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Our lovely princess

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Speak it more

I told my Princess the other night that we need to talk more in Mandarin. When she asked why, I told her that soon she will be going to "Big School" (aka Primary School) and everyone would be speaking Mandarin.

Although her Mandarin improves greatly for the past 2 years, she is still lacking of confidence to master it. So I guess we have to start practising with her in that language so she will not have any language barriers when she enters Primary One next year. So from time to time, we will be talking in dual languages (English and Mandarin). If some words she does not understand, I will explain to her in English and sometimes BM again.

Hard to train her as I am not from Chinese medium school but it would be good experience for me and both kids to speak Mandarin. My Baby Jay mostly speak in English now but I still speak in dual languages to him. Hope he would not have some resistance in learning Chinese like his sister, when she initially ignore and resist to talk in Chinese. Sigh!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kids during the holiday!

Photos taken when we checked in the Kingwood Hotel on the CNY eve and a visit to Baby Jay's granduncle's house on 1st day.

Posing at the hotel lobby

Riding his cousin's bike!

Showing off his gold necklace!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our CNY holiday

Tomorrow is the start of our CNY holiday. We would be leaving early to avoid last minute rush. Big J said we would be leaving around 5am, so we have to sleep very early tonight, especially the kids who are still recovering from their illness.

Wonder there would be any coffee shops that open on the eve so we can stop by and have our breakfast. However I have standby titbits and cookies for the kids just in case. Maybe I will get up earlier to make some sandwiches so we can munch along the way.

Cannot wait for tomorrow to come!! Our holiday!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Waited for more than an hour

Baby Jay has not been feeling well and he is worse last night. He woke up in middle of the night, demanding for his water bottle. The next round he cried and woke me up with him soaked in his vomit. Sigh!

So this morning when he is having a slight fever and less active, we took him to see doctor. Hubby's company panel clinic. First time I been there but gosh! I do not think I would like to go there again. The queue and waiting! even Baby Jay also grew restless.

I did not think much about the long wait, but we waited for more than an hour. Should have go for our breakfast first then come back but we did not. At first Baby Jay was fine as he got iPad to play with but nearing to the end of the waiting, he was hungry. Alas! I did not bring his milk out. So Big J bought some nasi lemak for us and after few feeding he was fine. When it comes to see doctor, he did not look happy. Maybe not his usual doctor.

Baby Jay got bad sore throat, cough and flu. So got to be patient to feed him the medicines for the rest of the week. He needs to be fit for the CNY drive back. As for Princess, she has a day off from school yesterday but today she attended school since her coughing is getting better.

P/s for the record, Baby Jay around 29 months old and is weighing around 12.5kg.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Free ringtones

The year of water dragon is just around the corner. Everywhere you go you will hear Chinese New Year songs. At the mall where I operated my shop also filled with CNY songs. Not only that, my staff also has a CNY ring tones in her mobile phone. Every time we heard a CNY song in the shop, we know whose phone is ringing.

Actually she always have different ringtones that in the past I wonder how much she has to pay for all the downloaded ringtones. So when I asked my staff how much she spent on the ringtones, she told me it is totally FREE!

She actually composed the ringtones herself. Interesting! I like them as they are very original. Some more it is free of charges. Double wow! So I asked her to download the free ringtone for me, as I am bored of the current ringtones. When I show hubby my new ringtones he was very surprised. Maybe when hubby buy his new iPhone, I can get my staff to teach me how to use the ringtone maker so I will no need to download and pay additional charges for ringtones.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Packing for holiday

CNY is just a week away and we are going back to Sibu to celebrate CNY this year. The elder, big and small of Ling's family will be there for the reunion dinner on the eve.

I have started packing this weekend since next week I will be very much stuck in the shop as one Chinese staff is taking leave next week.

My Princess is very excited as usual, she will be seeing her grandparents in Sibu. Probably Baby Jay and Princess will be staying with them in my SIL's house. Me and Big J will be putting shelter in the nearby Kingwood Hotel. Like my MIL said, "Give us our honeymoon time, the kids will be taken care of!" Well, it will be great holiday for all of us!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Jay: at 28 months old

I have been lazy in updating his progress, so I better make an effort to do so now before I procrastinating again.

1. He speaks more words now, like "hot", "dark", "sleep" and so on.
2. He learns to brush his teeth. He has been lazy in the past to brush his teeth and we are having tough time to do so. Now he slowly acquired to the brushing.
3. His "toilet business" is not that frequent anymore. Instead of every day, now it is like once 2 days or sometimes once every 3 days! He eats fruits but his bowel movement go hay-wire.
4. He is technology savvy. I guess all kids does. He plays with phone and iPad. He recognises few icons in iPad and only press those icons. He knows which icons we always go too. *wink*
5. He eats more rice than porridge. Does not enjoy porridge anymore.
6. He has sweet tooth as he takes coffee, tea and soft drink.
7. Scared of people wearing uniform such as police, security guards. Lol!
8. Boys always boys. He loves to play with toy cars and trains. He even held them when he goes to sleep.
9. He loves to mimic his sister and will do what ever she does. So both always end up fighting over something. Sigh!

Now I am teaching him to say "Gong Xi Fa Cai" so he will be able to greet people and get red packets in the coming CNY! Lol!

Could not think of anymore. Will add in when I remember something about him!! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crazy night

I did not have a good sleep last night. Baby Jay has been very restless last night, wonder it has to do with his runny nose. Must be the cold weather and too much of cold drink. When ever we go out, we have to refrain ourselves from ordering cold drink. Or else he will "sapu" all the drinks. Very naughty boy.

Last night he kept me awake for few hours. He just crying, tossing and throwing tantrum around. Coupled with my headaches, he caused me some sleep. Tonight I need to have early sleep. This body need to recuperate.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

He is away

It will be me and my 2 kids for the rest of the week as Big J has gone to KL for roadshow this morning. So boring!

Oh well, guess must make it an interesting events for the kids since daddy is away and some more brought his iPad along. So the kids would not be able to play games and it means they will disturb me no matter what I do at home. Maybe I should just let them dig out their old toys and play, like building the railroad or play cooking. Keep them busy while I can finish up my novel.

Aaaarrrggh, am sure the kids will make me go crazy when they are at the shop for the next few evenings. Sigh! Please let the Sunday comes faster!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

School starts tomorrow

Schools reopen tomorrow. And my Princess has been hinting to me that she doesnt like going to school, doesnt like the teacher, bla bla bla. Anything but to go to school. Sigh! Just hope she would not be giving me headache tomorrow morning!

It will be another year for Baby Jay to go to school. We decided we can wait for a year before register him to school. Probably we can find a nearby kindergarden when we move to our new house this year.

So tonight we will sleep early. Need to wake up early to prepare breakfast and snacks for the kids! And it means headache cracking my head thinking what to prepare.