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Our lovely princess

Friday, May 29, 2009

The date and time

Every time Little J goes to my parents’ house, the first thing she would do would be going straight to the dining room to look at the calendar. You know, those wall-hanging Chinese calendar where you need to tear the paper that showing the date every day?? So, my Little J will ask her grandma what is the number on the paper. Usually my mum will ignore her as Little J mostly know her numbers well. But once a while, she will entertain Little J by telling her the date for the day. After that, she will tear the calendar paper for Little J.

What does Little J do with the paper?? She folds it, pretending to make dog bones for my mum’s terriers or ice cream for her grandpa who would be back from work in the evening. Lol!

Besides that, Little J is learning to read the time now. Read those digital watches of course, not those with pointed hands. Still not good with big numbers, but she can roughly know how tell times now. Like 6.10, she will say Six Ten. *wink* She is trying to show off that she know the times now!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our princess is sick again

Little J stays at home today, as she is down with cough and fever. She has been coughing and having running nose since last Friday. Since she did not have fever during the weekend, we did not bring her to see doctor till yesterday afternoon when she suddenly came back from school with fever.

Doctor recorded 36C, slightly feverish. She has to take 4 medicines (flu, mucus, cough and fever). Little J said she doesn’t like to take medicine, and commenting all except the syrup for mucus are not nice. Which medicine is nice, you tell me?? Doctor even prescribed antibiotic just in case her condition worsen, but so far her fever is down. She doesn’t look sick to me, still moving actively around and chatty as usual, except for the occasional coughing and sneezing.

At the clinic, Little J was been weighed, and up to yesterday she is weighing at 14.4kg. She is still picky on her food and taking a long time to finish a bowl of rice. She loves fishes especially the fried one. Anchovies are her favourite. As she is sick, I cook her white porridge and fry little anchovies for her. She can swallow the whole bowl of porridge and anchovies.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nightly conversation with my girl

Before Little J went to bed, I was having a one to one conversation with her. She has been extremely naughty and rebellious for the past two days. With Big J at home, she is even naughtier. Probably she is asking for attention or she just meant to make her dad angry with her naughtiness.

I was telling her that daddy is actually loving her although he scold and angry with her. I was trying to tell her that her dad is not scolding her for no reason. Following is our conversation:

Me: You must love daddy, Little J.
Little J: No. I don’t want to love daddy.
Me: Daddy loves you. You are very naughty that is why daddy angry and scold you.
Little J: I don’t love daddy. I want to love mummy.
Me: Without daddy, you wouldn’t be here. Mummy and daddy love you okay?
Little J: I want to grow big like mummy. Do you want to grow big, mummy?
Me: Mummy cannot grow big but I can grow old. When mummy old, you take care of me, okay?
Little J: Okay, I take care of mummy.
Me: Good girl. You take care of daddy too, okay?
Little J: No. I take care of gu gu (aunty)
Me: No, you have to take care of daddy too.
Little J: I don’t want.

Sigh! Very stubborn girl. I guess I have to continue this conversation some other night since Little J was tired and hardly can continue the conversation. Just turning 3 years old, and she is that stubborn yet thoughtful. Her poor dad……Wonder does he need to put up shelter in Old Folk’s Home when he is older?? Lol!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching up with Facebook

My beloved Big J has started to show interest in Facebook lately and every morning after he wakes up and every night after comes back from work, the first thing he does would be logging in to Facebook! And does he addict to it right away!

I am not complaining about his new hobby, but am glad that he shows some interest in it. Why? He spending less time outside, and indirectly spending less money too. So, ladies out there if your hubby is addicted to any online games, chat or Facebook of any sort, do encourage them to do so. You never know how much you can get them from straying outside. *wink*

From Facebook, Big J met his old classmates and college mates and boy, he is so excited to keep in touch with them after all these years. He was a student council President during his college day, so he met a lot of international students from other countries. Now most of his friends are residing or working overseas. What a way to catch up with long lost friends.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Activity in Sunday school

A back-dated post. I follow Little J to her Sunday school last week as her aunty has a function that day. At least she knows what to do, guided me around. *wink*

They are telling story of Moses, so the art for the day is Moses in the basket. Not only Little J has fun, I also follow suit in making the art.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Poo and Pee

My Little J has the habit of farting loudly and telling you that she farts. I lost count of her farts but sometimes it is around 4 – 6 times a day. When she foresee a fart is coming, she will stop in doing what ever she is doing and fart. Then come to me and said “mummy, I poot poot”. At least her fart is not smelly fart. Lol!

Sometimes she will confuse between poo and pee. When she urinate, she will say “mummy I poo poo” or “mummy, whose poo poo is this?” I have to correct her from time to time. When she does big business, she will say she is peeing. *faint* It takes time for her to differentiate and know which one is the right word.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A note on Little J's Teacher's Day

It is Teacher’s Day today, and Little J’s preschool also did not miss on having its Teacher’s Day today. Few days earlier I make booking of donuts and bought a 2 L of orange juice for Little J to bring to school. I also taught Little J to write on a greeting card last night. She was so happy that she hold on and peek at the card for almost the whole night last night.

This morning we went to Bread & Pastry to pick up the pre-booked donuts before off to Little J’s preschool. Sigh! I should have just dropped her at the usual drop off point and pass the stuff to the attendant, but since I were there, I thought of paying off her next term school fee. So, instead of the usual routine, we packed at the designated parking bay and went down together.

Again, I said I should have drop her instead of going down together, because once I brought her to her classroom door, she started to cry. S**t! Normal day, she would be happy to be dropped off and marching to the classroom, but when I am with her, she is making a scene and want me to be with her. But thank god, her teacher came to the rescue and I escaped as fast as I could.

After making her school fee, I did dropped by her class to check on her and luckily she cooled down and forgot the whole scene. Kids!! How they can forget one thing and move on easily!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little helper of mine

Now that I am getting heavier, I tend to slow down in doing chores. Going up the staircase make me puffing for breath! Gosh! I still do the chores around the house, and thank to my little helper, Little J, she helps me around with some light work. When I lie down on my bed, and if I need anything, I will ask her to get the thing for me, like air con remote controller, open and close the door, keep the stuff etc. Little J loves to do work. I guess all children are the same. They love to do things for other people and get you to praise them afterward….Lol!

Sometimes Little J will make a fool of herself, like spinning around till she dizzy and crying out loud for help; or hold tight to Big J and shout for her aunt to help her releasing from her dad's grip!! Simply a cheeky girl. And out of nowhere, she will just tell you she was sad, and when ask why, she just simply replied "Nothing. I am just sad". Lol!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

She got to learn to be polite

Both me and Big J are getting worry about Little J. She has turned 3 years old more than a week ago. Big J said a child’s behavior as adult is reflected at his or her 3 years old stage. Hmm, I don’t really get it but what ever it is, she is still a child and need attention and good guidance to mould her personality and behavior.

But last night we have to frantically admit that Little J is a stubborn girl. The story goes like this:

Big J reached home around 8pm and as usual, had his dinner in front of the television, watching his favourite channel, History on Astro. Earlier, Little J follow my SIL out for car ride. After she reached home around 8.30pm, she just went straight to the remote control and change the channel. Of course, Big J reprimand her for impolite and grab the remote control back from her, told her to ask for permission first. And guess what, she just threw her tantrum in front of us, crying and wailing. Sigh!

So, me and SIL told her to be good girl, asked for permission from her daddy to change channel. And she didn’t want to!! Just cry and cry till she vomit. Sigh! After many minutes gone, she finally and quietly ask her dad “Daddy, I want to watch cartoon please”, then Big J let her so.

And that is not end of the story. She went to complain to her grandma in Kapit over the phone, telling her she crying and daddy is bad boy!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Showing off her writing

Just the other night after she turning 3 years old, Little J came to me requesting for paper. She wanted to write on a white paper. Usually I don't like her to scribble on the white papers as it is wasted eventually. I would give her some recycled papers to scribble. But that night, Little J was standing on the computer chair and requested for a piece of white paper that kept on the computer desk. I gave in to her request.

It turned out to be a surprise for me as she was showing me her writing skill. Hmm, I am impressed that she suddenly can write so many alphabets. And she was showing off, telling me what letters she wrote etc. The writing was slightly light because she used colour pencil and did not press hard on the paper. But it just make me a happy mum to see her progressing. *smile*