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Our lovely princess

Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun begins

Last Sunday, the kids have a short workout in the stadium track field with their scooters. Some sweat and fun for them. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Her test result

School holiday is officially starting now! I am sure every kids including their parents can breathe some air of relief as the exam period was over. No matter what the result would be, the kids deserve this holiday. 

Princess has a good result overall although she scored almost the same marks as the previous semester. Hope to get her to study more on Chinese as this is her least favourite and the poorest subject. 

Chinese - 60 + 67.5
BM - 89 + 90
English - 100
Morale - 75
Science - 87
Maths - 91

Now I wonder how to get her to improve on her Chinese? 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Him in K1 (1st semester)

Went to meet Jay's teacher on Wednesday morning. A little chat on his academic progress in school.

Met up with all his subject teachers and all complained about his "cakar ayam" writing. Lol. Jay does have an illegible writing as he simply write the letters big and with no spacing in between words. Well, teachers suggested more writing practices at home during holidays and hopefully with better writing, he will be more confidence and improve in learning.

Maths - teacher said he understanding calculation.

English - tend to cry if he does not know how to do. Need improvement in writing and reading.

Chinese - need to improve on strokes, also tend to cry if unable to complete task in class
We are happy with his test result. Proud of him.

While he will be having a 3-weeks holiday starting on 26 May, he would have some holiday schoolworks to be done. He may not be the brightest boy in school, but he is a good and intelligent boy in his own way.

He loves to play hidden pictures puzzle. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Girly him

Who says a boy cannot wear blouse? That the case when you have a sister and hang-me-down clothing. My Jamie wore his sister's old clothing and he looks cute in it. 

He drools a lot now, so got to put bib on him. I bought recycled bibs for Jamie so no need to wash when it got dirty. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How to draw and colour the beach

After the tutorial on how to draw and color a coconut tree the week before, the kids were in another lesson last Sunday by their dad on drawing and coloring the beach.
Again mixing and matching colors with basic colors. Big J taught the kids on brush strokes, how to use colors and water to create the color tones of the sky, sea and beach.

Both kids tried their hand on the art

Big J's final artwork

After that, Big J treated the kids at their favourite fast-food. *wink* Now they are so look forward to every Sunday's art but Big J will be travelling this weekend, so no lesson till next month.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Busy one at 8th month

Active and drooling are the best to describe Jamie at the moment. The sign of growing baby and teething! Just saw his 1st tooth this Tuesday is sprouting out. Yay!

He enjoys solid food.

He can move in circular movement and flip over very well now. The house is his territory now. Can hold his body up but crawling does not come easy at the moment. Moving backward looks easier. 

When ever I sing "Twinkle Little Star", ABC song and "I love you", he will smile and legs kicking with excitement. He also start to learn some ABC and numbers too.

He makes "ooh" and "aah" sounds, make him sound like a singing bird. He loves to watch moving vehicles, and he can sit just watching them. 

He does not sleep much in his crib. It has been like that since he knows how to turn over. So we put him to sleep with us on the bed. Now during weekend when only me and otger kids around, he will be confined in a wooden crib. As long someone to play or talk to him, he would be fine in there. Otherwise if we let him loose, he will roam around or hurt himself. And I can go on do my chore or have a peaceful toilet moment. *wink*

And now he is into tongue sticking out habit. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Colours a coconut tree

Big J taught the kids on how to draw and color a coconut tree today. A basic tutorial on how to mix and match water colours.
Using the basic colours to mix and turn into other colours or secondary colours. 
Check out Jay's tree! Looks like Xmas tree more than a coconut tree
Jan is more attentive and managed to get her tree done properly.