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Our lovely princess

Friday, February 25, 2011

At 18 months

Baby Jay's little update:

* Weighing at 11kg at 18 months old
* Not much senses made out of him. Very babbling, but still unable to talk, other than baby talk like "mam mam", "nen nen" "tah" (hit), "ma ma" (scold). At least he knows how to call mummy, daddy and "ah ma" (grandma)
* Recognise people, like my parents, Big J's parents and my staff.
* Not so attached to strangers, but love to wave at people.
* Loves to eat anything that we give him. He has tried sour, sweet, bitter and spicy food. Not much change of expression from him. Lol!
* Likes to put everything into his mouth from edible to non-edible
* Loves to hold pen and pencil and scribble on papers
* He scared of my mum! Because my mum will scold and hit him for being naughty. lol!
* He is still on diaper, but now nanny is training him on potty.
* Does not like to brush his teeth!
* He seldom ask for milk when we go out. Eat more solid food than drinking milk.
* Loves to bite and scratch people
* He is full of hands. Love to touch everything
* Enjoys walking up and down the escalator

Our little man. And Big J is ranting about having "Little 3" maybe in 2 years time. Gosh! By then I would be 36 and I wonder I still have the strenght and energy to take care of a baby. Oh no!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Ox Boy

Soon he would not be a baby anymore. In 6 months time my Baby Jay will be a 2 years old toddler! A naughty and active toddler as well.

I guess that what the Chinese says is correct. Those born in Year of Ox is very active, hot-tempered, observant and robust. I guess my baby inherit some of the traits especially the hot tempered and active part!

Almost everyday he would ended with a bruise or cut on his head, usually the forehead. Sigh! Always hitting this and that. Always see his face covered with bruise or swollen forehead.

He is well-known in my shop with the neighbours from other shops calling him "Budak Nakal" (naughty boy). Some sales girls would come over to hug, carry or play with him. He unlike his sister, not so sociable and warm to others. But now he would wave people goodbye or send a fly kiss without us telling him to do so.

I just hope he will grow out of this stage, maybe before he reaches his 2 years old birthday. *wink* No one can handle him in shop. Every staff I have had few scatches or bite marks from him. That is how naughty he is.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Never late again

I received a lot of complaints from Princess last year on been late for school. So one of this year's resolution is not to be late for her school.

Since starting of school last month, we have almost been earlier or right on dot. So far no complaints from Princess. It is not hard to wake her up every weekday for school. Every morning I will wake her up around 7.15am, or she will wake up by herself. With the school behind our house and the help of the school bell rings around 7.10am, we would not miss the time. Usually by then, I already taken my bath.

Princess only drinks milk in the morning and seldom take solid food. So for her snack I give her some bread, croissants, nuggets depending on what she wants. Since she does not have her breakfast, she has some minutes to watch Playhouse Disney on Astro while I get Baby Jay ready for baby sitter.

It will takes us about 10-15 minutes depending on the weather, and traffic so latest by 7.45am we have to leave to house otherwise we will definitely late for her school!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Princess

After many months, she finally agreed to have her front hair trimmed. Took her to a salon and within 2 minutes, it was done. That was fast. And she happily showing off her hair to everyone.

(A Valentine's flower from her uncle)

Friday, February 11, 2011

From mummy with love

My princess simply love cheese and nuggets. In the evening, she will tell me what her snack menu would be for the following day. So as usual she will demand nuggets. To add more favour to her snack, I include some broccoli as well. Mind you, no stalks she said for her broccoli.

So her hardworking mummy woke up very early this morning to prepare her snack box. Cheese sandwich, nuggets and broccoli for her. I am not usually that early bird to prepare her food but occasionally would be fine. Since it will be a long day as she has her dancing class and will only finishes class at 1pm on every Friday, I want to make sure she will not go hungry fast. She even had few bites of nuggets this morning after finished her milk. Lol!

As for myself, I have some french toasts with the leftover bread. Simple but yummy! Sitting in front of tv, watching one of my favourite series, CSI. Long time did not have own cooked breakfast at home. Lol!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Relaxing bunny year

It has been a great Year of Bunny for us. Although the trip back to hometown was a rush, but we have great times together. Princess and Baby enjoyed themselves the most. Why not? Been pampered like king and queen over there. Lol!

Princess will start her school tomorrow, so it is going to be back to old routine for me from there onward. I hate the wake up and traffic jam part. Sigh!