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Our lovely princess

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Feel like yesterday

It feels like yesterday that I gave birth to my 2nd child.  But how time flies.  I have a boy and he is 3 years old today.

He does not have the milder temper compared to his sister, and he is the feisty boy.   Where ever he goes (even to bed) you will sure to see find few toy cars with him.  He brings them to shop, bring them to coffee shop, to grandparents' house and even sleep with them.  And he also loves to carry his "little bear" around too and tugging the bear to people's nose, asking people to kiss his bear.  Lol!

Now he is braver whenever we go to the swimming pool.  He dared to jump into the pool.  When it comes to camera, he is still shy.  He does not like to take photos, so most of his pictures, would be either he is looking at other direction or does not smile much.  But at least he will stand still waiting for you to take his shot.  *wink*

And he is weighing around 12kg and standing at around 90cm, but he does not show much appetite lately.  In other word, he is very choosy when come to food.  Does kids at his age tend to turn from eating everything to eating less??  Hopefully with supplement him with Appeton will improve his appetite and making him putting on some weight.

Happy birthday to my little prince.  Mummy and daddy love you!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Going to be a blue bridesmaid

A cousin of mine is getting married next month.  She has been planning for her dream wedding for a year and I helped her in some of the preparation such as the wedding gowns, photos and venue.    I love weddings because it reminded me of my own.  *wink*

My princess will be one of her 6 bridemaids. Princess is very excited and cannot wait to wear one of the blue bridesmaid dresses at weddingtonway.  Just hope that she would not make a mess of herself on my cousin's special day but I am sure she is going to enjoy herself.  Princess loves to dress up and look beautiful.  So I know that she will enjoy being a bridesmaid.   

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Online trading

If only I have extra money to spend, I would definitely put it into stock investment. I have few friends who are pro in investment and they suggested I learn how to day trade with Tim Sykes

Who would want to have a great return on their money?  I would and been a cautious person I would want to put my money into reliable source.  And Tim Sykes is just the person I would trust my money with as he is a top trader in penny stock. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012


How many of you play this fishing toy when you were young??  I did!  It was fun, trying to catch those fishes that rotating in the pool and see who catch the most.  Sigh!  Those were the day!

And now my kids' turn to play fishing.  Big J recently bought the kids the new toy.  And it brought memories of my younger times.  It was fun, not only for the kids but we the adults. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

A bit of the kids


  • She is 6 years and 3 months old girl.  Weighing around 20kg and 110cm tall
  • She is very practical, intelligent and cheerful girl and always very cheeky and up to nuisance at all time
  • She is a manipulator; and always influence her brother in doing things that make me mad
  • She loves to dance, sing, draw and read. 
  • She loves to play dress up and will borrow my shawls and hairbands for her dressing
  • She is very friendly to anyone and will greet customers when they enter the shop
  • Her favourite food (for now) are luncheon meat sandwich, peanut butter waffle and instant noodle (Maggi Chicken flavour)
  • As she grows, she tend to be rebellious.  Does not listen to our reason and will speak back when she does not get her own way. 
Baby Jay

  • He is turning 3 by end of this month.  Weighing around 12kg and 92cm tall
  • He is very moody; depends on his mood.  He can be friendly and cheerful but the next minute he will be very unreasonable with you
  • He is starting to demand us to buy things for him.  Like few nights ago, he pulled his dad to the toy shop and requested him to buy a racket set for him. 
  • His appetite deteriorate lately and did not like to eat rice. But he still loves noodles and soupy dishes.
  • Less night feeding now and he will sleep alternatively between 2 beds but most night he would sleep with Big J. 
  • Less diaper wearing now except when we go out because I do not trust his control
  • He learning to like books now.  He can count 1 to 10 but still not so familiar with ABC.
  • He loves cars so he easily attracted to toys and books relating to cars.
It is a challenging milestones for both kids and us as parents because they have their own style, attitude and behaviours.  But we learn as the day goes.