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Friday, January 30, 2009

Back to normal?

Little J is going back to school next Monday. When ask her does she miss her school, teacher and friends, she replying me with an affirmative “yes”. I do hope she would having any 1st day phobia again after been absent for more than a week.

For the past 3 days, she has been staying at baby sitter’s house and following her visiting and collecting ang pows. Including the one collected in Kapit, her red packet money almost RM1200! Oh dear! She is richer than me and even Big J! Well, we will be saving it for her semester fee which are due early March.

It has been raining for many days since we arrived home. Thank god that it stopped this afternoon. Our laundry has not been dry for many days and I even considering sending my clothes to laundry if rain continues. See how it goes tomorrow. No more space to hang those wet laundry. Some hang in the living room dry under the fan and some in the bedroom. Lol!

Planning to go visiting tomorrow since we haven't start yet. Since some friends are flying back here for holiday, it is time to do some catching up. Don’t know when the next time we will be able to meet up. Lol!

Friday, January 16, 2009

On the 2nd week

Little J was sick early this week, so she did not go to pre-school and rested at baby sitter’s house for 2 days. She was back to school on Wednesday. Luckily she eager to go to school and did not cry when attendant took her out from my car. Before she out from the car, she will say to me “wait till mummy finish”. Meaning that wait till I finish work and pick her up, although she well aware that her baby sitter will pick her. She can even say her school and teacher’s name when someone asked her. *wink*

School is good for her, we see some improvement in her. Better pronunciation and even more talkative at home. Now she can talk in full sentence. Sometimes she can be annoying as she will keep talking non stop near your ears. Lol! When ask whether the teacher hit her or not, Little J will say yes. Hmm. Now is she lying? Lol! I think one of these days, need to give her teacher a call and check on her progress.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What is in the bag?

I know, I have been babbling the whole week on Little J's school, but I cannot help it! The excitement of she going to school still much around us and I cannot help not writing it down in my blog so when she is bigger, she will be able to read my blog and see her own development as a child. *wink* To get on with the story, we got to see some arts done by Little J in her school. While checking her bag last night, I noticed she brought home her colouring that she done this week. Thought that teacher usually display on board etc instead of students bringing them home. It may not look tidy, but I guess she is having fun colouring and making all those stuff in school. *wink*

Like other children, Little J loves colouring. More like messing around!! Lol! And I cannot remember how many colour pencils I have brought for the past 1 year. Always missing or misplace few pencils till I keep buying new box for her. So I never buy those expensive one, as she will lose it again and again.

Next week classes will end at 1130am. The school has communication book which students allow the bring home in their bag. So every day I will be able to check in the book on what Little J has done and the activities she is having. She will be joining swimming class on every Thursday, so I have to remind myself on packing her swimming wear on those days. And not forgetting every Tuesday is her gym class, so she allows to wear gym wear plus cap to school on that day. I don’t remember I have those schedules when I was in kindergarden. And looking at Little J’s schedule, we couldn’t believe those are the stuff that a 3-years old need to learn, such as science, memory prrogamme and computer. Wonder what would children in the future (like my grandchildren) will learn then?? Lol!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shoes lover

Who doesnt love shoes? Especially women. It applies to young girls as well, as in the case of my Little J!! She simply loves to try on new shoes everytime we bring her for new pairs of shoes.

She can put on one shoe on on foot and another one on other foot irregardless of the pattern, size and side. Sometimes it takes us time to coax her away from the shoes counter especially when the sales girls are getting annoy at her trying almost all the shoes and sandals off the counter.

We manage to get new shoes for her for the coming CNY in the end.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little update after 3rd day

Finally I am back to office after been absent for 4 days (Saturday to Tuesday). I am getting lazier after long laying off, and almost dozing off in the afternoon. Yeah, it shown we did not have many customers around and we were very free. Every one complains on targets and sales.

Anyway, I do not want to talk much about my work, better divert to a more interesting topic. What else, of course on my Little J. She is doing fine. Today was much better. I dropped her at the drop off point and attendant took her into the school compound. She did not cry (although her expression did turn slightly sour and eyes turned watery) and she obediently said good bye to me and follow the attendant. I guess that is a good sign. Showing she wants to go to school and did not cry for me unlike yesterday when teacher took her into the class and told me to leave her behind. I almost cry myself! Lol!

When asked her on her school, she is happy and mumbling away, everything I asked, she mostly answered with a “yes”.

Me: Did you eat in school?
LJ: Yes

Me: Did you colour in school?
LJ: Yes

Me: Did you “shi shi” (pee) in school?
LJ: Yes

Me: Did you sing in school?
LJ: Yes

Me: Is teacher good or bad to you?
LJ: Good

Monday, January 5, 2009

1st day in school

Posed before off to school

Little J woke up the usual time this morning, i.e. 630am. I think I am more excited than her, woke up around 6am and hardly can doze off again. So since can't sleep, I prepared her snack box for her 1st day at school. Chocolate chip cookie, butter bun and some cornflakes for her. She was excited about school and I help her dress up in her school uniform and put on her new shoes. Mummy even advised Little J to behave and listen to teacher’s instruction and have fun with other friends. Mummy tries not to make a fuss as it will make her more anxious about her 1st day.

Play by herself

So off we go after getting everything ready in her bag and we reached Little J’s school around 8.10am. When we ushered to Little J’s class (they have name for each class, hers is called En Picasso), some kids were crying. Most were crying, you can hardly hear the teacher talking. Some cried till the end of class. Lol! Thank god Little J is alright and she played by herself. She did try to make friends but you know, children. They don’t communicate well among themselves and surely not on 1st day at school.

Take turn on the slide

There were 3 teachers looking after 10-something of them. 90% are girl students. To calm those crying ones, teachers brought them to the playland for some fun. Knowing Little J, as long as there some games and fun, she will forget where she is. And I have been hiding around to see whether she will look for me. But from look of it, she was comfortable with the other kids and environment, but there were times she will look for me. At least she did not cry, just shouting for her mummy. Lol! Like other parents, we watched our kids from outside the class, trying to detach ourselves from kids and let the teachers did their job.

Waiting for her turn to drive. If you are wondering, she's trying to shoo the girl out! Lol

Snack time around 9.30am and every kids must sit on benches and eat. Little J only eat her cornflakes, hardly touch her cookie and bun. Tomorrow menu would be Jacob’s cream crackers since she loves crackers.

Choosy eater

When I told her I am going off, she didn’t want to let go of my hand and pushed me inside the class. Some parents stayed with their kids. So I stayed with Little J till 10.00am and then I off to pick her baby sitter. Since she would be the one picking Little J, it would be good to introduce her to Little J’s teacher. By 1030am, the class is dismissed. 1st week they dismiss the classes earlier, but the following weeks and so forth, would be dismissed at 11.30am.

No drama from her in class but guess what? She made a scene when we reached baby sitter’s house. Don’t want me to leave the house and keep asking me to carry her. I guess the excitement and anxiety of 1st day finally kicked off?? As for tomorrow, I think I will just drop her off in her class and then go away.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Preparation for school

Mummy is very excited about Little J going to school next Monday, so she bought her some stationery in advance. Don’t know the school provide any stationery since I did not ask, so it would be good I prepare everything in advance. No harm getting additional stationery right?

Since she adores Mickey Mouse, the pencil case would be of Mickey of course. There have colour pencils with Mickey Mouse as the cover, but too expensive. Not worth to buy expensive stuff, since kid’s stuff wouldn’t last. You know, like missing pencil, torn bag etc.

Hmm, now I wonder what Little J’s reaction on her first day?? Excited? Nervous??

Friday, January 2, 2009

Protective? Jealous? Or what??

Here come Little J to the bedroom, open the bedroom door. She is tall enough to turn the door knob. “Here I come” she announced while entering the room. Sometimes, I enjoy a little privacy with Big J while Little J is watching television downstair. Once finished, she will switch off the tv and comes up to the room.

When Big J hugs or kisses me, Little J will come forward and push Big J away. She will scream “No” and sometimes “go away” to her dad and hug me.

Sometimes I do pity Big J but it is his fault too. Bonding with children is also partly on his duty as father, spending more times with her. Since young, Little J has been sharing a special bond with me. I guess the saying “baby bonds with the person that feed them at night” is true. Big J never wakes up to feed and change her at night. Cannot rely too much on him without causing accident during night feeding too! Lol!

When Big J wants to hug and kiss her, she will run away. Only after some sweet talking and promises then Little J will let Big J kisses her. Yeah I know. Shouldn’t give promises to kids when you can do them right?