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Our lovely princess

Sunday, November 29, 2009

His first shopping outing

What to do? Mummy needed to get some office wear so Baby Jay has to follow along. It is Baby Jay's first time gone to a shopping mall this morning, so Big J and I were excited and yet anxious at the same time. We were too excited till we forget to bring the camera out, but luckily I have my handphone with me, so sorry if the photos look blur, but those photos are priceless!! *wink*

I guess Baby Jay loves the cooling and noisy environment, because I noticed that everytime we went out, he can slept irregardles of his surrounding. So once we reached The Spring, he dozed off. So it made the shopping more relax. It is sales in The Parkson, and I managed to buy 2 pairs of office wear from Valentino Rudy and 3 tops from Anne Kelly. I love Anne Kelly designs, so I went "crazy" when some tops were on sales. Lol!

This white castle is displayed on the first floor where they usually have a stage there. I must bring Princess Jan over when she is back next month. I am sure she would love it.

Like I said, Baby Jay was sleeping comfortably in his stroller throughout the 2 hours. After we finished our shopping, we went to the food court for our lunch. It was packed, my guess is it is end of the month and everyone has money to spend. Anyway, we managed to find a seat and we order our favourite food from the Japanese Tenpayaki stall.

Before we left, I make sure I fed the little guy. He obliged and finished his 4 OZ milk without any noise. Lol! There will be more shopping outing for Baby Jay since he has been a good boy.

Friday, November 27, 2009

She will be missed

Princess Jan has gone back to hometown today. She woke up early this morning and knew that today is the day. She was babbling away, telling everyone that she is going back to Kapit to visit her dear grandmother.

Thank god that she has recovered from her fever. She was suddenly down with high fever on Tuesday evening, with body temperature of 38degree. It was hard to feed her the antibiotic (Klacid) that night because she was crying and weak. This was 2nd time she has such fever. Princess Jan seldom that sick so when she was down crying and complaining, we know that she is really sick! Not to take the risk, I packed her medicine into her luggage last night.

Her stuff was packed yesterday, making sure I also put her swimming suit in as my SIL said she will bring Princess Jan to the public swimming pool there. There are also some computer games for her so she would not be occupying the tv all the times. Lol! The last round we went back, her grandfather complained that he did not get to watch his news and favourite shows for 2 weeks so this time, they are well prepared.

I worked today, so Big J sent Princess Jan and my FIL to the airport after breakfast this morning. Luckily before they checked in they remember Princess Jan’s birth certificate. I forgot to take the certificate out from the safe this morning. So Big J has to detour back to retrieve the birth certificate. Her Mykid should have reached here this week, but I have yet to collect it from the Registrar Office. It should have been ready 2 weeks ago and I estimate that Princess Jan would be using her Mykid for the first time for check in today but I don’t know why it was slow.

Maybe it is mother thingy, I felt heavy yet happy when she was climbing into Big J’s car this morning. I know she would enjoyed been spoiled by her grandparents in Kapit. She did not kissed or waved me a proper goodbye. I know Princess Jan is an independent child, now she is bigger, she is no longer attach to me. However once a while, I wish she would be like that; a child holding tightly to her mother. *sob sob* I don’t think she would miss me that much but I know one thing. I will miss her while she is away. Miss her chattiness. Now I could not wait for Christmas to come, because by then, Princess Jan would come home. Maybe I buy her a Christmas present and surprise her when she is back.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turning 3 months old

Baby Jay is into his 3rd month, and how strong baby he is. Now he starting to move his neck and back when he is seated straight. We took him for his jab on Sunday. His weight now is 6.5kg. Guess what doctor said about his weight? Cut down on his milk intake. Lol! Does that mean Baby Jay is overweight and need to be careful with his weight? But he sure is a big drinker. Sometimes during the day he can drink within 1.5 hours if he doesnt sleep. He usually sleep soundly in the afternoon and at night.

Baby Jay is chatty and loves people to talk to him. Sometimes we feel like he is talking back to us with all those "ooh" and "aah" from him. And his big sister? Princess Jan has been a very good sister, she has been helpful and help a lot in taking care of him.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The prize giving in her school

Yes, I got my internet back! I just give it a try this evening, and thank god it works. Or I would have in "dreamland" many hours ago since nothing to do. Lol!

As promised, shots of her prize-giving ceremony on Thursday morning. She did not get any prizes for academic aspect, but never mind. We are proud of her anyway!! Keep it up to 2010, Princess Jan!!

1 year has gone

School holiday is starting. And it means Princess Jan has finished her pre-school. We attended her prize giving ceremony yesterday. To our surprises, she got 1st prize in colouring competition in her categories. Wow! That makes mummy and daddy very proud of her.

Sorry, I haven't got time to download the picture into the blog, and will do so other day. Some more I have problem log into internet for 2 days. I wonder if it is streamyx or something to do with my modem. As matter of fact, I am now in Big J's office, writing this post.

Princess Jan was very well behaved yesterday, stood still for Negaraku song and walked up to the stage to collect her prize from the principal. Big J and I managed to take photos with her together with the winning piece and prize. She was smiling and looked happy to see both of us. After the ceremony, she quietly told me that she was not scared to go up to the stage. Lol! I wonder she would say that when school starts next year? As for her academic, teacher commented she was remarkable student and has good memory skill. Hmm, hopefully her confidence level improves when school reopen in January 2010.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How fast he grows

In a blink of eyes, Baby Jay would be 3 months old next week. He is more aware of people around him and starts to make a lot of sounds. I noticed that he would turn to my direction when I talk. Hmm, I guess baby at such age start to recognise familiar voices. Baby Jay also starts to suck his fingers so I still wear let him wear his mittens on both hands.

Last Sunday, Baby Jay has the longest outing ever. SIL and I have an appointment with our upline in BIL's cafe and were trained in product knowledges. He is supposed to be under the care of his dad, but you know men! They cannot be trusted. End up, Big J went to Tebedu with friends and left Baby Jay with us. Princess Jan was also with us but she followed her uncle back in the afternoon and came back again He was with me and my SIL the whole afternoon and only gone home around 8pm. Initially we never thought it would take such a long time, but time passed fast and when we realised it, it was almost evening.

And guess what? Baby Jay did not complained. He slept almost the whole afternoon that day. When at home on Sunday, he seldom sleep that long. Hmm, probably he likes to sleep with all those noises around??

Sorry I have not have much time lately to take his photographs. Been too catch up with direct selling and other chores.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The potluck party

As you have family, the talk would turn to children and parenting. This was what most of us talked about last night during Big J's birthday party. Everyone brought something to share in the party. A very cosy and small gathering which I like.

Little J also had fun, meeting new friends and running around. She kept telling me she is going to have fun the whole afternoon yesterday when I told her that we would be going to Big J's birthday party. So it turned out great for her. She also had great appetite last nigth, consuming a small portion of fried noodle although she had her porridge at home before going over. It must be all those running and jumping that made her hungry. Lol!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One year older today

Big J is one year older today. With him being 32 today, I do not feel older than him. Lol! I am about 2 months older than him, and Big J always make fun of it. Like saying "I am still 31, you already 32, big sister". Yeap, sometimes feel like slapping him for making fun of me. *laugh*

There would be a potluck organised by my SIL tonight to celebrate his birthday. Baby Jay would not be in the plan. You know what I mean. It is not that enjoyable to bring a young baby along and when he cries, you have to "fast-forward" your plan and rushing home. So he will be staying overnight at baby sitter's house tonight. Next year! Next year we will bring him out to celebrate all those birthdays and special occasions together!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Want to go to school

This evening, my Princess Jan told me that she wanted to go to school tomorrow. Our evening begins after dinner and Baby Jay was at home after hubby picked him from nanny's house. Princess Jan was doing some revision after dinner, showing off her reading skill. After she finished her school books,

Little Jan: Mummy, I want to keep my books. Tomorrow go to school.
Me: Tomorrow is Saturday. No school.
Little Jan: Why?
Me: Tomorrow is Saturday, teachers are resting. School is not open.
Little Jan: Oh, okay.

(then less than 1 minute later)

Little Jan: Mummy, fast. Sleep.
Me: You sleep first.
Little Jan: I want to sleep already, mummy. Tomorrow go to school.
Me: Hai ya, there is no school tomorrow.
Little Jan: But I want to go to school.
Me : (speechless)

I wonder if in few years time, would she be that enthusiast to go to school??

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moving to new bed

As commented by Ivynana in my previous post, not to confuse her and some readers I decided to used Princess Jan for my Little J. I hope it solves all those confusion between my Little J and Baby Jay. Hahaha!

Last night, Baby Jay was introduced to his new bed. Er, not so new, as the baby bed was used by Princess Jan. When put Baby Jay into his new bed, he was looking around, turned here and there, trying to get used to the new surrounding. He did cried for a while, but after few minutes of coaxing from me, he finally settling down into his new surrounding. So, now Princess Jan and I can settling into our bed. At least, Princess Jan would not need to complain to me that she has to sleep "terbalik" all the time. Yes, she used the word "terbalik". *wink*

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sleeps on my bed

We have yet to properly sort out our sleeping arrangement. For time being, Big J is sleeping on a mattress on the floor, me and Baby Jay on our bed. By right, Baby Jay should be sleeping in Little J's baby cot while Little J is sleeping with me.

Anyway to cut the story short, I am sleeping with Baby Jay on our king-sized bed. Little J has not been sleeping in the baby cot now, as she keeps complaining it is too small. Or probably she does not want to be felt left out she keeps squeezing herself on our bed. So, she has to sleep in horizontal way while Baby Jay and myself vertical way. Funny but luckily the bed can fit 3 of us. The only concern is that Little J is not a quiet sleeper; she kicks, turns and moves a lot. One night I was shocked when I woke up seeing Baby Jay was in between Little J's legs. *Faint* Now there is a quilt dividing her with us, just to make sure she does not cross the "boundary".