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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Time to enjoy

School holiday is officially started! It is time for the kids to relax, forget schools and enjoy themselves doing things they love.

My 2 kids were treated by their grandparents today to shopping malls hopping. They hopped to 5 malls in a day!

Christmas decor has up and it feels like Christmas everywhere.

And for being good kids, they got new watches each.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Friday night fun

When the daddy is not in, the kids go out to play!! @_@

Gong gong (grandpa) brought the kids for a little play time last night. Of course the kids could not resist and let go.

The next round they come here would be when Big J goes travelling. Lol.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Keep it alive

I know, I have been absent from this blog for quite sometimes. So I thought of jotting something down here to keep it alive.

Lately this week, we have a very serious haze and schools were ordered to close for 4 days. So I were basically stuck with my 3 active kids for most of the days. Thank goodness I am a SAHM so it was not much a hassle unlike most working moms who had to take emergency leaves or brought their kids to work.

We mostly stayed indoor. The kids know how to entertain themselves. My girl's year end exam is postponed by 1 week but took some times to revise at home.

Looking at the kids, I am blessed to have them. They grow healthily and well, lovable and fun to be with. They can be a nuisance and handful sometime but it is a blessing for me. I could not have ask more.

Jay is going to graduate from kindergarden soon and next year he is joining his sister in primary school. It is Jamie's turn to go to kindergarden next year. A great milestone for both boys. I am anxious for both of them!!

As for Jan, she has gone through quite a lot this year. She learns swimming and arts class in addition to her piano class. Next year she would be sitting for her piano grade 2 exam. 

She may be only 9 years old (and counting) but I feel she has that teenager attitude and style in her. Oh dear, she is no longer a young toddler but growing to be a strong-willed and smart young girl that every mummies want to be friend with. I bet she would be my best friend when she enters her teen.

Ok. That is some updates from me. Till the next post, which I am not sure when, happy blogging!!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lighted up the lanterns

It is Mid-Autumn festival today so it is a tradition to bring the kids to play lanterns on this night.

It was 1st time for Jamie so it was quite a handful to look after him and same time made sure the lanterns are not burnt. Surprisingly none was burnt.

And we lighted up our very 1st family sky lantern to the sky this night. 

Just wish the sky would be clearer and the moon was visible but alas. The haze covered up the moon so it was quite blur in the sky.

That's it!! Kids were having some fun walking around holding the lanterns and seeing the sky lantern flew up. No school for them tomorrow so no one would be sleeping early tonight. *wink wink*

Monday, September 21, 2015

Back to the pool

Jan is back to swimming lesson after more than a 6-months absence. However I did not enrol her back to her old swimming class as I found a better alternative. Just right in my neighbourhood.

Now she could learn in our clubhouse swimming pool every Saturday evening. Very convenient although it is more expensive than the previous class.

She could float now so her new coach is taking her in. Jay still not master the floating so he could not join.

How exciting is Jan to learn swimming again.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The youngest is 2 years old

Look how my youngest has grown up! 

The little boss in the house, he has grown up to be one feisty and smart boy.

He enjoys noodle, fries and fruits. Now he still drink 180 ml milk plus a spoonful of cereal. 

Jamie always full of surprises and tantrums. Not a day we grow tired of him. He loves to disturb his siblings and follow what they do and say. He is a good impersonator and parrot! 

His famous words now are "What is this?" Very babbling boy. Not only a chatterbox, but his shriek could be annoying sometimes.

He can feed himself quite well. Most of the times, he would not want me to feed him; he wants to do himself. And he is never fond to strangers. Although he received lots of compliments, he hardly warm up easily to strangers. He never takes food or stuff from those unknown to him. Smart boy!

Lately he has been very bad boy. Maybe the "Terrible 2" kicked in faster than we expected. He loves to watch tv and at night, he must have the tv on till he dozes off. One night we disallowed him to watch as he tends to lie down and watch instead of sitting. So he threw a very terrible tantrum and drama. He cried for more than an hour. He does not listen to reason.

What ever it is, we think it is time to train and teach him well. He can be naughty and stubborn as he is the youngest. Whatever he wants, he gets it. So, wish me luck in that. Sure not going to be a smooth journey I reckon.

Not much of a celebration this year unlike last year where we celebrated by having Japanese buffet.

But we got a small cake for him. He got to blow the candles and cut the cake!! He did get a bit cranky at 1st because he thought he did not get to eat the cake. Lol. But happy ending in the end with digging into his cake.

A big Happy Birthday to Jamie!! We love you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

He is 6!

My oh my! My 2nd child is turning 6 today. And soon he will be going through few important milestones as a young child.

In few months time, he will be entering Primary One. And soon one and few baby teeth will drop and new one grow. 

He is more independent coming this year. He takes his own bath, brush his teeth and arrange his clothing. Sometimes if he is in good mood, he will make his bed.

He is a playful, curious and smart boy. He can be stubborn and disobedient some day but once in blue moon, he loves to cuddle and smitten with you. Like asking for attention when he feels like no one paying attention to him. Maybe being a 2nd child, he tends to be more sensitive and want to be feel wanted and loved by us. 

He loves to disturb his sister and most of the times, they argue but they get along the next minute. Jay is closer to Jan than Jamie but we know that Jay loves Jamie too. The little one tends to follow what Jay does and have.

Jay is a simple boy who loves to play, express himself and enjoy simple things. He loves to eat noodles and drink chrysanthemum tea. He loves to play with water and did not mind to get dirty and rough.

Wish Jay a Happy 6th Birrthday. Mummy, daddy, jie jie and di di love you always.

Monday, July 27, 2015

He got it

While Jan had her own share of wearing best student vest few times few years ago, Jay came home with his vest today! His first time being voted. See how happy was he!! And he looked smart in that vest too. *wink*

Well done, boy! You are good boy and does mummy and daddy proud.