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Our lovely princess

Friday, June 29, 2012

Her drawing

I have to say that I am proud of my Princess.  She enjoys singing, dancing, playing piano and drawing and her acedemic is good in school although she still shy of going up to the stage.  But I believe she will improved as time goes.

Just like her drawing.  We never teach her drawing but she learnt from experiences and books.  I am impressed with her drawing.  Like few nights ago, she was drawing few girls (her favourite) and I am surprised her drawing has improved since few months ago.

Shas asked me to guess which one is her.  I guess the 1st one, but Princess said no.  It is actually the 3rd girl (shortest). I guess she is trying to tell me that she wants longer hair from her drawing.  Lol!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Undivided loves

When I only had one child, I gave my all to her.  I spent more times reading, coaching and talking to her than to my husband.  And sometimes daddy is jealous of our close bondness too. 

What ever she wanted she would asked me. And I would give to her. And my attention is 100% on her.

But since the arrival of my 2nd child, my attention and love have been divided.  Not equally unfortunately.  How hard it is for me to share some times with my first child.  And how guilty can I be when I heard that she complaining that she is feeling unloved.  How can I not love her.  She is my first born.

I am trying to be both "equal" to both children.  But most of the times, it would be the 2nd child that preceding my attention.  Baby Jay would get the first feeding, get the bath first and when ever there is a fight, he would get less scolding.  And I know how it is to be the eldest.  I am the eldest myself.  I was always taught to give way to the younger siblings, no matter I was right or wrong.  So I would understand when my Princess told me that she feels unloved.  Not unloved, but less attentive to her needs, I said.

I wish I can divided myself into 2 me.  So one can tend to Baby Jay and one to Princess. 

So to both of my children, when you have grown up and read this blog of mine, please bear in mind that mummy and daddy love both of you.  You are our seeds; you are from us.   If not equal love, it is definitely more than we love ourselves, that we promised. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Her first tuition class

I went to Princess' Teachers and Parents Day last Friday and was surprised when the class teacher commented that Princess is the top of the class in term of academic.  *Proud Mum*  Looking through the progress chart pasted on the wall, most students are still in their Reader 22 and 23.  Princess has already passed all those Readers (last book is 24) and now in Worksheet 4.  Since the first semester she has started her first worksheet. 

One of the teachers there commented that Princess's English is very good; she has great pronounciation.  I have no problem with her English but a bit worry about her mastering Chinese, especially when comes to reading and recognising words.  She has improved a lot in her speaking skill.  So after much scouting and asking around since this year, I maanged to find a tuition school for her!!

Today is actually the beginning of Chinese tuition for Princess.  I enrolled her in The Language Specialist House last Saturday.  Glad that they have such courses for those who is going to Chinese school next year.  They have English, BM, Science and Maths for Primary students, but for time being, I would like Princess to polish her Chinese for her preparation to primary school.

Today is the first class for Princess.  The class starts at 8.30 to 11.30am.  Brought Princess and Baby Jay to the classroom this morning.  And Baby Jay was also as excited as his sister.  After picking her up, I asked her about her first day and she was very happy.  Glad that she likes the class.  Her music class has been shifted to afternoon at 2.00pm, so she would have some time for lunch. 

So Saturday would be a busy day for her too.  Tuition and music class on Saturday.  Good luck, my Princess!!  I know you can do it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

80% diaper-free

Why I am saying "80%"?  Because Baby Jay is still wearing his diaper during the night time and early morning.  I cannot trust him 100% not to wet his pant, my car or any other places. 

When he reaches babysitter's house in the morning, he will ask his baby sitter to take off his diaper.  Probably he likes the feeling of free from diaper.  Who doesn't?  Who like the feeling of been wet on the bottom?  Only when we go out, I put diaper for him. 

He has been very well behave so far, when ever he needs to pee, he will say "sh sh" and then obediently go to the washroom to do his business.  But once a while, he can be cheeky or unable to control himself.   But it is a good progress from him.  Hopefully by end of the year, he would be 100% diaper-free. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Kids with their Pads

Kids are very advance nowadays.  They are more technology savvy than us.  And without much coaching, they are able to operate the pc themselves.

But pc is rather obsolete now with iPad and tablets invention.  And my kids are no exception.  Both will fight to get their hand of the iPad.  So my SIL bought a Kid ColorPad for the kids to play with.  But still the real thing is more interesting.  Lol!

Guess who is playing iPad and who is playing ColorPad??? 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jay is ok

We decided on the last minute not to enrol Baby Jay to kindergarden this month.  So he will be going to kindergarden next year.  Either at Q-Dees or other kindergarden which is near to our new house.  Will have a look at it once we move to our new home.

He is on more diaper-free training now during the day.  Sometimes he will wet the bed, sometimes no. So it is a good progress I deem. I am still trying to get him to sit in the potty for his "big business" but he still prefer to do it in standing pose.  Sigh!  Need to be more patient to train him in that part.
Baby Jay is doing fine and since he was back from holiday, he is more bubbling and moody than ever.  He still talk in his alien language as we try to catch what he is try to say.  And when ever he did not get what he want, he will cry aloud.  Sigh~

But we are happy that he learn and talk more words.  And we did not go to the child therapist which is supposed to be end of May.  Since there is some improvement, there is no need to see her.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Passed the 2nd time

My sister has to take her driver written test twice.  On her first test, she was too nervous that she hardly can concentrate on her questions, she told me.  And some more she is not very good in reading the driver manuals which is over hundred pages long. 

So on her second test, she tried the dmv manual which is less complicated and easier to understand.  And she passed her driver written test with flying colours.  Congratulations, sis!! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

They are back and holiday is over

The kids were back home last night.  Now the quiet shelter is gone but fill with laughter, noise and chattiness of both kids.  I miss all those stuff.

School holiday is going to end tomorrow and every thing will be back to usual mode on Monday.  It has been a great 2 weeks and the kids enjoyed their stay in Kapit.  More to come when school holiday is here again.  And I also don't mind their absence because I feel refresh and re-energise.  And we have done so much during the 2 weeks, me and Big J.

We went to purchase some stuff for the new home.  And the contractors are going to do the kitchen, living room and upstair family hall. Expecting to be completed early next month.  Washing machine and dryer have all gone in.  Once the cabinet is done, we will get the fridge and tv installed.  Oh boy!  I am excited.  Hopefully we will be celebrating the next school holiday over new house.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

At the cross road again

After many days of holiday, he suddenly told me this morning that he was in dilemma.  He needs my support and understanding.  He is tired of on-going things.

Once again he is at that cross road again.

He wants to quit his job and move into property development.

He is tired of those backstabbing people in the office.

He wants to start a business and we can become husband and wife company.

But again, we needs to think rationally and economically as it is not the right time.

We do not want to lose something that we have for now, because we cannot afford to do so.  Give it another year.

Either way, we would like to devote our times to family and to things that we love to do.

Which ever path he may choose, I will always by his side.  Because at the end of the day, my family is matter the most.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Update from Kapit

My kids are still in Kapit.  They will be coming back on Friday night. 

Sharing some pictures of the kids while they are there. 

Drinking Milo in a saucer

His latest toy!  Wonder how long would it last before it goes into pieces?  *wink* And I wonder how my SIL bringing it back here??

Not scare of holding the frogs

Sitting on a friend's bike.  Super cool kids!

My kids have style