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Our lovely princess

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Invading our room again

My princess has been moving back to our bedroom and has been staying there for more than a month now.  She does not want to move back to her own space.  So, everyone is cramping in the master bedroom.  But on good note, we can save on the air con.  Just need to switch on one air con instead of 2 in different rooms. 
We does not mind Princess in the room but sooner or later she would need to sleep in her own room.  When asked her why she does not want to sleep in her own room, she told me she is afraid to sleep alone.  I did accompanied her for few nights till she fall asleep but it did not seemed to work because she kept asking me to accompany her every night.  Sometimes I feel she is too dependent on us on certain thing.  Once a while she will ask me to wash her hair. Called it "lazy" she does not like to wash her hair, but I have to lecture her on washing her hair every day.  She has very thick black hair, and being an active child, she will need to wash her hair every day. 
Now that she is in our room, almost every night we will have our reading time before the kids are off to bed.  Baby Jay is also happy to have his sister back to the room so he does not need to move from one room to another room at night.  He is confused as to who he wants to sleep with, so other nights, you will be seeing him bringing his stuff here and there few times before finally settle back to my bed.  *Lol*

Monday, May 27, 2013

They are comical!

They are having fun over the weekend, on the first week of the school holiday.  We have such relaxing time for the past 3 days.   
For instance last Friday we went for breakfast with my mum and sis around 9am.  The kids shared a bowl of kolok mee and they finished it up.  After breakfast we went for our grocery shopping in Cold Storage.  We spent almost an hour in Green Heights Mall before sending my mum and sis home. 

Since we have rain almost every evening, Big J suggested to bring the kids for swim when we reached home around 11am.  The kids were ecstatic and immediately change to their swim suit without hesitation.  I was dragged along.  Did not swim but I have a good sun bathing under the warm sun.  And when asked the kids for a photo, they were more than happy to oblige to my request.  See how they posed before they jumped into the pool.  :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

The top and school holiday

School holiday has officially started today for 2 weeks.
Finally the kids can relax and mummy and daddy also can breathe a bit.  Sleep late and no morning rush.  And mummy get to sleep longer in the bed.

Baby Jay's kindergarden had Teacher's Day yesterday and he wore casual attire and brought some food and drink to school.  He was jovial because school was over.

Bought some swiss rolls and packet drinks for the Teacher's Day

My princess done well in her class and I am very proud of her that she actually is number one in the class.  I actually learnt from her class teacher when I collected the transfer forms on Wednesday morning.  Met few teachers there and when I told them that we are leaving for Sibu, they were all surprised and commented that Princess did well in class and came top in the exam.  "Very pitiful that she is moving out from school" was their comment.  But only for 2 years,  after that she will be back to the same school, I hope.
As for the transfer forms, never knew I need to fill so many forms and photocopy so many documents.  Need to pass to school headmaster for signature after filling all the forms and collect Princess' report card, and then bring all the forms and photocopied documents to the Education Department for approval.  Then I can send the necessary to my SIL in Sibu for her submission to new school. Phew!   

Should have done this stuff early but we only get confirmation from Big J's office this week so I only able to approach the school for forms.  But everything will be fine.  May only able to get everything ready in mid June because currently headmaster was outstation for meeting and only back when school reopens in June.  So I can only get it done by then. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Her 1st P1 exam result

Well done to my Princess Jan for passing her 1st semester exam with flying colours.  No one expect her to get 100% and some more 4 papers, so we are proud of her achievement. Because she has been lazy and relax during the revision time and did not really put 100% effort in study.  Make me very worry then.
Keep up the good work, girl!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

UK Fun Fair in MJC

I guess it is the name, not really from any UK troupe, but the name Fun Fair is enough to lure my kids to the fun ground last Saturday night.  They have been talking about it non stop for few weeks and since the school exam was over, we agreed to bring the kids to the fun fair last weekend. 
After a heavy downpour on Saturday evening, the weather was kind on us and rain has stopped around 8pm that evening.  So a nice cooling weather to bring the 2 bored kids to the fun fair.
 RM2.00 per entrance per adult and kid (age above 3) each.  Princess Jan and Baby Jay cannot hold their excitement once they entered the fun ground.  I having hard time catching up on the trio.

First shot of the 2 monkeys before they started to play.  I like that spinning bowl at the background but unfortunately I only can watch from afar.  :(

 See how happy they are??  :)

 Testing her driving skill in bumper car game

This is the one that Baby Jay so look forward to play in but because of his height, he disallowed to play.  And he cried because he could not play in this spinning Octopus and most of the other games.  But at the end, he was enjoying himself and managed to play in few games before we called it a night after almost an hour in the fun fair.
I think the kids were hungry after all the funs that they ate their burgers and corn-in-the-cup that we bought in the fun fair.  *wink*

Friday, May 17, 2013

Her written wishes

Saw this on the top of the Bible this morning.  Written by Princess last night before she was off to bed.  What a thoughtful girl! 
Today is her last day of exam.  I am sure this afternoon when she is back from school, she will requested to watch her favourite cartoon DVD.  Time for her to relax and destress. 
Got her BM exam paper back yesterday and I was surprised when she told me she got 100% mark.  Did not expect her to get full marks although I know she will pass her BM as she is pretty good with the subject.  Proud of her! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Diapers at night

My boy is still on diapers at night because he is a deep sleeper who having a hard time holding his pees.  We did try to toilet trained him for about 2 months but we gave up eventually.  Because I cannot stand cleaning the bed and tired of scolding Baby Jay for wetting the bed. 
It is hard to drag him from the bed to the toilet and once a while he will throw tantrums in middle of the night.  And not only need to wake him up once but twice.  On one week, he wetted the bed twice every night till my hubby complained of smelly bed.  We gave him and made him wear diapers in the end.
Sometimes he is on diapers when he takes his afternoon naps.  It is much easier to wake him up during the naps because he sleeps only 2 hours and sometimes he is completely dry. 
We could not wait for him to diaper free and able to go to toilet by himself someday.  Maybe with some motivation, he would stay dry. 
How come it is so hard to train a boy than a girl?  I have no problem with my Princess. She just wet the bed a couple of times and eventually she stopped and stay free through out the night.  She has not been using any diapers at night since she was around 2 years old.  Now she can sleep till the next day without any problems. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

My Mother's Day at home

Woke up feeling sick because down with flu and sore throat yesterday morning.  The whole family is sick, with Big J down with flu on Friday while Princess is still recovering from cough and flu.  I heard Baby Jay was coughing this morning so gave him a dose of cough syrup before he gone to kindergarden.  I myself went to see doctor this morning and doctor prescribed cough syrup and flu tablets.  Have not taken the medicine yet because they will make me sleepy so better take them after lunch and off to bed later!  *wink*

As of Mother's Day celebration yesterday, we did not go anywhere special since everyone is not 100% well and Princess is having her exam starting today.  Yesterday morning, my Princess gave me this cute self-drawn card.  Very adorable.  She really know how to make my day!

And for the first time in my life, I cooked dinner for Mother's Day!  In the past, either Big J brought me for dinner or had dinner together with my parents, but this year, for the first time I cooked for Mother's Day!  I thought I am supposed to be off and not doing any cooking on this special day but since I never did any for any Mother's Day before, it was fine with me!  Lol! 
And Big J requested for Spaghetti dinner so Spaghetti shall it be!

Spaghetti with beef bolognaise sauce, baked cheesy potatoes and onion and fried rice for kids

My Mother's Day dinner. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Down with virus!

My Princess Jan is down with flu and cough yesterday.  Must be too much fried food and hot weather lately.  Poor girl.  She needs to rest and same time studying for her coming exam which is next week.  Hope she will recover in time for the exam.
I am also having a sore throat since yesterday.  Sigh!  Looks like the virus is spreading around.  Just this morning I heard my Baby Jay coughing slightly.  He usually would cough in the morning because of the dry throat due to air-con during the night, but I am concern because the virus may be spread from the sister to Baby Jay. Need to boost up some Vitamin C for everyone in the house!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Break the baby news

I told both kids on the baby's gender this evening, and both has a mixed reaction. 
When I told both that I am pregnant early this year, both were excited.  Princess wants a sister, while Baby Jay wants a baby brother.  So both want someone to share and play with.  When I told them that they are going to have a baby brother soon, my Princess was not so happy about it at first.  It means that there would not be anyone to share her bedroom because she always wanted someone to sleep together with her.  Even she has slept in her own room now, once a while she still wanted me to accompany her in her room or sneaking onto our bed. 
As for the younger one, Baby Jay does not mind it is a baby brother.  He is still young and probably does not know much.  But I am worry that Baby Jay will be clingy to me when the baby is born.  Just hope he will get used to someone sharing his things and love the baby.  I have no worry on Princess being close to baby because she always love babies.  She likes touching, playing and talking to babies because I have seen her doing that in baby sitter's house. 

Now it is time to look for a name for my baby boy.  Must start with letter "J" too.  Hmm......

Monday, May 6, 2013

Exam week!!

School exam is starting next week for my Princess, so no more honeymooning time for her.  I have get her to start doing revision on English and Mathematics since both are her strong subjects in school.  I told my Princess that my tip when I were studying for my exams when I were a student is to study your strong subjects first, then slowly go to the difficult one so you can spend more times on those difficult subjects.  And you would not forget those difficult subjects easily too when the exam is getting nearer.  I don't know about you, but those are my tips.  And they worked for me.  *wink*
Today she will start with her Bahasa Malaysia subject revision.  So far I have been guiding her on English and Mathematics and get her to do more tests. And I will guide her with the BM subject since I can read BM.  But the next 3 subjects, Science, Moral and Chinese, would be up to her.  I cannot help her in those 3 subjects.  Luckily this month I send her to Chinese tuition on Saturday so at least she can do some revision during the tuition class.

I am more anxious than my Princess.  She is still so relax and does not bother very much on the revision.  Now she is in primary school, no longer kindergarden.  The exams in kindegarden are very easy and she has no problem in passing them but now the primary school subjects are very difficult. Looking through her textbooks, I feel the Primary One sllyabuses are tougher than those during my school day!