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Our lovely princess

Friday, December 28, 2012

They are back

The kids are back this morning.  We went to Princess' primary school to register her and collect textbooks.  Also bring her around and familiarize her with her new school. 

And they have wonderful surprise when they got home.  Why not? The Christmas tree and presents waiting for them to unwrapped.  How happy they are, playing around the Christmas tree.  Especially my boy who could not help tugging at the leaves.  *wink*

Glad they are back.  We will be spending our New Year together and bringing them to the new Merdeka Plaza that opened last month.  I am sure the kids will be happy to go "kai kai" in new shopping mall.  No shopping mall in Kapit, so I am sure they missed all those excitements.  After all, they are still city kids at heart.  Lol!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A dummie in emoticons

I have a confession to make here!  I do not have twitter account.  I know, it sounds funny and outdated because almost everyone has twitter accounts now.   I do not think it is necessary till recently when Big J registered one recently. 

When I saw Big J used its twitter account to update his activities, I was surprised and amazed.  Not to mentioned in few hours time, he even has few hundred followers followed his Twitter accounts.  *laugh*  How famous my hubby is!  *wink*

But one thing that interested me is the twitter emoticons.  They are damn cute.  Some more they are free and just one emoticon can express what you need to express with less words.  And as my hubby is equally a dummie in emoticons like me, he is more advance than me now.  Thanks to its emoticons FAQ, he is able to use those cute emoticons without hassle and learn what they meant.  Hmm, probably I may register a twitter account soon.  Cannot help but those cute emoticons are very tempting.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mean sister

How should I discipline my Princess not to hit her brother?  How should I be strict yet gentle on her? 

I know that Princess is an attention seeker and sometimes she may not know but doing it out of attention seeking.  But hitting on her younger brother is definitely a "No".

I have been told by baby sitter numbers of times that Princess will secretly hit her brother when she did not notice them.  And now my MIL also complained to me that Princess has been hitting Baby Jay not once but twice in hometown.  And one time she purposedly pull the pillow of Baby Jay from his head causing him to cry.  When asked by my MIL, Princess lied that she was helping to adjust Baby Jay's pillow for him, not pulling away. 
The latest incident was few days ago.  It happened in canteen.  Princess told Baby Jay to do something and when Baby Jay did want to, Princess slapped him on the face.  And imagine poor Baby Jay, cried non stop.  My MIL said with the slap mark on his face, Princess still lied to her that she did not do it.  Sigh!

So you see, I was in dillemma now.  One is that my Princess knows how to tell a lie. Secondly she hits her brother when brother does not listen to her.

Guess patience and abstinence will work out in her case.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting ready

The house is already in the mood for Christmas.  With Christmas songs played in the house and the tree is up, I don't think we missed out on anything.  Just a simple celebration for our first year in the new home. 

Big J and I finished putting up and decorated the tree last night.  By the time we finished it is almost 11pm.  Now just need to get the light up and the tree is ready for Christmas.  

The kids' presents have been wrapped this morning and put under the tree.  Just wait for the kids to claim them.  Did I miss out on anything?? Hmm.  Maybe a little star on the top of the tree? 


Friday, November 30, 2012

In the mood

Done with the Christmas tree set up yesterday.  And Big J complained that it is too short.  What???

It is tall enough for me.  If any taller the tip will touch the ceiling.  It took me about an hour to set up the Christmas tree alone.  Now just need Big J to bring the decorations from his store out and we will put them up on the tree. 

The feeling of setting up the tree is good because Christmas is just 3 weeks plus away.  The kids may not be around for the Christmas but we would definitely want to make it a custom to set up the tree and have the presents ready for them when they are coming back on the 28th. 

Are you in the mood already?  I am sure some of you have put up the trees in your house by now. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My supermodel girl

The ever ready to pose for photo girl!  Our little princess.  Always full of fun and smiles.  Never a dull day without her.

Here the kids are enjoying themselves so much.  Poor gu-chang (SIL's hubby) has to entertain them in piggy ride. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

His new toy

Updates of my Prince Jay from Kapit.  He sure enjoying himself over there.  Everyone treat him like god!  Lol!

Showing off his new slippers! 

His latest toy from his gu-gu. 

He even sleeping on it.  Telling everyone this car belongs to him
Remote controlled car.

Prince is good with car.  He even can drive well in one.  His gu-gu commented that he learnt faster than the sister and can master the driving skill faster.  Gosh!  Boys always boys.  Car is their thing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ready for tax

It is already November and in few months time we would be receiving our Federal Income Tax forms.  Some of you may be using the forms but others will just fill in through the online forms. 

I know some of you dread filling the forms.  Certain parts can be confusing but the taxes FAQ is available to assist you in any doubts.  I fill our income taxes forms every year but I am no expert.  I only get to fill once a year and I could not remember what and how to fill.  But it is actually fun if you spend some times doing it.  So I am looking forward to the next year submission. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miss them

Win or lose in not important.  Important is that you have try your best. 

This quote is from my Princess.  Taken from her teacher who coaching her to be brave and taking part in her kindergarden competition. 

Hmm, how I miss my Princess and Baby Jay.....It has been more than a week since they gone for their holiday.  Another 5 more weeks.  Sigh!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


It is weekend again and it has comes to a habit for Big J that he would stay at home and does not want to come out on weekend.  He enjoyed his weekend so much that he can stay the whole day watching movies, cycling, swimming and jogging in the neighbourhood.

His new girlfriend is this bike.  It is a gift from my dad, and he has been riding it to go out to the shops sometimes.  Save petrol and good way to exercise too. 

So Saturday and Sunday is a very relaxing days to him.  He did not even want to pick up his handphones on weekend.  So who ever want to find him, has to call me.  Lol!   His telephone operator now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Comments from her teacher

Visited the kids' kindergarden yesterday.  I need to pass Baby Jay's photocopied birthcert and 4 passport-sized photographs to the office and same time, make purchase of Princess' graduation night DVD.

Met with one of Princess' teacher and we had a good chat yesterday.  She shown me the pictures taken by one of teachers during that night.  I was commenting that Princess is not the tallest among the class but the teacher assured me that Princess is of average height.  Some of the girls are really so tall that they do not look like a 6 year old kids.  Lol!

And teacher also commented that some of the students came to her that night and asked why my Princess got prize while they do not have.  So the teacher having a hard time explaining to the students.  Princess excelled in her academic area and very observant and have good memories, teacher commented to me.  Princess used to be very shy and quiet in class and seldom would like to participate in any competitions held in the school.  But this year, she has shown much improvement and most of her teachers were surprised.  She was more talkative and socialise this year and want to participate in the programmes.  She participate in the last competition and she was through to final and won a consolation prize. 

While practising for the graduation night dance, teacher commented that Princess was not daring to dance during the first few rehearsal.  But after teacher threatening her that she will put Princess to the back row instead of first row, she performed better.  And teacher was amazed that Princess dances and sings so well after that rehearsal.  Lol! 

Not only she danced well in 3 dance pieces during the night, she was also selected to do a short introduction speech for one of the dances.  Even teacher was worry at first whether Princess would chicken out at last minute but I was proud of her.  She was so confidence and took the centre stage and delivered her speech clear and well.  The whole QL 3 classes (En-Newton, En-Wright Brothers and En-Armstrong) performed a musical drama based on classical "Sound of Music".  It was a great show from all the students and we enjoyed it very much. 

Princess is going to Primary One next year.  And with her new confidence and winning a prize, it will motivate her to perform better.  I just worry that with new environment and language difference she may be a bit laid back.   Hope her new teachers will bring out something better from her next year.  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Her graduation

Princess in her first dance

Princess with her winning trophy.  She is 3rd in the Best Student award

She was really enjoying herself and happy to received her certificate

The winners in QL3.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

School holiday is here

Today is last day of school for Princess.  There is no class party this year in the school and I wonder why???  I remember for the past years, we have to bring something to school for Teachers' Day and Year End class party.

Tomorrow her school is closed in preparation for the graduation concert in MBKS.  Princess' class will be performing 3 songs while Princess has an honour to do an introduction speech to one of the class' dance tomorrow night.

The kids' aunt will be flying from Sibu tonight, as she is accompanying them going back to hometown this Saturday morning.  Am going to miss both kids because they will only be back after Christmas.  About 1.5 months long......

So tomorrow night my SIL will be following us to the graduation concert and after that, the kids will be staying over with my SIL in BDC.  Saturday they are taking an early flight, around 6.35am so it would be more convenient for my BIL to send them to airport. 

Happy holiday to all the kids out there!  Enjoy and have fun over the school holiday. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Photography Day in Q-Dees

Lets the photographs do all the talking, shall we?  Yay!

With Jay in the classroom

With some of the classmates and Teacher Thian (right) and Teacher Jac

In the school compound

A family photo

Graduating from Kindergarden

No hat throwing but this will do!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Her graduation photo

Nice or not??  Lol!  My Princess' graduation photograph.  *Sob* Sob* Sob*  Doesn't it make you proud that you have been this far and your kids are growing up right in front of our eyes?  Feel like crying right now.  Because my Princess is big girl now and soon she will be a teenager, then adolescent and a woman.  Gosh!  I think I think too far.  I think I will enjoy her graduation concert next Friday and growing with her as the days go.  Kids do grow fast and that make me feel old! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Taken off

Last Saturday after much persuasion I pulled off her first baby tooth.  Not much crying from her, just initial shock and pain and after that she was all smiling again, showing off her baby tooth.

I need to pull it out because her permanent teeth is visible and growing pretty fast at the back of the shaking baby tooth.  So after explaining to her on the procedure, she finally agreed to have it taken off.  And by telling her to choose either me or her grandma to do it, she decided to let me do it.  Lol!

Using a thread it just took one pull from me and the baby tooth was out!! And a bite on an ice makes the bleeding stop fast and soon she forgot about the pain.  Not only that, she got a gold coin from the tooth fairy that night too and she got to keep the baby tooth herself.  Lol!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Hometown holiday

The kids will be going back to hometown for their long year end holiday starting 10 November till 27 December.  Look like this year school holiday is longer than previous years.

So after Princess' graduation concert on 9 November which will be held in MBKS Auditorium, she and Baby Jay will be following their aunt (Gu-Gu) home.  And I will have some break from the kids as well while I can peacefully settling my shop.  I am handling over my shop to new stokist and have tender my resignation.  So I would be pretty busy in December as my last day of operation is 10 December.  A lot of paperwork, filing and stock checks to be done before I can hand over the shop. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Importance of tuition

I grew up in a family where we placed importance of education among the children.  I am blessed that I have parents who understand the importance of good education in children's future. 

I used to have poor marks in my early education but thanks to my parents, they employed a personal tutor to teach me.  The tutor will go to our home 3 times a week to teach me on the major subjects.

But the time changes.  We can either get a personal tutor or go to tuition centres and get further tuition.  Not only that, we can even employ online tutor.  Just like the online tutor on Eduboard.com.  You can get help on your Maths, English, Biology and more from highly qualifed teachers on Eduboard.com.    I see the importance teacher of eduboard.com on how they placed their teaching techniques.  More interactive and smarter and how it fits the children learning style. 

How I wish I have online tutor when I was younger.  It would be more fun to learn then.  *wink*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unwell and unlucky

It was a bad day yesterday.  Big J had a car accident after office hour.  Just bad luck.

Big J has been feeling unwell lately.  Dizziness and tired.  Has been nagging him to go for medical check up and after things happened then he will go for check up.  We suspected he has high blood pressure.  My SIL advise me to make juices from small bitter gourd, green apple and carrots to reduce his high blood pressure.  Will go hunt for small bitter gourds in wet market tomorrow when going to market with my mum.  Not every day we can find people selling small bitter gourds. 

So yesterday it happened that baby sitter need to attend a wedding dinner and I requested Big J to pick the kids earlier.  He is supposed to do check up yesterday morning but busy at work.  Since his office is nearer and I could not leave my shop unattended as my staff is having off day.  But Big J suddenly not feeling well and dizzy while driving, and could not in time to brake.  So hit another car from behind.  Luckily no one is hurt. 

Lesson learnt!  Never do things last minute and health is always important than work. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sprouting out

The little white teeth is coming out!  Yes!  Princess' first adult teeth.  The old teeth is still hanging out although shaking like hell.  But from the look of thing, I expect the baby teeth to be taken off end of this year. 

Princess is pretty excited with the new teeth and she cannot wait for the old teeth to come off.  So she can keep it and let the tooth fairy exchange it for a gold coin.  Lol!  Her very first teeth.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hola!  (Spanish for Hello)

Does your 6 years old annoy you?? 

Mine does, sometimes.  She now has a habit of reading my sms when ever I writing sms in my handphone.  I did not notice it at first but one time I caught her reading my sms aloud.  Oh sh*t!  She was peeping from behind the car and read my sms. 

Although I warned her from that day she still like to read my sms.  But mostly nothing too private, as I usually send sms to my family, may it be Big J or my sis.  But I do not like her to become a busybody or having this bad habit of intruding other privacy.  I don't mind, but would it become a habit when she is bigger??

She also have a sharp tongue.  Sometimes I cannot stand her words.  She says the darnest words I ever heard.  And the father already set her ambition to become a lawyer someday as she is very good with words and has a sharp tongue.  Sure win in every cases.  Lol!

Every day she would ask me to guess what Spanish words mean in English.  Since she started watching Dora The Explorer in Nickelodeon, she learnt a lot of Spanish words.  Well it may come handy next time.  Lol!  But Princess always annoyed me by asking me to guess what this word mean etc.  Sigh!  Already know I am not Spanish-illiterate, still she likes to ask me again.  But I do learn few new Spanish words from her.  Heheh!
And my princess is not very girly too.  She plays like crazy (no body's business), and she loves dirt.  You can say that she is more like a tomboy!  And does not mind get dirty and I also give up scolding her.  I come to an understanding that she is still a kid, and a growing one.  How many more years that she can play like this?  So let her behave like a kid while she is one.  As long as she clean up after each play, it is okay with me. 

Adios for now.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Shopping and fun @ Boulevard Kuching

It was a cold and rainy day yesterday.  After our breakfast of Sarawak kolok mee in Top Ten coffee shop, Jalan Song yesterday morning, we went to Boulevard Shopping Mall for some shopping.  Supposed to go to Boulevard Supermarket to get some grocery but somehow our journey was detour to other direction. 

Our first stop is Sen-Q.  We bought most of our electrical stuff there. And yesterday we added Microwave and grill oven, air con for the living room and steam iron to our list.  Previously we bought clothes dryer, washing machine, slow cooker, rice cooker, twin-cooler fridge, LED tv and home theatres.  We spent more than RM25,000 in Sen-Q alone.

While Big J tried on the OSIM latest massage chair in Sen-Q, I took the kids to nearby massage chair.  See how much they enjoyed the chairs especially my Baby Jay!

We took about 2 hours in Sen-Q.  And the kids were hungry.  So we brought them to Kenny Rogers.  It has been ages I dined in Kenny Rogers.  Nothing to shout about actually.  But we did enjoyed our lunch there and then we went to the Mega Store.  It was operated by Boulevard themselves and what ever you want, you can almost get them there.  And the kids also took the opportunity to play in their play station.  RM1.00 per child. 

Princess wanted to dress up for Halloween.  So all those dress up! 

Halloween comes early this year!

 And some exercise with the hula-hoop.  And Big J has been eyeing on the punching bag.  He did not buy yesterday because I stopped him but I know for sure he will be going back there to buy it.  Lol!

And how do I look in this funny spectacle??  Lol!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

She won a consolation

Princess was into the final of her Chinese reading competition yesterday morning.  Her 2nd time into the final.  The last one that she entered was when she was in Pre-1 (2 years ago).  Then she won a consolation prize in a English competition.

And this round, she also won a consolation!  Proud of her.  This competition is the last competition in her kindergarden before the school ends next month.  I am glad that she has the courage and determination in the last competition although I did not expect her to go to the stage and compete. 

But she told me before the semi-final on Monday that she will go to the stage and win a prize.  Indeed she won something!  Although Chinese is not her strong subject, she did conquer her fear and went for it. 

Her performance on the stage

One of the 1st prize winner.  In her category, there are 2 1st prize winner.  This Bong Sin Yu is one of the winner and also Princess' best buddy in class

Princess and her trophy

Now she has something to remember in her Pre-school!  *wink*

Monday, October 8, 2012

What we do?

We spent most of our times at home.  Indoor!  It is pretty hazy in Kuching for the past weeks and my princess is coughing and Big J is not feeling well.  So we do not go out that often.

The kids will dig, bring out, play and read at home.  We have not finish unpack their stuff, mostly toys and books.  So when they saw their favourite toys, books or DVD, they will bring out and play with them.  And poor me, has to clean after them.  Like this weekend, Princess and Baby Jay were busy fixing the 3D puzzle brought by their gu-gu till they missed their afternoon nap.  While Big J and I were busy catching up on the Chinese drama, the kids are busy with the puzzles.

The swimming pool in our clubhouse is still under repair.  It has been in repair for many weeks now and my kids have been nagging about bringing them to swimming pool.  Sigh!  Wonder when the swimming pool will be ready.  I also feel the heat and cannot wait to dip into the cooling water. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Graduation in a month time

Princess told me that her graduation falls on Friday, 9 November.  Oh dear!  That fast?  Or time really waiting for no one??

Princess has been babbling non stop about her dance performance for the graduation night and what she needs to prepare etc.  She told me she would need to put on lipstick and blusher for that night.  Like I did not know.  She joined last year graduation night, so this year would be no exception.  But the only difference is that Princess is finally graduating from her Pre-school this year.  And she is moving to a new milestone soon.  How anxious I am?

I have not yet check on her placement in the primary school that we selected for her, but I heard from a friend that the list of students would only come out by December.  So I will go to the school to check on the list that time.  By then, we would have good time hunting for school uniforms, white shoes and stationery for her.  My Princess is truly grown up!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have never thought that it would be this stress but blame who?  Me of course!  I were the one that look for more stress only.

But I am glad that I still to my decision.  Want to know what is it?  Let me start from Saturday morning!

As you may know (or not aware of), we have moved into our new house last Saturday.  Big J and I brought the kids along.  It is moving into a new house.  Must be everyone going in together.  The kids did not go to baby sitter that day. so the 4 of us moved in together.

As usual, Baby Jay's first thing would be removing his diaper.  So he was off diaper the whole day that day.  And how busy I am, bringing him to the toilet every now and there.  But I am proud of him as he did not wear any diaper when he went for his nap that day.  But still have no confidence in him at night. 

With many unpacking and cleaning to do, I do not think I can handle the diaper-free situation with him for the time being.  The kids are sleeping with us in the master bedroom.  Do not want to stress them with a new surrounding, new house, new room.   So we moved a single mattress in with us and guess what??

Big J has been chased from his new King-sized bed by the kids.  Lol!  So the kids and I are sleeping on the bed while Big J has to settle down with a single bed by the side.  And he was not so happy....Lol!

Friday, September 28, 2012

He has few computer backpacks

Moving house is tiring yet excited.  We have moved out most of our things and only left few cupboards and racks to be moved tomorrow.  And hubby has even moved his computer set a week before.

The other day he was unpacking his computers in his office.  He found his very first laptop that he bought 5 years ago.  It is still in good condition although a bit slow.  It was still attached in jansport backpack.  He has 3 jansport backpacks for his laptop. The reason?  He can change and fit his travelling purposes.

Hubby is thinking of getting a new laptop so I told him not to buy new backpack but to use one of his jansport backpacks if he is getting a new laptop. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bedroom rules for them

Both kids are excited with the new house.  Brought them to check the house almost every weekend and every time they are there, Princess would bring Baby Jay up and down the stair cases to check on their bedroom. 

For the time being (maybe 1st year) both kids will sleep together in Princess' room.  I would not feel easy of having Baby Jay sleeping alone in his own room.  And some more Big J has strictly told both kids that they are to sleep in their own room.  So they are not allowed to sleep with us.  But we are expecting the younger one to tug alone with us in our room for few nights or so. 

My girl asked me once whether there is any pc or tv in her room.  I told her there would not be any.  Because bedroom are meant for sleeping.  If want to play pc, it would be in the living room.  There would not be any tv in my master bedroom either because I never like having too much electrical items in my room.  Called me health-freak, I think that too much of those electrical stuff emitting bad ions to the room.  *wink*

And I told my Princess that once in the new house, she would need to sleep earlier.  No more after 10pm.  I want her to sleep early as 9pm if possible or latest 9.30pm.  I want to train her now because in few months time she would be in Primary School and I know how tough it would for her if she does not get enough sleep. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Family Day in kindergarden

Pictures taken on Princess' Q Dees Family Day this morning!  Enjoy the pictures.

The missing eye in The Face Game

After the Face Game, we taking a break.  Ice cream on a hot day is tempting

Getting ready for the Horseback game

Daddy carrying Princess in the Horseback game.  Doesn't he look like Psy, the Korean that sang Oppa Gangnam Style?  Lol!

Friday, September 14, 2012

His motor

Baby Jay has many vocabulary now that he could talk and talk till we cannot stand him.  But sometimes we do not understand what he is trying to say and after many times of asking him to repeat after himself, he will grow agitated and angry.  His baby sitter for example complained to me that he will be angry if no body understand him. 

But I am happy with his vocal progress.  However his behaviour is still not desirable as he has short temper sometimes and easily cry when some thing does not go his way.   And he is still accident-prone and clumsy because he loves to follow his sister.  Doing this and that and along the way he will be clumsy and always have a bump in his forehead.   And he loves to bully and hit his sister even when she does not disturb him.  Sigh!

Nevertheless, both kids are doting and love each other very much when they do not fight and argue.  *wink*

Monday, September 10, 2012

Her shaking tooth

Princess told me last week that she felt one of her teeth is shaking.  Does it means that she is going to lose her first baby teeth!  I think so. 

After checking the affected tooth (bottom front), it does shake a bit but I guess it would be few months before it really come off and the new teeth grow.  So now she is asking me when the tooth will come out so she can keep it under her pillow and let the tooth fairy comes and exchange a coin with her!  Now, I never teach her those nuisance but it was funny to hear the tale from her.  I told her she can keep the tooth and as for the tooth fairy, I would not want to spoil her imagination, so let her have fun thinking about losing her first baby teeth for now.  *wink*

Friday, September 7, 2012

Addicted to gangnam

Shown both kids the Oppa Gangnam Style youtube few days ago and since then they are addicted to the music video!  Lol!  At least it keeps them busy and attentive while I can have some peace of mind.  

And this is the result of watching too much of the music video!  He is trying to imitate the dance but not so successful but still!  It is a funny gesture from Baby Jay!  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Feel like yesterday

It feels like yesterday that I gave birth to my 2nd child.  But how time flies.  I have a boy and he is 3 years old today.

He does not have the milder temper compared to his sister, and he is the feisty boy.   Where ever he goes (even to bed) you will sure to see find few toy cars with him.  He brings them to shop, bring them to coffee shop, to grandparents' house and even sleep with them.  And he also loves to carry his "little bear" around too and tugging the bear to people's nose, asking people to kiss his bear.  Lol!

Now he is braver whenever we go to the swimming pool.  He dared to jump into the pool.  When it comes to camera, he is still shy.  He does not like to take photos, so most of his pictures, would be either he is looking at other direction or does not smile much.  But at least he will stand still waiting for you to take his shot.  *wink*

And he is weighing around 12kg and standing at around 90cm, but he does not show much appetite lately.  In other word, he is very choosy when come to food.  Does kids at his age tend to turn from eating everything to eating less??  Hopefully with supplement him with Appeton will improve his appetite and making him putting on some weight.

Happy birthday to my little prince.  Mummy and daddy love you!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Going to be a blue bridesmaid

A cousin of mine is getting married next month.  She has been planning for her dream wedding for a year and I helped her in some of the preparation such as the wedding gowns, photos and venue.    I love weddings because it reminded me of my own.  *wink*

My princess will be one of her 6 bridemaids. Princess is very excited and cannot wait to wear one of the blue bridesmaid dresses at weddingtonway.  Just hope that she would not make a mess of herself on my cousin's special day but I am sure she is going to enjoy herself.  Princess loves to dress up and look beautiful.  So I know that she will enjoy being a bridesmaid.   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Online trading

If only I have extra money to spend, I would definitely put it into stock investment. I have few friends who are pro in investment and they suggested I learn how to day trade with Tim Sykes

Who would want to have a great return on their money?  I would and been a cautious person I would want to put my money into reliable source.  And Tim Sykes is just the person I would trust my money with as he is a top trader in penny stock. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


How many of you play this fishing toy when you were young??  I did!  It was fun, trying to catch those fishes that rotating in the pool and see who catch the most.  Sigh!  Those were the day!

And now my kids' turn to play fishing.  Big J recently bought the kids the new toy.  And it brought memories of my younger times.  It was fun, not only for the kids but we the adults. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

A bit of the kids


  • She is 6 years and 3 months old girl.  Weighing around 20kg and 110cm tall
  • She is very practical, intelligent and cheerful girl and always very cheeky and up to nuisance at all time
  • She is a manipulator; and always influence her brother in doing things that make me mad
  • She loves to dance, sing, draw and read. 
  • She loves to play dress up and will borrow my shawls and hairbands for her dressing
  • She is very friendly to anyone and will greet customers when they enter the shop
  • Her favourite food (for now) are luncheon meat sandwich, peanut butter waffle and instant noodle (Maggi Chicken flavour)
  • As she grows, she tend to be rebellious.  Does not listen to our reason and will speak back when she does not get her own way. 
Baby Jay

  • He is turning 3 by end of this month.  Weighing around 12kg and 92cm tall
  • He is very moody; depends on his mood.  He can be friendly and cheerful but the next minute he will be very unreasonable with you
  • He is starting to demand us to buy things for him.  Like few nights ago, he pulled his dad to the toy shop and requested him to buy a racket set for him. 
  • His appetite deteriorate lately and did not like to eat rice. But he still loves noodles and soupy dishes.
  • Less night feeding now and he will sleep alternatively between 2 beds but most night he would sleep with Big J. 
  • Less diaper wearing now except when we go out because I do not trust his control
  • He learning to like books now.  He can count 1 to 10 but still not so familiar with ABC.
  • He loves cars so he easily attracted to toys and books relating to cars.
It is a challenging milestones for both kids and us as parents because they have their own style, attitude and behaviours.  But we learn as the day goes.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Must bring for holiday

My sister is going for a 4 days holiday in Krabi starting tomorrow.  It is actually a sponsored trip by her company.  I wish I can go with her! 

My sister is all set for the holiday.  She deserved it after all the hard work and dedications to the company.  And she has also got her credit card in time for the trip too.  She has been applying for credit cards from several banks and one bank has approved her application and sent the card to her early this month.  How happy she is!  She can spent with ease and conveniences in case she is running out of Thai Bath during her holiday.

However I told her to be careful and try to limit the usage of credit cards as I heard of too many cases of fraud involving cards.  Some can ever sold your credit card information to another company and imagine what they can do to our cards. 

But I am sure my sister will enjoy herself in Krabi.  She even bought herself a new swimsuit for the beach with her new credit card last week.  *wink*

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another semester to go

I did not realise that time is passing very fast till my Princess told me that she is practising for her year end concert dances last week.  Wow!  My princess is going to graduate from her kinddy end of this year. 

My princess is growing fast and soon she will start another milestones next year, i.e Primary school.  Another headache and thrill experiences for all of us, I am sure.  *wink* 

The school holiday is starting in another month time, for the Raya celebration.  Since it is a week holiday, I dont think both kids will be going back to hometown.  Too rushing and she still have her Mandarin tuition and music class on going. 

And I have a scare last Saturday when her Mandarin tuition teacher came to me, telling me that Princess has some problem in her class.  She was seated at the back row for first time after been in tuition for a month and Princess was crying because unable to copy down the words on whiteboard.  Teacher was concern whether she has some eyesight problem.  Both Big J and I have eye sight problem and wearing glasses so chances are high that our kids will have problem too.  But after testing her on words etc, I found that her eyes are fine.  And when ask on the crying part in class, she told me that the teacher was blocking her view so she could not copy the words.  Huh?  What ever it is, maybe I need to bring her to specialist some time to check on her eye.  Hope she would not be having any problem. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Speaking Spanish

At first I thought my Princess is speaking alien languages but after few moments and noticing that she kept repeating the same words, I could not help wonder.

She is currently addicted to Dora the Explorer and I bought few of Dora's DVD for the kids to watch in baby sitter's house.  And my Princess ended up speaking Spanish with me. 

Some of the words are Salto (jump), Gracias (thank you), Senor (mister), numbers from 1 to 10.   I am amazed to learn that she knows so many Spanish words.  And she learns from Handy Mandy and Dora. 

Kids.  They can learn and master other languages easily.  Hmm, wonder what other languages she would want to learn when she grows bigger?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

More drawing

More of Princess's drawings are hanging on my wall!  But I just let her draw and paste.  Her way of expressing things and lifes.  Sometimes it is great to be kids, their minds are simple and straight forward.