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Our lovely princess

Saturday, March 23, 2013


School holiday is starting today.  How time flies.  First semester is over and the kids have been in school for almost 3 months. 

Princess and Baby Jay are coping well in school.  Almost every week Princess will have spelling tests in BM and Chinese.  So for the school holiday, I got her more KSSR exercise books for her to study and revise.  She has not gone for tuition.  See how her results go.  Since it is only Primary One, she does not have much exam till middle and end of the year. 

Baby Jay can recognised more alphabets now.  And he shows more interests in books.  So almost every night we will have book reading, to encourage him to read more.  Princess herself will have her bible reading every night before she is off to bed without me telling her.        

So are we going anywhere during the school holiday? Some more Good Friday is next week and it is PH here.  I don't think so.  Hubby cannot take leave. And some more the kids and I will be baptised next week in our Methodist church. Yes! I have gone to the confirmation classes for the past 3 weeks and soon I will be converted Methodist.  It takes me so long to go through this step but I am glad I finally did it. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Must have

When it is his feeding time, he will need few stuff with him.  His comfort stuff.  His toy bear and blankie.

Even when Baby Jay drinks his milk in the living room, he will take his favourite stuff down and then make himself comfortable on the sofa.  Then he will drink his milk.  Those are the stuff that he cannot go without and we must bring them along when we are off for vacation.  The toy bear is a bit torn and we have introduce a new bear to him, but he still like his old bear.  This bear is bought when we have our Korea vacation 3 years ago when Baby Jay was a baby and left in the care of baby sitter during our vacation.  So it has been with him when he was just a baby.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ready the resume

I may have quit the working field few months ago but once a while I will update my online resume to keep abreast with the job markets.  I have been influenced by my hubby, who is always the on-the-go type.  He also taught me a lot of creating my resume and how to turn my online resume into something attractive and give me an advantages over others.

Others may think resume is the boring piece of information to the job seeker but actually it is not. A great resume can be important in securing a good offer.  If you are currently looking for a job and would like some help on drafting your resume why don't check out this site and see more for yourself.  You may find one or few samples that you like and suitable for you.  Happy hunting!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Overdue updates

Picture taken on Chinese New Year.
It has been long long time since I update on my kids' progress over here.  Life is pretty busy being a full time homemaker and mother to 2 kids but I am surviving.
I am taking care of my eldest kid by myself, while Baby Jay is been taken care by baby sitter half day after school.  On weekends, the kids will be at home with us, so it is a handful with them around the house and nothing is ever in proper place in here.  *wink* But it is a joy having them at home.
Princess Jan
She is coping well in her Chinese school.  Starting last month, she has her weekly BM ejaan and Chinese dictation in school.  So far so good, she got 100% marks every week.  And she has met new friends and noticed her Chinese is improving.  I have not yet enrol her in any tuition.  See how this semester result first.  Let her enjoy her schooling for time being.
She has lost 2 front teeth (bottom). And her weight is around 25kg.  She is taller now although not much on putting some weights. 
She is going to turn 7 in 2 months time!! 
Baby Jay

No longer a baby, but still the baby of our house. He is also coping well in school.  But have some leaking problem in school because almost every day he will wet his pants.  Must be some competition with the other boys and before he finished peeing, he already pulling up his pants, resulting in the wet pant. *kiasu* But other that one incident where he scratches and bites other kid, he is doing fine in school.  His vocabulary in English and Chinese have improved and he recognised more letters and numbers.

He is slightly underweight, now weighing around 14kg.  Turned out to be very picky eater now.  And learnt some bad habits from other kids in school such as spit and say some bad words.  Sigh! But I guess that is unavoidable in their growing up stage, right?

That is all I can think right now.  Will update as I remember something...... 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Holiday! Yahoo!

There is a school holiday end of May and I have been planning for a family vacation this round.  A lot of great offers from airline, tour and hotels online this time of the year. 

This year we would be going to Thailand. I have never been to Thailand before and I am very excited to explore the beauty of Bangkok, Chemai and Krabi. Heard so much from my cousin and friends who are frequent travellers there.  I even got great travel advice from them.  Bringing the kids along would not be easy as it is a foreign country but it would be very excited for them as well as us.  We are well-prepared as I managed to obtain more information here on bringing kids for vacation.  So look forward to our holiday.  *wink*