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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our sick boys

We arrived in Kapit yesterday around 1pm. And we directly went to my MIL's canteen for lunch. We stayed till around 4pm before I went back with Big J and Jamie to ready and settle things down. Both Jan and Jay stayed back in canteen.

We had dinner in the canteen around 7, before we headed home. Jamie was doing fine on his first night in Kapit. Slept well throughout the night with 2 feedings. But Jay who sleeping with the sister and grandparents in other room was down with fever when he woke up around 2am vomitting. I gave him some panadol around 6am before he slept till 8. The fever has subdued that time but by noon he has very high fever and hardly take any solid food. Must be lack of fluid and rest yesterday and overplayed in canteen. So we brought him together with Jamie who has pleghm and cough for past few days.

After took 8 different medicines in the afternoon Jay was fine and started take food. As for Jamie, he had a ned in hospital and hopefully his pleghm will clear soon.

Hope everyone gets well soon for cny. Tomorrow is cny eve and we will have a simple dinner at home. My BIL and family are in Kuching while SIL stays in Sibu with her hubby. This year only my family spending holiday with my in-laws. I think my in-laws most happy to spend times with my children. :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


See who is so eager to go back for CNY holiday??

He saw the big luggage been taken down from the cupboard and hurriedly jumped into it.  So I asked him, "Do you want to be packed back to Kapit?".  And Jay replied me, "Yes!"

Going back next Tuesday morning.  It has been more than 3 years since I went back to Kapit. Wonder what new things?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

On them

A little update on our jewels

Not a honeymoon period for my Primary 2 going princess as many school works, test and dictations going on every week. And after CNY  the Primary 2 students going to be seperated and sorted according to academic results. Jan is going to the best class, 2H. Hope she keeps up the good result this year.

Entering K1 this year and he has gone to tuition with the sister. As usual dictation and spelling every week. Not only him stress, I am too. Even the tuition teacher commented on how tough the Chinese and English words to learn and tested.

Current weight at 8.2kg. He has slight flu and cough. Got the virus from the other kids in babysitter. Hope he recovers soon after on medication. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another weekday

School has been for over a week and everything is back to busy mode.

My kids are busy with their schools respectively. Jan has her tests this week. Some sort of revision of her last year's learning. And she also has Science project on food. Jay also full with school works and next week he has his spelling and test as well. On weekend, he has few pages to write and copy.

Schools are really hard on kids now. Even the parents are stressed with all sort of activities, homeworks and assignments. I told my kids "Study hard, play hard". Hardly times for them to play on weekends. Some more I put Jay into tuition with Jan this week. Hopefully it helps him in his studies. At least I see some improvement in him. Neater and legible now.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The little fella

My Jamie is now in the stage of fussy and demanding time. He starting to call on your and making noise to attract your attention. Wanted people to carry him around as he doesnt like to lie down much now.

And he also loves to suck on his mitten that I have to change his smelly and wet mitten. Lol. He is going to turn 4 months old next weekend. Times really gone.

Now he wakes up once a night around 3 or 4 something, so we get to get more sleeps now.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Teary on first day

Nothing unusual I guess. My kids being more sentimental. Both Princess Jan and Jay has a teary eyes when sent them to schools.

Princess started her Primary 2. Her class is at the end of the school, the last block and it took us about a minute walk from the gate. And once she entered her class and saw her teacher, she started to be teary. Sigh.

Jay was even worse but I did not get to see him as Big J carried him to his K1 class which is in first floor. Big J said Jay holding tighter as they walked nearer to his school. Lol.

The first day at school blues. Hope they go away fast!