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Our lovely princess

Friday, December 28, 2012

They are back

The kids are back this morning.  We went to Princess' primary school to register her and collect textbooks.  Also bring her around and familiarize her with her new school. 

And they have wonderful surprise when they got home.  Why not? The Christmas tree and presents waiting for them to unwrapped.  How happy they are, playing around the Christmas tree.  Especially my boy who could not help tugging at the leaves.  *wink*

Glad they are back.  We will be spending our New Year together and bringing them to the new Merdeka Plaza that opened last month.  I am sure the kids will be happy to go "kai kai" in new shopping mall.  No shopping mall in Kapit, so I am sure they missed all those excitements.  After all, they are still city kids at heart.  Lol!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A dummie in emoticons

I have a confession to make here!  I do not have twitter account.  I know, it sounds funny and outdated because almost everyone has twitter accounts now.   I do not think it is necessary till recently when Big J registered one recently. 

When I saw Big J used its twitter account to update his activities, I was surprised and amazed.  Not to mentioned in few hours time, he even has few hundred followers followed his Twitter accounts.  *laugh*  How famous my hubby is!  *wink*

But one thing that interested me is the twitter emoticons.  They are damn cute.  Some more they are free and just one emoticon can express what you need to express with less words.  And as my hubby is equally a dummie in emoticons like me, he is more advance than me now.  Thanks to its emoticons FAQ, he is able to use those cute emoticons without hassle and learn what they meant.  Hmm, probably I may register a twitter account soon.  Cannot help but those cute emoticons are very tempting.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mean sister

How should I discipline my Princess not to hit her brother?  How should I be strict yet gentle on her? 

I know that Princess is an attention seeker and sometimes she may not know but doing it out of attention seeking.  But hitting on her younger brother is definitely a "No".

I have been told by baby sitter numbers of times that Princess will secretly hit her brother when she did not notice them.  And now my MIL also complained to me that Princess has been hitting Baby Jay not once but twice in hometown.  And one time she purposedly pull the pillow of Baby Jay from his head causing him to cry.  When asked by my MIL, Princess lied that she was helping to adjust Baby Jay's pillow for him, not pulling away. 
The latest incident was few days ago.  It happened in canteen.  Princess told Baby Jay to do something and when Baby Jay did want to, Princess slapped him on the face.  And imagine poor Baby Jay, cried non stop.  My MIL said with the slap mark on his face, Princess still lied to her that she did not do it.  Sigh!

So you see, I was in dillemma now.  One is that my Princess knows how to tell a lie. Secondly she hits her brother when brother does not listen to her.

Guess patience and abstinence will work out in her case.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting ready

The house is already in the mood for Christmas.  With Christmas songs played in the house and the tree is up, I don't think we missed out on anything.  Just a simple celebration for our first year in the new home. 

Big J and I finished putting up and decorated the tree last night.  By the time we finished it is almost 11pm.  Now just need to get the light up and the tree is ready for Christmas.  

The kids' presents have been wrapped this morning and put under the tree.  Just wait for the kids to claim them.  Did I miss out on anything?? Hmm.  Maybe a little star on the top of the tree?