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Our lovely princess

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Young artist at work

Little J has fun over the weekend, playing her colours on her fingers. Let her experiment with colours. It may be mess around, but what fun without mess, right?

First she tried with her fingers, then slowly she tried colours on the brush. And mummy helped by showing how to make a flower from finger prints too! Lol!

Next, what will we do? Maybe we can explore the foot print.....She enjoyed the hand print, so probably she will loves foot print.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Shopping and new shoes

We went shopping for baby yesterday afternoon at The Parkson since hubby has its vouchers. Better used them up before they are expired. As usual Little J was excited to follow us shopping. As long as she can get out of the house, everything is fine with her. Actually she has gone shopping in the morning at The Boulevard with her aunt. Just couldn’t believe where she got all those strength to walk and shop some more in the afternoon, and omitting her afternoon nap. Sigh! Kids!

Before we go to The Parkson, we stopped by my parents’ house to pass some fishes to them as my father-in-law just arrived from Kapit with the fishes. And when her grandparents asked where Little J is heading to, she replied them that she is going to shop for baby’s things. Lol!

Anyway, we managed to get some stuff for the new baby, but still some more items in the list that we could not find at The Parkson. Probably we will go to Mummycare this weekend to get the remaining stuff.

There are sales in The Parkson, especially the apparels and footwear. Little J did not walk home empty-handed, as we bought a new shoe for her. A new shoe for her to wear to her pre-school. She wore it this morning, but still commenting that she doesn’t like the new shoes; she still prefer the old one. Sigh! I guess because she did not choose the shoes herself, so she keeps complaining that she doesn’t like the shoes.

I dread bringing her to buy new shoe because whenever we are at the footwear department, Little J will start to take one shoe or sandal and try it on one by one. Like yesterday, she tried almost all those sandals with heels in The Parkson. Luckily they were too big for her so we did not buy any sandals for her.

Believe it or not, she only will shop for shoes in shopping complexes. There were once we buy a new sandals for her at Kenyalang market. She did not even bother to look at their shoes, not to mention trying them on!! Sigh! After we leaving the premises, then she kept persuading her dad to bring her to The Spring to buy new shoes! Oh boy! What a spoil brat! Choosing where to get her shoes only!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our princess is 3 years old 3 months

She is growing very fast. Sometimes we feel that she is growing too fast for us to enjoy being with her. She is a little adult, with her own temperament. When ever she is naughty, me and Big J would blame each other genes for her character. “She is very stubborn like you”, “She is growing up to be like you, hot temper and impatient”. Lol!!

Some achievements that we are proud of:


She knows how to spell her name without looking at the name tag or asking for assistance. She can write her name too.


She is still mastering on her writing skill. Only prefer to write few alphabets and letters.


Her colouring has improved. Not that messy and is more adventurous with colours, unlike previously she only prefer one colour for a whole sketch.


She loves to draw apple and balloons. Also adore doodling on papers.


I let her feed herself more frequent now. She is drinking her favourite fruit juices and Ribena using plastic cup.

She speaks mostly English, but her command of Chinese is improving as well. Thanks to enrolling her in Sunday school. Now she is confident in converse in Chinese.

Days and months
She can remember and say out all the 7 days of week in order. Just start to introduce the 12 months to her. She only knows that her birthday fall in the month of April, Christmas in December. Lol!

She can memorise her grandma's handphone number. Using handphone, she can dial and call to her grandma in Kapit!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ultra Man ride

My Little J has her first kiddy ride yesterday evening in The Boulevard Shopping Mall. Actually she sat on few before but never once, has she sat still on a moving kiddy ride, because each time she will freaked out. But last night was her first real ride. And it was funny how she ended up conquering her fear.....

Me and Little J went shopping with my side of family, just to cool ourselves under the cooling atmosphere of the shopping mall. It has been extremely hot lately, so a walk in a cooling mall is what we longed for. So it happened we bumped into some kiddy ride machines in front of the Boulevard Departmental Store. Usually Little J would not bother to sit or even go near to one, but wonder what was her mood last night, she just jumped into one of them. Ultra Man!! I have to admit it was my 1st time seeing an Ultra Man kiddy machine. Lol!

So while I was looking at the other machine and commenting on RM1 per ride, suddenly we were surprised to see that the Ultra Man machine has started to sway and sing! Little J also has a jump but she managed to sit still. She did not know what to do, whether to jump out or sit down. After few second, everyone started to laugh, including Little J. I guess she thought everyone is laughing at her and she was excited to be the centre of attention; she actually enjoyed the ride and attention.

How the machine work when none of us put in the coin?? Our guess? It must be while she was jumping in the seat, the machine suddenly moved. Someone must have tried out the machine before and coin stuck in the machine, thinking it did not work. So it happened that when Little J sat in there last night, the coin must have gone in and machine is working. As for Little J, she sat in there till end of the ride. I guess after this experience, she would no longer fear of those kiddy ride machine anymore. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


After many days of bragging about being a princess, Little J has finally bored of playing one. Her newly brought tiara was kept away, and now she has new interest in hand.

Being a superhero. Just last night, she came to me and suddenly out of nothing, she told me she wanted to be a superhero. Huh? Superhero? Now, where did she learn such word? When asked her what type of superhero would she wants to be, she told me a flying superhero and start to take out her blanket to turn it into a sash! *Faint* I am speechless for a while, but after regain myself, I told her the blanket would be too big and heavy to turn into a sash.

Well, after a good night sleep, she forgot all about the superhero thinggy. My SIL told me probably she learnt it from cartoon "Pocoyo". She saw one series where Pocoyo was pretending to be a superhero wearing blue sash over his shoulder. Oh well! It is time to screen over some selection of cartoons for Little J!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby talk

Some conversation with my Little J in regards to the new baby, a way to prepare her for the arrival of her sibling:

Conversation 1:

Me: Little J, can you share your baby bear with baby?
(baby bear is her toy bear)
Little J: No! It is my bear.
Me: Then, which bear you can give to baby?
Little J: I don’t want.
Me: You have so many bear. How about daddy’s bear and grandpa’s bear?
(Daddy’s bear is bought by her dad and Grandpa’s bear is bought by her grandpa)
Little J: Grandpa’s bear for baby.

Conversation 2:

Gu gu : Next time, can baby sleep with gu gu?
Little J : No!
Gu gu: Can baby sleep with mummy?
Little J: No! Little J sleeps with mummy.
Gu gu: Can baby sleep with uncle?
Little J: Okay! But aunty (uncle’s girlfriend) has to sleep outside!

Conversation 3:

Me : Little J, next time baby will be going to nanny together with you, okay?
Little J: I don’t want baby to go to nanny’s house.
Me: Why? You don’t want nanny to love baby like nanny love Little J?
Little J: I don’t want.
Me: Then, mummy love baby, can?
Little J: No! Mummy love Little J.

Oh dear, I can sense that Little J will be jealous of the new baby. She gets protective of her toys and people surrounding her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reminiscing the old dating days

Just one of those nights when me and Big J has our nightly conversation. He has been extremely busy since started his own business this month. We hardly have time together, not to mention talking. When he comes back, I and Little J have already in our dreamland.

Back to our conversation, I was commenting to her that we have been married for 5 years. Our anniversary was on 10 June. It just felt like yesterday when we dated and we still have a lot to learn about each other.

Then I asked him what was our first movie, and he replied “Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber”. We have gone to cinema on our second date. That night after a romantic dinner at San Francisco Grill, we went for a late night movie. And what was the first place we went for our first lunch (first date)? It was Hong Kong Noodle House in Wisma Saberkas.

Those memories are still fresh in my thought. I guess we can’t forget our first date, first place, first present, first movie with our boyfriend right??

Cannot wait to grow up

Every day I would hear my Little J says she wants to grow big, big and big!! For her to grow big, she needs to eat, I told her. That is how I "trick" her into eating her meals. But thank god, she has started to eat more now. She can finish a small bowl of rice. *smile*

When she is full, she will say "I am growing big. My stomach is big." and touching her stomach. When I ask her why she is in the hurry to grow up, she answer me this "I want to be like mummy.". Oh, that answer brings a smile to me. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is the mother here?

Sometimes my 3 years old girl can act like a mother than me. She will order or nag me and Big J to do this and that. She is getting to be more busybody, smarter and cheeky nowadays. Which means we are arguing more every day! Lol!

For example:

Scene 1
Little J: Daddy, you are smelly!
Big J: I just back from the office dear.
Little J: Go and take bath!
Big J: Late, honey pie.
Little J: No! Go and take bath now!!

Scene 2
Me: That is how you fold your clothing, Little J.
Little J: No, no, no. It is like this, mother.
Me: *Faint* (better do it myself, she is just messing around!)

Scene 3

In the car,
Little J: Mummy, why you use this way to go home?
Me: Short cut. Faster.
Little J: Short cut?
Me: Yes
Little J: But mummy, you should use that way to go home.

But once a while, this little adult is still a kid at heart and needs attention, assurance and loves. Like last night, she made her mummy and daddy angry. Mummy and daddy stormed up to the bedroom, leaving her with her aunty in the living room, watching television. She suddenly came to her aunt and ask her aunt "Do you love me, gu gu?" *My heart goes for her* She can be a nuisance sometimes, but we still love her.

Today when picked her from school, in the car she told me she was crying in her class. When asked what is the problem, one of her classmate (a girl) hit her. She is a lion at home, but in school, she is a timid mouse. But kids are kids. They grow up through all those hardship and stages, right?

Friday, July 10, 2009

She is recovering

Little J has just recovered from her flu and cough! On Sunday, she suddenly sneezing non stop after a dinner with my family and the next day, she has started to cough. Since no fever, I sent her to school as usual after consulting her doctor.

I guess it is the virus, now I am catching some cold from her. Been sneezing non stop today and have taken some prescibed pills for flu. Just hope that the sneezing will go away and does not infected anyone in the family.

With the rising cases of H1N1 in the country, it is quite scary to go out nowadays. We try to avoid public places and shopping complexes unless it is necessary. Even the thought of touching and bumping into people in busy places creep me now. Alright, sorry for been phobic.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Morning song

It always amazes me to know that kids have very good memory. Since starts schooling, my Little J has learn a lot of songs and words. Not only that she can sing a lot of songs, but she can memorizes all the sentences and words from her books. Now she has started to recognize some word and can spell it out without looking at her books, like “like”, “me”, “play” etc.

Every morning when she wakes up, she will sing her “morning song” (I called it “morning song” because of its lyric) and she does according to the song. The song goes like this:

Bangun Pagi,
Gosok Gigi,
Cuci Muka,
Pakai Baju.

Makan Roti,
Minum Susu,
Saya Pergi Sekolah.

In between the lyric, I will ask her “what is bangun pagi”, and she will reply me “Wake up”. And how about gosok gigi? Brush teeth, she replied. and when come to change to her school uniform, she will say to me "It is pakai baju". I explained the meaning to her once or twice, and she remembers the meaning of the song well. *smile*

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am like that

Sometimes I can be calculative and selfish if I want to be……Big J often scold me for being unreasonable. Well, if calculative and selfish is for the sake of the family, what bad about it, right? Sigh! Sometimes I don’t understand men! Or should I said, I don’t understand Big J.

What does he get for being generous and helpful to friends?? End up, his friends ungrateful and backstabbing at him. Why I shouldn’t be angry when some so called friends did that to my hubby?? Big J is too good to be taken advantages of.

She got her tiara. FINALLY!

After many days of nagging, finally we gave in to Little J's request. Not a crown, but instead a tiara for her princess status! *wink*

Now she couldn't stop parading herself with her new tiara. And what you know? The next thing that she asked for is "How about my dress?" *Faint*

Monday, July 6, 2009

Love to mend with hair

One night while I was checking my Facebook, my Little J came from behind me and start to play with my short hair. She just stand at the back of my chair and her hands were busy tossing and messing my hair.

When I asked her what she is doing, she said she is cutting my hair. Then the next minute she is pretending to wash my hair. Hmm, don't tell me she wants to be a hair stylist when she is growing up???

While doing my hair she will sing a cute song:

Everybody cut your hair, cut your hair,
Cut your hair,
Everybody cut your hair,
Like your Little J!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bad customer services

I told you that Big J just started his new business this month, right? Everything more or less into the office except for the telephone line. He has still not get his telephone line for his office. And how frustrating he is with the Telekom technician!

Firstly, the technician said he cant find Big J’s office. What an excuse! His office is so easy to find, that you can practically close your eyes and drive into in.

Secondly, the technician said he only know where is the car fixing shop, but couldn’t see Big J’s office. And when Big J replied him that his office is just behind the car fixing shop, the technician hung up on him! How rude!!!

Thirdly, Big J is definitely going to Telekom branch to make complain about the services and telephone lines on Monday as it has been over 2 weeks and nothing has been done yet!!

Talking about customer services and quality!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photos of her at 3 years 2 months 6 days

Some pictures of my little princess. They were taken yesterday at my parents' house.

She loves to play with her bowling and dominoes and everytime there, she will nag her grandma to play bowling with her.

Since she really wanted a crown and be a princess, we let her put on this handmade crown for a day. :p

And not forgetting a nice fan to go with her princess status!!