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Friday, January 29, 2016

It dropped!!

Jay's baby tooth was shaking for few weeks. His first shaking tooth waiting to be dropped off.

And today in school, his baby tooth dropped off while he was eating.

And how happy was he to show me his toothless smile and his 1st baby tooth. Big boy already.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

He goes to canteen

I were surprised when Jay asked pocket money from me this week. I prepared his snack box so he would not be acquiring anything but he has been insisting on money. Anyway, I gave him RM2 last night.

I knew he has been eating in canteen during recess as his sister went down to his classroom looked for him few times and spotted him in canteen with his classmates.

This morning both sister and brother agreed to meet up and eat together in canteen during recess time. It would take Jan few minutes to go down from the very top floor to the canteen so Jay would be at the canteen earlier than her.

So, when Jan reached canteen, she saw Jay with a packet of noodle, sitting on the bench waiting for her. He bought his 1st food from canteen! His 1st purchase, using money to pay for something all by himself.

I am proud of him. Make me want to shed tears. Lol.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Back to school

The kids are back to school and 1st week of school has just over!!! 

Jay on his 1st day of school with Jan. Both looked happy to go to school.

Jay in his Primary 1 class. By then he looked anxious but fortunately his young class lady teacher is good so he did not complained much for the time being.

Still on orientation so Jay would not be studying his textbooks and having homeworks for the 1st 3 weeks.

As for Jan, she would be busier as ever as she is entering P4. Been chosen to be class monitor this year and there would be extra-curriculum in the afternoon. She is planning to join Girl's Brigade. 

So, happy schooling! 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Another 4-eyed

As expected and unavoidable, we finally managed to get Jay to wear glasses!

This time he was more ready than early this year. After trying almost all the frames in the outlet, he finally chosen his own frame and in 30 minutes time, he was ready to wear it.

The sis told him he looks like a young professor. Lol.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Kids this week

Jan and Jay were back from their holiday and once again, it is a busy and noisy at home

Play time with their pretty cousin

Been a while since we catch a movie as a family but on Friday we watched "Star Wars" and fortunately this round Jamie was well-behaved and watched the entire movie

Never bored with modelling for my camera

Jamie enjoyed his hair cut

Schools are going to open soon, so shopping for schools

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Time to enjoy

School holiday is officially started! It is time for the kids to relax, forget schools and enjoy themselves doing things they love.

My 2 kids were treated by their grandparents today to shopping malls hopping. They hopped to 5 malls in a day!

Christmas decor has up and it feels like Christmas everywhere.

And for being good kids, they got new watches each.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Friday night fun

When the daddy is not in, the kids go out to play!! @_@

Gong gong (grandpa) brought the kids for a little play time last night. Of course the kids could not resist and let go.

The next round they come here would be when Big J goes travelling. Lol.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Keep it alive

I know, I have been absent from this blog for quite sometimes. So I thought of jotting something down here to keep it alive.

Lately this week, we have a very serious haze and schools were ordered to close for 4 days. So I were basically stuck with my 3 active kids for most of the days. Thank goodness I am a SAHM so it was not much a hassle unlike most working moms who had to take emergency leaves or brought their kids to work.

We mostly stayed indoor. The kids know how to entertain themselves. My girl's year end exam is postponed by 1 week but took some times to revise at home.

Looking at the kids, I am blessed to have them. They grow healthily and well, lovable and fun to be with. They can be a nuisance and handful sometime but it is a blessing for me. I could not have ask more.

Jay is going to graduate from kindergarden soon and next year he is joining his sister in primary school. It is Jamie's turn to go to kindergarden next year. A great milestone for both boys. I am anxious for both of them!!

As for Jan, she has gone through quite a lot this year. She learns swimming and arts class in addition to her piano class. Next year she would be sitting for her piano grade 2 exam. 

She may be only 9 years old (and counting) but I feel she has that teenager attitude and style in her. Oh dear, she is no longer a young toddler but growing to be a strong-willed and smart young girl that every mummies want to be friend with. I bet she would be my best friend when she enters her teen.

Ok. That is some updates from me. Till the next post, which I am not sure when, happy blogging!!