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Our lovely princess

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A week gone

We have the whole house to ourself.  The kids have gone back to Kapit for a week now.  Missing them desperately but at the same time, we are treating this as a break.  I feel great without rushing and stressed out when the kids are not around.  *wink*

Last Sunday, we went to Sen Q, 7th Miles after church service to hunt for electrical items.  We have secured our fridge, washing machine, dryer and 2 plasma tvs there.  Then in the afternoon, we went to Milano, Batu Kawah  to look at furniture.  Again, we spent 2 hours there and we finally bought our king-sized mattress with divan and a single mattress for Princess.   

Phew!  Never knew shopping for house was that tiring and time consuming.  And we have more to buy before we can move all those electrical appliances and mattresses in.  Targeting to move in August. Preferably before my birthday. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Home tutor

After few months of searching, I managed to find a home tutor for Princess.  Not only that she will come to our house to tutor her, she can even spend more times without charges in our home.  She is great and Princess is going to love her.  My friend recommend her from palo alto tutors to me. 

She will teach Princess 3 subjects for time being, i.e. Maths, English and Science.  If necessary, we will add more subjects to her time table as time goes.

I am looking forward to her home tutoring to start soon.  *wink*

Saturday, May 26, 2012

On holiday

I drove the kids and SIL to airport this morning around 6am for their 7.10am flight to Sibu.  Princess was up early and very excited about the holiday, while Baby Jay was still half sleepy half blur of his surrounding.  But after a while, he was fine.  

Kids waiting for check-in in KIA

In Sibu.  Feeding the pigeons

His new toys, thanks to SIL.  Now his Thomas has new friends to play with!

They will be taking the afternoon express to Kapit.  I am going to miss them........

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Packing for kids

In 2 more days, the kids will be leaving for their hometown in Kapit.  We are going to miss both of them.  I am more concern about Baby Jay because first time away from us and am not sure how he is going to cope without me and Big J.  Just hope he will get used to been away from us.  *sad* Start to have the blues.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teh O Peng boy

It runs in the family.  Big J's parents drink Teh O Peng and so is Big J.  It is a must every day.  Sometimes I lose count of how many glasses of Teh O Peng Big J drink in a day.

So Baby Jay also grow fond of Teh O Peng.  He does not want other drink and will only drink Teh O Peng when ever we go out for meals.  And we have to order one glass  specially for him.  Of course he would not be able to finish up a glass, but at least he would not disturb your drink.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Financial help

When I started my small business 2 years ago, I was very doubtful that it sustained till today.  Luckily I obtain kabbage business financing during that time as I were lack of capital to start my business with.  No banks wanted to loan to me. 

With the funds provided I was able to use to finance my small online business.  Everything was easy as it was done through Paypal instead of withdrawing or depositing into bank accounts, save me times and mileage. 

Many cabbage entrepreneurs were grateful for the fund assistance given as mostly are now successful online business owners. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

In 2 weeks time

Not exactly.  It is about 12 days from today.  Both Princess and Baby Jay will be going back for a 2 weeks holiday to Kapit.  It would be first time having both kids away from home.  Sure miss them when they are not around.  But the absence is much appreciated as I would be short-handed in shop during Gawai holiday as one staff is taking a week leave for the celebration.  So I would not be free to look after the kids too.

Every day we have been telling Baby Jay that he would be following his sister and gu-gu (Big J's sister) home.  I not sure he understand or not, but sometimes I feel that he knows what we are talking about.  He would say "no, no, no" when we told him that he is going back for holiday.  Sigh! 

And we are thinking of enrolling him to kindergarden next month too.  Just to let him get used to the school environment.  Oh boy! I am anxious about him. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Still in progress

Our house renovation is still work in progress.  We have been chasing on the contractor to finish up the upper floor works.  They have been taking their times in laying out the hardwood flooring.  But we are happy with the result as the white oaks flooring sure complement our furniture and fixtures well in the bedrooms. 

Once they finish with the upper rooms they will have to start works in the wet kitchen wall and floor tiles.  According to them, the tiles stock from BuildDirect should be available  by this month, so we would be expecting a complete kitchen by next month.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

She can play notes

I was impressed.  After 6 months in music class, my Princess can play some songs using a mini keyboard we brought for her at home.  She keeps playing those simple songs in the car on Sunday when we have a drive to Santubong.  Glad that she learnt something in her music class.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The red love seeds

It feels like kids again to pick some Red Love Seeds from the park with my kids.  I was telling my girl that when I was younger the tree grows so many red seeds that it was in abundance.  But now, I hardly see the red seeds on the tree as well as on the ground.  It was hard to spot those red love seeds in the park nowadays. 

I found this nice poem in The Red Love Seeds blog. 

And guess who my girl wanted to give the seeds too?  One to her favourite gu gu (Big J's sister), one to Kong Kong and one to Ah Mah!  And she said she wants to go back to the park to collect more seeds and keep them in bottles.  Lovely and thoughtful girl she has grown up to!