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Our lovely princess

Friday, February 26, 2010

Princess in Korea

New poses from my little princess. I just found out her new poses in Korea! Head tilted to the side(about 45 degree) and say 'Hi" while smiling in front of the camera. Yes, that is her new style.

Isn't she cute in those jacket? Her new nickname was "pink penguin" when was in Korea.

She does know how to pose for camera. Probably the next top Malaysian model??

More photos here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

First family overseas vacation

The long wait family vacation is just a couple of days away. Yes! We would be flying off to Korea and celebrating our Chinese New Year there. Hubby, myself, litle gal, my parents-in-law, hubby's sister, hubby's brother and SIL. Plus hubby's cousin and family. A total of 9 adults and 3 children. My PILs are eager to bring their granddaughter to see snow for the first time in Korea. The Ling family’s first vacation (may it be domestic or overseas).

End of last year my PILs were deciding between cruise or Korea, but in the end, they decided to go to Korea instead. One, is we have never been to Korea, second, we want to enjoy the winter there, third, sight-seeing and finally, the tickets are almost equivalent to the cruise packages so it would be more fun to go Korea than go cruising! Maybe cruise would be our next year’s itinerary.

Heard it is pretty freezing in Korea at this time of the year. Temperature can go down to Zero and minus degree Celsius. So, winter clothing is a must buy and pack for the trip. For first time, we are going to experience winter. And I must not miss the opportunity to try out skiing there. :) Baby Jay would be put in baby sitter’s house while we are away. However, my parents will be picking him up from time to time during the CNY. At least he has his maternal grandparents and aunt and uncle in Kuching.

Stay tune to our Korea trip. Expect a lot of photographs when we come back. We would like to wish everyone A Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi, Gong Xi.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

She can wash her clothing

I have a laugh last night when Big J told me about the morning event. It goes like this.....

As usual, every morning, I was rushing like a mad cow, getting ready for my work while getting both kids ready before I gone out. So, the morning went as usual yesterday. I was preparing milk for Princess Jan and went on with other chore. Around 7.40am, I went to work, leaving Princess Jan in the living room. Usually she will wave goodbye to me, but yesterday she just sit on the sofa bending very low.

When I was gone, Big J came down with Baby Jay, getting ready to send the children. There he noticed Princess acting suspiciously, walking from the kitchen to living room. When asking her what was she doing, she did not reply, but holding tight to her school uniform. After much questioning, finally she showed her dad her uniform! There! Milk stain on her uniform! A lot of stain. I did not close the lid properly and her milk was staining her uniform.

So my clever princess went to wash her own uniform. She was trying to clean her stain by pouring water from the sink and rubbing her uniform. And Big J was having a laugh of his life. Finally out of desperation, Big J has to hand wash her uniform, iron it out and put onto her as her other uniform was in Baby sitter's house.

There! A little twist of what should be another normal morning.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flip Flop

He did it himself! I am proud of him!

Yes, Baby Jay can turn his body and lie on his stomach. But on 2 occasions I missed out his turning process. On both occasions, it was in the bedroom on my big king sized bed. I was cleaning his milk bottle and when I entered the room, there he was! On his stomach!

And Big J was excited when I told him he can flip over that Big J asked Baby Jay to flip for him to see. But no matter what, Baby Jay would not do in front of our eyes. Hahah!! So it is better not to force him, right? Let he practises and learns naturally. Hopefully the next time he does it, I would be able to video the whole process. *smile*

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hope he likes it

I bought Nestle Baby Cereal for Baby Jay. His baby sitter commented that Baby Jay did not feel full and keeps asking milk every 2 hours. I thought a 5-months plus baby still drink every 2 hours. But his baby sitter said to try giving him some cereals to his milk, so he would be fuller.

I bought him rice stage 1 for 6 months old baby. Thinking of it, Baby Jay is going to be 6 months old end of this month. How time flies!! I remember I gave cereals to Princess when she was that age but she never like it. I hope Baby Jay would love it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poor girl

On and off encounter with virus!! She is still not feeling well. My Princess did not go to babysitter today as she was complaining that she was not feeling well this morning.

I was surprised to see her at home when I went back for lunch. Btw, I am working whole day on Saturdays. She was seen sitting on her stool in front of TV eating her porridge (cooked by my SIL). As I was leaving, she told me quietly she did not want the vegetables (my SIL put broccoli and carrot in the porridge), and my SIL overheard her. So got a scolding from her. She must finished her bowl of porridge, my SIL said. Lol!

Anyway, she has not been well lately. Her previous medicine has finished last week. Just when we thought she was fine, I heard her coughing lightly yesterday. Even her baby sitter commented that she has slight fever and cough yesterday morning after picking her from school. Probably she got the virus from school. She also did not want to go to school. If have good excuses, she will tell me she did not want to go to school. Sigh! Kids. At such young age, they did not want to go to school.

Well, we will be gone for our vacation in 1 week time, so I would not want Princess Jan to fall sick again. If she still not feeling okay by this evening, must take her see doctor again.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Looking at the kids

Looking at my 2 kids, I feel like I have accomplished half of what I should have done on earth. Proud mum of 2 adorable kids, but sometimes they can make me pull my hair and blood boiling. Most of the times, looking at their faces, all stresses and bad moods are gone.

Big J and I shared responsibilities of taking care of each kid. Big J and Princess Jan used to quarrel a lot, but now that Princess Jan is grown up, she hardly talk back. She still sleep with her aunt. We let her be. She has grown attached to her aunt lately.

As for Baby Jay, he is getting more active. I having backaches from carrying him around. Babysitter is telling me to get some baby cereal for Baby Jay as she noticed that he keeps asking for milk every 2 hours. Look like he is not getting enough from his milk. So I must reminded myself to hunt for baby cereal this weekend.

It is tough to allocate equal time for both kids. I feel guilty of not spending time with my Princess and hardly got time to check on her schooling. Big J is too busy with his work, he hardly have time for the kids, not to mention me! However I do reminded Big J from time to time that we must have a "family day", i.e. on Sunday. All handphones are off and no appointments on Sunday. Fair enough, right?

So on Sunday, we will go to church and breakfast in the morning. Then spending time in front of tv or lazy in the room. Nothing special but I like the feeling of everyone together.

It may be hard to take care of 2 kids. But the smiles they show on the faces and when they call you "mummy", the feeling is great. I am sure all mothers would feel the same.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The lion head

Chinese New Year is 2 weeks away. Have you make the necessary preparation? I remember that when I was young, I was excited when I thought of CNY. Firstly, because of ang pow. Yeah, who could resist not receiving ang pow as a child?

Secondly, because we get to buy new clothing and the feeling of helping around the house and in the kitchen in getting everything ready for the CNY. I missed those day. But as I get older, I no longer look forward to CNY. Now I understand my mum's anxiety when CNY is around the corner.....

For children, any festival would be good. For them, it means fun and togetherness. It is true for my Princess Jan. For her, CNY means that she will be meeting her grandparents. Her grandparents pampered and idolised her. So, it makes her a spoil brat sometimes. But they love her anyway. *laugh*

Besides her grandparents, her aunt and uncle also adore her. Like her uncle specially bought her a lion head and drum for her to play. Supposed to be put up at my BIL's cafe as decoration, but it ended up remaining at home and becomes Princess Jan's play toy. I don't mind her playing with the lion head, but not the drum. Because she is making too much noise, and I worry that neighbours will complain besides making Baby Jay awakes from his naps.

If she is lonely, she will either get her aunt or uncle to play with her. Either they play the drum and she running around with the lion head trying to do some lion dance performance. Lol!

Aren't she looks cute??