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Our lovely princess

Saturday, March 20, 2010

School holiday almost over

School is just a day away. I have ironed Princess's 2 sets of school uniform. Get ready her socks from Monday to Friday. Ready her swimming suit in a paper bag on Tuesday, and gym wear for her Thursday class. Hmm, I do not think I missed out anything.

Big J is going to take over from me for the next 2 weeks. My usual weekday morning routine would be passing down to him. Hopefully he would be getting ready Princess Jan in time for her school. *I wander, I wander*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is right for the kids?

I guess when it comes to making decision for the children, it is never right or wrong.

Big J has been nagging about sending Princess back to hometown while I am away this weekend for 2 weeks. School holiday will be over soon and school is reopening next week. He has been nagging of sending her back to be with the grandparents for the whole 2 weeks. And of course it sounds like I am selfish or heartless of not sending my Princess home. She needs to attend school. It may be pre-school but I would want to instill discipline into her at young age.

After much debate, finally Big J gave in. Princess will be attending her school in the morning and baby sitter bring her back and look after her till her daddy comes to pick her after work. As for Baby Jay he will be staying overnight at Baby sitter's house. Only twice a week Big J will bring him home. Baby at his age recognises place and people well. Just recently after our Korea trip for a week, he was making noises and crying for 2 nights. So hopefully after 2 weeks, he would still recognise his mummy. Lol!

Monday, March 8, 2010

The bad bugs

It is that time of the year. Hot and super hot. Like sauna even in our air-conditional room.

Both kids have dates with the sick bugs. First Princess Jan. And then Baby Jay. And the next minute you know, Princess is sniffing and coughing again. Everything in a circle. Just when one kid is getting better, the other kid got the bugs. Oh dear. And the weather does not help either. I noticed my Baby Jay is pretty sensitive to heat as he sweats a lot. Or is it the medicine? My mum said it may be due to him consuming medicine, that is why he sweating. Even in mild temperature in the room, he can sweat and wet his clothing. I guess that is why he keeps crying and turning around. Lol!

My two kids. Aren't they growing up so fast? One is turning 4 years old end of next month and the little baby is going to 7 month old end of this month. Oh dear! And it means I am getting older~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby jabs

This is back dated post. Why? Because I were super busy last week. And how time flies. One blink, and the day is gone.

A bit of update of my Baby Jay. Better get down to it before I procastinating and forget the whole thing again. Baby Jay is 6 months old baby, exactly last month on 24 February. I also forgotten to bring him for his 6 month old jab, until my mum reminded me last Monday. So you can see how busy I were.

So on Tuesday night (after procastinating for a night), we finally brought Baby Jay to his paed. Baby Jay, Princess Jan and myself waiting in the hall while Big J and father-in-law sitting and "yam cha" in the coffee shop next door. Luckily we did not need to wait long since only 2 queues in front of us. So after interrogation by the doctor on Baby Jay's progress we proceeded with the Hepatitis B jab.

And I was equally surprised as the doctor that Baby Jay did not mumbled any sound during the injection. Cool baby! Doctor's remark. He did not wail, cry or scream. One tough cookie, my Baby Jay! I wonder whether it would be the same in the next jab which would be when he is 9 months old? I hope I would not forget his jab again. Must save reminder in my mobile phone. *wink*

Baby Jay can turn easily now. An expert in that. 180 degree (turn to stomach, then turn to his back again). And he started to move backward and turning around too. One minute in one location on the mattress, the next minute you come back to him, he was nearly on the hard floor. Oh well, it is precaution time. Soon, he will start to take baby step in moving forward!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Busy ahead

Since back from Korea, we have been extremely busy. Busy with family and work.

Big J is going to start his housing construction soon. Meeting with land owner, relevant authorities and contractors, he is going to be a developer of houses in the next few weeks. I am proud of him. He has been taking interest in property for the past one year. Although not that fruitful (in term of selling properties) but he has met few benevolent people, and ended up as now. So, I hope that everything will be a sail for him in next few months.

As for myself, I have been very busy with my works, renting out shoplots. Probably it is after CNY, everyone started to take more interest in properties and retails.
So, every day I were bombarded with phone calls, meeting at the site and closing the deals. Today is my first day at the new office. Yes, we have moved to the new site. Everything is not ready, but thank god there is internet connection. I cannot think of anything without internet, blogs and facebook. Lol!

Other than that, I am still waiting for news from the other company. Supposed to give me a call soon for training in KL. Once I have confirmation from the other side, then I would be resigning from my current job. They did called me once before CNY for training in February but I could not make it as I just came back from Korea and there are things to be settled before moving on. So hopefully the next call would be timely and everything goes according to plan.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Remember her Korean

It has been a week since our trip in Korea. Sometimes I will look back at all those photographs taken and think back of the sweet times we had there. Besides seeing and touching snow for the first time, my Princess Jan also managed to get something there. A necklace with amethyst pendant from Amethyst shop from her grandma.

Thinking back of that day, Big J and I were busy looking at amethyst pendants in the shop. MIL said we need to get amethyst gem so we have better luck this year. So, with that mission in mind, we were busy hunting suitable pendants that day. Sob sob! We put a big hole in my credit card, about RM2000 spent on our pendants and necklaces. However my MIL gave me a RM210 amethyst ring as a gift after that. Lol! And I bought few amethyst for my mum and sis too.

Back to Princess Jan. When she saw all the jewellery, she immediately told her aunt that she wants to buy a necklace. And her aunt cleverly asked her to ask her grandma to buy. So after finally chosen the one that she likes (a love-shaped pendant with amethyst in the centre, and a necklace) she happily displayed it to her 2 cousins there. Then suddenly she sadly told her grandma that she did not have a ring and bracelet. Faint! Almost everyone there wanted to faint. Luckily no one pamper her, so a necklace is enough.

Besides a necklace, Princess also master some Korean words such as “How are you?” (An yo ha say yo), “Thank you” (Kam sa ha mi da), and “I love you” (sa la hey). Last night we went to a Korean shop in 101 Premier. Since it was still early for our Chap Goh Mei dinner at my BIL’s cafĂ©, we thought of dropping by the Korean shop to browse on some food. I tested on Princess to see whether she remembers her Korean. She still remember! The lady in the counter was giggling at her greeting in Korean language. Lol!