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Our lovely princess

Friday, November 30, 2012

In the mood

Done with the Christmas tree set up yesterday.  And Big J complained that it is too short.  What???

It is tall enough for me.  If any taller the tip will touch the ceiling.  It took me about an hour to set up the Christmas tree alone.  Now just need Big J to bring the decorations from his store out and we will put them up on the tree. 

The feeling of setting up the tree is good because Christmas is just 3 weeks plus away.  The kids may not be around for the Christmas but we would definitely want to make it a custom to set up the tree and have the presents ready for them when they are coming back on the 28th. 

Are you in the mood already?  I am sure some of you have put up the trees in your house by now. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My supermodel girl

The ever ready to pose for photo girl!  Our little princess.  Always full of fun and smiles.  Never a dull day without her.

Here the kids are enjoying themselves so much.  Poor gu-chang (SIL's hubby) has to entertain them in piggy ride. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

His new toy

Updates of my Prince Jay from Kapit.  He sure enjoying himself over there.  Everyone treat him like god!  Lol!

Showing off his new slippers! 

His latest toy from his gu-gu. 

He even sleeping on it.  Telling everyone this car belongs to him
Remote controlled car.

Prince is good with car.  He even can drive well in one.  His gu-gu commented that he learnt faster than the sister and can master the driving skill faster.  Gosh!  Boys always boys.  Car is their thing.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ready for tax

It is already November and in few months time we would be receiving our Federal Income Tax forms.  Some of you may be using the forms but others will just fill in through the online forms. 

I know some of you dread filling the forms.  Certain parts can be confusing but the taxes FAQ is available to assist you in any doubts.  I fill our income taxes forms every year but I am no expert.  I only get to fill once a year and I could not remember what and how to fill.  But it is actually fun if you spend some times doing it.  So I am looking forward to the next year submission. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Miss them

Win or lose in not important.  Important is that you have try your best. 

This quote is from my Princess.  Taken from her teacher who coaching her to be brave and taking part in her kindergarden competition. 

Hmm, how I miss my Princess and Baby Jay.....It has been more than a week since they gone for their holiday.  Another 5 more weeks.  Sigh!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


It is weekend again and it has comes to a habit for Big J that he would stay at home and does not want to come out on weekend.  He enjoyed his weekend so much that he can stay the whole day watching movies, cycling, swimming and jogging in the neighbourhood.

His new girlfriend is this bike.  It is a gift from my dad, and he has been riding it to go out to the shops sometimes.  Save petrol and good way to exercise too. 

So Saturday and Sunday is a very relaxing days to him.  He did not even want to pick up his handphones on weekend.  So who ever want to find him, has to call me.  Lol!   His telephone operator now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Comments from her teacher

Visited the kids' kindergarden yesterday.  I need to pass Baby Jay's photocopied birthcert and 4 passport-sized photographs to the office and same time, make purchase of Princess' graduation night DVD.

Met with one of Princess' teacher and we had a good chat yesterday.  She shown me the pictures taken by one of teachers during that night.  I was commenting that Princess is not the tallest among the class but the teacher assured me that Princess is of average height.  Some of the girls are really so tall that they do not look like a 6 year old kids.  Lol!

And teacher also commented that some of the students came to her that night and asked why my Princess got prize while they do not have.  So the teacher having a hard time explaining to the students.  Princess excelled in her academic area and very observant and have good memories, teacher commented to me.  Princess used to be very shy and quiet in class and seldom would like to participate in any competitions held in the school.  But this year, she has shown much improvement and most of her teachers were surprised.  She was more talkative and socialise this year and want to participate in the programmes.  She participate in the last competition and she was through to final and won a consolation prize. 

While practising for the graduation night dance, teacher commented that Princess was not daring to dance during the first few rehearsal.  But after teacher threatening her that she will put Princess to the back row instead of first row, she performed better.  And teacher was amazed that Princess dances and sings so well after that rehearsal.  Lol! 

Not only she danced well in 3 dance pieces during the night, she was also selected to do a short introduction speech for one of the dances.  Even teacher was worry at first whether Princess would chicken out at last minute but I was proud of her.  She was so confidence and took the centre stage and delivered her speech clear and well.  The whole QL 3 classes (En-Newton, En-Wright Brothers and En-Armstrong) performed a musical drama based on classical "Sound of Music".  It was a great show from all the students and we enjoyed it very much. 

Princess is going to Primary One next year.  And with her new confidence and winning a prize, it will motivate her to perform better.  I just worry that with new environment and language difference she may be a bit laid back.   Hope her new teachers will bring out something better from her next year.  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Her graduation

Princess in her first dance

Princess with her winning trophy.  She is 3rd in the Best Student award

She was really enjoying herself and happy to received her certificate

The winners in QL3.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

School holiday is here

Today is last day of school for Princess.  There is no class party this year in the school and I wonder why???  I remember for the past years, we have to bring something to school for Teachers' Day and Year End class party.

Tomorrow her school is closed in preparation for the graduation concert in MBKS.  Princess' class will be performing 3 songs while Princess has an honour to do an introduction speech to one of the class' dance tomorrow night.

The kids' aunt will be flying from Sibu tonight, as she is accompanying them going back to hometown this Saturday morning.  Am going to miss both kids because they will only be back after Christmas.  About 1.5 months long......

So tomorrow night my SIL will be following us to the graduation concert and after that, the kids will be staying over with my SIL in BDC.  Saturday they are taking an early flight, around 6.35am so it would be more convenient for my BIL to send them to airport. 

Happy holiday to all the kids out there!  Enjoy and have fun over the school holiday. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Photography Day in Q-Dees

Lets the photographs do all the talking, shall we?  Yay!

With Jay in the classroom

With some of the classmates and Teacher Thian (right) and Teacher Jac

In the school compound

A family photo

Graduating from Kindergarden

No hat throwing but this will do!!