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Our lovely princess

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Set a goal

Every year, Big J and I are setting targets for ourselves. This year for instance, we are setting 2 goals and we are in the way of achieving them.

First is growing our personal network to other countries. Second is moving into our new house.

For the first goal I already have network in Indonesia, Brunei and New Zealand. Hopefully more countries to hit this year. And second goal, we are planning to move in before Christmas this year.

And Big J told me this morning that we should start setting goal for the next 2 years which is an overseas family vacation. Next year sounds too near, so maybe we would not be able to save enough. So 2 years sound practical. Destination? Not so sure yet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holiday starts tomorrow

Holiday is earlier for her (as usual). Princess will be heading back, with a 7something morning flight tomorrow with my MIL. It will be around 2 weeks holiday for her, so I would not be seeing her till her school starting next month. And it means I can sleep late and no need to rush in the morning.

Well, at least there is someone there to take care and pamper her. I feel guilty of not spending as much time with her, but am trying my best to spare my Sunday with both kids. Like over the weekend we have great time in Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Park, Matang. We brought along a cousin and her daughter, so it was a tiring day for mummies, while the kids happily splashing around. But I were glad that once reached home, both kids were too exhausted and had a long nap. And Princess has told us right after her nap that she wants to go to the theme park again the following weekend. Lol!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At 21 months old

Baby Jay is going to be 21 months old next week. He is as babbling as ever, and we cannot understand what he is trying to say most of the times.

Improvements and updates from him:

1. His vocabulary is mixed with Chinese and English. It is a wonder which language he will master, but we just speak both languages to him.
2. He understands what we say, but unable to reply us. Like when I told him to pass a pack of biscuit to grandfather to open, he just went to find his grandfather and pass him the pack.
3. Dog - he loves dogs and he will shout "dog" when ever he sees one. My mum's dogs afraid of him because he will step or grab them. I am more afraid of the dogs biting him because he disturbing them.
4. When in pain or accidentally bump into something, he will say "Aw".
5. No no no - his famous words now. He will shake his head and say "no" when he does not like something.
6. Water - When he wants his water bottle, he will say "ter". Now I am introducing him toddler bottle to drink, so try to wean him from his water bottle
7. "Kai Kai" - when we say "kai kai" (going out) he will get ready his shoes to wear. And just last week, I hear him saying "Bye" for the first time! Oh boy!
8. Like his sister, Baby Jay loves to watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and will dance to its songs.
9. He starts to feed himself. Other than messy and wobbly, he is doing well.
10. He loves food. Eat almost anything. When he wants Ribena, he will bring his water bottle and pull me to the kitchen to get me to pour him some Ribena.
11. He starts to play pc mouse and can switch on and off the pc.
12. He starts to play his sister's bike. He is still not tall enough to ride so he is pushing the bike around in the house.
13. He is no longer afraid to take bath. Instead he loves to go to the bathroom and play with water. Once I undress him, he will take off his diaper by himself and run to the bathroom. Sigh! And I got to coax him out of there too.
14. He is still on diaper, but slowly nanny is teaching him to urinate and poo in potty. But he does not like to. He still like to poo in his diapers standing up. How???

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A police for a cousin

Recently a cousin of mine has been promoted to be a Chief Inspector. He has been in the police force for over 10 years and after so many years of dedication and hard work, he finally get a much deserved promotion. We are proud of him!!

It has been long since I met up with him. However, last week we met up in a Mother's Day lunch organised on behalf of our grandmother. What a great reunion as all uncles, aunties and cousins with children were there.

This cousin who is a Chief Inspector now is one of my favourite cousins. He used to stayed with us when he was a boy. He always dreamt of being a policeman and true enough, he achieved his dream and now a high rank officer in his work place.

He told me he used to deal with cases which require a lot of people search. It sounds tedious but he assures me that it is actually not. Just key in the name and state, in few second, he can get the necessary contacts and addresses of that person. My cousin also involved in checking public records but now that he is a Chief Inspector, those works now leave to his subordinates. Lol!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Flower from her

A Mother's Day gift from Princess. The flowers were made in her school for Mother's Day celebration. Now she is looking forward for Father's Day gift, so she can also give something to her daddy.

When ask what flowers are those, she replied "Carnation!" Hmm.....

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Spoil brat

Please tell me it is normal stage for a 5 years old. Or else I would not know how to deal with her crazy demands.

Princess has been very demanding lately. 2 weeks ago, she was telling her dad that I agreed to her going to her cousin's house for fun. Then last week, she whispered to her dad that I agreed to her going to game archive, which we did bring her over the holiday. And Big J was laughing it off when she asked him. Because she was smart. She complimented her dad first, then get down to her request. "Daddy, daddy, you are so good and handsome. Can you bring me to play games in Hock Lee Centre? Mummy said yes". Lol!

Right after the archive, she told us she wanted to go to swimming pool. We did not as the kids need to take their naps and something urgent turned up that evening. And when asked her to go to the swimming class on Tuesday, she threw a tantrum and did not want to go. And just yesterday when I asked her whether she wanted to go to swimming pool this weekend, she told me she wanted to go to beach instead. Huh??

First of all, she was telling lies to her dad about me agreeing to her requests, which in first place, she did not ask me first. And secondly where do all those orders come from suddenly? Don't tell me that I am going to expect a "Tough 5" from her, as she just passed her "cheeky 4" more than a week ago. Sigh!

And not only that, her "kiasu-ness" is getting worse too. She must the first one to wake up, if not after me. And she must be the one to go out from the house, get into the car etc. *Faint* Not all she must be number one. Sometimes she can wait for her turn like when I make milk for Baby Jay and bathing time. Once a while she even demand to be in the bathroom with her brother, so both can play with water. Lol!

Kids! Tough bringing them up.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

True or not?

Princess has been telling me that her Bahasa Malaysia speaking competition is coming soon. Not only that, she eagerly told me that she will go up to the stage, talk and win prize. Huh? I must kena 4D soon........

Anyway, I worry that she just "say say" only and last minute, she freaks out again. But hopefully with my continuous encouragement every day, she will overcome her stage fright. See how it goes on that day. *wink*

Monday, May 2, 2011

Have fun

Yesterday was Labour Day. And also our Family's Day. Actually it has been long since we bring the kids out for shopping and fun. So yesterday was a great day to get connected again with my 2 monkeys!

We went to Hock Lee Centre to visit the game arcade as my Princess has been persuading us to bring her there. So as expected, it was packed when we reached there around 11am. It was my first visit to the arcade although it has been there for ages. So you can imagine how old are some of the machines. Lol!

The kids have car rides, then we play some shooting games. I even managed to play "Jurassic Park" game with Big J! Fun, and I sweat. Lol!

After an hour in the arcade we had our lunch in Uncle Jas kitchen. Not so nice! :( But on other hand, I got a new pair of sandals. For price of RM87 from Heatwave! So expensive for a simple design, but what to do? My sandals almost worn out and I desperately need a new one. And Big J chipped in some, so not so bad. Yes!