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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I get touchy as she is full of hands!

Do you have a toddler that her hands cannot keep to herself all the times?? Touching this and that?? Doesn’t mind the dirt and mud on her hands or even all over her. Gosh! Sometimes I could feel that she is testing my patience and perseverance. I just couldn’t believe that I could control myself from not scolding or raising my voice at my Little J.

Lately she has been on a slight rebellious side; doesn’t listen to reasoning and warning. She knows that it is wrong, but still she is doing it all over again. Like when we go out, she would suddenly knee down and touch the floor. She knows that she is not suppose to do that as I explained that she will get sick from doing it if did not wash her hand, but few minutes later, she will do it again. Hmm, how to control from not scolding her?? And how to discipline her??

Friday, August 21, 2009

When is he out?

Little J has been pondering when her little baby brother going to be out to this world and play with her. She keeps asking me the question "When is baby coming out?" for the past few days. Once a while she will goes to me and touch my tummy and ask the question. I have to tell her that we wait for the time and baby will be ready to meet cheh cheh soon.

She even get ready the baby bed and cuddly bear for her brother. So sweet of her. I gues she is growing up and know what is going around her now. Or probably she can sense that baby is coming and she can feel the excitement around her?

I went for check up yesterday morning. Except for pain on my fingers and soles, doctor assured me that it is normal. Weight is around 63.8kg which I maintained since last week. Doctor has made the necessary arrangement with the hospital on my planned C-section. So now we just have to wait for the Big Day. *wink*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The balloons girl

When we think of Kuching Fest, we would think of its food fair and booths that promote and sell products of interest. We did not go to Kuching Fest this year; you know for fear of A H1N1 pandemic and haze. She may not be going to Kuching Fest, but Little J sure got some souvenir from there!!

Her aunt has a booth there so she will buy balloon for Little J. One balloon per night. Her aunt spent around RM50 for 4 balloons (1 balloon "fled" to the sky) just for Little J. For few nights, I let her tie her balloons onto her bed, but after that I have to throw them into the other room. They run out of gas pretty fast too. I wonder what would I do when the balloons are out of gas? Fold and keep them? Putting air into those balloons cost around RM2 - 3 per balloon depends on size.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another one in a week

Just when her right cheek is recovering from the fall last Tuesday, she has another one on Sunday! Darn! Doesn't this kid ever learn her lesson??

Little J was playing picnic on the floor by putting out her blanket on it. Then she wanted to go for a pee and I accompanied her to the toilet. Once she finished, she just ran to the room and then the next time I heard, she was crying out loud! Oh dear! Hitting her face on the side of the bed. That must be hurt. Luckily it did not hit her eye, or I couldn't think of what is worse. Sigh! Another bruise on her right face.

She can still smile for a photo!!

It is just tiring to train an active 3 years old how to play safe, listen to parents and never to repeat the same mistake. Any parents with good tips on training their children to be obedient?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Draws & Doodles

We went to Big J's office yesterday morning after breakfast. Little J insisted on visiting her dad's new office. Since she has been good girl and finished a small bowl of noodles, we decided to give in to her request.

While she was there, she was playing with her dad's intercom, company stamps and playing with the computer. She loves playing with computer mouse; she is good at clicking those icons now.....

To get her off her dad's pc, we gave her some papers to play with. She was doodling and drawing and I come upon few cute pictures that she drew. Can't make up what they were, but they are cute. Something like potatoes with eyes and mouth! Lol!

When asked her what was she drawing, she would point to them and said "That is me, and that is mummy and daddy". *wink*

Friday, August 14, 2009

She loves reading

Since young, we have instill the interest of reading in Little J. Most of the books are bought by myself and since I am not Chinese-educated, most of the books are in English language. Her very first book is hard cover called WORD which is bilingual in Mandarin and English. We realised that it is good to get hard cover book as it wouldnt be easy to tear and last longer too. Couldn't trust a young kid to handle book. I bought her a picture encyclopedia (Winnie The Pooh series) and boy, am I regret. Some pages are torn. Either she flipped the pages too rough or purposely torn them apart. *Faint* But now that she is older, she learns to appreciate books more and take care of them better.

Slowly I introduced Phonics and story books to Little J. She loves reading. She would request me to read to her almost every other nights on bed. Sometimes I could be bored by reading the same story books. hahaha! She can recognise the sound of each alphabet and spell the words out. She recognises some words well too, thanks to repeat reading. Or probably she can memorises them well? Lol!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have bruise on my cheek

This is the result of not been obedient and listen to mummy's instruction. Never jump on the sofa. End up, Little J got her bruise on her face this afternoon. She was downstair with her uncle and while playing on the sofa, she just jump down from it and accidentally stepped on a ball. She hit hard on the floor, ended with a bruise on her right cheek.

By tomorrow, the bruise would turn purple and more visible. She doesn't want me to put any ointment or rub it, so I have to lightly rub her for awhile. Hope this teach her a lesson. What a bruised lesson for her!

Mei Mei cannot go home

Her little cousin, Chloe came for a visit last night with Chloe's mum. And what noise and mess around the house with those 2 girls running, screaming and fighting for toys. A chaos!!

Chloe and mummy stayed for more than a hour, and after hearing that there would be some water closure today due to lack of rain (thank god, the cloud seeding was successful, we had heavy rain throughout last night and early morning), Chloe's mummy decided to go back to keep some water!! And oh dear, my Little J didn't want her mei mei to go home!

Little J will use what ever methods and tricks to make mei mei stay. For instance, standing at the door, to keep people from leaving, or pulling mei mei to the side to prevent her from leaving. Very naughty girl. Like last night, it took us a while to make her leave the door. Scolding and bringing out the "rotan" (hanger for this case) putting some senses to her.

I guess Little J misses some companionship and loves to have someone to play with. But she can be a bad example to younger sibling. Like, teaches her little mei mei to jump on the bed and screaming around. Lol!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Improvement in Mandarin speaking

Since started going to Sunday school early this year, Little J has more confidence to converse Mandarin. Nevertheless she still prefer to converse in English. Mix of Mandarin and Hokkien in her vocabulary, but am glad that she is able to understand and speak more Mandarin now. Her baby sitter also commented that Little J is able to recognize some simple Chinese character that she learnt from flash cards.

She would learn Mandarin next year in her Pre-school, and I couldn’t wait to see her writing her Chinese name. Now, everyday she would come back from school singing some Chinese songs unlike when she started her school early this year, she only comfortable in singing English songs.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A dip in the water

As it has been hot and hazy, I let Little J enjoy longer bath time these days. As part of her bath routine, she must jump into her tub before taking her bath. She will just sit in the tub waiting for her turn while I am taking my bath.

As it is a baby bath tub, it couldn't really fit Little J soon, but still, she wanted to jump into the bath tub.

This swimwear was bought a year ago, and that time it doesn't fit her. I just love it, so out of impulse bought it. Just few days ago, I thought of this blue swimwear so took it out and let Little J tried it out. Glad that it fit her just nice. Little J instantly loves her blue swimwear. *wink*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why, why, tell me why

Sometimes I wish I could make her stop asking me questions. It irritates and make me blow my top. And sometimes I felt sorry for losing my cool on her.

I must control my temper or I couldn't possibly be a good mum (cum teacher) to my 3 years old Little J. She has been very persuasive in asking questions that she can repeats the same question a "hundred" times that you think you go nut. Why "this" and why "that". Everything she must ask why. I understand that she is at the age of curiousity, she tends to ask a lot of "why" questions. But sometimes she is just teasing or testing my patience. Like when I asked her to sit down on the sofa instead of jumping around, she asked me "Why, mummy?" Even after we give our explanation, she will still ask the same question. Even my SIL complains that she is behaving like like "old lady", very "lo so" (long winded).

There was a time when she bluntly ask my dad's employee "Why you don't have hair?" Ooopps! The male employee is bald. I don't know how he feels, but as a mother, I am embarrassed by Little J's bluntness. Got to teach her some manners.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Once upon a time

One of those nights when Little J came to me and the following conversation goes like this:

Little J: Mummy, I would like to tell you a story?
Me: What story?
Little J: It is about Mickey Mouse.
(that is her favourite cartoon character)
Me: Okay.
Little J: Once upon a time, Mickey Mouse is with Donald and Goofy. They are looking for a bouncing ball.
Me: Bouncing ball?? Whose bouncing ball?
Little J: It is Pluto’s one.
Me: What colour is the ball? Is it red?
Little J: No. It is blue in colour.
Me: Oh, so they looking for Pluto’s blue ball.
Little J: Yes.
Me: Where did they find the ball?
Little J: In the clubhouse.
Me: Did they use any mousekertoodlers?
Little J: Yes. Something moving. Like a car. To catch the ball.
Me: Hmm, what is that?
Little J: Don’t know.

Well, I did not get any head or tail of her story but at least she can answer my questions well. She will learn to tell a story much better next time. *wink*

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A musician in making

The latest toy for Little J!!! A keyboard! Her toys are getting more and more each day, and we couldn't think of a place to keep all those in the house. I told Big J that we may need to allocate a special room for her toys in our new house.

This toy is a present from my dad who recently came back from Johor. It comes with a microphone and can be operated by batteries or electricity power. I haven't got time to dig my old music books. I wonder whether I could find them or not; if can, probably teach Little J some simple song. Whose know? Probably she will pick up music from there. *wink*

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Picture perfect

Every time we ask her to pose for picture, she will either make funny gesture, look at other place or cannot be still for a second. Not like when she was a baby, every time we brought out the camera in front of her, she was ready with her smile and pose.

The other night, I took out her old photo album and she was very excited to look at her own picture when she was a baby. She will ask “why I like that?”, “Who’s holding me?” and “Where is this place?” etc. She even loves to look at her photos stored in the computer. I lose count of how many photographs we took of her in the past 3 years!!

Children really grow up fast without you realizing it. When they are smaller, you wish they grow up fast. But when they grow out of the baby phase, you wish they were babies again! Hahaha!