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Our lovely princess

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost every evening....

Both kids have not yet sleep when I reach home around 10pm every evening. Why not? The daddy is playing or watching movie in front of computer and the 2 kids are either watching the computer or playing in the room. Sigh!

Only when I am at home, the kids will have no choice but to follow instructions (from me) to go to their beds. So cannot depend on the daddy to make them sleep earlier.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Couple Time

When we have kids, it is hard to have couple time. Usually we have to wait for both Princess Jan and Baby Jay to fall asleep (which would be around 11pm or later), then Big J and I can catch up on some DVD or just a chat.

Since my SIL is here since Thursday, she has been very helpful in looking after our two rascals at night. Last night, we were able to catch on a movie in MBO. We were just in time for 9.45pm "World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles". I thought I would doze off during the movie, but I managed to watch it till the end. But after it ended, I could not wait to go back, take my hot bath and lie down in bed. Lol! Or you can say, I could not wait to see my kids. Thank god, both has dozed off when we reached home around 12midnight.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not enough sleep

Baby Jay has not been behaving good lately. Always stay up late at night. Both myself and Big J are tired from our work and need to get early sleep but Baby Jay keeps us awake. He will keeps moving around the bed, disturbing us from sleeping or crying for no reason. We can only sleep when he falls asleep, which usually around 11 or 12pm.

Sometimes he will wake up once or twice a night. Sometimes he is hungry and asks for milk but sometimes he just like to cry and make so much noises. I have not been having a peaceful and quality sleep for past week. Usually in the morning, I having hard time to get up even my alarm dutifully wake me up. Lol! As much as I want to, I have to get up otherwise Princess will definitely late for her school. Princess always a good girl, once we off the light, she will be quietly lying on her bed. But different story for Baby Jay, he becoming more active with the light off. Geez! Maybe need to ask the baby sitter to reduce his nap, so Baby Jay will be able to sleep earlier at night.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Like it or Love it?

Like it or love it?

That is her famous quote after watching one of the cartoon series on "Dibo, the Gift Dragon".

She has a hair cut yesterday, trimmed straight of her back part and spotted a better looking bang. Result? You be the judge! Princess commented on having a straight bang instead of a curved one. I have to agree with her. Must not go to that hair salon again, the hair dresser never listen to customers' wants and requests.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Franchise business

A friend asked us to take over a franchise business, but after much consideration, we forgo and reject his proposal. There are pros and cons to consider and one of them is time. We hardly have times to run another business. I have my own and Big J is busy with his work. So more this business is running at a lose scale for past year and if we are to take over, it would be hard and a bit late to revive it. Cost would be much more than starting a totally new business.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shoulder pain

Big J has been having shoulder (or should I said, joint) pain for past month. He did not do anything about it, other than getting inflammation and pain killer from doctor and a body massage few weeks ago. The pain still there and sometimes it get worse.

I told him to look for Chinese sinseh, hopefully he would be able to diagnose what is the problem. Sometimes feel like dragging him but I do not have times. Weekday he works till so late and so am I.

Until his colleague mentioned to him the other day about possible connection of joint pain with heart problem, then he was more concern. I don't know, hope he will do something about it. Maybe a body check up and scanning to determine the cause of his pain. I am worry about his health.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not so candid

It is so hard to get Baby Jay to be still for a second. So it takes much time to shoot a nice picture of him. Some more using my BB camera.

Not like Princess, when she was a baby she just smile for the camera. She was (and still) natural in front of the camera. She has tonnes of photographs in the album, while Baby Jay hardly have a complete album in the shelf.

Anyway tried my luck again last week while in the church. Those are the best I could get.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Enjoying the time

It is middle of the week. I have been enjoying my school holiday with my family. Yeap, can wake up late, no rushing here and there and losing my mind in the morning. I like the feeling of waking up the natural way, not depending on my alarm clock. Lol!

My kids are down with cough and sniff. Yes! Again. It just go round and round and round, never stop. Luckily with cough and flu medicine from the phamacy, both kids are getting well now.

School is starting next Monday. And it means time to pay for Princess' semester fee. Boy! Another big bucks coming out from the pocket, other than the new house extension work.

Friday, March 11, 2011

More Chinese

We are speaking more Chinese with Princess although once a while a slip of tongue. I cannot control myself when talk to her. I have get used to speak English with her since she was a baby, so a change of language will need some times.

However it is good that now she is conversing more in Chinese. More daring. She started to use more Chinese words since this year. Happy to know that she is progressing in that aspect. As she will be entering a Chinese primary in 2 years time, it is great to prepare her to talk more Chinese.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy week

Too busy until I do not know the time. Even Big J is "missing" for past two days due to his meeting. Talking about him. What meeting is he having, from morning till night. And I really mean night!

On Monday he picked the kids at around 9pm and once I reached home, he rushed out again for his meeting cum dinner. Geez! So more Baby Jay is sick for 2 days. Poor boy! He was having fever till he was weak. When I came home on Monday night, he was lying on the bed, just looking at me with his misty eyes. Poor boy! My heart broke! Thinking about it, it still make my heart breaks. Luckily he is getting better although his fever is on and off.

I have to mend the shop at all times since Monday as short-handed. Just have a new staff came in yesterday as both my old staff resigned on same day! Really pissed me off, but why bother. Just got to be patient to train new staff.

Tomorrow morning I will hand in the registration form in the selected primary school for Princess. After that visit my developer in regards to the new house's renovation. Got to collect some plans pertaining to grilles and extension work.

Busy. Busy! Do not have times for family. Hopefully this will be short term. Just hope new staff will stay longer, unlike the previous two.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I don't want

It is all over again. Princess told me earlier this week that she will have to go to the stage for her English Story Telling Competition. When asked her the date, she does not know. Last night, she told me that her teacher gave back the communication book and have indicated date of competition. It is on 30 March.

Her mood for the week was not so good as she was worry about stage fright. Every morning she will ask me about the competition and a look out for the stage in her school hall. Even when she walked out from the car, I could see that she was anxious. Poor girl!! So when I told her this morning about the date, she was very relieved and cheerful going to school. I wonder how to help her overcome her fear???