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Our lovely princess

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy birthday, Princess!

Happy birthday to my eldest child. You have lighten up our lives with your wonderful smiles and attitudes. Love your adoring nature as well as your childish mimic. Never is never a boring day with you around.

You are no longer little when we used to carry around. Those little fingers have grown bigger but still they are soft and vulnerable. In few years time you will go Through adolescence. How mummy wishes you will stay as a child and never grown up. Lol.

Some days I feel like seeing myself in you, like a little mirror. Look like me, behave like me, even talk like me! But you have grown to be a beautiful young girl. Wish you a blessed birthday.

Happy 8th birthday, Princess Jan!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

He is free!

I think Jay has finally made it. Am proud of him.

I were saying about him successfully free from diaper, few months before his 5th birthday. Never knew he could on diapers for so long but after full determination and headache, I managed to train him to go free off diaper at night.

It has been over a month since the training. Every night I would wake him up around 12 or 1am something to go to the toilet and he is dry when he wakes up in the morning around 7am. The first few weeks were a struggle for him, as he is a heavy sleeper. Hard to wake him up and drag him to the toilet. However, now things are easier. He will wake up without resistance and go to toilet himself. Some days he will proudly told me he is not wet. ;)

I am slowly trained Jay to brush his own teeth and bathe himself. My 2nd child has grown up.

Well done, my boy!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Their stuff

A little random post of my 3 kids, and what they did this week.

As it was Good Friday, we went to Belawai beach, which took us almost 2 hours drive from Sibu
On Saturday, we went to ah cho's house for a visit. The last visit was CNY. Big J busy travelling since CNY so it has been more than 2 months we visited them.

My 2 models on the traditional pillow

Boys always boys. All about fun and games. Jay was teaching Jamie how to use iPad here

After a while, the little one got bored and moved away

Btw, my Jamie was featured in Marine Elements site for doing review on Marine Elements products. More story here.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Going 8

I have not been blogging much about my Princess.  A bit guilty here!  I know that I am super busy with the youngest, as Jamie is 7 months old and up and around.  He is one busy baby, so hard to keep up with him.
But my eldest, Princess is going to be 8 years old next month.  How times really fly.  As each year goes, I feel that my eldest is growing up so fast and soon that she is leaving the nest and starting adulthood.  Oh dear! I know, I am taking everything too fast here.  But mind you, in 10 years time, she will be 18 years old and starting her college life. 

Princess is more independent, thank god for that.  I do not need to worry much about her.  She arranges her own books and schedules.  Always finish her school works before play, but once a while, I would need to nag or remind her to do stuff.  She loves to read, maybe learnt from me. She still the artistic type, always doodle and draw on papers when ever she is free.

She is more adventurous now when it comes to food.  I have to force her to drink soup when I cook soup.  So now her food list is getting longer and more selective. And she just lose a tooth on Sunday night.

What's our plan for her 8th birthday?  Just simple celebration with a cake, as she likes a little cake to go with any celebration.  My parents would be here to celebrate her birthday, so something special this year.  Princess is always a little gem in everyone' heart, being the eldest granddaughter and child in the family.   

Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby at 7 months

Jamie is 7 months old today.  He is growing handsomely, praise the Lord. 

His motor skill is better, able to grip and hold strongly onto something.  His movement is also not bound to one place now.  Turning around and flip around are most of his daily routine.  The bed is just a small space to explore for him as he can move from one spot in one minute and then the next minute, he is in one corner of the bed.

Just matter of time when Jamie can crawl. Few days ago, we saw him on 2 hands and feet, lifting his body up. Reminded me of tortoise moving forward slowly in his heavy shell. Lol.

We have introduced baby walker for him early this month.  At first when he sat in walker and able to move a bit, he was pretty surprised.  A new experience for him at that time.  Now can push the walker around; not strongly but surely.

He started to eat "chuk" (congee), mixed with Bovril.  He enjoys his food.  Ate a lot of congee and cereals, and also poo almost every day.  Most of the times, his poo is soft and yellowish.

Still no sign of his first teeth, but he does love to bite onto something and us when we carrying him.  I dread the moment when little one has teeth and into the "biting habit" because I have been bitten before!  Not pleasant experience at all.  Lol!

Our handsome baby is growing each day.  In 5 months time, he is going to be 1 year old.  Times really flies.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On a Sunday

A stroll in the Lake Garden.

Princess pushing her baby bro around

The Little one is busy looking around the surrounding

Walked along the trail

Our main purpose of coming here but the playland is not ready for children yet

Friday, April 4, 2014

Date rules

Don't worry, my Princess is still small.  Not into the dating field for many years more.  But I find this nice picture online for sharing here.

Of course as a mum, I would expect the best for my children, especially my princess.  Maybe because she is a girl and the only princess at home, I would expect myself to be over-proctective and demanding.  Can't blame me right?  Who wouldn't?  But I don't think I would go to any extreme that make me go to jail (Point 9).  *wink*