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Our lovely princess

Saturday, September 27, 2014

What he can do at 12.5 months

Taught my youngest on how to get down from the bed once and now he knows how to come down by putting his feet down first instead of head down. Had a scare few times when he just push himself down without warning.

And he really gave me a fright when last night he managed to climb the staircases to the top floor! Oh dear! Seriously we need to consider buying the baby safety gate!

And if he wants to get out from the room, he will call out and bang at the door. 

Sometimes he helped with house chore. For instance, taking out the dry clothes from laundry basket for me to fold.

Cute fella he turns out to be. He knows more words now and started to call "mama". He calls "papa" first before call me but who cares. ^^

And when asked him how to brush his teeth, he will show us by putting his finger in front of his teeth and imitate brushing motion.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Better marks

Princess got her report book this week and glad that her marks have improved. The most important is that she scored much better in Chinese. Still a lot to improve but happy she puts more effort in studying her Chinese. A drop in her BM composition but overall she flairs well.

I know that schools have just started this week but final exam is end of October. It may sounds long time to go but I hope to get her studying harder and get good results for the exam.

Monday, September 22, 2014

That painful stye

My poor baby. He had a bout of developing eyelid bump (or stye) on his right eyelid since he was few months old. Maybe it was heatiness or bacteria. He did not like to drink water and still does. Really headache to feed him water. 
Not that bump on the forehead that concerned me but the other bump was very worrying

Now he knows our trick of using spoon to feed him fluid so sometimes he will not drink from spoon.

But lately his stye grew bigger and more inflammed looking, so on Sunday, I brought him to see a Chinese sinseh with his nanny.

The nanny , also Big J's aunt, advised me to get it treated to prevent recurrence.

The old sinseh first cleaned the bump on his eyelid, make sure any pus was cleared properly. Then he scratched 3 lines on each side of Jamie's shoulders with a needle. Luckily no piercing! Phew!

And Jamie went for his MMR jab this morning. He is over 10kg now. ;)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Our weekend

Weekend is just tomorrow. So will be busy with keeping the workstation clean and mess l-free, bringing kids for breakfast, smiling at Jamie playing with his toy cars and keeping up with the piling unfolded laundry!

Happy weekend, guys!

Monday, September 15, 2014

A happy sweet treat

School holiday has officially started but my kids had a week off early because we went back to Kuching for a week holiday last week.

Now back in Sibu and it may be a holiday still, they have school works to do. And as a reward for doing their schoolworks, I gave them each a special treat. Magnum Mini Classic 

 Look how happy they were, enjoying their ice creams. And they did finished their work in speedy time!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Little fella is 1

Dear Jamie,

You have turned 1 year old on 11 September.  Nothing extravagant on your birthday but a simple family buffet dinner where everyone was together and fussed over you on your special day.

If felt like yesteryear when I was pushed to the labour room and every nurses and doctors were busying around me. And as a lightning, you came into the world and I did not feel anything at all.  I did not look at you properly at first sight as I did not put on my glasses and neither I were allowed to wear my contact lenses to the room.  But I did catch a good look at you the next day when you were pushed into my room.

It was love at first sight.  All over again!  Like your older sister and brother, you were pampered and showered with loves and cares. But unlike your older siblings, you are one big baby, gaining much weights every months.  And I am having hard time carrying and holding you.  You are very fussy at time, asking people to talk and carry you, but once you know how to crawl, you are at your own device and exploring around.  That time, no one can stop you at your track or else you will give a piece of your mind to those on your track!  *wink*

You love to make noise and put what ever you can get into your mouth. A chatterbox in you, you started to pick up some words now. New words such as "open", "hello" and "bye". And mummy needs to dig into your mouth everytime you acted strange with a close mouth. You would not want to know what you have put into your mouth!

I am thankful that you are growing handsomely and healthily.  And well loved by everyone. 

Happy birthday, my baby Jamie! 


CC. Daddy, Jie Jie, Kor Kor

Saturday, September 6, 2014

First time for him!

Tomorrow will be a new milestone for baby Jamie!

He will be taking a flight for the first time!  And going back to Kuching for the first time too! It is his first trip back home and I am sure he will be excited to see his home and toys!  

We will be flying tomorrow morning! The other kids are excited and have been packing their stuff and counting the hours to go back.  I wonder whether anyone will get some sleeps tonight.  We will be taking early flight tomorrow!