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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

He is 6!

My oh my! My 2nd child is turning 6 today. And soon he will be going through few important milestones as a young child.

In few months time, he will be entering Primary One. And soon one and few baby teeth will drop and new one grow. 

He is more independent coming this year. He takes his own bath, brush his teeth and arrange his clothing. Sometimes if he is in good mood, he will make his bed.

He is a playful, curious and smart boy. He can be stubborn and disobedient some day but once in blue moon, he loves to cuddle and smitten with you. Like asking for attention when he feels like no one paying attention to him. Maybe being a 2nd child, he tends to be more sensitive and want to be feel wanted and loved by us. 

He loves to disturb his sister and most of the times, they argue but they get along the next minute. Jay is closer to Jan than Jamie but we know that Jay loves Jamie too. The little one tends to follow what Jay does and have.

Jay is a simple boy who loves to play, express himself and enjoy simple things. He loves to eat noodles and drink chrysanthemum tea. He loves to play with water and did not mind to get dirty and rough.

Wish Jay a Happy 6th Birrthday. Mummy, daddy, jie jie and di di love you always.