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Our lovely princess

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Kuching

I am done!  Done with some cleaning and clearing around the house.  Phew!  Have gone out this morning to pay my utility bill, banked in cheques and buy some sio pau to bring over to Sibu tomorrow. 
Both kids are restless and wake up pretty early today.  Somehow the younger one know that he is going to Sibu so he was very excited and upbeat this morning.  When seeing Big J moving boxes and containers to his car, Baby Jay wanting to follow suit.  So to leave Big J at peace with his moving, I brought Baby Jay and Princess Jan out to do some chore.  First stop is my doctor to collect my letters and then breakfast of kolok mee with the kids.  After filling up our stomach, we proceed with other chore. 
Big J started his car before 11am, so he should be reaching Sibu after 4pm if the road is smooth and no rain. 
The kids saying their good byes to teachers yesterday. Collected the academic records and activity books from Princess' teacher yesterday.  Also went to Jay's kindergarden to meet up with his class teacher.  Everyone saying kind words and wishing us well. 
The saddest parting moment is when saying good bye to baby sitter.  Baby Jay has been very clingy to her lately and reluctant to go home everytime we went to pick him in the evening.  So yesterday it was Big J's turn to pick him since I had a long day and were tired.  Both Baby Jay and baby sitter were crying when they parted.  And baby sitter made us promise to bring both kids to see her when we are coming back the next round. 
Going to miss my home. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My Princess loves to draw.  Anytime anyplace as long as there is paper and pencil (or pen) for her to draw.
This is her latest drawing that I find funny yet impressed with her.  Detailed drawings of a room.  What I like the most is the love-shaped clock on the wall. 
We let her draw and encourage her to express herself more on papers.  Now whenever she has the urge, she will draw. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

My home helper

My Princess has started to help me around the house, especially in cleaning up messes and arranging things.  She started to show the initiative last week when she quietly but swiftly moving around the living room, arranging and clearing things up.  I did not stop her and since then, she will do some "arranging" work every day when ever she sees messes.  Well it is time for her to learn some responsibilities of taking care of housework. 
Once a while I will get her to help me in the kitchen but picking and washing vegetables.  She gladly help because it means "fun" to her.  Kids love to be around the kitchen I noticed. Especially girl.  Correct me if I am wrong.  My Princess just love to peek on me whenever I am in the kitchen.  I allowed her to wash her plastic cup in the sink since it is not fragile.  Soon, when she is bigger, she can help me do some washing.   Or maybe I can start with her doing some simple kitchen works like filling the electric kettle and boil water??

Monday, June 10, 2013

The blues hit

First day of school!  Woke up Princess around 6.15am and when ever she does not sleep enough, she will make a short protest at first then quietly but with teary eyes, going to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.  Sometimes she will take bath in the morning before go to school but I let her decide whether she wants to take bath or not because she usually bathe the night before she goes to bed.
After she has eaten her breakfast and I was about to send her off to school I suddenly did not feel well.  Have blur vision, look like want to faint.  So I requested Big J to send Princess off instead while I lied down on the bed next to Baby Jay for a while before his turn to wake up around 7.00am. 
Different story for Jay.  The sister went to school eagerly this morning while Jay was throwing a big tantrum and reluctant to wake up.  Took us some times to calm him down.  He cried and wailed.  My heart was hurt looking at him crying but I guess we have to stand firm when it comes to school.  Big J needed to carry him into the car and although I saw him still crying in the car when the car was gone, I know he will be alright after some times in school this morning.  Just hope everything will be normal tomorrow!!  How I hates the first week of school after school holiday!  Sigh!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beautifully sewn with love

This post is dedicated to my kids' baby sitter, Mdm Thian who has been taking care of my Princess when she was about 1 year old and Baby Jay since he was 1 month old.  She has been very caring and loving towards my 2 kids and we are forever grateful to her.
Mdm Thian made few quilts for my kids in the past.  All hand and machine sewn by her.
This is my Baby Jay's quilt and he has been using it since he was a baby.

My Princess' quilt.  Made last year.

The latest quilt made by Mdm Thian to my princess.

Thank you, Mdm Thian.  I know the kids will miss you when we move to Sibu end of this month.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shopping for kids

While both kids spent a day in my parents' house today, me and Big J took the opportunity to go for a movie date in the newly opened GSC, CityOne Mall in the afternoon.
After a great movie of Fast & Furious 6, we went for a window shopping in Metrojaya.  Glad that Metrojaya has opened its first branch in Kuching.  I always enjoy shopping in Metrojaya whenever I go to KL for a shopping spree.  At first we thought of checking on kids and baby stuff but ended up we spending more than RM500 there!!
Bought a new baby stroller cost RM250 which is a good bargain.  We also bought new water bottles and new swim jackets for Princess and Baby Jay each.  Also a Pocoyo bag for Baby Jay since his old bag cannot be used anymore.  Now Baby Jay has a new bag to show off whenever we go "kai kai".