous monkeys like that?? Some more, if you punish any of the children, you definitely will get some reprimand from the parents. It is not easy to cope with their children, not to mention coping with their parents’ demands again!!

3. Childhood Idol – I believe everyone of us in our childhood time, when ask what is your ambition or what you want to be when you grow up, the most answer given would be TEACHER? Isnt it? Because we meeting and facing our teachers everyday in schools besides our parents, so who else do we not idolised? Well, my dream was to be a teacher but as I growing up, I realize it is just a dream. You idolized your teacher, and this made you think that you want to be a teacher like your idol! *wink* As you go along, you realized being a teacher is not easy and a stressful profession to be.

So, how can I be a teacher? :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Isnt she cute?

Big J offered to pick up Little J from baby sister’s house one evening when I gone for my aerobic session. As Little J seldom sit on the front passenger seat and it is rather dangerous for her to sit there, Big J opted for Little J to be at the back passenger seat. Being an active and restless child, Little J cant stand been strapped with car seat belt. Yes I know! It is very dangerous having a 1 year old plus children at the back of the car without car safety belt, but what to do? She doesn’t want to be belted and Big J cant stand having her screaming all the way home in the car.

Ok, to cut the story short, basically been very noisy child, Big J was somehow equally surprised at how quiet Little J was in the car that evening. When Big J called her name, she simply replied with “Hmm”. Wondering what was wrong (because nothing can keep Little J’s attention longer than 1 minute!), he glanced back when stop at a traffic light! To his dismay, Little J finished playing with her wet tissue! So, that was what she was busy about!! Busy pulling her wet tissue out one by one from the box!!! Faint!! Big J forgets about the wet tissue at the back of the car, suppose to keep it but he simply forget!

So not wanting to get scolded from me, he discarded the wet tissue! Well, if I didn’t ask on the other night on the wet tissue, he wouldn’t have told me this story!! As for my little gal, I am speechless and no comment! She can be cute when she wants to be, but other days, she can be a nuisance! We nickname her “J the Menace” as in “Dennis the Menace”! *wink*

Big Boy's Toy

Big J’s dream of owning a Harley Davidson! I remember he told me of his dream when we started going steady. He asked whether I fear sitting in a big bike. Of course started dating and wanting to impress him, I simply said no, right?

He is even more determined to get one after his sister went to a visit to Harley Davidson factory in US during her final year there!

Is it man or what, that when they are small, they play with toy cars and bikes, and when they grow up, they opting for real cars and bikes? Maybe it is human nature that toys would not satisfy their curiosity anymore. The desire to own real things make it more exciting and challenging for them! Big J’s sis bought him few key chains and a souvenir bike from Harley Davidson, but those things were kept in the storage boxes. LOL. Imagine if it is a real bike, I wonder he would keep it in closure? Sure not easy to own one in Kuching, fearing been stolen or damage when on the road!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Grand Slam

Yeah, Australian Open started this week. I may not be able to watch the live matches on Astro channel, but I still catching up on the results and news via website and newspapers.
I started to watch tennis matches 8 years ago. Finished my degree and looking for job, I have ample times at home, doing nothing. So, every day clicking on the remote control and switching from one channel to another. So, turning to Astro Supersport and a tennis match was in progress. I cant remember who was playing, but I started to learn more about the tennis game and its term. Intrigued by the game, I even took up a few matches with an ex-colleague. Hahah! Still havent master the game. Luckily Big J is into tennis too. I played few matches with him when we were dating and before I got myself pregnant. But now, my tennis racket was hang in the store room waiting for me to play it again! LOL!~ maybe one of this day, bringing Little J to the tennis court. As long as she didnt get hit and "kay poh" around the court.
Back to Australian Open, I am hoping to see Roger Federer has the flair to achieve again in this year's Open! Been a great fan of his when he started playing pro few years ago. All the best to him!

Chef J

Once in a blue moon, Big J will take over the kitchen from me, cooked meals for both of us. He loves to take meat (I am still trying to control his diet before he cause further damage to his health), especially pork and beef. As I don’t fancy beef that much and he doesn’t like chicken, we usually have pork dishes in our cooking menu.

This was what we have over the weekend. Simple and very home cook!! He is not a great cook, however I enjoyed his cooking nevertheless. Cant complain much when your spouse willing to cook and wash for you, don’t you agree? LOL

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Money money money

Number one issue within married relationships is communication about money! How you handle money issues is important in having a successful marriage life.

People always said that love is a foundation to a successful marriage. Love is the greatest thing to have happened in your life, but unfortunately to say that if you have no money to pay your monthly bills, school fees for your children, then it will cause a big stress in marriage life and ruin relationships among husband and wife.

We need to be realistic here! Without money, you would be unhappy thinking of all those stuff you need to settle isn’t it? I am not that type of woman that go for money, otherwise I wouldn’t choose my Big J as he is not from a wealthy family. :) Love is what bring us together. We do encounter some bad and good times when it come to money, but we manage to overcome them together.
So my advice to couples is no matter how tight you are in term of money, you should be going through the bad and good time lovingly together. Before you plan to settle down, please discuss and list down those money issues properly, i.e who should settle what, how to settle, how much to save and invest, etc. Those come in handy once you start a family.

Men don't flush!

Is it human nature or what, men dont flush after do their "little business" in the toilet? I find it rather unhygienic and unsightly seeing my toilet bowl stained and smelled of urine every time Big J did his business. I have to remind him over and over again on flushing and wash the toilet bowl with water. Very inconsiderate user, dont you think?
If you can find a man that flush toilet bowls everytime he used them, he is a keeper!!! He must be a clean freak himself! :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Little Snorer

Does your little one snore? Mine does! Little J has been snoring since she was a baby. I never know that baby snores too!

Little J snores louder and talks in her sleep when she had a busy day. Too much of activities on that day and she will sleep like a log with snoring at night.

You see, I have to deal with two snorers in my bedroom. Big J is a big snorer himself. Gosh! Really so loud I think I cannot hear my own heartbeat at all. Now I cant wait for Little J to have her own bedroom when we move to our new house. Then I have one less snorer to deal with!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Men can shop?

Trusting your man to shop is like trusting gold fall down from the sky! Believe men, men can really shop till they drop than us, women!
Big J always advised me to write down a list of our shopping items before we went for shopping. However when we did our shopping, we ended up buying 40% unnecessary items. The problem is Big J kept throwing those 40% items into the shopping cart. Most of the times those items are food! So, who said "stomach is to the man's heart" is damn so right! Nothing can keep them away from food!
When Big J shop, he never look at the price tags unlike me, very feeble about those pricing. He will buy 3 pants at price of RM500 plus and didnt comment on price. If me, sure double and triple thinking whether wanna buy those at such price!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Love oh love

During our dating time, Big J and I will keep on calling and SMSing each others (quite frequent) every day, just to say "I love you", "I miss you" and "cant wait to see you again". All those lovely words to remind each others how much we are in love and missing each other!!
Well, as we got married, calls and sms getting lesser (anyone agree with this statement?). Maybe once you settled down, you tend to take the other for granted and no longer needed to remind each other on those magic words. However, this is not to say Big J doesnt love me anymore. Maybe we have passed those dating period and move to a different transition where family become a priority in our life at this moment.
Regardless of how busy I am at work, I will make some time to SMS him "I love you". I am sure sooner or later he will check his SMS and see my SMS. Just to remind my spouse how much I love him and how lucky to have found him in my life! :)

Mummy? I Love You

Every morning, Little J will greet her mummy "I love you" instead of "good morning". Those 3 words are the sweetest words to hear first thing in the morning when you just woke up.
Little J started to say "I love you" when she is around 17 month old. Her aunty kept asking her to say those 3 words. So, from time to time, Little J will say those 3 words when she wants someone to hug and carry her, and play with her. Even in the car, she will ask "Mummy?" and I reply "Yes?". She will say "I love you" to me! Whoa! Really melt my heart away!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Went to Kung Kung and Po Po's house

We went back to Little J's grandparents' house yesterday evening for dinner. It has been a while since we have dinner over there. The last time was last year during the Tang Yuen festival. Both Big J and myself missed my mum's cooking sssssooo much! Blame on me for being lazy to cook proper food over the weekend. I promise myself to make it as one of my resolution this year to cook more. I start it this week okay? Still not late to realise my resolution, right? LOL.
Actually we call it my parents' old house (that is where I stayed before we moved to current house. We called that "new house".) After staying in new house for about 2 years I married and move in with Big J. Old house used as my dad's workshop, initially deal in car spare parts and engines, now he branches out into bicycle business as well.

Little J in her good mood in the car

Mum's new family addition. She never fond of cat, so we were surprised to hear that she adopted this little darling. Her name is Mimi. She is indeed very beautiful, but a bit on playful side.

Little J was excited as can play with dogs and cat over the grandparents' house. When we reached the old house, both the dogs have gone back with my brother and sister to new house. So left little Mimi there. She stays at old house as mum doesnt want her to be with the other two dogs.

Big J pedalling on one of the bicycle before dinner. Good exercise to for him to slim down

Little J playing with bell while kung kung carrying her

Bad Shopping Experience

I went to one of boutiques near to Tun Jugah shopping centre during the weekday. Managed to get myself a pant and handbag. I also bought a blouse for my mum. Total is RM189.70, but since I have 20% discount coupon, the amount should be RM151.76.

However, the sales girl took such a long time to calculate my shopping cost and after paying up my purchase, I realized she punched in wrongly for my pant. She punched in 10% for it instead of 20%! Luckily I checked the receipt as I normally would, and politely pointed out the mistake to her!

She called her manager to report the problem. After the phone call, she told me she cannot refund the balance to me as already punched into the system! Further more she passed me back the 20% discount for me to reuse in the future. What? It doesn’t look the same with refund my balance (it is merely RM5.99) and I need to spend and use up the 20%, don’t you think so? So I reasoned out to her that this is not making sense. Unless in future they discounted me RM5.99 further on top of the 20$ discount. Yeah yeah, I am a bad customer myself! She called her manager again.

A very rude sales girl! Unsmiling face the whole time (like you owed her millions of ringgit) and never said a single word of “thank you”. She was very irritated by my request. In the end, I got my money back! I guess I wouldn’t want to go back there! That is one reason I don’t want to take that 20% discount coupon!

Better to say nothing or else.......

It is advisable and recommended for men not to say or comment anything during an argument!
Firstly, admit you are at fault. Secondly, even you are right, just admit it is your fault. Your wife wouldnt want to know you are always on the right side. It is better to let your women win! Otherwise, you know what you get.
A cold war! Cold treatment. No single word coming out from the women' mouths! If you dont want to talk to the walls all the time, just keep everything to yourself and agree with your women.
That is a good advice, trust me. Do not mend with women.

Sushi King

When Sushi King opened its first outlet in Boulevard, Big J cant wait to patronize the outlet this week. His wish came true on Wednesday night when he SMSed me in my office to remind me of the dinner.

We reached Boulevard shortly before 7pm. Fortunately the shopping mall was not crowded and Sushi King was not packed. We ordered set dinner and some sushi platters. Little J didn’t taste any of the Japanese dishes as she already have her meal over baby sister’s house before I picked her up. However she enjoyed her drink. Her first taste of Apple Vinegar drink! I cant stand the sour taste of the drink, I wonder how she can finish the whole pack? Luckily only 3ml. So far, no stomach upset from her!

Big J has Karei Nitsukei Set (forget to take photo of actual food, only realise once he finished it)

I have Saba Bbq set (this fish piece in my rice bowl is from Big J's plate)

After the dinner, we have a walk around the centre. The crowd started to come in, and a queue was starting to form in front of Sushi King. We didn’t bought anything except two packs of diaper for Little J *laugh* We still not in that CNY shopping mood yet!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blame on the boss!

Dont ever let your boss come between you and your partner! What ever do after office hour should not be brought back home! Leave everything outside the office door and come home as a spouse instead. Not a nagging employee.

Big J's boss is one of the most inconsiderate employers I ever know. A control freak, workaholic and unreasonable man! He will pester his staff, ask for their location when they went out for lunch or meeting with clients and pressuring his staff to do this and that! If the reason of above is to achieve company goals, but shouldnt his staff have some breathing time (for lunch) and trusted to do their work properly without been treated like children?

After work, he would call Big J for some update and suggestions. Gosh! Big J still need to report to him after work? Yeah, with salary of RM3XXX in banking line, pressure is a part of work. With such boss from hell, it is even more pressure! Pressure at achieving company goal and frustration of having such unreasonable boss!

His boss is getting to our nerve, come in between us. We would end up argue on his boss's behaviour of pestering him at home. Big J always complain to me on his boss, how freak he is. Sigh! What to do? Big J still need to work and promotion is coming up.

Forgive and forget

One should forgive and one should forget! There is always quarrel in the household, the important part is making up! After all, you are staying in one roof, how not to bump into each other and have cold war throughout the day?
Big J and myself always have indifferences and we end up in arguments. At the end of the day, I would be the one that sulk and dont talk to him. Big J will always try to make up by sweet talking me. With the mention of food, we were back to square one again! Hahaha! Yes, food is the magic word. That word also bring us together. Our love for good food make us compatible.

Meet My Family

Introducing my family member.....

Big J

A Romeo that loves to serenade us with his guitar.
Little J

Little princess that is full of energy and always up to something


That is me, trying to keep this family alive and sane