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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Move in

You fall in love at first sight! You spending most of the time together and within a month (or week!), you move into his house. Is it the right move or time to live together? What would be the proper duration to move in?

Some couples move faster in relationship than other. Some probably have to wait till marriage then they will move and live together. I am one of the latter group. It is not that I am against those couples that move in before marriage but I have seen and witness a family member's failed marriage.

Here is a true fact about moving in before marriage:

Couples who live together prior to marriage have higher rate of divorce than those move in after marriage

It turns out that the "moving in" time does not strenghten one relationship. Some reasons couples stay together may be of financial, convenience or friends influences. You think that it is "cool" to live with boyfriend, have some one to drive you to work or can save on some expenses. The risk of moving in together too soon is that one of you may succumb to the Temptation to Settle for Less because it’s much harder to break up if you are staying in together.

So when would be the right time to move in? One would be when your relationship has reach the peak of maturity. Meaning you are so committed to each other and marriage is in the mind. You have same agenda and goals. Your relationship is solid as rock.

So if you just met someone and thinking of moving in with him, please take a breather and do not let the heart rules your judgement. You may be excited about him at first, but down few months later, he may not be the one that you are looking for. Moving in is definitely not a right solution of conveniences. Better wait till you are sure of your feeling.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Little model

Taken last Saturday. Some of the shots I like. Which one you like most??

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Her school progress

Went to meet Princess Jan's teacher yesterday afternoon. It was my first meeting with her P2 teacher this year.

Overall, her performance is good and teacher commented she is very obedient and quiet in class. She does not mix much with her other classmates and always by herself while the others are playing. Should I be concerned?? Because it is not her nature. When she is not in school, she is a chatterbox and even the babysitter commented she can talk non-stop. Lol!

I have confidence in her academic performance but worry about her social skill in school. So I took the opportunity to consult her class teacher and hope she will encourage her to interact more with her classmates.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Naughty Boy

I am struggling with disbelief. My almost 2 years old boy can argue with others. I know that boys always grow up being naughtier but never thought my Baby Jay can argue or hit other kids at this age. And I lose counts of how many times I have to apologise to my customers for Baby Jay as he has tendency hitting customers' children when he saw other children. Even the older children that taller and bigger than him does not dare to get near him!

As just few night ago, Baby Jay was seen arguing with several sales persons from nearby supermarket. Don't know what the causes, but it was a hilarious scene looking at a small kid shouting in his baby language and hitting a chair while surrounded by people. Lol!! Thank god he is well known in the building where my shop is. Everyone knew him. Everyone called him "Budak Nakal" (Naughty boy) there! This is one bad boy I have here!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

As of today

Nothing make my Sunday but those two......restless day.

My Princess

My Prince

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Princess coming home

She is coming back tonight! Miss her a lot after the two weeks holiday. Wonder she has grown taller, fatter or tanner? *wink*

Could not wait to see her tonight......

Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy anniversary

Big J and I are different. Really the Mars and Venus thinggy.

He is passionate, rational and wise. He does thing slowly. I am just the opposite. I guess that is why people say opposite attraction is.

We may think and do things differently but once a while, we love to do things together. Like cooking a decent meal for the family. Or just go to our favourite cafe and enjoy the food we love.

Another aspect that we both think alike (not so agree but we compromise) is the way we raise our child. We believe that we need to connect with our children and involve in their lives. Although we are both busy with our respective works, we try to make some "quality" times for our two kids. Both need our attention and affection. I may be wrong (correct me if I do), most couple's argument concerning either money or children. Every household have the same problem and mine is not an exception. It is hard not to talk about such things, so some compromises are important in any relationships. We have been married more than 5 years and yet every day I am still learning to compromise with hubby.

How to keep our love stronger? It needs two hands to clap. We learn to give and take. Give times to each other, listen and talk to him and children, do the things we like and not forgetting, lots of love and hugs every day! *wink*

Happy Anniversary, darling!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keep them happy

Most companies nowadays go for customized gifts for their customers like mugs, key chains, pens etc. With competition around, everyone would like to win their customers over. It is the same for my business too. It is easier and cheaper to maintain customer loyalty than building a new customer base. To appreciate my customers I give them customized items. For instance last year I ordered and gave away 2011 pocket calendars. If any customers with children tag along, I will give each child a Light N Whistle key chain which they happily play with and leave their parents alone browsing around the shop. To keep the little customers happier, I have some delicious lollipops ready at the counter. The children love them!!

If you are thinking of buying gifts for birthdays, office functions or any special occasions, you can check out this cool promotional items website. Pricing is great and we can order in bulk. I like its customized t-shirts that I ordered for my staff. They are very comfortable.

There are more about Go Promos than promotions and offers. It offers conveniences, varieties and customization. I am getting one of those Clic Gold pens for hubby for our coming anniversary. I think they are cool and he will like them!!