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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reminiscing 2013

January - discovered that I were pregnant with no 3. Also our first year celebrating Cny in our new home.

April - me and my kids were baptised into House of God.

June - moved to Sibu on 30 June while Big J has been offered a transfer to Sibu branch

July - a tricky time as kids adjusting to new life, new school and new environment. Glad they adapted well with some helps from my SIL

August - double birthday celebration with Jay. First time in my life I celebrated my birthday outside Kuching.

September - Baby Jamie was born on 11/9

November - school holidays started and we had holiday back in Kuching

December - a week break in Kuching before schools open.

To a better 2014. Better health, better luck and fortune. Happy new year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Our holidays

We are currently having our family holiday in Kuching. Drove back from Sibu on Christmas day and we are going back to Sibu on New Year. A great way to spend our Christmas and New Year. On the road! ;)

Baby Jamie is left with baby sitter in Sibu. Too young to travel long distance but we shall bring him back next September in time for his 1st birthday.

We did not go out muvh because of rain. It pratically rains every day here. So cold and wet. We just go out for meals and shopping for basic stuff for home. We still managed to catch a movie in GSC. The Hobbits. Yay. Nice movie but really look forward to the 3rd episode.

We spent mostly at home cleaning, clearing and sorting out the clusters. Threw so many stuff away. Never knew there were so much 'rubbish' to clear when we get down to housekeeping.

I think the next time we are back here as a family would be in September. Hubby may be coming back once a month for few days training in Kuching.

Wishing everyone a Happy 2014! What I wish for 2014? Of course good health and everyone stays happy and fit. It is going to be a busy new year with 3 kids and some vacations in the agenda. :) Happy new year!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Little elf's greeting

My Jamie would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Joy to the world.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our jewel

Meet my 3 jewels of the house. :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

He is back

My naughty boy is back yesterday! There is scar on his forehead, but at least this will be lesson for him forever!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Jamie is 3 months old

Today marking his 3 months old. Starting to turn to side now. Very babbling and loves people to talk to him. He started to make noises and cooing around 2 months old. Just this morning he starting to make high pitch sound. Like monkey. lol. Now wearing size L diapers and drink around 6 oz milk. He is weighing 7.3kg.

He has cradle cap on and off and I bought a medicated shampoo for him yesterday. Hope his scalp problem goes away after few shampooing.

That is my handsome boy! *wink* Mummy, daddy, jie jie and kor kor love you.

A pair of cute shoes for him. Remind me of the cavemen shoes from the cartoon movie "The Croods" 

Monday, December 9, 2013

My new nephew

Just received news from my sil that she gave birth to her 2nd child, a baby boy in Kuching this afternoon. Pre-mature at 24 weeks!

She had some bleeding last night and went to check with doctor. Ended up doctor said her placenta is too low and there is some contractions. So without further delay the baby has to be induced. Weighing below 1 kg. Baby needs to be under observation for few months.

Pray for my nephew and hope he is in good health. My wishes go to my bil and his wife.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Awful bloody experience

It just did not went so well today.

Raining almost the whole morning and me and my 2 older kds at home after sent Jamie to nanny. We relaxed at home in front of the tv. And around 1pm we went to SCR for our lunch. After that we went home straight. Thought to take a catnap before going out to pick my MILfrom wharf but the kids did not want to nap. So I let them play in the living room. But barely 10 minutes I left them, Jan hurriedly told me that Jay was bleeding. Being a drama queen I never thought Jan was not exaggerating!!

But true, the bloody sight awaiting me!

First time I see so many blood. Oh dear, my boy was sitting quietly with his face down and blood all over. Only when I sat next to him, then he cried showing me his face. After all the wiping and pressing the wound area then I knew he has cut himself.

A big cut on the forehead! Immediately I sent him to ER for stitches. He still have the energy to fool around after a big cry out. However once his turn, the whole hospital is full of his cries. It broke my heart seeing him in pain but he was a strong kid because it took 4 people to hold him down while doctor stitched him 3 times. Sigh! Luckily no fever but am sure the wound part will be inflammed.

  After all the drama, he fell asleep in the car. The whole ordeal last almost 3 hours.

Hope the naughty boy learnt his lesson (never jump from chair) and listen to mum and dad.But from the look of thing, he has forgotten about it. Lol.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chubby Chap

Just been away for 9 days and when picked up my Jamie from nanny, he looks rounder. He is 2.5months old today. Aren't he cute? *wink*

Have your parents or elderly told you before that we are not suppose to comment or complain about babies' appearances or attitude in front of babies? Because babies are sensitive and would be opposite of your comments and complaints. So even if Jamie is growing chubbier we should not say that in front of him. Lol.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cycling kids

As promised  I let them cycled this evening. It did not rain (yet) so the kids were excited to be able to pedal after few rainy evenings. Boy, they sure enjoyed themselves. 

Hope they able to cycle again for couple of days. I am sure they are going to miss their bikeonce back to Sibu. Lol.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

See the resemblance?

The first 2 photos are of Jay while the last 2 are of Jamie when both are 2 months old. Don't they look alike?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Jamie is 2 months old

Jamie is 2 months now and here are some updates on him. 

He is weighing around 6.2kg and is progressing well. Drinks a lot of milk. If we are late in feeding him he will throw a loud tantrum. lol.

And he started to recognise voices as he recognises mine and Princess' voices. He will search for our voices. He loves to smile and coo, making all those funny noises. He also like people to talk and play with him. He also starting to turn to one side halfway so we got to be watchful when placing him on bed. At night, he wakes up at least twice for feeding. Sleeping most in thr morning while stay awake for at least 2 hours in afternoon. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

She's passed 2nd semester

Princess Jan passed all her subjects and there is some improvement in Chinese. This time she has scored full marks in BM and English. Again a careless mistake that caused her deduction in Maths.

She is third in her classroom. Well done and keep up the good work.

Chinese 74%
Chinese composition 93%
BM penulisan 94%
BM pemahaman 100%
English 100%
Maths 98%
Morale 78%
Science 82%

Bring the good effort to Primary 2, Princess!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Play and fun

School exams have ended and it means one thing. Fun time! Kids never grow tired playing and messing around. Other times when ask them to do something, they will give you thousand excuses not to do them. But when it is play times, they will not hesitate.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Well done, boy

We attended Jay's kindergarden 2013 graduation concert in Sibu Civic Centre last night. Jay has few repertoire and we were there to support him. Like what the speaker said "Encouragement to children is like what water do to plants". Nice quote!

He done well in this semester although joined in July. Glad that he is improving and able to blended well. Need to guide him further more. So starting this month he is not going to the afternoon care. I will take care of him at home. Hope with some home tutoring, he will be able to catch up next year.

Monday, November 4, 2013

sick and busy

Jay is down with flu few days ago and yesterday morning he vomitted. Big J brought him to see doctor who confirmed of flu virus that attack his digestive system. So Jay has to take 4 different medicine for his sickness.

I hate when he is sick because it is hard to persuade him to take medicine. Some more his kindergarden is having school graduation this Friday evening and Jay is participating in the dance routine. He would need to go for rehearsel in Thursday and Friday morning.

He did not go to school today. Hope with enough rest today and tomorrow (a PH), he will get well soon. Anyway this month onwards he is no longer going to afternoon care.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Some photos are meant to be kept and cherished. The spontaneous actions of my two lovely boys. I love you boys.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Under blazing sun

I know I am a crazy mum to let my children walk under warm sun this morning. But Jan and Jay have been nagging to bring them for a walk at the Rejang Park traffic garden. So since both woke up early (around 530am, no thanks to baby Jamie! lol), we had a few minute stroll around the garden.

I thought Kuching's traffic garden is much well maintained but at least it served the purpose of a morning walk, or rather a run. Me and kids have a walk around after sending Jamie to nanny. Some pictures to share with you.

Suddenly I feel my 2 kids have grown so much. Time really waiting for no one.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hair cut

Baby Jamie gone for his first salon hair cut today. How does he look? More like baby with his "botak" head.  Lol.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

1 month progress

Baby Jamie went for his 1st month jab (Hepatitis) on Monday morning. We waited for almost an hour and half for our turn. Luckily baby was sleeping through the waiting and only wake up once for milk.

Jamie is currently weighing 5.2kg. He loves someone to talk to him and is listening to sounds and turning his head to sounds. Drinking 120ml milk now. Does not like to drink water but I keep training him to drink fluid. And he just cannot stop making sounds and stretching himself till his whole face turns beet red.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Going out

Yay! First time went out shopping yesterday. Gung gung, poh poh and ah yi came yesterday for a day trip. Just to see how cute I am. Lol.

We went to Star Megamall since ah yi enjoyed shopping there and previous time when she and poh poh were here, they did not have much times to walk around. So yesterday we shopped and had lunch there. Mummy and daddy had lots groceries to buy. At first I were good baby and some shoppers commented I were cute too. I busy listening to sounds and voices but after about an hour I were restless and noisy. Luckily I can sleep in my new stroller so mummy won't have backache carrying me  around. The whole shopping was about 2 hours. Happy! Wonder when would be the next outing? But maybe not so soon since I am still small and mummy is lazy to pack and bring so many things in her bag.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hint through drawings

I think my Princess was hinting to us that she needs a vacation. Hmm, maybe it is time to plan one. School holiday is coming soon.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Sleep baby sleep

Pictures taken on 3 October morning. Seeing him sleeping makes me feel wonderful. Great to hold a little one in my arms. The feling of joy seeing my baby sleeping after feeding.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Drop it

My Princess Jan lost her other front teeth this morning in her school. Now she does not have 2 front teeth till the new ones grow out.

I am sure she is happy that her teeth drop out by themselves than having us sending her to dentist or we pull them out. Lol. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Stuff they did

Some pictures of Princess and Jay to share here.

While I am in my confinement, the kids were actually enjoying themselves and been kept occupied by my SIL and her hubby. Really appreciate their help for babysit them. 

What they did during the past 2weeks and so....

Princess got a gift from gu-zhang. A pink helmet so she could ride motorbike to school. Noticed she lost a front teeth? Lost on the morning when I were going to deliver Jamie.

 Kids fooling in the pool before the actual dip. And on 19 Sept, they had a round of lantern walking and parading in the big house compound.

The latest picture of my kids with both hair been trimmed short!! I wonder whether they want to come back to me or not

Friday, September 27, 2013

While I am not around

Life is pretty bored in my confinement room. Basically sleep, eat and making myself look busy in my room. Baby Jamie sleeps most during the day while he will have his play time around evening from 6 to 8 before he sleeps and sometimes making noises and does not want to sleep in middle of night. Thank god that CL is sleeping with me and baby. What I would do without her. Do not want to think after my 1month period now. Lol.

While I am been "confined", both kids are staying with their gu-gu. Sometimes in evening they will come over for a short will visiting me and baby. 

On first week my Princess developed hair lice problems. It scared the shit out of her gu-gu because she has long hair. After a week and so of using anti-lices shampoo and 2 visits to salon her lices and nits are killed. Phew! I was also scared. What would I do if I also got infected? So from now we need to watch her shampooing her hair or we do it for her. Teach her a lesson for keeping ling hair and lazy to wash it. 

Meantime Jay has stomach infection this week. Vomitted in school on Monday and after check up, doctor said he has stomach infection. So all those anti-biotics and yeast medication for him. Almost no-school week for him this week. Today he was brought in to see doctor for follow up. Jay still look active to me but he does lose some weight and thinner. Did not eat much other than drink milk on Tuesday. Doctor said his stomach is alright. However doctor gave Jay cough syrup because he has mild cough. Hope he recovered soon. 

Since I am in my confinement I also been praying few times. Praying to God. Feel that God is listening and answering my prayers. I never pray so much in a day but now I feel great praying to Him every single hours. :)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our little boss

Baby Jamie is 11 day old today. He is getting stronger in term of strenght and vocal. If he does not get what he wants  he wil cry out loud.

Luckily he did not develop any jaundice although the visiting nurse commented that he was slightly yellowish on Monday. After check up his reading came back low  about 11 point. After few days the jaundice has gone.

He drinks about 2scoops milk fomula (about 60oz) and once a while feed on my milk. I don't have much milk so no choice but supplement with formula. He is a very patient baby. He will suck on my nipples without much complains and sometimes he will doze off sucking on it. Lol. 

He drink almost every 2 hours. Probably sleep too much during day  sometimes he makes noises and very much alert at night. Thank god I have stay-in CL  so she helps taking care of him at night. 

My 11 days old baby.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New member is 1 week old

Hi guys! Introducing my newest addition. Little Jamie. Aren't he cute? lol.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My September baby

Soon, we will be welcoming a new member to the family.  Oh, we cannot wait to meet the baby.  Kids are equally exciting with the new addition and Big J is as nervous as me.  Hahahah!  We already have 2 kids but this pregnancy is like something new and fresh as the first one.  *wink*
So I would be taking a break from blogging for the baby.  But if time permits and I am able to access to my internet at home, I shall post the baby photo over here.  For now, I am going to rest and get as much sleep as I can.  See you guys soon, maybe by end of October!!! *wink*

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy birthday, my boy!

Today is my Jay's 4th birthday. He has grown up so much in this year.  He is more chatty, expressive and naughtier compared to last year, but I guess that is what boy is all about!

So to my boy, Happy 4th birthday!  We love you. Stay cute like this little minion which is his current favourite cartoon character.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


The kids are not around. They went back to Kapit this morning. Should arrived there by now as they are using 730am express.

Their grandma came to bring them back for few days. So till Tuesday morning it will be peaceful and quiet moment over here. Good time for me to rest as well.

Monday, August 5, 2013

They can be loving too

Some days they are nuisance to you. Giving you headaches and heartaches. But other days they can be angels to you and giving you joys and laughters around you. 

But the happiest moment??? When they hug, kiss you and say "I love you!"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Change tutor

She put a lot of resistance going to the previous tuition (above Sibu Thomson Corner in Jalan Oya) last month that we almost at our wit's end.  Luckily a friend recommended a home tutor for my girl last Wednesday. 

Princess has been complaining to me since the first week that she would not want to go to tuition centre.  Because her tuition teacher is stricter and fierce.  Princess is not a kind of girl who respect teacher and very quiet in school.  Not like her carefree self when outside the school.  A total different girl in school. 

Some afternoon I will have to deal with a crying pot who did not want to go to tuition and other day, she was doing fine and did not argue much.  But after a friend recommended this home tutor, I immediately decided to change for Princess. Reason is that it is only 3 days a week tuition; 2.30 - 5.30pm.  It is cheaper and the teacher also help in schoolworks.  And my Princess can relax more. In previous tuition centre, it was 5 days a week; 2 hours each day.  She complained she has no time to relax and play.  Lol!

I called the home tutor immediately and after brief conversation with the tutor, I brought Princess to the new tutor's home on Thursday afternoon.  Only 3 students in her level and she is more comfortable in a smaller group.  Asked her how was her tution yesterday, she commented that it was great and the teacher was kinder.  I guess this time, my Princess will be happy to go to her new tuition. 

Kampua kids

My kids are adapting well to Sibu life and food.  Every day without fail (except some Sundays), they would requested me to send them to my SIL's shop after picking them up from tuition (Princess) and school (Jay).  If I cook at home, then I will drop them both at the shop then going home to cook.  At least I can cook with peace without them interrupting me at home.

So they spend about 2 hours in the shop every evening on weekday.  And most of the time, they will ask their aunt to tapau kampua for their dinner.  If they can avoid rice dinner they would try anything to. 

Now from Kolok Mee, they are getting used to Kampua.  Most coffee shops here the kampua is priced between RM2.30 to RM2.50.  Big portion and most of the times, the kids will share one pack of kampua.  IF they are really hungry, they will request in advance that they want a packet each.  *wink*  So by the time the shop is closed and reach home for dinner which is usually around 7.30pm, both kids are full from kampua and do not want to eat their dinner anymore. 

Either it is me or I feel my kids are gaining weight.  Maybe eating too much kampua in Sibu.  Sometimes they even requested for kampua for supper!  Luckily we stay very near to coffee shops which open till late at night.  We will never go hungry with kampua available day and night.  *wink*

Monday, July 29, 2013

No longer a kid

My Princess has been doing well in the recent exam. 

She passed all her papers.  There were few papers that she made simple careless mistakes, that caused her deduction.  Like in her Maths, she made 2 careless mistakes so she only got 96% instead of full.  She knows the answers but somehow she answered wrongly.  Sigh!  In her tuition, she was number 4 out of 13 students.

My SIL asked her what toy would she want as a motivation for her achievement last week.  Instead of telling my SIL what toy, she told her that she would like story book instead.  So on Friday night, we went to Popular Book Store in Delta Mall and let her choose her own story book.

Her grandma also asked Princess what toy would she wants, but she replied, "I am no longer a kid.  I don't want any toy.  I want story book instead."  *wink*  My princess is big girl already.  Very mature for her age. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A month shy of 4

Soon my boy will be celebrating his 4th birthday.  In a month time.

Jay is opposite of Princess Jan.  He is not so sociable, unlike the sister who easily strike conversation with strangers and loves to miggle with others.  Jay is more rebellious even at his age.  He loves to pick fight with his sister and bully her whenever he has the opportunity. 

Jay is getting picky when it comes to food.  Unlike when he was younger, now he would be choosing and does not like to eat much.  Doctor also told us that he is underweight for his age.  He still drink his Anmum Stage 4 milk.  180ml per feeding and some day he can drink up to 6 bottles.  There were one night when he drank 3 bottles of milk continuously before he was off to bed!

Jay is late sleeper, since he does take his afternoon nap.  Most of the times he will sleep after 10pm.  He is still on diaper at night.  Hopefully he will be coming out of it soon.

Like any boys, he enjoys cars and toys.  He also love to play Angry Birds games and collect cloth clips.  Don't ask me why cloth clips.  He just love to take and clip them together.

What for his coming birthday?  I have order a cake for him.  A special order from a friend....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Models in the house

Picture taken on Monday evening when we brought them to the nearby Xin An Park in the neighbourhood.  Both kids have been wanting to go to the park and play swings.  So on a good Monday evening, they have their wishes granted. 

Could not resist the way they "cat-walking" in the park!! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Their new scooter

My dad sent a scooter that he bought from Japan to my kids via Big J. Big J came back from training in Kuching yesterday. 

The kids were excited seeing the new scooter. They tried ir out at their gu gu's house last night since the compound is bigger. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids' resistance

My kids having some resistance and opinion about their new schools in Sibu. 

She has been commenting to me and everyone that she does not like Sibu school.  When asked why, she said that the school has too much test.  Spelling test.

In previous school in Kuching, she only have weekly spelling test in BM and Mandarin.  Now every day she has to go through the BM test and weekly Mandarin test, so she does not enjoy her school much.  And she also commented that her BM teacher is fierce and like scolding students. 

I am putting her to tuition next week on all subjects so she will be going to tuition from Monday to Friday from 2.30-4.30pm.  And she has been complaining to her aunt that she does not want to go to tuition last night.  Instead she told her aunt that she would like to go to art class.  Sigh!  This girl is sure a headache to me. 

Although she got good marks and was No 1 in previous exam in her class, I told her that she needs tuition to build better foundation for her studies in school.  And she does not show much interest in Mandarin, so I am worry that she would have some problems catching up on all Mandarin-related subjects in school.  Need a little coaxing to get her to agree to go to tuition.  And maybe find an art teacher to teach her art since she requested.

Baby Jay

He shown resistance on first week but yesterday he has been behaving well.  No crying but was eager to go to school now.  Proud of him. 

And teacher also commented that he is behaving well in school. 

The difference compared to previous kindergarden is that in this new kindergarden, Jay has homework and weekly English and Chinese test.  I was surprised that this kindergarden has test for 4yo kids.  Maybe because in previous kindergarden, there were none and Jay is more relax in school. 

At first Jay does not want to do homework at home, so I have given up in persuading him to do so.  But now that he starting having an afternoon care in the kindergarden I do not need to worry about his homework.  Teacher will teach him to do homework.  And he told his aunt that he loves Sibu school!!  *wink*

Friday, July 5, 2013

His first cut

Jay has a minor accident this afternoon in my SIL's shop. 

He was very active and running around the shop and he got his very first cut and bleed.  His chin hit the rough surface of a stool.  At first we thought that he just got a bruise but when he hold out his hand, there were blood on his chin.  Jay cried a while but after cleaning and putting aloe vera on the affected area, he was fine.  He happily let us bandaged his wound.

After his nap, I took off his bandage and that how it looks like!!  Poor boy.  But the sister comforted him by saying "Don't worry, Jay.  You still looks handsome".  Lol!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

School hoo-haa!

Both kids officially started their schools today.  It has been an eventful day yesterday, doing their school registration and accompanied them to class.

Jay went for the morning class session at My Little Precious kindergarden yesterday.  I accompanied him till 1130am while SIL brought Princess to her school.  Turned out that the school did not received any instruction letter from the Sibu education department on her enrolment.  After calling the department out, we discovered that her enrolment for that school was turned down and she was to be transferred to another primary school. 

So, in the afternoon, I went to the department personally to meet up with the respective personnel to collect the instruction letter.  I spent almost 2 hours there, waiting for my turn and letter as many applications for transfer of schools out from Sibu.  The personnel insisted on transferring to the other school, instead of my recommended one (SJK Taman Rajang). 

This morning, my SIL sent us to Princess' school (SK Penbandaran No 4) for registration.  Princess with her teary eyes and a big hug, she quietly went to her seat in her new classroom.  After that we sent Jay to his kindergarden.  We had a little row with him this morning because he reluctant to wear his new uniform and telling us he did not want to go to school.  We spent almost 30 minutes in his kindergarden.  After paying his school fees, we squeezed our way out from the kindergarden but he was crying and pulling at my pant before teachers caught and brought him away. 

So, I had 2 times of emotional stir this morning seeing my kids off to their respective schools this morning. Make me teary twice. Sigh!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Kuching

I am done!  Done with some cleaning and clearing around the house.  Phew!  Have gone out this morning to pay my utility bill, banked in cheques and buy some sio pau to bring over to Sibu tomorrow. 
Both kids are restless and wake up pretty early today.  Somehow the younger one know that he is going to Sibu so he was very excited and upbeat this morning.  When seeing Big J moving boxes and containers to his car, Baby Jay wanting to follow suit.  So to leave Big J at peace with his moving, I brought Baby Jay and Princess Jan out to do some chore.  First stop is my doctor to collect my letters and then breakfast of kolok mee with the kids.  After filling up our stomach, we proceed with other chore. 
Big J started his car before 11am, so he should be reaching Sibu after 4pm if the road is smooth and no rain. 
The kids saying their good byes to teachers yesterday. Collected the academic records and activity books from Princess' teacher yesterday.  Also went to Jay's kindergarden to meet up with his class teacher.  Everyone saying kind words and wishing us well. 
The saddest parting moment is when saying good bye to baby sitter.  Baby Jay has been very clingy to her lately and reluctant to go home everytime we went to pick him in the evening.  So yesterday it was Big J's turn to pick him since I had a long day and were tired.  Both Baby Jay and baby sitter were crying when they parted.  And baby sitter made us promise to bring both kids to see her when we are coming back the next round. 
Going to miss my home. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My Princess loves to draw.  Anytime anyplace as long as there is paper and pencil (or pen) for her to draw.
This is her latest drawing that I find funny yet impressed with her.  Detailed drawings of a room.  What I like the most is the love-shaped clock on the wall. 
We let her draw and encourage her to express herself more on papers.  Now whenever she has the urge, she will draw.