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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Numbers speller

Since I have Baby Jay, I neglected my Little J. I feel guilty. I seldom have time for her, not to mention teaching her. Last time I would read with her or teach her in writing, colouring or spelling. Little J has learn to recognise alphabets when she was 1 year plus. She used to spell words pretty fast, but I guess if you did not continue to practise, your memory tends to deteriorate. *wink* Over the weekend, I asked her to pick a book and she choose this number book. She still remember her ABC, but she spelt at a slower pace. Again, she was confused with the capital letter "L" and "I". She thought that was small "l" but it was in fact capital "I". I need to correct her on that, but other than that slight mistake, she still recognise her letters. She spelt out all those numbers from 1 to 30 that night.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Jay at 2 months old


Height: 57 cm from head to feet

Motor Development:
- He can lift his head momentarily when seated or lie on his stomach
- Legs and knees are flexed below the tummy; he kicks very strongly
- He grasp my finger when placed in his hand
- He listens and turns to sound or voices

Social Skills:
- He smiles responsively
- He is responsive to camera; can smile for photos
- He can say "ah goo", "hmm", "ooh" and "aah" when people talking to him
- He does not enjoy bath; hands will hold tightly to my shirt everytime I bathe him

- He sleeps well in the afternoon and at night
- I did not introduce cradle to him, so he mostly sleeps on bed

- He drinks 3 to 4 Oz every 2 hours during the day. At night, I feed him 2 - 3 times (every 3 - 4 hours)
- He starts to enjoy drinking plain water

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Next year fee

This morning I went to pay Little J's school fee. I am RM1211.00 poorer now. *wink* There are few extra classes, i.e. Chinese, English and Dancing but I only enrol her in Dancing classes, which are every Friday from 1130am to 1230pm.

I do not want to stress her out by enrolling her in the other extra classes, but we see how it goes as she goes along. After all the fees are per term so I can just enrol her in the other classes the following term.

Little J has grown pretty fast and her current school uniforms look like mini dress to me. Early this year, the uniform reaches her knees but now the dress is above her knee by 3 inches or so. Her appetite is also getting better and she is trying more new food.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good and bad

One day on our way back, my conversation with Little J went like the following:

Me: Little J, is Baby Jay good or bad boy in mama (babysitter) house?
Little J: Baby is bad boy.
Me: Why? Why baby is bad boy there?
Little J: Because he cries and cries in mama's house.
Me: Why he cries?
Little J: Of course. Baby wants milk.
Me: How about you? Good or bad girl there?
Little J: I am good girl.
Me: Why?
Little J: Because I don't cry.
Me: So, baby cries and wants milk, he is bad boy. And you don't cry so you good girl, is it?
Little J: Yes!
Me: ?????

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dandruff & Air-Con

Baby Jay has dandruff on his head. His skull is still not fully developed and we can really see the brain moving on top front part of his head. So, I do not dare to touch that delicate part of his head.

Back to the dandruff, Big J is complaining that his head is smelly and nagging me to do something with it. However in the end he did what I would not dare to do. Cleaning after the dandruff. Lol! He used baby oil and lightly swab on his head with cotton bud. He did it every day. The dandruff will stick to the cotton bud and some more, the baby oil makes Baby Jay smell nicer. Thank to Big J, the dandruff problem is getting lesser now.

Baby Jay's skin has also improving now but we have to make sure we wipe his face properly after every feeding to prevent the rashes. Besides that, we have to make sure the room temperature is cooling enough for him otherwise he will develop heat rashes on his body. So during the day time (depends on the weather), I will adjust the temperature to 24-26 degree Celcius and at night, it would be around 25-27 degree. I could not look at the electricity bill when it comes! Lol!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art & Fun: Stamping

Her aunt recently bought her a fun rolling stamp and she has been messing her drawing papers with it. It was pretty fun, you can draw using the stamps. I taught Little J how to draw simple picture with her stamps.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Losing 4kgs in a month

Big J has taking diet pills for 1 month and he has lose 4kgs now. Most of his pants are too big and he has to punch few holes on his waist belts to hold the pants. *wink* We are happy and I am glad that he has been persistent in taking the pills.

These diet pills are Taiwan manufactured and one box cost around RM500. Big J needs to take few pills daily and one box lasts a month. I don't have the money to eat and I don't think I need to. So far my weight has gone down to 55.4kg and I can wear some of my pants and skirts. I believe I will lose some more, judging from me taking care of and night feeding my Baby Jay. I still believe keeping fit by exercising, not taking diet pills! Exercise not only makes you lose weight, it also keeps you healthy, fit and happier.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sleeping style

If you are wondering how Baby Jay sleeps, it is like the below picture. He gets bored on sleeping on his back the conventional way, so he invents his own sleeping style. Don't ask me how he gets down from his pillow and kicks his blanket, but I couldn't help but taking photographs while he is sleeping.

Since he was a month old, I started not to wrap him with the towel at night. However, if it is raining or the weather is cooler, I will wrap him with the towel, except his two arms. He did not like his arms to be wrapped too, so I just let him be.

Baby Jay is now 1 month 2 weeks old. He is getting more demanding as the day passed. Always want people to carry him around. Sometimes he will pretend to doze off by closing his eyes while we carrying him around. Cheeky little guy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

New hair cut

Little J has her hair cut on Tuesday; her grandma brought her to her friend's salon for a cut. Now Little J looks very boyish with her new hair. Lol!

Unlike the previous visit, she enjoyed her cut and did not cry. She has grown up. She will sit quietly and wait for her hair to be done.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mooncakes and lanterns

Today is Mid-Autumn festival. Even before the actual day today, we have eaten few numbers of mooncakes from few brands. But we still like the mooncakes bought from Amway. Like what my SIL said, not sweet and taste is just nice. And Little J has lit and played lanterns at the car pouch; and burnt some paper lanterns along the way. Luckily SIL bought two dozens for her, so still have some left for tonight.

In school, the teacher taught her to colour and decorate her own lantern made from manila card. She was seen happily holding her lantern when I picked her up yesterday morning from school.

Children being children; they love sweet stuff no matter what. My Little J tasted her mooncake for first time and she loves them. The funny thing is that she only tasted the skin. Probably the mooncakes are too sweet and she only likes the skin.

Friday, October 2, 2009

She loves them

One of her snack favourites is this cute animal biscuits that my sister bought from KL during her recent KL trip. The biscuits are in the shape of rectangle and have animals with names printed on them. So, when Little J wanted to eat them, she will choose what animals she would like to munch first.

So our munching talk goes like this:

Me: Little J, what animal you would like to eat?
Little J: Hmm, hippo, mummy.
Me: Ok (Little J will take the hippo biscuit and munch)
Little J: Next!
Me: What is next?
Little J: Crocodile. I better eat it before it eats me!