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Our lovely princess

Monday, June 29, 2009

Got to love her

Silly girl and her antic

When ever I did or said something funny, Little J will said “silly mummy”. Don’t know where she learnt the word but definitely not from home. Must have gotten from the school.

And she is very persuasive nowadays too. If she wants something, she will keep saying “please please please” till you cannot stand her pledging anymore. And once a while, I got scolding from Big J for giving in too easy to her. “We must not give in to her all the time. She must learn to accept NO for an answer,” Big J said. Yeah! Sound easy but hard to follow. Who could resist saying “NO” to a 3 years old child?

Want to be a princess

I was surprised this afternoon when Little J suddenly ask me for something. Conversation went like this:

Little J : Mummy, why I don’t have a crown? (Touching her head)
Mummy: Huh? You want a crown? What for?
Little J: I want to be a princess.
Mummy: You are my princess and you don’t need a crown to be a princess.
Little J: I want to buy a crown.
Mummy: (sigh) Alright, tonight you asked daddy to buy crown.

p.s. Pushing to her dad will end the conversation and she will forget to ask unless she is reminded


Like other children, Little J loves to sing. Now she started to pick up Hokkien song. There is one particular song she loves. Everytime we goes into Big J’s car, she will request her dad to tune to her song. When she reaches some part of the song that she knows how to sing, she will shout and sing along! Oh dear! Probably next time, we will have a karaoke set at home and her dad (nicknamed King of Hokkien, because Big J sings Hokkien songs) will teach her how to sing…. *wink*

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pet names

Little J has so many nicknames at home. Each of us has a nickname for her.

Big J – honey pie
Me – Mummy’s little girl
Aunt – Gu gu’s precious

So, when we asked her who is gu gu’s precious, she will answer gu gu’s precious is Little J, so forth. And when her dad came back home, she will open the front door and shout “Honey Pie” to her dad.

Lately she has been calling me “Mr Mummy”. I guess she must have learn it from school, so to correct her, I told her “mister” is for man like daddy and “miss” is from woman like mummy. “Miss” sounds better than “Madam”. Lol!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Not easy in this time of crisis

Said that I am both excited yet anxious about Big J’s new venture (or probably I should say “re-venture”) into business. He is partnering with a friend in outsourcing company. The new office is more or less ready with forms and equipment for the operation, only problem is that currently not enough staff to kick off next week.

Big J is complaining that it is pretty hard to convince people to work on commission based although the deal is better than fixed salary plus commission based. I guess with the current economy, everyone is looking for something more stable and fixed rather than fluctuating income. Irregardless of insufficient staff, he will still conduct training tomorrow and proceed with the operation next week. Just hope that this time it would be a good business venture. Big J has been through tough venture in the past and what a big shit he has to suffer from it. Pray that this time, it is the right choice!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fruits lover

I am happy that Little J loves to take fruit juices. Once a while, her aunt will make vegetable and fruit juices for her in the morning, that consist of celery, green apples and carrots. It is always good to take juices before you take your breakfast.

Little J enjoys taking oranges, dragon fruits, papayas and apples. However, she always prefer oranges than the other fruits, probably because it is juicier. When she takes oranges, she never eat the pulp. She will suck all the juices out of the fruits and leave the dry pulps. Funny! After she has taking all those juices, no one want to finish up the pulps, so usually we throw them away. Lol!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lady night

A big surprise we have this evening, while Little J was reading some books on the bed:

Little J: Lady night! Yeah!
Big J: What? Lady night?
Little J: Lady night!
Big J: Oh no! You are only 3 years old. Who teach you about lady night? Must be your mummy.
Me: Hey! Don’t blame me. I never say “lady night” before. I don’t think she meant it anyway.
Big J: What ever! Little J, you are too young to think about lady night……God!

Hmm, how come I am the one to be blamed if Little J done or say anything wrong?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reminiscing 2009

Couldn’t you believe that it is already June and we are half way of 2009? Just the other day, I was discussing with Big J on events happening this year that really caught us by surprises and some are not so good news. But I wouldn’t want to share the bad news here, just want to think back of how exciting and challenging 2009 has been for us.

Firstly, me quitting my job in February and for the first time since I started work in 1999, I am temporarily jobless. I guess I need some break after working for 10 years?? Lol!

Secondly, I am pregnant with our second child. Due early September, but probably we will let the baby out early by end of August via Caesarian. Date and time for the operation have not been fixed yet.

Thirdly, Little J’s first day at school. I was lucky to be able to accompany her on her 1st day at school. Remember when I was in my kindergarten and primary school, I did not have my parents to accompany me. So how lucky was Little J?! Probably I am spoiling and pampering her too much, but she is my only girl, so if I do not spoil her, who else to be spoiled??

Fourthly, Big J is going to quit his job end of this month and start up a new company. Yeah, he is venturing into business again. Just hope it will be the right decision and everything will be smooth along the way.

Fifth, we are getting our new house end of the year!! Yes! Couldn’t want to decorate the house once we got our keys to the house. *wink*

There are so much things to say, but above are few that I wanted to share. Like I said, 2009 is interesting year for us. Hope 2010 would be even better!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Before, During and After

I just managed to download the pictures taken during our Kapit trip. Took many pictures of our girl, so here are few of them. If you notice, she has a shorter bang. We brought her for hair cut in Kapit. Actually 3 of us had haircut, cost us only RM22!! Cheap, right??

This was taken on 1 June in the express on the way to Kapit.

This taken in the canteen. She trying to squeeze herself in the display shelf.

On 13 June when we were back from Kapit. Taken in The Spring.

As for me, I have my hair cut short just like the last time back in August last year. Make me few years younger! *wink*

Feeling a little blue?

Little J told me that she did not want to go to school because she is scared! Scared of what? People! Huh???

She was doing fine on Monday when dropping her off her school, but yesterday and today, she is in tears quietly at the back of the car and once a while told me that she wanted to be with me. Oh dear!! I guess the 2 weeks holiday finally sink in and she did not feel like going to school. But she did not make any scene and obediently followed the attendant when she was off the car. Still crying, she waved goodbye to me this morning. Now that make my heart sink too but I must put on a brave face and cannot subdue to her request.

Just hope that her blue will cease soon.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hooked on Dominoes

New game for Little J!! During the 2 weeks holiday in Kapit, she has developed a new interest. Dominoes. Yes! Dominoes, you heard me right!

Of course she wouldn’t be able to understand the full instruction and way of playing Dominoes at her age, but it is a past-time game for her in Kapit. How to play LittleJ’s Dominoes style?

Simple. You know that on those 28 pieces of Dominoes, they have 2 set of dots on each piece. Just match those dominoes with similar numbers or patterns. Example, on 1 piece you would find 1 red dot and 4 white dots. All Little J has to do is to match the next piece to this piece, example 4 white dots and 5 orange dots. So the next piece must be of 5 orange dots and so to be in correct sequence.

Besides those dots matching game, she is also learning to build towers using those pieces ala Big J’s style. But now that Little J is back to Kuching, she seemed to forget about those Dominoes pieces, and started to play her old toys i.e. cooking and learning laptops. Probably when she is board with those games, maybe she will switch back to Dominoes. *wink*

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary

I am lucky to have a hubby like Big J. Love you very much, my darling!

He may not be the perfect hubby that I dreamt for, but he is loving, kind-hearted and wise man that I have ever known. When he has chance (and money of course) he will remember to get me gifts and bring us for dinners on those special dates like my birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary and Christmas.

This year would be different; being the case of me not working since March. We are cutting down on our budget and that include gifts. I understand that he wouldn’t be giving me those nice gifts during those dates but am happy that he loves and cares for me after married for 5 years. How time flies. I still can remember that day we signed our name at the marriage registrar department with 3 friends being our witnesses. *smile*

5 years seems like a short time compared to some friends that married for more than 5 years, but we do shared “ups” and “downs” of marriage life. We have been through bittersweet journey; hanging to each other for support and understanding. I am just lucky to have Big J there during my hard times when I felt that life has no colours anymore. Thank you darling for been there for me!!

Happy 5th Anniversary! And it is coincident that today is also my SIL’s birthday! So wishing her Happy Birthday!!