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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A room of her own

PIL are giving their room in Kuching to Little J. So she is getting her own room soon. Now she is boastful to everyone, that room is her room. Lol!

My SIL wanted to re-paint the room before getting ready for Little, so she asked Little J what colours she would like her room to be. Guess what was her answer? Purple and pink! Gosh! A girlie colour. But I don’t think we would paint such colours, but there are definitely some decoration and repaint need to be done.

Hmm, now the 2nd question would be “Would she really sleep in it?” Probably I would be the companion for couple of weeks before she is settling down alone. See how it goes when that day comes. Now she has been sleeping with her aunty most of nights, only come back to our room when she wants her milk. I guess practice of getting her sleeping with other should get her familiarise with sleeping by her own in the future.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

At a glance

Standing at 103cm, weighing 13kg. In 2 months time, she will be turning 3. She is very chatty, mostly converse in English. Loves to window shopping. Out of 10 words, 3 are "shopping". That is her favourite word! Sometimes she is a darling, lovely dovey with her parents, but other day she is a menace, pestering and torturing her parents. *wink*

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She is resting for a day

Little J is coughing pretty badly this morning, so I decided to text message her class teacher that she is not well and wouldn’t be attending today class. Little J was sleeping well throughout the night although she did cough on few occasions but that did not stir her from her sleep.

After I took my bath and finished make up, she still hasn’t woke up from her sleep. I guess she was really tired as she slept around 10 something last night. Last night Big J worked late and I told Little J that I want to call daddy to ask what time he would be back. While talking to Big J, Little J was nagging beside me as she also wanted to talk to her dad. Guess what she said?? “Come back home, daddy” Lol! And of course, her daddy’s heart melted and replied quickly “Daddy coming back now!”

Back to this morning, I tried to wake Little J up from her sleep since she didn’t look like she would be waking up soon. So after almost 5 minutes coaxing, she finally wake up (that is around 7.15am). After a round of feeding and change of clothing, we departed from our house. While on the road, I told Little J that she would not be going to school as she was sick today. And she was replying me back that she wanted to go to school. Hmm, I guess she finally like to go back to school now. *wink*

Nevertheless, I brought her to baby sitter’s house so she can rest at least for today. Luckily she is much better and less coughing now. Hope by tomorrow she will be better. But there wouldn’t be swimming session for her (Thursday is her swimming session), since I don’t want her to catch back the cold and flu.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sick again and still recovering

I was sick again last Sunday and so is Little J. I had sore throat while she is having running nose and cough. I think must be the hot weather over the weekend and on Saturday we spent almost whole morning outside. I usually will bring a bottle of water for consumption but I forgot to pack last Saturday.

We went for house viewing on Saturday, looking for some inspiration for our new house. Lol! I know it is pretty early to do so, but no harm looking around. Big J did go to office last Saturday, so we spent the whole morning looking at decoration and design.

I am taking leave today, not sick leave, just an annual leave. This morning I went to Little J’s school to pay her next semester school fee. After bidding goodbye to her, I drove to Telekom to settle my streamyx. Before they disconnect my internet line, I better settle them first. Also request them to charge the future bills to my credit card. The sales person told me it will take about 3 months to have the bills been charged to my credit card. Hmm? Why take so long???

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rose, rose

Rose is among the most popular flowers people give on Valentine’s Day. Red roses symbolize love, passion, respect and courage.

What is the meaning of the numbers of roses?

Single bloom red rose : Love at first sight or I still love you

Single rose, any colour: Gratitude or simplicity

2 roses: Mutual feelings

3 roses: I love you

7 roses: I am infatuated with you

9 roses: We will be together forever

10 roses: You are perfect

11 roses: You are my treasured one

12 roses: Be mine

13 roses: Friends forever

15 roses: I am truly sorry

20 roses: I am truly sincere towards you

21 roses: I am dedicated to you

24 roses: Forever yours

25 roses : Congratulations

50 roses: Unconditional love

99 roses: I will love you all the day of my life

108 roses: Will you marry me?

999 roses: I love you till the end of time

Thursday, February 12, 2009

She just loves swimming

After been in school for almost weeks, finally Little J managed to go for her 1st swimming session. This week’s weather is promising with no rain in sight after more than 5 days.

So I packed Little J’s swimming suit in her school bag since today she is going to have one swimming class in her school. She still wailing when we reached school but at least, she is not crying and screaming now. She listens to reasoning. Told her to be good girl and teacher will bring her to swimming etc. Well, it works so far!

When asked whether she goes for her swim, she replies me with a big “YES”. Even her baby sitter confirmed the answer and laughed at her. She just loves to play with water. Probably going to enroll her soon in swimming lesson when she is 4 years old. What would be a suitable age for her to learn swimming??

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Holiday is almost over

This year's Chinese New Year is coming to an end soon, with Chap Goh Mei been celebrated tomorrow. Big J and his other siblings have decided to have a dinner in Mei San restaurant, Holiday Inn tomorrow night. Big J got discount card, which entitled to 50% discount on all food and drink.

I didnt took much picture this time round since I do not have a camera. Planning to get one soon, but got to do some budgeting first. However manage to take this shot of Little J standing in the garden in Kapit house. She is now about 34 months old. A very chatty gal, she can talk and talk non stop. But she got a bad temper, probably like me. Lol! Both grandparents disallow us to use violence (like hitting and scolding her when she is at fault), reasoning been she is still small to understand. Gosh! She may be less than 3 years old girl, but she is sure very cheeky one. When ever her dad scold her, she will run to her grandparents or aunty for protection. And guess who get the scolding instead? Big J!! Lol!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A new year

It was not a good day today. Little J reluctant to go to school today. Kept saying she wants to go to her baby sitter’s house. At school, I have to carry her crying to the class. Maybe it is the long holiday last week, but maybe it is the children thing. When they are bored of something, they would not want to do it anymore.

Earlier this week, she was fine and eager to go to school. Coming to mid-week when her aunty came back from Kapit, she has been sticking to her aunty like glue. She has been sleeping with her aunty for 2 nights and following her aunty’s car to school.

Now that weekend is coming, I do hope that by Monday, she would be happier to go to school again. I started to prepare lunch and bring from home to work for 3 consecutive days. Packed a box for Big J too. Since Big J planned to keep fit and enrolling in gym soon, I suggesting to him on cooking lunch. Healthy and cost-saving. I prepared the ingredients the night before and kept them refrigerated. It was pretty tiring to wake up early in the morning and cook. But I guess I will get used to it in time. Lol! That is one of our resolution for this year: Doing something different and be healthy!

Talking about Monday, Chap Goh Mei fall on the same day. It means that Chinese New Year is coming to an end soon and like what people always say, it is a new year and time to work hard for the next 12 months! So to everyone, have a good year ahead!