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Our lovely princess

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I did not have good sleep last night. Princess kept coughing non stop in middle of the night. Luckily she did not wake up the baby or else it will be a very long night for me.

This morning brought both kids to see doctor but unfortunately the doctor is away for a month and the replacement will only come in next Monday. So I just collected the medicine for both Princess and Baby Jay. Yes, Baby Jay also have running nose, thank to the sister. Or should I say, thank to daddy? He has cough first and the next thing I know, both kids started to cough and sniff. And I also not feeling so well when woke up this morning. God! Must take more supplements and drink more water today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Daddy's surprise

Daddy's birthday is just a couple day ahead and my princess has planned a surprise for her daddy. She told me to gather everyone in the house and when her daddy came back from work, we all shout "Surprise!". And I am supposed to come out from my hiding place (which is the bedroom) and give daddy his surprise birthday present. Asked what would be the birthday present, Princess said something that daddy wanted, like belt, pen etc. Hmm, I have not yet decided what to buy. Since he got a new leather belt from Indonesia, belt is definitely out of the list!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The jewels of the house

When ever the weather permitted, we will bring princess for a dip in the clubhouse. Baby Jay has fear of water since he was a baby, so at first we just let him watch his sister playing in the water. But slowly he is moving nearer to the pool and then suddenly he also wanted to jump in with his clothes and diaper on! Lol!

Princess is 4 years old and half now. Weighing around 16.5kg, she loves to eat chicken rice, nasi lemak (minus the sambal) and fried rice, kuaw tiaw alike. Her appetite is improving since this year and she started to experiment with more food.

As for Baby Jay, he will eat everything that we give him, so he is not a very choosy baby. However Big J has been commenting on his weight and size and I have to convince him that it is normal since Baby Jay has been a hyperactive baby. Or maybe he takes after my family genes; i.e. smaller body bones but high metabolism. *wink*