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Our lovely princess

Monday, July 29, 2013

No longer a kid

My Princess has been doing well in the recent exam. 

She passed all her papers.  There were few papers that she made simple careless mistakes, that caused her deduction.  Like in her Maths, she made 2 careless mistakes so she only got 96% instead of full.  She knows the answers but somehow she answered wrongly.  Sigh!  In her tuition, she was number 4 out of 13 students.

My SIL asked her what toy would she want as a motivation for her achievement last week.  Instead of telling my SIL what toy, she told her that she would like story book instead.  So on Friday night, we went to Popular Book Store in Delta Mall and let her choose her own story book.

Her grandma also asked Princess what toy would she wants, but she replied, "I am no longer a kid.  I don't want any toy.  I want story book instead."  *wink*  My princess is big girl already.  Very mature for her age. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A month shy of 4

Soon my boy will be celebrating his 4th birthday.  In a month time.

Jay is opposite of Princess Jan.  He is not so sociable, unlike the sister who easily strike conversation with strangers and loves to miggle with others.  Jay is more rebellious even at his age.  He loves to pick fight with his sister and bully her whenever he has the opportunity. 

Jay is getting picky when it comes to food.  Unlike when he was younger, now he would be choosing and does not like to eat much.  Doctor also told us that he is underweight for his age.  He still drink his Anmum Stage 4 milk.  180ml per feeding and some day he can drink up to 6 bottles.  There were one night when he drank 3 bottles of milk continuously before he was off to bed!

Jay is late sleeper, since he does take his afternoon nap.  Most of the times he will sleep after 10pm.  He is still on diaper at night.  Hopefully he will be coming out of it soon.

Like any boys, he enjoys cars and toys.  He also love to play Angry Birds games and collect cloth clips.  Don't ask me why cloth clips.  He just love to take and clip them together.

What for his coming birthday?  I have order a cake for him.  A special order from a friend....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Models in the house

Picture taken on Monday evening when we brought them to the nearby Xin An Park in the neighbourhood.  Both kids have been wanting to go to the park and play swings.  So on a good Monday evening, they have their wishes granted. 

Could not resist the way they "cat-walking" in the park!! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Their new scooter

My dad sent a scooter that he bought from Japan to my kids via Big J. Big J came back from training in Kuching yesterday. 

The kids were excited seeing the new scooter. They tried ir out at their gu gu's house last night since the compound is bigger. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kids' resistance

My kids having some resistance and opinion about their new schools in Sibu. 

She has been commenting to me and everyone that she does not like Sibu school.  When asked why, she said that the school has too much test.  Spelling test.

In previous school in Kuching, she only have weekly spelling test in BM and Mandarin.  Now every day she has to go through the BM test and weekly Mandarin test, so she does not enjoy her school much.  And she also commented that her BM teacher is fierce and like scolding students. 

I am putting her to tuition next week on all subjects so she will be going to tuition from Monday to Friday from 2.30-4.30pm.  And she has been complaining to her aunt that she does not want to go to tuition last night.  Instead she told her aunt that she would like to go to art class.  Sigh!  This girl is sure a headache to me. 

Although she got good marks and was No 1 in previous exam in her class, I told her that she needs tuition to build better foundation for her studies in school.  And she does not show much interest in Mandarin, so I am worry that she would have some problems catching up on all Mandarin-related subjects in school.  Need a little coaxing to get her to agree to go to tuition.  And maybe find an art teacher to teach her art since she requested.

Baby Jay

He shown resistance on first week but yesterday he has been behaving well.  No crying but was eager to go to school now.  Proud of him. 

And teacher also commented that he is behaving well in school. 

The difference compared to previous kindergarden is that in this new kindergarden, Jay has homework and weekly English and Chinese test.  I was surprised that this kindergarden has test for 4yo kids.  Maybe because in previous kindergarden, there were none and Jay is more relax in school. 

At first Jay does not want to do homework at home, so I have given up in persuading him to do so.  But now that he starting having an afternoon care in the kindergarden I do not need to worry about his homework.  Teacher will teach him to do homework.  And he told his aunt that he loves Sibu school!!  *wink*

Friday, July 5, 2013

His first cut

Jay has a minor accident this afternoon in my SIL's shop. 

He was very active and running around the shop and he got his very first cut and bleed.  His chin hit the rough surface of a stool.  At first we thought that he just got a bruise but when he hold out his hand, there were blood on his chin.  Jay cried a while but after cleaning and putting aloe vera on the affected area, he was fine.  He happily let us bandaged his wound.

After his nap, I took off his bandage and that how it looks like!!  Poor boy.  But the sister comforted him by saying "Don't worry, Jay.  You still looks handsome".  Lol!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

School hoo-haa!

Both kids officially started their schools today.  It has been an eventful day yesterday, doing their school registration and accompanied them to class.

Jay went for the morning class session at My Little Precious kindergarden yesterday.  I accompanied him till 1130am while SIL brought Princess to her school.  Turned out that the school did not received any instruction letter from the Sibu education department on her enrolment.  After calling the department out, we discovered that her enrolment for that school was turned down and she was to be transferred to another primary school. 

So, in the afternoon, I went to the department personally to meet up with the respective personnel to collect the instruction letter.  I spent almost 2 hours there, waiting for my turn and letter as many applications for transfer of schools out from Sibu.  The personnel insisted on transferring to the other school, instead of my recommended one (SJK Taman Rajang). 

This morning, my SIL sent us to Princess' school (SK Penbandaran No 4) for registration.  Princess with her teary eyes and a big hug, she quietly went to her seat in her new classroom.  After that we sent Jay to his kindergarden.  We had a little row with him this morning because he reluctant to wear his new uniform and telling us he did not want to go to school.  We spent almost 30 minutes in his kindergarden.  After paying his school fees, we squeezed our way out from the kindergarden but he was crying and pulling at my pant before teachers caught and brought him away. 

So, I had 2 times of emotional stir this morning seeing my kids off to their respective schools this morning. Make me teary twice. Sigh!