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Our lovely princess

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another step

Another milestone for Baby Jay. For first time, we placed him on his tummy and he tried to hold his head up. Whobbling around, but he did managed to hold his head straight for few seconds. Soon, he would be able to turn around by himself.....

It is going to be a busy new year for mummy, daddy and big sister as there would be many "first times" for Baby Jay like teething, crawling, eating baby food, etc. Oh, I cannot wait to see Baby Jay doing all those things in 2010....

Happy 2010, everyone!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The princess is back!

Either I am too excited to see her or I forgot to adjust the setting of camera, this photograph of my Princess Jan turned out blur. Never mind, just want to show you that my princess is back. Yes, she has grown up a bit (or just my feeling) and she gaining some weight. She comes back with lots of presents and new clothing, and I still haven't finished sorting out her clothing. I need to take out some of her old clothing and replaced with the new one.

She was shy when seeing me yesterday. She did not even slept in our room last night. However her mood is better today, she started to talk and get "manja" with me. Hmm, she still the same old Princess that I know. Chatty, active, moody and adorable at the same time! Welcome back, Princess Jan! And Merry Christmas to you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy 4 Months Old

How time flies. Soon he would be able to turn his body and lie on his tummy. By then, mummy has to be careful and make sure pillows placed all over the bed when he is resting on mummy's bed.

As for now, he has been a demanding baby, loves people to carry him out to the garden to enjoy the view. He is good boy when he wakes up in the morning. In his best mood in the morning. He patiently wait for daddy to get ready and send him to nanny's house while mummy is going to work "seven early, eight early". But if he is hungry, do not mess with him! His crying is getting stronger and can be heard many metres away.

His cheh cheh is coming back a day after Christmas. At least he has cheh cheh to sing and chat with him when she is back. He has been lonely and missed cheh cheh's singing especially "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars" during his bed time.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

She does not want to come back

Soon Princess Jan will be back to Kuching. School holiday is almost over, with about 2 weeks more to go before school reopens next month.

I talked to her over the phone every other day. She will tell me where is she, what is she doing and how she misses us. Then, when I asked her when is she coming home, she will replied me that she loves Kapit and does not want to come back. Hmm, I guess she has been used of been pampered by grandparents and loves the life there.

I have feeling that it would be more to come when school holidays again. Her grandparents would get her back to Kapit during holidays and circle starts over again. Lol!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Look does matter

Some people said that once you are married, you tend to be less fussy about how you look, especially the wives. I partly agreed on this comment.

Reason of being when you have children, you do not have much times to look beautiful. Too much times put onto taking care of kids and doing the house chores. The time of “looking beautiful” or “impress” my husband tend to diminish. Probably after few years of marriage, we getting used to each other and outer beauty is no longer that important.

However, there is time when I want to look and feel good in front of Big J. Like on certain occasions. I have few female friends, after few years of marriage, they are not in particular about their look and body anymore. Their waistline grows and they do not care much about putting on make up or dressed up. Their husbands do not mind, but be frank. Do they really do not care about their wife’s appearance? Do they compare their wives with other women when they going out together? Let be frank. Have you ever thought about what your husband think about your appearance?
I do not know about you, “inner beauty” is important and so is “outer beauty”. There must be one time when you wish you would look beautiful and feel good about yourself. You would like your husband to feel proud of you. Some more, I think when you feel good about yourself, you bring out the “inner beauty” more and confident about yourself.

So, I may have been married to Big J for 5 years, but I still want to look good for him. Even it is 10 or 15 years or more, I still want to age gracefully. Big J always commented that he loves me no matter how I look; fat or ugly. Yes, that does sound very assuring. Whether I believe him or not, it is not the issue here. I want to look good not only for him, but for myself!! *wink*

Saturday, December 5, 2009


It has been almost a week since I last update this blog. Busy with work, too little time to blog and go blog-hopping. Big J is also busy with his own thing and we both just recovered from our sore throat and cough.

When Baby Jay finally doze off, I would have "peng" (knock off) myself. I cannot think of doing anything at all at night and on Sunday.

It has been more than a week Princess Jan gone to Kapit for holiday. She has been eating, playing and messing around over there. Heard from SIL, she has been having supper almost every night. Oh dear! I wonder whether I can recognise her or not when she coming back end of the month. Lol! The house has been pretty quiet without her.