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Monday, June 30, 2008

Both is sick!

Big J is sick, too much drink over in KL!! ;p Yeah, sore throat and everything that follow. Little J is also sick, having a mild cough and running nose. She has a tantrum too lately, I dont know why but she is becoming a cry baby. A little bit of thing she will cry. When she cried too much, she will start to vomit out. Sigh!
I have to take care of two people here (although I can trust the big baby to look after himself better)! Just concern on whether he will recover for his trip to Redang which is on this Thursday. Sigh!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

On the run

Big J will be on the run for a week, so me and Little J would not be seeing him much. He will be going to KL on 27th, attending a costume party organized by his company the next evening. Isn’t it fun? Costume party is not that common here. I understand costume-rental companies in West Malaysia are making good money by renting their costumes to customers, as costume party cum dinner is pretty happening.

Big J will be going as Chow Yun Fat’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean, as the theme for the night is pirate night. Hope he remember to take photographs of himself as I told him to show me his makeover in the pirate suit. *wink*

Then on 29th he will be flying back, but will be flying again on 3 July to attend team building in Redang! Gosh! Now I am jealous. *laugh*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

She has mood too

After having breakfast and bidding her grandpa goodbye, Little J’s mood turned 360 degree from happy to solemn. She already has a mood swing while we were having breakfast at the coffee shop. She suddenly not in good mood and keep saying she wanted to go home.

I was working on today and Big J has an outing with his friend, so we are sending her to baby sitter’s house. She knew that we are going to send her there, so she keeps mumbling she wanted to go home. Her solemn self continued throughout the trip to her baby sitter’s house, she kept quiet in the car. Poor gal! I guess she was really not wanted to go to her baby sitter’s house. To comfort her, I told her that chieh chieh (big sister) are waiting for her to play and watch tv together at aunty’s house.

When we reached there, Little J just stepped out from the car and walked straight to the house without looking back and saying good bye to us. Huh? Now that an attitude!

Luckily she was in good mood to see us when we came to pick her up in the evening. Well, I guess everyone has a moody day sometimes and that apply to a 2 years old plus child too!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

1st big screen experience

we brought Little J to her 1st cinema experience and what a day it was! Since I am not working today, we decided to catch the "Kung Fu Panda". I told Little J that there will be a big screen in front of her with other people and children watching with her too! ;p

We catched the 1130am movie and guess what!! When we sat down at our respective seat, my little gal became sleepy! Must be because of woking up earlier today and a good morning walk at the park this morning, made her tired and dozed off. So she slept for almost 1 hour and me and Big J enjoyed our cartoon very much. A very entertaining cartoon indeeed. Little J only wake up, just in time for the fighting session of the Kung Fu Panda and the bad guy. Anyway, so much for her 1st time, but I guess there will be more outing to the cinema with many cartoon movies coming soon. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pay time

We received notice from the developer on paying 10% of the original purchase price few days ago! Yes! Our house's foundation is under way and we have to start paying the house loan. Meaning that me and Big J has to sweat and start paying up!
With everything increase from food, petrol to raw materials, house prices are increasing by 40% too! What a drastic increase. Very unlucky for those that thinking of getting a house now. Even with the money that we save, it is never sufficient in the future. The amount we put aside for furniture and extension work for the house is not enough with everything increase in price! Sigh! We are going into another major recession like what we had been through in 1990s. I remember that time when I was in my final year in college. I just couldnt afford to go overseas to complete my study, but fortunately with the fund that my parents have allocated, I barely passed and obtained my degree in West Malaysia.
Now 10 years later, I am facing another inflation, which I think pretty bad. Maybe because that I am earner rather than 10 years ago, I was a spender. Now that I earn money, I can feel that money is never enough and hard to earn. Now I know what we had gone through in the 1990s!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Clearing some stuff away

We have moved some of our stuff away from the living room! Finally! I have always wanted to do something about Little J's play pen and gifts from my SIL.
Since three of us woke up very early today, I decided to get Big J to help me to move those stuff to my parents' place. They have agreed to "loan" us some space for the stuff. Before someone complained that those stuff are " getting out of the way" and left there, we better move them out of the sight! *wink* So we move the rattan play pen and boxes of gifts and store them away at one of the room in my parents' house till we move into the new house, which I hope would be completed by next year. Unfortunately our house construction has yet started, I am skeptical that it will be ready by end of next year.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stay here

We have decided to stay instead of going to West Malaysia. Big J has a better job offer here. The company counter-proposed and came to a better arrangement with Big J. So, we are not going to Penang as mentioned few months ago in my blog.

I would love to go to Penang as I heard of its friendlier people, delicious local food and nice shopping malls. The first and last time I been there was during my college times. I was wandering around leisurely with few friends. We only stayed for 2 nights in Penang, but we did not miss the chance to visit the Thai temples, Penang Hill and Batu Feringghi, taste Penang noodle and stroll along the beaches.

I hope I would be visiting Penang soon.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cook to your man's heart

Like the old saying, food is the ingredient to your man’s heart. There is nothing more meaningful for the coming Father’s Day to serve your husband his favourite dish on that day. I am sure your husband will be very pleased to see the table full of food.

Not only for special occasion, once a while you can surprise your husband (or boyfriend) with nice cooking too. When they least expect it, that is where the surprise begins.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A journey of Life

Today marking our 4th Anniversary together as husband and wife. Let’s walk down the journey of life together and celebrate many anniversaries and celebrations ahead of us.

Let the world stop turning,
Let the sun stop burning,
Let them tell me love's not worth going through.
If it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart,
The only dream that mattered had come true ...
In this life I was loved by you.
~ Bette Midler ~

Monday, June 9, 2008

She is having a nightmare

It was a long Sunday yesterday, hardly rest the whole day. Little J was not keen to take afternoon nap at all yesterday. She kept asking for her cartoon, so we have no choice but to let her win over the television channel. Once it was switched to cartoon channel, she will take the remote controller from our hand and put it away. *laugh*

In the evening after a long day, she finally dozed off around 9pm. There I am, spending times looking through my wardrobe, ironing office wears and cleaning out the messes around the house. Just when I finally settle down and call it a day around 10.00pm Little J woke up with a big cry!! She was wailing non-stop. She must have a nightmare!! And it must be the worst nightmare she has ever had!

She cried too much till she throws out her milk. Gosh!! So much for a night. I have to change her bedsheet and blanket where as Big J help to clean after her and change her pajamas. After all those changing, Little J still crying and kept asking her daddy to carry her around. Until we have no way to calm her down, Big J suggested on turning on cartoon for her! *snap* Yes, that was a good idea.

She requested for her favourite cartoon (Mickey Mouse), so we played newly-bought DVD for her. That calmed her down for the next 20 minutes. Eventually Big J tired out and dozed off before Little J willingly climb to her own bed and sleep with the DVD in her hand. *wink*

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Take a Peek

Just taking a peek at the live prawns and fishes in the coffee shop! I can't help myself not to look at those sea creatures! *wink* And yes, mummy was taking a candid shot of me again. This photo was taken yesterday when we had our dinner for the "Dumpling Festival".

Friday, June 6, 2008

What I miss

After 4 days in absence, I do miss Little J. It was the longest week of my life, having Little J out of my sight. I still feel guilty of leaving her behind in Kuching, so I bought a lot of clothing, shoes and DVDs for her. As a compensation for not bringing her with me.
I promise myself that the next time I am going to KL, I will bring her with me. Maybe bring her to Sunway Lagoon theme park. Talking about theme park, the last time I been there was during my college day. That was more than 10 years ago! Gosh! How time flies.
Now it would be a foolish excuse to go back there, as I am "old" aunty. Hahahaha! So a good and reasonable excuse by saying "I will bring Little J to play at Sunway Lagoon". Correct?
As for Little J, when we picked her up yesterday she did not look happy to see us. Is it because she feels that we left her and she did not eager to meet us? Oh boy! I hope not.
Once we reached home, she immediately went to the bedroom and played and tossed on her bed. I guess she miss us after all. Or rather her home! :)