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Our lovely princess

Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday present for a princess

From my mum
From my BIL and SIL

From my MIL
And our princess of the house!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy 7th birthday

 The kids are very happy this morning. Its my Princess' birthday today. See how cheerful they look. And Baby Jay sang a birthday song to his sister too.
Her birthday cake.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

His doodles and drawings

First time I posted some artwork done by my baby boy.  There is always first time for everything right?  Lol!
The kids love to play with papers and almost every day they will used up around 4 papers.  Sigh!  Still teaching them how not to waste paper and used what ever was recycled, but I keep on throwing at least one paper per day.  They are no longer interested in those magnetic drawing board where they can write and then erase off.  Maybe not fun to erase their own drawing I guess, so now they are opting for papers.  
The young artist is very attentive at work

Doodles on the paper.  But can you see the number 1 to 5??

Besides numbers, he drew some shapes in this paper

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Her doodles and drawings

Long long time did not post my Princess' art work, so here it goes!
Playing with the pencil residue after sharpening.  A butterfly and a flower.  Got this inspiration from a blog, but could not remember which blog. So sorry I could not give credit to the concerned blog but if you happen to bump into this post, please let comment and let me know your blog address ya??

She seldom colours her pictures, so this is a very rare occasion where she did her colouring.

As usual, she loves to draw people.  And on this paper, she is drawing the characters from "Barbie".  Now Barbie is her idol.  I guess most girls love and dream to be like Barbie. 

A verse she picked up from the Bible

And the young artist, whose birthday is falling on this Sunday!!!  Happy 7th birthday to you, my Princess Jan!

Monday, April 22, 2013

What they did on Sunday?

It was a wonderful weekend with enough rest and activities for the kids.  On Saturday we went to CityOne Mall in Jalan Song.  It has been opened for few months but it was our first visit to the mall on Saturday.  Nothing much to shout about as almost the same as other shopping malls in Kuching. Not fully occupied, but on the weekend they have a RC competition in the podium which the kids enjoyed watching. 
We spent the whole morning in shopping mall as it was very warm day and the kids could not wait to get out from the house.  But in the afternoon, we stayed indoor with a lot of Chinese drama. 
On Sunday the kids are going to Sunday school.  It has been few years since we brought the kids to Sunday school.  *wink*  Now that we are baptised we must do our parts as parents in educating the kids about God and Bible.  So the kids were up early as usual on Sunday morning, around 7.30am.  I wished they could sleep longer so I have some more sleeping time in the bed but GOD!  The latest they give me a morning call is 7.30am.  But still it was better than other days when they were up early on Saturday and Sunday before 7.00am and started to disturb the quietness of the neighbourhood with their voices.  *wink*

After taking an hour getting ready, we went for our breakfast in the nearby coffee shop.  We finished our breakfast by 9.30am and since it was still early, we drove to Kubah Ria to check on the new Wisma Satok Market there.  Nice place.  And glad that many new shops are built there.  Can see some development there.
We reached the Sunday school by 10.20am and without an delay we brought the kids into the class.  Singing and story telling for the fist 30 minutes and then the kids are divided into smaller classes according to their age.  I accompanied Baby Jay to the youngest age class while Princess went to the 7-years old class.  She was doing fine by herself there.
As for Baby Jay, we had some singing, art work and snack times which last more than an hour.  Some kids are naughty and chatty but when it comes to snack time, everyone were so quiet and obedient waiting to be fed.  Could not help taking photos of them.
First time I saw my Baby Jay so attentive and really pray.  I wonder what he was praying??  Maybe asking for snack time to come fast?  Lol!

When the crackers were served, he grabbed quite a lot and finished them up.  And he got a chocolate for being good boy in the class.

As for our lunch we went to the airport for McD meals.  The kids were enjoying their burgers and fries there.  After that Big J brought them for a chair massage.  It was Baby Jay's first massage and he was having a great time.  But we could not help laughing at him as he was shorter and smaller, and I noticed that the massage was centred on his head!! 

 Princess tried the chair few times before, so she has no problem on the chair.  What a pampered girl!?

We went home after that and the kids still have energy to play in their room.  But by 3pm, Baby Jay was knocked out and slept for almost 2 hours then.  And mummy and daddy also can finally have some quiet time in the afternoon. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Three years and 8 months old

Baby Jay is no longer a "baby".  He is an active and naughty toddler now.  In a week time he is going to be 3 years and 8 months old toddler. 
Lately he is speaking more Chinese to us and his English pronounciation and vocabulary are improving too.  He is now more toilet trained and do his "big business" on the toilet bowl instead of his potty.  He still wet the bed at night, so once a while we will let him wear diapers to sleep at night. Cannot trust him not to wet the bed once or twice at night.  And now I tend to sleep more, I hardly could wake up at night to get him go to the toilet.
We talk about about the new baby to him as to get him know that there is going to be a younger sibling for him soon.  And he is going to be a big "kor kor" to the baby.  He was excited about the baby and asking this and that, especially on the bedding arrangement.  We are getting a new cot for the baby and a new bed for Baby Jay.  And slowly we are getting Baby Jay to sleep together with his sister.  Once a while he would go to Princess' room to sleep. 
Baby Jay loves to watch Dora The Explorer and Mickey Mouse just like the sister.  And now he is also watching "Barbie" together with the sister and learn to sing along. 
Baby Jay enjoys eating noodles and chicken soup. He can finish a whole bowl of instant noodle by himself.  *wink*   

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In more than a week.....

My eldest is going to turn 7 years old next Sunday!!!  It just feel like yesterday that I hold her in my arm and bring her home from the hospital.  Where the little smiley baby goes???  Growing up, of course.
Her grandma and aunt will be coming over to Kuching next Saturday to celebrate birthday with her.  They are staying just a night here to celebrate her birthday.  Being the eldest grandchild in the family does have some privilege.  Being the princess, she is pampered and loved by everyone. 
Princess is progressing well in school.  I started to speak more Chinese with her, hope to improve her vocabulary and interest in the subject.  A little resistance from her once a while, but she learns in the end. She also show interest in Chinese drama.  Now she is following me catching on those Hong Kong drama. 
When ask what she wants for her birthday, she said she just want a strawberry vanilla cake.  Hmm, what a humble request. I shall accommodate her birthday wish. But I know what she wants the most?? Is to celebrate with her loved one.  How happy she is to learn that her grandma and aunt will be here to celebrate her birthday next week.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A home of your own

It is everyone's dream to own a home.  A home of your own design, your own taste and everything that fix your characters.  A cousin of mine who migrated to US few months ago has found a perfect home for him and his family.  It took him some times to search through the owl creek properties but finally he found one that is right for his family of 4.

A 4-bedroom house in Louisville Kentucky in a nice neighbourhood.  He even sent me a photograph of his new house last night and invited me and my family to visit him in Louisville.  I was so excited for him and could not wait to visit him over there.  Maybe, next year together with my family plus the baby.  *wink*

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

His new diet

Lately our house is smelled of kimchi.  Big J lately has been crazy about kimchi diet.  He knows that eating kimchi is good for health and also can help in weight management.  Big J has been trying to lose some weight but since this year he has been so busy with work that he did not have time to exercise and almost every night come back late from drinking and entertaining.

Tonight he just bought home a pack of kimchi he from Seoul Garden.  The kimchi does smell nice but I do not fancy its taste. 

Big J has been taking kimchi for more than a week now.  I remember when we went to Korea few years ago he did not taking much kimchi back then.  But now for health and diet, he has taken a liking for kimchi.  Hope it works for Big J!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

His first Q1 report

Got Baby Jay's report book yesterday and I am proud to hear that he is doing fine in school.  Teachers also commented that Baby Jay is progressing well and started to socialise with his other friends in his Pre-1 class.

At first he was quiet and reluctant to do works in class but after few "blackmails", he is getting better as months go. Now he learns and can recognised more letters, numbers and words.  And teachers also complimented that Jay is obedient and started to do his work by himself.

And like his sister, we collecting and keeping his arts and books in box for memories.  The sister has 2 boxes of her stuff in the storeroom, so we are expecting 2 boxes of Baby Jay's stuff too.  *wink*