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Our lovely princess

Friday, July 25, 2014

Blessed with them

I am blessed to wake up every morning to the sounds of their chatters and laughters. They can be a nuisance once a while during the day with their childish act. At night, they must have their pillow fights or play times in bed before their sleeps.

Bitter, sweet, boiling temper and melted heart. Tough and tricky to be a parent!

Irregardless of everything, I am blessed to have them. To see them smiling and be happy as children supposed to be. Love them very much.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time to ponder

We are in midst of an important decision. Big J let me decided on this move and finally we agreed that we shall stick together as a family.

It is a big move. A bit scare actually thinking of it because we would not know what future holds. Only can pray to God to guide us along the way. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

The little 10 months old

Jamie is 10 months old today. 

  1. He is taking his little steps by holding onto the bed, table etc for support
  2. He loves digging into his clothing cabinet and throws his clothing on the floor
  3. Splashing water during bath time is his hobby
  4. He likes sticking out his tongue
  5. Will call out for attention when he wanted to eat
  6. Like to scratch people when ever he has the chance
  7. Dances and sings to music
  8. Calling out "papa" (daddy), "mum mum" (food), "halo"(hello) and "ba ba" (bye bye) now
  9. Know how to wave his hand when ask him to wave good bye
  10. He has running nose and very cranky lately; maybe teething. Currently he has two teeth at lower front jaw
  11. Don't know why, he just love the sound of vacuum cleaner and hair dryer. He goes excited at their noises.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another group photo

So fast, it is another year. And Jay was taking his school's group photo this morning in Sibu Civic Centre. This year I was there to witness the process unlike last year when I were heavily pregnant.

Took an hour to arrange the children. It was a tough job to handle them. The younger ones were restless and as parents were there, they tend to be clingy and did not want to be in the group. I stood near the cameraman so I overheard a conversation of him and another parent. That parent was unhappy as had been waiting for the children to be ready. Well, it was not smooth handling of the packs but glad it was done at the end. After done, each parent was to bring the children to school.

Soon the children will be practising and rehearsing for their year end concert. Time really flies! And my Jay is going to be 5 next month!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Baby talk

A little update on Jamie. He is going to be 10 months old in 2 weeks time. At the moment, he is a little on babbling side. Loves to coo and make sounds with us. Just like he is talking to us. Responding when we call him or calling out if we do not pay attention to him.

We are exposing him to some baby learning toys; some were passed down from his sister while some were new toys. When he has all the toys to himself, he is not so interested in them, but if the sister or brother played, then he will come and disturb them. Cheeky fella!!

Love him very much. He is growing healthily and handsomely as day goes. And guess what? I am entering him in the cutest baby contest. Just for fun; not thinking of winning anything. Never got chance to get the other 2 in any baby contests so why not this time??

If you think Jamie looked cute in the above photo, please show your support by clicking "like" here and here. Thanks guys! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The chubby one

Our super chubby baby is growing healthily and actively. Super clingy lately. And he knows how to take from the older siblings. Everything belongs to him at this stage.

And who could resist his lovely smile with that cute dimple on left cheek?? 

We love you, baby Jamie!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Naughty at 9th month

Jamie is 9 months old now. Yahoo! Another 3 months, he is going to be 1 year old toddler. He has 2 baby teeth now. Can sit and crawl very well now and started to stand more. Sometimes he can be lazy in crawling; he will just do the swimming butterfly stroke to move around. And he also loves to venture into new room such as the kitchen. We tried to close the kitchen door but he knows how to bang it open with his walker. Lol.

He knows how to wave at people and says "pai pai" (bye bye). And once a while I overheard him said "mum mum". His very first word. He is weighing 9.4kg now.

Here are some pictures of him taken few weeks ago.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun begins

Last Sunday, the kids have a short workout in the stadium track field with their scooters. Some sweat and fun for them.