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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Register for QL3

This morning, I brought both kids to Princess' kindergarden (Q-Dees) to register and pay her school fee for first semester next year. It will be Princess' last year in the kindergarden. How time flies. Soon with a blink of eyes she will be in Primary school. *weep* My girl is growing up!

Anyway, I bought her a new pair of school uniforms as the old ones too short and torn for her to wear. And also enrolled her in Mandarin class as her extra curriculum. I think it is good exposure as she will be going to a Chinese primary school. Do not want her to have "language" shock when she is in Primary One. Lol!

Her kinddy will reopens next Wednesday so it is another week of leisure for Princess before she starts schooling again. And another week of rest before everything back to normal for all of us!

In 4 months time, my Princess is turning 6! Gosh, she is growing fast. Just feel like yesterday when I were holding her in my arms in hospital and now she is going to be 6 years old girl. And my Baby Jay is 28 months old and in 8 months time, he is turning 3! Terrible 3, I hope not. He is more talkative now and able to master and recognise more words. Another year to enrol him in school, Big J said since he is still not so independent.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's presents time

We had a good time last night at our church hall. We attended a potluck gathering with some of the church committees. Baby Jay's first Christmas potluck party and as usual he enjoyed the food and attention there.

And today is the morning of Christmas! And also time to give away the Christmas presents!

My presents for my family.

You can guess who get what from the wrappers?? Those 2 wrapped in Angry Birds wrappers are for my 2 lovely kids. Hope they enjoy what I get for them this year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A day with him

Spent a day with my Baby Jay yesterday as the baby sitter's son was getting hitched. We started off our day with breakfast of kolo kueh tiaw with my mum. I would not be able to take care of him alone. He is just too active for me.

After breakfast we had a walk in Kenyalang Park and Baby Jay was excited to see so many pigeons that he shouted "Bird! Bird!" to me. Lol! He is learning more words each day.

Then we opened up the shop around 10am and just before 11am we had a blackout. Oh dear! Not a good idea to have a blackout in the shop with a child tagging along. But after 15 minutes and looked like no sign of the electricity soon, we decided to close it and heading to my parent's house. He brought along his toys so he played in my parents' house while waiting for mum to finish cooking lunch.

After lunch, we went home for our afternoon nap. He must be tired as he slept more than 2 hours. After his nap, I brought him to bowling alley. He was happy and pulling me to go nearer. It gave me an idea. Maybe one day we bring the 2 kids to a bowling game. My hand also itchy looking at other bowlers played. Lol!

After spending some times in bowling alley and bookstore, we headed home as we could heard thunders and getting ready for the wedding dinner. At the restaurant, besides the bride and groom, Baby Jay was a star too. He knew more people there than us! Lol! Half of the times, he sat with the baby sitter's daughter, so gave us some peace time to enjoy the food.

He slept early that night (around 1030pm). He seldom sleep that early but I guess an eventful day knocked some energy out of him! Lol!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pass down clothing

Yesterday I cleaned up Princess' wardrobe. My oh my! She does have a lot of clothing. Some are too small for her, so I packed the good looking and still in good condition clothing for her younger cousin. A big bag of old clothing for Cousin Chloe and same time give her a dress for the coming CNY that we bought from last month KL trip.

Chloe loves to wear dresses but unfortunately Princess does not have much dresses that suit Chloe. I seldom buy dresses and skirts for her. Because Princess so unlady-like although she loves to wear dresses and skirts from time to time. But to my own surprise, I bought a lot of dresses last month in KL. All for CNY. She would be very happy to parade herself in her new clothes during CNY.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Daddy to son : Toy soldiers

A pass down toys from daddy to Baby Jay. Boys always boys. They cannot stop playing with cars, trains, and soldiers!!

Cannot believe it when Big J brought his toys back from hometown this year and let Baby Jay played with them. Some are broken (what to expect after more than 20 years old toys collection??). Mostly are still in good condition.

Now he just play with the trucks and tanks, maybe many months down the road, he will be able to play and form his own camps soon. *wink*

Thursday, December 8, 2011

He comes first

One day, my conversation with my eldest child, Princess:

Princess: Mummy, why you always make milk for '"de-de" (brother) first?
Me: Because he wants to drink milk.
Princess: But I also want to drink milk. You never make milk for me first??
Me: De-de is younger, so I make him milk first.
Princess: Why always him first? I want to be first too.
Me: You know your brother, cannot wait and have no patience. You are big girl, you give to your little brother okay?
Princess: Hmm. (Sighing)
Me: Mummy love you and Baby Jay. You are big sister and big sister should love de-de too. Whoever first is not matter. You will still get your milk.

Now I wonder whether I am right over here? Or maybe I should try different way of approaching her question?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good boy

It has been quiet since Princess gone back to hometown last week. Baby Jay also does not seem to miss her that much, but when I asked where is "cheh cheh", his reply would be "boh" ("No" in Hokkien). Yeap, he does speak Hokkien and only that word. Lol!

Baby Jay has been good and well behaved. Even baby sitter commented that he is not that naughty without the cheh-cheh around. Easier to look after him in shop than having to look after 2 kids. With Princess, she would bring her brother around and Baby Jay loves to follow what his sister do. But some day I pity him as he plays toys all by himself. Every morning when the kids woke up, they would head to their toy boxes and dig everything out to play. Now only Baby Jay alone, he just play his toy cars and trains. No screaming and laughing in the house. I miss those noises now. I guess he does missed his sister. Why not? His playmate. I also miss her and could not wait to see her again after Christmas.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Baby Jay recognised a bear when he saw a real one during our Zoo Negara outing last month. I was showing him around the zoo and pointed to him a black bear. When we met up with Big J and Princess on other section, Baby Jay pointing to the direction of the bear and told his daddy "bear bear".

He is slowly to form more words now. And we have to talk slower to him so he can imitate us. He follows what we say and Princes has to dub him "an echo". He is learning to say "Please", "I go", "Wet", "Stuck", "Game", "iPad" and few more that slipped out of my mind for now. But he is catching up on his vocabulary that is for sure.

Now we are still debating whether to send him to kindergarten or not next year. One part we would love him to learn more in new environment but on other part, we were worry as he has pretty bad temper and when ever he does not get what he wants, he will throw a tantrum. But I noticed that he is not so receptive to strangers (and even to familiar faces around my shop). He will wail at sight of strangers especially the fierce looking faces! Lol! There is one Rela guy that Baby Jay so afraid of, that each time he saw the sight of that Rela, he will run to me or my staff and cry and stand behind us! One thing is good that he would not dare to go out from the shop .