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Our lovely princess

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another step

Another milestone for Baby Jay. For first time, we placed him on his tummy and he tried to hold his head up. Whobbling around, but he did managed to hold his head straight for few seconds. Soon, he would be able to turn around by himself.....

It is going to be a busy new year for mummy, daddy and big sister as there would be many "first times" for Baby Jay like teething, crawling, eating baby food, etc. Oh, I cannot wait to see Baby Jay doing all those things in 2010....

Happy 2010, everyone!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The princess is back!

Either I am too excited to see her or I forgot to adjust the setting of camera, this photograph of my Princess Jan turned out blur. Never mind, just want to show you that my princess is back. Yes, she has grown up a bit (or just my feeling) and she gaining some weight. She comes back with lots of presents and new clothing, and I still haven't finished sorting out her clothing. I need to take out some of her old clothing and replaced with the new one.

She was shy when seeing me yesterday. She did not even slept in our room last night. However her mood is better today, she started to talk and get "manja" with me. Hmm, she still the same old Princess that I know. Chatty, active, moody and adorable at the same time! Welcome back, Princess Jan! And Merry Christmas to you.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy 4 Months Old

How time flies. Soon he would be able to turn his body and lie on his tummy. By then, mummy has to be careful and make sure pillows placed all over the bed when he is resting on mummy's bed.

As for now, he has been a demanding baby, loves people to carry him out to the garden to enjoy the view. He is good boy when he wakes up in the morning. In his best mood in the morning. He patiently wait for daddy to get ready and send him to nanny's house while mummy is going to work "seven early, eight early". But if he is hungry, do not mess with him! His crying is getting stronger and can be heard many metres away.

His cheh cheh is coming back a day after Christmas. At least he has cheh cheh to sing and chat with him when she is back. He has been lonely and missed cheh cheh's singing especially "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars" during his bed time.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

She does not want to come back

Soon Princess Jan will be back to Kuching. School holiday is almost over, with about 2 weeks more to go before school reopens next month.

I talked to her over the phone every other day. She will tell me where is she, what is she doing and how she misses us. Then, when I asked her when is she coming home, she will replied me that she loves Kapit and does not want to come back. Hmm, I guess she has been used of been pampered by grandparents and loves the life there.

I have feeling that it would be more to come when school holidays again. Her grandparents would get her back to Kapit during holidays and circle starts over again. Lol!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Look does matter

Some people said that once you are married, you tend to be less fussy about how you look, especially the wives. I partly agreed on this comment.

Reason of being when you have children, you do not have much times to look beautiful. Too much times put onto taking care of kids and doing the house chores. The time of “looking beautiful” or “impress” my husband tend to diminish. Probably after few years of marriage, we getting used to each other and outer beauty is no longer that important.

However, there is time when I want to look and feel good in front of Big J. Like on certain occasions. I have few female friends, after few years of marriage, they are not in particular about their look and body anymore. Their waistline grows and they do not care much about putting on make up or dressed up. Their husbands do not mind, but be frank. Do they really do not care about their wife’s appearance? Do they compare their wives with other women when they going out together? Let be frank. Have you ever thought about what your husband think about your appearance?
I do not know about you, “inner beauty” is important and so is “outer beauty”. There must be one time when you wish you would look beautiful and feel good about yourself. You would like your husband to feel proud of you. Some more, I think when you feel good about yourself, you bring out the “inner beauty” more and confident about yourself.

So, I may have been married to Big J for 5 years, but I still want to look good for him. Even it is 10 or 15 years or more, I still want to age gracefully. Big J always commented that he loves me no matter how I look; fat or ugly. Yes, that does sound very assuring. Whether I believe him or not, it is not the issue here. I want to look good not only for him, but for myself!! *wink*

Saturday, December 5, 2009


It has been almost a week since I last update this blog. Busy with work, too little time to blog and go blog-hopping. Big J is also busy with his own thing and we both just recovered from our sore throat and cough.

When Baby Jay finally doze off, I would have "peng" (knock off) myself. I cannot think of doing anything at all at night and on Sunday.

It has been more than a week Princess Jan gone to Kapit for holiday. She has been eating, playing and messing around over there. Heard from SIL, she has been having supper almost every night. Oh dear! I wonder whether I can recognise her or not when she coming back end of the month. Lol! The house has been pretty quiet without her.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

His first shopping outing

What to do? Mummy needed to get some office wear so Baby Jay has to follow along. It is Baby Jay's first time gone to a shopping mall this morning, so Big J and I were excited and yet anxious at the same time. We were too excited till we forget to bring the camera out, but luckily I have my handphone with me, so sorry if the photos look blur, but those photos are priceless!! *wink*

I guess Baby Jay loves the cooling and noisy environment, because I noticed that everytime we went out, he can slept irregardles of his surrounding. So once we reached The Spring, he dozed off. So it made the shopping more relax. It is sales in The Parkson, and I managed to buy 2 pairs of office wear from Valentino Rudy and 3 tops from Anne Kelly. I love Anne Kelly designs, so I went "crazy" when some tops were on sales. Lol!

This white castle is displayed on the first floor where they usually have a stage there. I must bring Princess Jan over when she is back next month. I am sure she would love it.

Like I said, Baby Jay was sleeping comfortably in his stroller throughout the 2 hours. After we finished our shopping, we went to the food court for our lunch. It was packed, my guess is it is end of the month and everyone has money to spend. Anyway, we managed to find a seat and we order our favourite food from the Japanese Tenpayaki stall.

Before we left, I make sure I fed the little guy. He obliged and finished his 4 OZ milk without any noise. Lol! There will be more shopping outing for Baby Jay since he has been a good boy.

Friday, November 27, 2009

She will be missed

Princess Jan has gone back to hometown today. She woke up early this morning and knew that today is the day. She was babbling away, telling everyone that she is going back to Kapit to visit her dear grandmother.

Thank god that she has recovered from her fever. She was suddenly down with high fever on Tuesday evening, with body temperature of 38degree. It was hard to feed her the antibiotic (Klacid) that night because she was crying and weak. This was 2nd time she has such fever. Princess Jan seldom that sick so when she was down crying and complaining, we know that she is really sick! Not to take the risk, I packed her medicine into her luggage last night.

Her stuff was packed yesterday, making sure I also put her swimming suit in as my SIL said she will bring Princess Jan to the public swimming pool there. There are also some computer games for her so she would not be occupying the tv all the times. Lol! The last round we went back, her grandfather complained that he did not get to watch his news and favourite shows for 2 weeks so this time, they are well prepared.

I worked today, so Big J sent Princess Jan and my FIL to the airport after breakfast this morning. Luckily before they checked in they remember Princess Jan’s birth certificate. I forgot to take the certificate out from the safe this morning. So Big J has to detour back to retrieve the birth certificate. Her Mykid should have reached here this week, but I have yet to collect it from the Registrar Office. It should have been ready 2 weeks ago and I estimate that Princess Jan would be using her Mykid for the first time for check in today but I don’t know why it was slow.

Maybe it is mother thingy, I felt heavy yet happy when she was climbing into Big J’s car this morning. I know she would enjoyed been spoiled by her grandparents in Kapit. She did not kissed or waved me a proper goodbye. I know Princess Jan is an independent child, now she is bigger, she is no longer attach to me. However once a while, I wish she would be like that; a child holding tightly to her mother. *sob sob* I don’t think she would miss me that much but I know one thing. I will miss her while she is away. Miss her chattiness. Now I could not wait for Christmas to come, because by then, Princess Jan would come home. Maybe I buy her a Christmas present and surprise her when she is back.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turning 3 months old

Baby Jay is into his 3rd month, and how strong baby he is. Now he starting to move his neck and back when he is seated straight. We took him for his jab on Sunday. His weight now is 6.5kg. Guess what doctor said about his weight? Cut down on his milk intake. Lol! Does that mean Baby Jay is overweight and need to be careful with his weight? But he sure is a big drinker. Sometimes during the day he can drink within 1.5 hours if he doesnt sleep. He usually sleep soundly in the afternoon and at night.

Baby Jay is chatty and loves people to talk to him. Sometimes we feel like he is talking back to us with all those "ooh" and "aah" from him. And his big sister? Princess Jan has been a very good sister, she has been helpful and help a lot in taking care of him.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The prize giving in her school

Yes, I got my internet back! I just give it a try this evening, and thank god it works. Or I would have in "dreamland" many hours ago since nothing to do. Lol!

As promised, shots of her prize-giving ceremony on Thursday morning. She did not get any prizes for academic aspect, but never mind. We are proud of her anyway!! Keep it up to 2010, Princess Jan!!

1 year has gone

School holiday is starting. And it means Princess Jan has finished her pre-school. We attended her prize giving ceremony yesterday. To our surprises, she got 1st prize in colouring competition in her categories. Wow! That makes mummy and daddy very proud of her.

Sorry, I haven't got time to download the picture into the blog, and will do so other day. Some more I have problem log into internet for 2 days. I wonder if it is streamyx or something to do with my modem. As matter of fact, I am now in Big J's office, writing this post.

Princess Jan was very well behaved yesterday, stood still for Negaraku song and walked up to the stage to collect her prize from the principal. Big J and I managed to take photos with her together with the winning piece and prize. She was smiling and looked happy to see both of us. After the ceremony, she quietly told me that she was not scared to go up to the stage. Lol! I wonder she would say that when school starts next year? As for her academic, teacher commented she was remarkable student and has good memory skill. Hmm, hopefully her confidence level improves when school reopen in January 2010.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How fast he grows

In a blink of eyes, Baby Jay would be 3 months old next week. He is more aware of people around him and starts to make a lot of sounds. I noticed that he would turn to my direction when I talk. Hmm, I guess baby at such age start to recognise familiar voices. Baby Jay also starts to suck his fingers so I still wear let him wear his mittens on both hands.

Last Sunday, Baby Jay has the longest outing ever. SIL and I have an appointment with our upline in BIL's cafe and were trained in product knowledges. He is supposed to be under the care of his dad, but you know men! They cannot be trusted. End up, Big J went to Tebedu with friends and left Baby Jay with us. Princess Jan was also with us but she followed her uncle back in the afternoon and came back again He was with me and my SIL the whole afternoon and only gone home around 8pm. Initially we never thought it would take such a long time, but time passed fast and when we realised it, it was almost evening.

And guess what? Baby Jay did not complained. He slept almost the whole afternoon that day. When at home on Sunday, he seldom sleep that long. Hmm, probably he likes to sleep with all those noises around??

Sorry I have not have much time lately to take his photographs. Been too catch up with direct selling and other chores.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The potluck party

As you have family, the talk would turn to children and parenting. This was what most of us talked about last night during Big J's birthday party. Everyone brought something to share in the party. A very cosy and small gathering which I like.

Little J also had fun, meeting new friends and running around. She kept telling me she is going to have fun the whole afternoon yesterday when I told her that we would be going to Big J's birthday party. So it turned out great for her. She also had great appetite last nigth, consuming a small portion of fried noodle although she had her porridge at home before going over. It must be all those running and jumping that made her hungry. Lol!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

One year older today

Big J is one year older today. With him being 32 today, I do not feel older than him. Lol! I am about 2 months older than him, and Big J always make fun of it. Like saying "I am still 31, you already 32, big sister". Yeap, sometimes feel like slapping him for making fun of me. *laugh*

There would be a potluck organised by my SIL tonight to celebrate his birthday. Baby Jay would not be in the plan. You know what I mean. It is not that enjoyable to bring a young baby along and when he cries, you have to "fast-forward" your plan and rushing home. So he will be staying overnight at baby sitter's house tonight. Next year! Next year we will bring him out to celebrate all those birthdays and special occasions together!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Want to go to school

This evening, my Princess Jan told me that she wanted to go to school tomorrow. Our evening begins after dinner and Baby Jay was at home after hubby picked him from nanny's house. Princess Jan was doing some revision after dinner, showing off her reading skill. After she finished her school books,

Little Jan: Mummy, I want to keep my books. Tomorrow go to school.
Me: Tomorrow is Saturday. No school.
Little Jan: Why?
Me: Tomorrow is Saturday, teachers are resting. School is not open.
Little Jan: Oh, okay.

(then less than 1 minute later)

Little Jan: Mummy, fast. Sleep.
Me: You sleep first.
Little Jan: I want to sleep already, mummy. Tomorrow go to school.
Me: Hai ya, there is no school tomorrow.
Little Jan: But I want to go to school.
Me : (speechless)

I wonder if in few years time, would she be that enthusiast to go to school??

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Moving to new bed

As commented by Ivynana in my previous post, not to confuse her and some readers I decided to used Princess Jan for my Little J. I hope it solves all those confusion between my Little J and Baby Jay. Hahaha!

Last night, Baby Jay was introduced to his new bed. Er, not so new, as the baby bed was used by Princess Jan. When put Baby Jay into his new bed, he was looking around, turned here and there, trying to get used to the new surrounding. He did cried for a while, but after few minutes of coaxing from me, he finally settling down into his new surrounding. So, now Princess Jan and I can settling into our bed. At least, Princess Jan would not need to complain to me that she has to sleep "terbalik" all the time. Yes, she used the word "terbalik". *wink*

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sleeps on my bed

We have yet to properly sort out our sleeping arrangement. For time being, Big J is sleeping on a mattress on the floor, me and Baby Jay on our bed. By right, Baby Jay should be sleeping in Little J's baby cot while Little J is sleeping with me.

Anyway to cut the story short, I am sleeping with Baby Jay on our king-sized bed. Little J has not been sleeping in the baby cot now, as she keeps complaining it is too small. Or probably she does not want to be felt left out she keeps squeezing herself on our bed. So, she has to sleep in horizontal way while Baby Jay and myself vertical way. Funny but luckily the bed can fit 3 of us. The only concern is that Little J is not a quiet sleeper; she kicks, turns and moves a lot. One night I was shocked when I woke up seeing Baby Jay was in between Little J's legs. *Faint* Now there is a quilt dividing her with us, just to make sure she does not cross the "boundary".

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Numbers speller

Since I have Baby Jay, I neglected my Little J. I feel guilty. I seldom have time for her, not to mention teaching her. Last time I would read with her or teach her in writing, colouring or spelling. Little J has learn to recognise alphabets when she was 1 year plus. She used to spell words pretty fast, but I guess if you did not continue to practise, your memory tends to deteriorate. *wink* Over the weekend, I asked her to pick a book and she choose this number book. She still remember her ABC, but she spelt at a slower pace. Again, she was confused with the capital letter "L" and "I". She thought that was small "l" but it was in fact capital "I". I need to correct her on that, but other than that slight mistake, she still recognise her letters. She spelt out all those numbers from 1 to 30 that night.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baby Jay at 2 months old


Height: 57 cm from head to feet

Motor Development:
- He can lift his head momentarily when seated or lie on his stomach
- Legs and knees are flexed below the tummy; he kicks very strongly
- He grasp my finger when placed in his hand
- He listens and turns to sound or voices

Social Skills:
- He smiles responsively
- He is responsive to camera; can smile for photos
- He can say "ah goo", "hmm", "ooh" and "aah" when people talking to him
- He does not enjoy bath; hands will hold tightly to my shirt everytime I bathe him

- He sleeps well in the afternoon and at night
- I did not introduce cradle to him, so he mostly sleeps on bed

- He drinks 3 to 4 Oz every 2 hours during the day. At night, I feed him 2 - 3 times (every 3 - 4 hours)
- He starts to enjoy drinking plain water

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Next year fee

This morning I went to pay Little J's school fee. I am RM1211.00 poorer now. *wink* There are few extra classes, i.e. Chinese, English and Dancing but I only enrol her in Dancing classes, which are every Friday from 1130am to 1230pm.

I do not want to stress her out by enrolling her in the other extra classes, but we see how it goes as she goes along. After all the fees are per term so I can just enrol her in the other classes the following term.

Little J has grown pretty fast and her current school uniforms look like mini dress to me. Early this year, the uniform reaches her knees but now the dress is above her knee by 3 inches or so. Her appetite is also getting better and she is trying more new food.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good and bad

One day on our way back, my conversation with Little J went like the following:

Me: Little J, is Baby Jay good or bad boy in mama (babysitter) house?
Little J: Baby is bad boy.
Me: Why? Why baby is bad boy there?
Little J: Because he cries and cries in mama's house.
Me: Why he cries?
Little J: Of course. Baby wants milk.
Me: How about you? Good or bad girl there?
Little J: I am good girl.
Me: Why?
Little J: Because I don't cry.
Me: So, baby cries and wants milk, he is bad boy. And you don't cry so you good girl, is it?
Little J: Yes!
Me: ?????

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dandruff & Air-Con

Baby Jay has dandruff on his head. His skull is still not fully developed and we can really see the brain moving on top front part of his head. So, I do not dare to touch that delicate part of his head.

Back to the dandruff, Big J is complaining that his head is smelly and nagging me to do something with it. However in the end he did what I would not dare to do. Cleaning after the dandruff. Lol! He used baby oil and lightly swab on his head with cotton bud. He did it every day. The dandruff will stick to the cotton bud and some more, the baby oil makes Baby Jay smell nicer. Thank to Big J, the dandruff problem is getting lesser now.

Baby Jay's skin has also improving now but we have to make sure we wipe his face properly after every feeding to prevent the rashes. Besides that, we have to make sure the room temperature is cooling enough for him otherwise he will develop heat rashes on his body. So during the day time (depends on the weather), I will adjust the temperature to 24-26 degree Celcius and at night, it would be around 25-27 degree. I could not look at the electricity bill when it comes! Lol!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art & Fun: Stamping

Her aunt recently bought her a fun rolling stamp and she has been messing her drawing papers with it. It was pretty fun, you can draw using the stamps. I taught Little J how to draw simple picture with her stamps.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Losing 4kgs in a month

Big J has taking diet pills for 1 month and he has lose 4kgs now. Most of his pants are too big and he has to punch few holes on his waist belts to hold the pants. *wink* We are happy and I am glad that he has been persistent in taking the pills.

These diet pills are Taiwan manufactured and one box cost around RM500. Big J needs to take few pills daily and one box lasts a month. I don't have the money to eat and I don't think I need to. So far my weight has gone down to 55.4kg and I can wear some of my pants and skirts. I believe I will lose some more, judging from me taking care of and night feeding my Baby Jay. I still believe keeping fit by exercising, not taking diet pills! Exercise not only makes you lose weight, it also keeps you healthy, fit and happier.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sleeping style

If you are wondering how Baby Jay sleeps, it is like the below picture. He gets bored on sleeping on his back the conventional way, so he invents his own sleeping style. Don't ask me how he gets down from his pillow and kicks his blanket, but I couldn't help but taking photographs while he is sleeping.

Since he was a month old, I started not to wrap him with the towel at night. However, if it is raining or the weather is cooler, I will wrap him with the towel, except his two arms. He did not like his arms to be wrapped too, so I just let him be.

Baby Jay is now 1 month 2 weeks old. He is getting more demanding as the day passed. Always want people to carry him around. Sometimes he will pretend to doze off by closing his eyes while we carrying him around. Cheeky little guy!

Friday, October 9, 2009

New hair cut

Little J has her hair cut on Tuesday; her grandma brought her to her friend's salon for a cut. Now Little J looks very boyish with her new hair. Lol!

Unlike the previous visit, she enjoyed her cut and did not cry. She has grown up. She will sit quietly and wait for her hair to be done.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mooncakes and lanterns

Today is Mid-Autumn festival. Even before the actual day today, we have eaten few numbers of mooncakes from few brands. But we still like the mooncakes bought from Amway. Like what my SIL said, not sweet and taste is just nice. And Little J has lit and played lanterns at the car pouch; and burnt some paper lanterns along the way. Luckily SIL bought two dozens for her, so still have some left for tonight.

In school, the teacher taught her to colour and decorate her own lantern made from manila card. She was seen happily holding her lantern when I picked her up yesterday morning from school.

Children being children; they love sweet stuff no matter what. My Little J tasted her mooncake for first time and she loves them. The funny thing is that she only tasted the skin. Probably the mooncakes are too sweet and she only likes the skin.

Friday, October 2, 2009

She loves them

One of her snack favourites is this cute animal biscuits that my sister bought from KL during her recent KL trip. The biscuits are in the shape of rectangle and have animals with names printed on them. So, when Little J wanted to eat them, she will choose what animals she would like to munch first.

So our munching talk goes like this:

Me: Little J, what animal you would like to eat?
Little J: Hmm, hippo, mummy.
Me: Ok (Little J will take the hippo biscuit and munch)
Little J: Next!
Me: What is next?
Little J: Crocodile. I better eat it before it eats me!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

He is slimming down

Since Big J started his diet programme earlier this month, he has lost a few inches on his waist and shield few kilos. He was very excited about the progress and aimed to lose more. Before this, Big J has been complaining of unable to fit into his wardrobe as well as fatigue. He has to buy bigger and bigger size shirts and pants. Now, he is no longer need to buy bigger clothing, but smaller size clothing.

He usually buys his clothing online as he is unable to find his size here. Not only that, it is also great to shop online, as it is easier, faster and has more choices. One of the online shopping website we like to visit is Shopwiki. Just the other night, we bought few pants and shirts for him. We have also bought some winter clothing for his dad who is going to Europe for holiday next month.

I have been telling Big J that it has been awhile since we have our vacation, so we should plan for vacation next year. Probably not Europe as it is way beyond our budget, but a holiday in one of the islands in Malaysia would do. We are thinking of going back to Redang where we had our honeymoon 4 years ago. This time, I must try surfing if we have a chance to go there again next year. We saw a group surfed in Redang previously and how tempted I was to try it out. But first thing first. I must get one surfing board and gear and learn to surf before going there next year.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whose precious one?

One day, my sister-in-law was sitting down with Little J in the living room, and following conversation follows:

SIL: You love who more? Mummy or daddy?
Little J: Mummy more
SIL: You love mummy or aunt more?
Little J: Hmm, aunt more.
SIL: You love aunt or grandma more?
Little J: Grandma more.
SIL: Oh, so you are grandma's precious granddaughter.
Little J: And aunt's precious one too.
SIL: How about Baby Jay? Baby Jay is whose precious one?
Little J: Uncle's precious.
(Uncle here is my brother in law)
SIL: So Baby Jay can sleep with uncle in uncle's room, right?
Little J: Yes. And I sleep with you.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Allergic to cough??

Little J has been down with coughing bugs for almost 2 weeks and after seeing she hasn't fully recovered from it, I took her to see doctor this morning. Her doctor did not open today, so I took her to mine instead. I am also infected by cough bugs for 2 days. Do not want to spread the bugs to Baby Jay.

This is her first time to my doctor, so I was asked alot of sickness history, such as how often she was sick, what allergy, does she has fever when she was sick etc. After much questioning and body checking, my doctor told me that Little J may have what it is pretty common in every children "Allergic to cough bugs". It means that she would easily get the bugs.

Since schooling this year, Little J has been down with sickness like almost once a month. I lost count of how many times I brought her to see her doctor. Usually she doesnt have fever, just normal flu or cough. So my doctor advised me not to give her cold drink and sleep in moderate air con temperature to avoid easily infected by cough bugs. So if your children easily sick (such as cough or flu), try not to give your children cold drinks and avoid sleeping in cooler air-con room.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Neat colouring

Little J has some improvement in her colouring skill. Now she can colour a certain item neater and also plays with more colours.

My cousin from Singapore bought her a Nickelodeon's wonder Pets colouring book and she has been enjoying herself colouring the pads. Most of the time I would help her to colour or guide her what colours to use. However she can be selfish once a while, and will not let anyone play with her colours!! Well, I don't remember I have such wonderful colouring books where I can colour when I was young. How lucky is our children!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1 month old

Baby Jay is 1 month old today!! He is now drinking 3 - 4 oz of milk, depends on the lenght of the time. He is getting cheekier and asking for more attention now. He does stretch and make a lot of sounds, even in his sleep.

He is one happy baby as he smiles a lot. Love his smile in this photograph.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh baby

We are happy that our girl, Little J really adores her baby brother. She would help me in anyway possible, like during diaper changing, she would help me pull out baby wipes or holding on to the baby diaper for me. However, we never leave her alone with the baby no matter how much she loves him. Little J is slightly “tomboy” and rough; she jumps on the bed, crawls here and there on the bed. We are scared to leave her along with Baby Jay even for a second!

This morning while on the bed, she was looking at the Baby Jay and then looked at me. “Mummy, baby already out and your stomach already flat.” I simply answered her “Yes” Then she looked at Baby Jay and said “Oh baby, you are sweet. Sweet baby. Good baby”. Hmm, wonder what does that all about?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little update around the house

Next week Baby Jay would be 1 month old and that means I would be out of confinement too. *wink* I am happy and cannot wait for that day to arrive.

What would I do once I am out? I have been doing some wardrobe clearing yesterday and most of my outfit doesnt fit me for time being. Probably they will, but for those that I wouldnt be wearing (outdated) I have been keeping them aside. Thinking of giving them away for donation since they are still in good condition. So are Little J's clothing. She has a lot of wardrobe, mostly cannot wear anymore. Either give away to her little cousin or to children's home.

Since Mid-Autumn is around the corner, we have been thinking of giving away some mooncakes to relatives and friends that have been visiting and giving "angpow" and hampers to Baby Jay. Maybe I would buy them once I am out from my confinement.

As for Baby Jay, he is doing well, now drinking around 3Oz of milk every time. He is putting on some weight. He has been more alert and awake during the day and night, and start to cry louder. Lol! He is stronger as the day passes. We are thinking of changing his milk powder as his stool is still watery and smelly. Currently he is drinking Similac, and we thought of letting him try Anmum Infacare. Hopefully his stool would be more solid and less smelly after trying out the new powder.

Unlike Little J, Baby Jay has a fear of bath. We noticed that everytime the confinement lady is bathing him, he will hold tightly to her. And Baby Jay was holding his fist so tight, that his whole hand turn blue. Gosh! He will make noise if he was lower down to his bath tub, but if turn him facing the water in the tub, he will quiet down. Probably he doesnt like the "back stroke" style, but prefer the "butterfly stroke" instead. Lol!

He will have his next vaccination on 25th. Hopefully he will be doing fine; no fever. I must remember to give him some panadol first before going for the vaccine that day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sisterly love

Since Little J met her baby brother, she has fall in love with him immediately. Every morning, she would come into the room to see her baby brother and greet him. She has been sleeping in her aunt’s room since the day I went to hospital. When she comes home, the first thing she would do is to see Baby Jay.

Take #1

Little J: Good morning, baby. What is your name?? *pause* Baby Jay.

(she would ask the baby and answer for him herself!)

Take #2

When she sees Baby Jay crying;

Little J: Why baby cry?
Mummy: Baby is hungry, want milk
Little J: Oh baby, please don’t cry. Don’t cry baby.

Take #3

While chatting to Baby Jay, Baby Jay was burping out some milk from his mouth;

Little J: Mummy! Come! Baby’s milk comes out from his mouth.

And when I go to attend the baby, Little J was wiping with a handkerchief

Hmm, I guess both are getting along pretty well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More of Baby Jay

Every day is a new day for Baby Jay. He is doing fine and getting naughtier each day. Almost every day I took a snap of him, on his facial expression and while taking bath.

A little statistic of baby Jay:

Born on 25 August 2009
Time: 4.44pm
POB: Normah Medical Specialist Centre
Weight: 3.338kg
Length: 50cm
Head Circumference: 34cm
Blood: B type

As of who he looks like, some said that from nose down he looks like me. The eyes look like Big J's. But most said Baby Jay looks like Big J!

Baby Jay smiles a lot, even in his sleep. Once a while making funny noises while sleeping. Babies do dream at such young age, right?? Must be sweet dreams or else Baby Jay wouldn't be smiling in his sleep. *wink*

Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Jay's first scrapbook

My baby boy is now 2 weeks old. I done with his first digital scrapbook, on his bath time. He loves his bath time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I get touchy as she is full of hands!

Do you have a toddler that her hands cannot keep to herself all the times?? Touching this and that?? Doesn’t mind the dirt and mud on her hands or even all over her. Gosh! Sometimes I could feel that she is testing my patience and perseverance. I just couldn’t believe that I could control myself from not scolding or raising my voice at my Little J.

Lately she has been on a slight rebellious side; doesn’t listen to reasoning and warning. She knows that it is wrong, but still she is doing it all over again. Like when we go out, she would suddenly knee down and touch the floor. She knows that she is not suppose to do that as I explained that she will get sick from doing it if did not wash her hand, but few minutes later, she will do it again. Hmm, how to control from not scolding her?? And how to discipline her??

Friday, August 21, 2009

When is he out?

Little J has been pondering when her little baby brother going to be out to this world and play with her. She keeps asking me the question "When is baby coming out?" for the past few days. Once a while she will goes to me and touch my tummy and ask the question. I have to tell her that we wait for the time and baby will be ready to meet cheh cheh soon.

She even get ready the baby bed and cuddly bear for her brother. So sweet of her. I gues she is growing up and know what is going around her now. Or probably she can sense that baby is coming and she can feel the excitement around her?

I went for check up yesterday morning. Except for pain on my fingers and soles, doctor assured me that it is normal. Weight is around 63.8kg which I maintained since last week. Doctor has made the necessary arrangement with the hospital on my planned C-section. So now we just have to wait for the Big Day. *wink*

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The balloons girl

When we think of Kuching Fest, we would think of its food fair and booths that promote and sell products of interest. We did not go to Kuching Fest this year; you know for fear of A H1N1 pandemic and haze. She may not be going to Kuching Fest, but Little J sure got some souvenir from there!!

Her aunt has a booth there so she will buy balloon for Little J. One balloon per night. Her aunt spent around RM50 for 4 balloons (1 balloon "fled" to the sky) just for Little J. For few nights, I let her tie her balloons onto her bed, but after that I have to throw them into the other room. They run out of gas pretty fast too. I wonder what would I do when the balloons are out of gas? Fold and keep them? Putting air into those balloons cost around RM2 - 3 per balloon depends on size.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another one in a week

Just when her right cheek is recovering from the fall last Tuesday, she has another one on Sunday! Darn! Doesn't this kid ever learn her lesson??

Little J was playing picnic on the floor by putting out her blanket on it. Then she wanted to go for a pee and I accompanied her to the toilet. Once she finished, she just ran to the room and then the next time I heard, she was crying out loud! Oh dear! Hitting her face on the side of the bed. That must be hurt. Luckily it did not hit her eye, or I couldn't think of what is worse. Sigh! Another bruise on her right face.

She can still smile for a photo!!

It is just tiring to train an active 3 years old how to play safe, listen to parents and never to repeat the same mistake. Any parents with good tips on training their children to be obedient?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Draws & Doodles

We went to Big J's office yesterday morning after breakfast. Little J insisted on visiting her dad's new office. Since she has been good girl and finished a small bowl of noodles, we decided to give in to her request.

While she was there, she was playing with her dad's intercom, company stamps and playing with the computer. She loves playing with computer mouse; she is good at clicking those icons now.....

To get her off her dad's pc, we gave her some papers to play with. She was doodling and drawing and I come upon few cute pictures that she drew. Can't make up what they were, but they are cute. Something like potatoes with eyes and mouth! Lol!

When asked her what was she drawing, she would point to them and said "That is me, and that is mummy and daddy". *wink*

Friday, August 14, 2009

She loves reading

Since young, we have instill the interest of reading in Little J. Most of the books are bought by myself and since I am not Chinese-educated, most of the books are in English language. Her very first book is hard cover called WORD which is bilingual in Mandarin and English. We realised that it is good to get hard cover book as it wouldnt be easy to tear and last longer too. Couldn't trust a young kid to handle book. I bought her a picture encyclopedia (Winnie The Pooh series) and boy, am I regret. Some pages are torn. Either she flipped the pages too rough or purposely torn them apart. *Faint* But now that she is older, she learns to appreciate books more and take care of them better.

Slowly I introduced Phonics and story books to Little J. She loves reading. She would request me to read to her almost every other nights on bed. Sometimes I could be bored by reading the same story books. hahaha! She can recognise the sound of each alphabet and spell the words out. She recognises some words well too, thanks to repeat reading. Or probably she can memorises them well? Lol!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have bruise on my cheek

This is the result of not been obedient and listen to mummy's instruction. Never jump on the sofa. End up, Little J got her bruise on her face this afternoon. She was downstair with her uncle and while playing on the sofa, she just jump down from it and accidentally stepped on a ball. She hit hard on the floor, ended with a bruise on her right cheek.

By tomorrow, the bruise would turn purple and more visible. She doesn't want me to put any ointment or rub it, so I have to lightly rub her for awhile. Hope this teach her a lesson. What a bruised lesson for her!

Mei Mei cannot go home

Her little cousin, Chloe came for a visit last night with Chloe's mum. And what noise and mess around the house with those 2 girls running, screaming and fighting for toys. A chaos!!

Chloe and mummy stayed for more than a hour, and after hearing that there would be some water closure today due to lack of rain (thank god, the cloud seeding was successful, we had heavy rain throughout last night and early morning), Chloe's mummy decided to go back to keep some water!! And oh dear, my Little J didn't want her mei mei to go home!

Little J will use what ever methods and tricks to make mei mei stay. For instance, standing at the door, to keep people from leaving, or pulling mei mei to the side to prevent her from leaving. Very naughty girl. Like last night, it took us a while to make her leave the door. Scolding and bringing out the "rotan" (hanger for this case) putting some senses to her.

I guess Little J misses some companionship and loves to have someone to play with. But she can be a bad example to younger sibling. Like, teaches her little mei mei to jump on the bed and screaming around. Lol!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Improvement in Mandarin speaking

Since started going to Sunday school early this year, Little J has more confidence to converse Mandarin. Nevertheless she still prefer to converse in English. Mix of Mandarin and Hokkien in her vocabulary, but am glad that she is able to understand and speak more Mandarin now. Her baby sitter also commented that Little J is able to recognize some simple Chinese character that she learnt from flash cards.

She would learn Mandarin next year in her Pre-school, and I couldn’t wait to see her writing her Chinese name. Now, everyday she would come back from school singing some Chinese songs unlike when she started her school early this year, she only comfortable in singing English songs.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A dip in the water

As it has been hot and hazy, I let Little J enjoy longer bath time these days. As part of her bath routine, she must jump into her tub before taking her bath. She will just sit in the tub waiting for her turn while I am taking my bath.

As it is a baby bath tub, it couldn't really fit Little J soon, but still, she wanted to jump into the bath tub.

This swimwear was bought a year ago, and that time it doesn't fit her. I just love it, so out of impulse bought it. Just few days ago, I thought of this blue swimwear so took it out and let Little J tried it out. Glad that it fit her just nice. Little J instantly loves her blue swimwear. *wink*

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why, why, tell me why

Sometimes I wish I could make her stop asking me questions. It irritates and make me blow my top. And sometimes I felt sorry for losing my cool on her.

I must control my temper or I couldn't possibly be a good mum (cum teacher) to my 3 years old Little J. She has been very persuasive in asking questions that she can repeats the same question a "hundred" times that you think you go nut. Why "this" and why "that". Everything she must ask why. I understand that she is at the age of curiousity, she tends to ask a lot of "why" questions. But sometimes she is just teasing or testing my patience. Like when I asked her to sit down on the sofa instead of jumping around, she asked me "Why, mummy?" Even after we give our explanation, she will still ask the same question. Even my SIL complains that she is behaving like like "old lady", very "lo so" (long winded).

There was a time when she bluntly ask my dad's employee "Why you don't have hair?" Ooopps! The male employee is bald. I don't know how he feels, but as a mother, I am embarrassed by Little J's bluntness. Got to teach her some manners.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Once upon a time

One of those nights when Little J came to me and the following conversation goes like this:

Little J: Mummy, I would like to tell you a story?
Me: What story?
Little J: It is about Mickey Mouse.
(that is her favourite cartoon character)
Me: Okay.
Little J: Once upon a time, Mickey Mouse is with Donald and Goofy. They are looking for a bouncing ball.
Me: Bouncing ball?? Whose bouncing ball?
Little J: It is Pluto’s one.
Me: What colour is the ball? Is it red?
Little J: No. It is blue in colour.
Me: Oh, so they looking for Pluto’s blue ball.
Little J: Yes.
Me: Where did they find the ball?
Little J: In the clubhouse.
Me: Did they use any mousekertoodlers?
Little J: Yes. Something moving. Like a car. To catch the ball.
Me: Hmm, what is that?
Little J: Don’t know.

Well, I did not get any head or tail of her story but at least she can answer my questions well. She will learn to tell a story much better next time. *wink*

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A musician in making

The latest toy for Little J!!! A keyboard! Her toys are getting more and more each day, and we couldn't think of a place to keep all those in the house. I told Big J that we may need to allocate a special room for her toys in our new house.

This toy is a present from my dad who recently came back from Johor. It comes with a microphone and can be operated by batteries or electricity power. I haven't got time to dig my old music books. I wonder whether I could find them or not; if can, probably teach Little J some simple song. Whose know? Probably she will pick up music from there. *wink*

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Picture perfect

Every time we ask her to pose for picture, she will either make funny gesture, look at other place or cannot be still for a second. Not like when she was a baby, every time we brought out the camera in front of her, she was ready with her smile and pose.

The other night, I took out her old photo album and she was very excited to look at her own picture when she was a baby. She will ask “why I like that?”, “Who’s holding me?” and “Where is this place?” etc. She even loves to look at her photos stored in the computer. I lose count of how many photographs we took of her in the past 3 years!!

Children really grow up fast without you realizing it. When they are smaller, you wish they grow up fast. But when they grow out of the baby phase, you wish they were babies again! Hahaha!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Young artist at work

Little J has fun over the weekend, playing her colours on her fingers. Let her experiment with colours. It may be mess around, but what fun without mess, right?

First she tried with her fingers, then slowly she tried colours on the brush. And mummy helped by showing how to make a flower from finger prints too! Lol!

Next, what will we do? Maybe we can explore the foot print.....She enjoyed the hand print, so probably she will loves foot print.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Shopping and new shoes

We went shopping for baby yesterday afternoon at The Parkson since hubby has its vouchers. Better used them up before they are expired. As usual Little J was excited to follow us shopping. As long as she can get out of the house, everything is fine with her. Actually she has gone shopping in the morning at The Boulevard with her aunt. Just couldn’t believe where she got all those strength to walk and shop some more in the afternoon, and omitting her afternoon nap. Sigh! Kids!

Before we go to The Parkson, we stopped by my parents’ house to pass some fishes to them as my father-in-law just arrived from Kapit with the fishes. And when her grandparents asked where Little J is heading to, she replied them that she is going to shop for baby’s things. Lol!

Anyway, we managed to get some stuff for the new baby, but still some more items in the list that we could not find at The Parkson. Probably we will go to Mummycare this weekend to get the remaining stuff.

There are sales in The Parkson, especially the apparels and footwear. Little J did not walk home empty-handed, as we bought a new shoe for her. A new shoe for her to wear to her pre-school. She wore it this morning, but still commenting that she doesn’t like the new shoes; she still prefer the old one. Sigh! I guess because she did not choose the shoes herself, so she keeps complaining that she doesn’t like the shoes.

I dread bringing her to buy new shoe because whenever we are at the footwear department, Little J will start to take one shoe or sandal and try it on one by one. Like yesterday, she tried almost all those sandals with heels in The Parkson. Luckily they were too big for her so we did not buy any sandals for her.

Believe it or not, she only will shop for shoes in shopping complexes. There were once we buy a new sandals for her at Kenyalang market. She did not even bother to look at their shoes, not to mention trying them on!! Sigh! After we leaving the premises, then she kept persuading her dad to bring her to The Spring to buy new shoes! Oh boy! What a spoil brat! Choosing where to get her shoes only!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our princess is 3 years old 3 months

She is growing very fast. Sometimes we feel that she is growing too fast for us to enjoy being with her. She is a little adult, with her own temperament. When ever she is naughty, me and Big J would blame each other genes for her character. “She is very stubborn like you”, “She is growing up to be like you, hot temper and impatient”. Lol!!

Some achievements that we are proud of:


She knows how to spell her name without looking at the name tag or asking for assistance. She can write her name too.


She is still mastering on her writing skill. Only prefer to write few alphabets and letters.


Her colouring has improved. Not that messy and is more adventurous with colours, unlike previously she only prefer one colour for a whole sketch.


She loves to draw apple and balloons. Also adore doodling on papers.


I let her feed herself more frequent now. She is drinking her favourite fruit juices and Ribena using plastic cup.

She speaks mostly English, but her command of Chinese is improving as well. Thanks to enrolling her in Sunday school. Now she is confident in converse in Chinese.

Days and months
She can remember and say out all the 7 days of week in order. Just start to introduce the 12 months to her. She only knows that her birthday fall in the month of April, Christmas in December. Lol!

She can memorise her grandma's handphone number. Using handphone, she can dial and call to her grandma in Kapit!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ultra Man ride

My Little J has her first kiddy ride yesterday evening in The Boulevard Shopping Mall. Actually she sat on few before but never once, has she sat still on a moving kiddy ride, because each time she will freaked out. But last night was her first real ride. And it was funny how she ended up conquering her fear.....

Me and Little J went shopping with my side of family, just to cool ourselves under the cooling atmosphere of the shopping mall. It has been extremely hot lately, so a walk in a cooling mall is what we longed for. So it happened we bumped into some kiddy ride machines in front of the Boulevard Departmental Store. Usually Little J would not bother to sit or even go near to one, but wonder what was her mood last night, she just jumped into one of them. Ultra Man!! I have to admit it was my 1st time seeing an Ultra Man kiddy machine. Lol!

So while I was looking at the other machine and commenting on RM1 per ride, suddenly we were surprised to see that the Ultra Man machine has started to sway and sing! Little J also has a jump but she managed to sit still. She did not know what to do, whether to jump out or sit down. After few second, everyone started to laugh, including Little J. I guess she thought everyone is laughing at her and she was excited to be the centre of attention; she actually enjoyed the ride and attention.

How the machine work when none of us put in the coin?? Our guess? It must be while she was jumping in the seat, the machine suddenly moved. Someone must have tried out the machine before and coin stuck in the machine, thinking it did not work. So it happened that when Little J sat in there last night, the coin must have gone in and machine is working. As for Little J, she sat in there till end of the ride. I guess after this experience, she would no longer fear of those kiddy ride machine anymore. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


After many days of bragging about being a princess, Little J has finally bored of playing one. Her newly brought tiara was kept away, and now she has new interest in hand.

Being a superhero. Just last night, she came to me and suddenly out of nothing, she told me she wanted to be a superhero. Huh? Superhero? Now, where did she learn such word? When asked her what type of superhero would she wants to be, she told me a flying superhero and start to take out her blanket to turn it into a sash! *Faint* I am speechless for a while, but after regain myself, I told her the blanket would be too big and heavy to turn into a sash.

Well, after a good night sleep, she forgot all about the superhero thinggy. My SIL told me probably she learnt it from cartoon "Pocoyo". She saw one series where Pocoyo was pretending to be a superhero wearing blue sash over his shoulder. Oh well! It is time to screen over some selection of cartoons for Little J!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby talk

Some conversation with my Little J in regards to the new baby, a way to prepare her for the arrival of her sibling:

Conversation 1:

Me: Little J, can you share your baby bear with baby?
(baby bear is her toy bear)
Little J: No! It is my bear.
Me: Then, which bear you can give to baby?
Little J: I don’t want.
Me: You have so many bear. How about daddy’s bear and grandpa’s bear?
(Daddy’s bear is bought by her dad and Grandpa’s bear is bought by her grandpa)
Little J: Grandpa’s bear for baby.

Conversation 2:

Gu gu : Next time, can baby sleep with gu gu?
Little J : No!
Gu gu: Can baby sleep with mummy?
Little J: No! Little J sleeps with mummy.
Gu gu: Can baby sleep with uncle?
Little J: Okay! But aunty (uncle’s girlfriend) has to sleep outside!

Conversation 3:

Me : Little J, next time baby will be going to nanny together with you, okay?
Little J: I don’t want baby to go to nanny’s house.
Me: Why? You don’t want nanny to love baby like nanny love Little J?
Little J: I don’t want.
Me: Then, mummy love baby, can?
Little J: No! Mummy love Little J.

Oh dear, I can sense that Little J will be jealous of the new baby. She gets protective of her toys and people surrounding her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reminiscing the old dating days

Just one of those nights when me and Big J has our nightly conversation. He has been extremely busy since started his own business this month. We hardly have time together, not to mention talking. When he comes back, I and Little J have already in our dreamland.

Back to our conversation, I was commenting to her that we have been married for 5 years. Our anniversary was on 10 June. It just felt like yesterday when we dated and we still have a lot to learn about each other.

Then I asked him what was our first movie, and he replied “Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber”. We have gone to cinema on our second date. That night after a romantic dinner at San Francisco Grill, we went for a late night movie. And what was the first place we went for our first lunch (first date)? It was Hong Kong Noodle House in Wisma Saberkas.

Those memories are still fresh in my thought. I guess we can’t forget our first date, first place, first present, first movie with our boyfriend right??

Cannot wait to grow up

Every day I would hear my Little J says she wants to grow big, big and big!! For her to grow big, she needs to eat, I told her. That is how I "trick" her into eating her meals. But thank god, she has started to eat more now. She can finish a small bowl of rice. *smile*

When she is full, she will say "I am growing big. My stomach is big." and touching her stomach. When I ask her why she is in the hurry to grow up, she answer me this "I want to be like mummy.". Oh, that answer brings a smile to me. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is the mother here?

Sometimes my 3 years old girl can act like a mother than me. She will order or nag me and Big J to do this and that. She is getting to be more busybody, smarter and cheeky nowadays. Which means we are arguing more every day! Lol!

For example:

Scene 1
Little J: Daddy, you are smelly!
Big J: I just back from the office dear.
Little J: Go and take bath!
Big J: Late, honey pie.
Little J: No! Go and take bath now!!

Scene 2
Me: That is how you fold your clothing, Little J.
Little J: No, no, no. It is like this, mother.
Me: *Faint* (better do it myself, she is just messing around!)

Scene 3

In the car,
Little J: Mummy, why you use this way to go home?
Me: Short cut. Faster.
Little J: Short cut?
Me: Yes
Little J: But mummy, you should use that way to go home.

But once a while, this little adult is still a kid at heart and needs attention, assurance and loves. Like last night, she made her mummy and daddy angry. Mummy and daddy stormed up to the bedroom, leaving her with her aunty in the living room, watching television. She suddenly came to her aunt and ask her aunt "Do you love me, gu gu?" *My heart goes for her* She can be a nuisance sometimes, but we still love her.

Today when picked her from school, in the car she told me she was crying in her class. When asked what is the problem, one of her classmate (a girl) hit her. She is a lion at home, but in school, she is a timid mouse. But kids are kids. They grow up through all those hardship and stages, right?

Friday, July 10, 2009

She is recovering

Little J has just recovered from her flu and cough! On Sunday, she suddenly sneezing non stop after a dinner with my family and the next day, she has started to cough. Since no fever, I sent her to school as usual after consulting her doctor.

I guess it is the virus, now I am catching some cold from her. Been sneezing non stop today and have taken some prescibed pills for flu. Just hope that the sneezing will go away and does not infected anyone in the family.

With the rising cases of H1N1 in the country, it is quite scary to go out nowadays. We try to avoid public places and shopping complexes unless it is necessary. Even the thought of touching and bumping into people in busy places creep me now. Alright, sorry for been phobic.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Morning song

It always amazes me to know that kids have very good memory. Since starts schooling, my Little J has learn a lot of songs and words. Not only that she can sing a lot of songs, but she can memorizes all the sentences and words from her books. Now she has started to recognize some word and can spell it out without looking at her books, like “like”, “me”, “play” etc.

Every morning when she wakes up, she will sing her “morning song” (I called it “morning song” because of its lyric) and she does according to the song. The song goes like this:

Bangun Pagi,
Gosok Gigi,
Cuci Muka,
Pakai Baju.

Makan Roti,
Minum Susu,
Saya Pergi Sekolah.

In between the lyric, I will ask her “what is bangun pagi”, and she will reply me “Wake up”. And how about gosok gigi? Brush teeth, she replied. and when come to change to her school uniform, she will say to me "It is pakai baju". I explained the meaning to her once or twice, and she remembers the meaning of the song well. *smile*

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am like that

Sometimes I can be calculative and selfish if I want to be……Big J often scold me for being unreasonable. Well, if calculative and selfish is for the sake of the family, what bad about it, right? Sigh! Sometimes I don’t understand men! Or should I said, I don’t understand Big J.

What does he get for being generous and helpful to friends?? End up, his friends ungrateful and backstabbing at him. Why I shouldn’t be angry when some so called friends did that to my hubby?? Big J is too good to be taken advantages of.

She got her tiara. FINALLY!

After many days of nagging, finally we gave in to Little J's request. Not a crown, but instead a tiara for her princess status! *wink*

Now she couldn't stop parading herself with her new tiara. And what you know? The next thing that she asked for is "How about my dress?" *Faint*

Monday, July 6, 2009

Love to mend with hair

One night while I was checking my Facebook, my Little J came from behind me and start to play with my short hair. She just stand at the back of my chair and her hands were busy tossing and messing my hair.

When I asked her what she is doing, she said she is cutting my hair. Then the next minute she is pretending to wash my hair. Hmm, don't tell me she wants to be a hair stylist when she is growing up???

While doing my hair she will sing a cute song:

Everybody cut your hair, cut your hair,
Cut your hair,
Everybody cut your hair,
Like your Little J!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bad customer services

I told you that Big J just started his new business this month, right? Everything more or less into the office except for the telephone line. He has still not get his telephone line for his office. And how frustrating he is with the Telekom technician!

Firstly, the technician said he cant find Big J’s office. What an excuse! His office is so easy to find, that you can practically close your eyes and drive into in.

Secondly, the technician said he only know where is the car fixing shop, but couldn’t see Big J’s office. And when Big J replied him that his office is just behind the car fixing shop, the technician hung up on him! How rude!!!

Thirdly, Big J is definitely going to Telekom branch to make complain about the services and telephone lines on Monday as it has been over 2 weeks and nothing has been done yet!!

Talking about customer services and quality!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photos of her at 3 years 2 months 6 days

Some pictures of my little princess. They were taken yesterday at my parents' house.

She loves to play with her bowling and dominoes and everytime there, she will nag her grandma to play bowling with her.

Since she really wanted a crown and be a princess, we let her put on this handmade crown for a day. :p

And not forgetting a nice fan to go with her princess status!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Got to love her

Silly girl and her antic

When ever I did or said something funny, Little J will said “silly mummy”. Don’t know where she learnt the word but definitely not from home. Must have gotten from the school.

And she is very persuasive nowadays too. If she wants something, she will keep saying “please please please” till you cannot stand her pledging anymore. And once a while, I got scolding from Big J for giving in too easy to her. “We must not give in to her all the time. She must learn to accept NO for an answer,” Big J said. Yeah! Sound easy but hard to follow. Who could resist saying “NO” to a 3 years old child?

Want to be a princess

I was surprised this afternoon when Little J suddenly ask me for something. Conversation went like this:

Little J : Mummy, why I don’t have a crown? (Touching her head)
Mummy: Huh? You want a crown? What for?
Little J: I want to be a princess.
Mummy: You are my princess and you don’t need a crown to be a princess.
Little J: I want to buy a crown.
Mummy: (sigh) Alright, tonight you asked daddy to buy crown.

p.s. Pushing to her dad will end the conversation and she will forget to ask unless she is reminded


Like other children, Little J loves to sing. Now she started to pick up Hokkien song. There is one particular song she loves. Everytime we goes into Big J’s car, she will request her dad to tune to her song. When she reaches some part of the song that she knows how to sing, she will shout and sing along! Oh dear! Probably next time, we will have a karaoke set at home and her dad (nicknamed King of Hokkien, because Big J sings Hokkien songs) will teach her how to sing…. *wink*

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pet names

Little J has so many nicknames at home. Each of us has a nickname for her.

Big J – honey pie
Me – Mummy’s little girl
Aunt – Gu gu’s precious

So, when we asked her who is gu gu’s precious, she will answer gu gu’s precious is Little J, so forth. And when her dad came back home, she will open the front door and shout “Honey Pie” to her dad.

Lately she has been calling me “Mr Mummy”. I guess she must have learn it from school, so to correct her, I told her “mister” is for man like daddy and “miss” is from woman like mummy. “Miss” sounds better than “Madam”. Lol!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Not easy in this time of crisis

Said that I am both excited yet anxious about Big J’s new venture (or probably I should say “re-venture”) into business. He is partnering with a friend in outsourcing company. The new office is more or less ready with forms and equipment for the operation, only problem is that currently not enough staff to kick off next week.

Big J is complaining that it is pretty hard to convince people to work on commission based although the deal is better than fixed salary plus commission based. I guess with the current economy, everyone is looking for something more stable and fixed rather than fluctuating income. Irregardless of insufficient staff, he will still conduct training tomorrow and proceed with the operation next week. Just hope that this time it would be a good business venture. Big J has been through tough venture in the past and what a big shit he has to suffer from it. Pray that this time, it is the right choice!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fruits lover

I am happy that Little J loves to take fruit juices. Once a while, her aunt will make vegetable and fruit juices for her in the morning, that consist of celery, green apples and carrots. It is always good to take juices before you take your breakfast.

Little J enjoys taking oranges, dragon fruits, papayas and apples. However, she always prefer oranges than the other fruits, probably because it is juicier. When she takes oranges, she never eat the pulp. She will suck all the juices out of the fruits and leave the dry pulps. Funny! After she has taking all those juices, no one want to finish up the pulps, so usually we throw them away. Lol!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Lady night

A big surprise we have this evening, while Little J was reading some books on the bed:

Little J: Lady night! Yeah!
Big J: What? Lady night?
Little J: Lady night!
Big J: Oh no! You are only 3 years old. Who teach you about lady night? Must be your mummy.
Me: Hey! Don’t blame me. I never say “lady night” before. I don’t think she meant it anyway.
Big J: What ever! Little J, you are too young to think about lady night……God!

Hmm, how come I am the one to be blamed if Little J done or say anything wrong?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reminiscing 2009

Couldn’t you believe that it is already June and we are half way of 2009? Just the other day, I was discussing with Big J on events happening this year that really caught us by surprises and some are not so good news. But I wouldn’t want to share the bad news here, just want to think back of how exciting and challenging 2009 has been for us.

Firstly, me quitting my job in February and for the first time since I started work in 1999, I am temporarily jobless. I guess I need some break after working for 10 years?? Lol!

Secondly, I am pregnant with our second child. Due early September, but probably we will let the baby out early by end of August via Caesarian. Date and time for the operation have not been fixed yet.

Thirdly, Little J’s first day at school. I was lucky to be able to accompany her on her 1st day at school. Remember when I was in my kindergarten and primary school, I did not have my parents to accompany me. So how lucky was Little J?! Probably I am spoiling and pampering her too much, but she is my only girl, so if I do not spoil her, who else to be spoiled??

Fourthly, Big J is going to quit his job end of this month and start up a new company. Yeah, he is venturing into business again. Just hope it will be the right decision and everything will be smooth along the way.

Fifth, we are getting our new house end of the year!! Yes! Couldn’t want to decorate the house once we got our keys to the house. *wink*

There are so much things to say, but above are few that I wanted to share. Like I said, 2009 is interesting year for us. Hope 2010 would be even better!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Before, During and After

I just managed to download the pictures taken during our Kapit trip. Took many pictures of our girl, so here are few of them. If you notice, she has a shorter bang. We brought her for hair cut in Kapit. Actually 3 of us had haircut, cost us only RM22!! Cheap, right??

This was taken on 1 June in the express on the way to Kapit.

This taken in the canteen. She trying to squeeze herself in the display shelf.

On 13 June when we were back from Kapit. Taken in The Spring.

As for me, I have my hair cut short just like the last time back in August last year. Make me few years younger! *wink*

Feeling a little blue?

Little J told me that she did not want to go to school because she is scared! Scared of what? People! Huh???

She was doing fine on Monday when dropping her off her school, but yesterday and today, she is in tears quietly at the back of the car and once a while told me that she wanted to be with me. Oh dear!! I guess the 2 weeks holiday finally sink in and she did not feel like going to school. But she did not make any scene and obediently followed the attendant when she was off the car. Still crying, she waved goodbye to me this morning. Now that make my heart sink too but I must put on a brave face and cannot subdue to her request.

Just hope that her blue will cease soon.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hooked on Dominoes

New game for Little J!! During the 2 weeks holiday in Kapit, she has developed a new interest. Dominoes. Yes! Dominoes, you heard me right!

Of course she wouldn’t be able to understand the full instruction and way of playing Dominoes at her age, but it is a past-time game for her in Kapit. How to play LittleJ’s Dominoes style?

Simple. You know that on those 28 pieces of Dominoes, they have 2 set of dots on each piece. Just match those dominoes with similar numbers or patterns. Example, on 1 piece you would find 1 red dot and 4 white dots. All Little J has to do is to match the next piece to this piece, example 4 white dots and 5 orange dots. So the next piece must be of 5 orange dots and so to be in correct sequence.

Besides those dots matching game, she is also learning to build towers using those pieces ala Big J’s style. But now that Little J is back to Kuching, she seemed to forget about those Dominoes pieces, and started to play her old toys i.e. cooking and learning laptops. Probably when she is board with those games, maybe she will switch back to Dominoes. *wink*

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary

I am lucky to have a hubby like Big J. Love you very much, my darling!

He may not be the perfect hubby that I dreamt for, but he is loving, kind-hearted and wise man that I have ever known. When he has chance (and money of course) he will remember to get me gifts and bring us for dinners on those special dates like my birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary and Christmas.

This year would be different; being the case of me not working since March. We are cutting down on our budget and that include gifts. I understand that he wouldn’t be giving me those nice gifts during those dates but am happy that he loves and cares for me after married for 5 years. How time flies. I still can remember that day we signed our name at the marriage registrar department with 3 friends being our witnesses. *smile*

5 years seems like a short time compared to some friends that married for more than 5 years, but we do shared “ups” and “downs” of marriage life. We have been through bittersweet journey; hanging to each other for support and understanding. I am just lucky to have Big J there during my hard times when I felt that life has no colours anymore. Thank you darling for been there for me!!

Happy 5th Anniversary! And it is coincident that today is also my SIL’s birthday! So wishing her Happy Birthday!!


Friday, May 29, 2009

The date and time

Every time Little J goes to my parents’ house, the first thing she would do would be going straight to the dining room to look at the calendar. You know, those wall-hanging Chinese calendar where you need to tear the paper that showing the date every day?? So, my Little J will ask her grandma what is the number on the paper. Usually my mum will ignore her as Little J mostly know her numbers well. But once a while, she will entertain Little J by telling her the date for the day. After that, she will tear the calendar paper for Little J.

What does Little J do with the paper?? She folds it, pretending to make dog bones for my mum’s terriers or ice cream for her grandpa who would be back from work in the evening. Lol!

Besides that, Little J is learning to read the time now. Read those digital watches of course, not those with pointed hands. Still not good with big numbers, but she can roughly know how tell times now. Like 6.10, she will say Six Ten. *wink* She is trying to show off that she know the times now!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our princess is sick again

Little J stays at home today, as she is down with cough and fever. She has been coughing and having running nose since last Friday. Since she did not have fever during the weekend, we did not bring her to see doctor till yesterday afternoon when she suddenly came back from school with fever.

Doctor recorded 36C, slightly feverish. She has to take 4 medicines (flu, mucus, cough and fever). Little J said she doesn’t like to take medicine, and commenting all except the syrup for mucus are not nice. Which medicine is nice, you tell me?? Doctor even prescribed antibiotic just in case her condition worsen, but so far her fever is down. She doesn’t look sick to me, still moving actively around and chatty as usual, except for the occasional coughing and sneezing.

At the clinic, Little J was been weighed, and up to yesterday she is weighing at 14.4kg. She is still picky on her food and taking a long time to finish a bowl of rice. She loves fishes especially the fried one. Anchovies are her favourite. As she is sick, I cook her white porridge and fry little anchovies for her. She can swallow the whole bowl of porridge and anchovies.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nightly conversation with my girl

Before Little J went to bed, I was having a one to one conversation with her. She has been extremely naughty and rebellious for the past two days. With Big J at home, she is even naughtier. Probably she is asking for attention or she just meant to make her dad angry with her naughtiness.

I was telling her that daddy is actually loving her although he scold and angry with her. I was trying to tell her that her dad is not scolding her for no reason. Following is our conversation:

Me: You must love daddy, Little J.
Little J: No. I don’t want to love daddy.
Me: Daddy loves you. You are very naughty that is why daddy angry and scold you.
Little J: I don’t love daddy. I want to love mummy.
Me: Without daddy, you wouldn’t be here. Mummy and daddy love you okay?
Little J: I want to grow big like mummy. Do you want to grow big, mummy?
Me: Mummy cannot grow big but I can grow old. When mummy old, you take care of me, okay?
Little J: Okay, I take care of mummy.
Me: Good girl. You take care of daddy too, okay?
Little J: No. I take care of gu gu (aunty)
Me: No, you have to take care of daddy too.
Little J: I don’t want.

Sigh! Very stubborn girl. I guess I have to continue this conversation some other night since Little J was tired and hardly can continue the conversation. Just turning 3 years old, and she is that stubborn yet thoughtful. Her poor dad……Wonder does he need to put up shelter in Old Folk’s Home when he is older?? Lol!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catching up with Facebook

My beloved Big J has started to show interest in Facebook lately and every morning after he wakes up and every night after comes back from work, the first thing he does would be logging in to Facebook! And does he addict to it right away!

I am not complaining about his new hobby, but am glad that he shows some interest in it. Why? He spending less time outside, and indirectly spending less money too. So, ladies out there if your hubby is addicted to any online games, chat or Facebook of any sort, do encourage them to do so. You never know how much you can get them from straying outside. *wink*

From Facebook, Big J met his old classmates and college mates and boy, he is so excited to keep in touch with them after all these years. He was a student council President during his college day, so he met a lot of international students from other countries. Now most of his friends are residing or working overseas. What a way to catch up with long lost friends.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Activity in Sunday school

A back-dated post. I follow Little J to her Sunday school last week as her aunty has a function that day. At least she knows what to do, guided me around. *wink*

They are telling story of Moses, so the art for the day is Moses in the basket. Not only Little J has fun, I also follow suit in making the art.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Poo and Pee

My Little J has the habit of farting loudly and telling you that she farts. I lost count of her farts but sometimes it is around 4 – 6 times a day. When she foresee a fart is coming, she will stop in doing what ever she is doing and fart. Then come to me and said “mummy, I poot poot”. At least her fart is not smelly fart. Lol!

Sometimes she will confuse between poo and pee. When she urinate, she will say “mummy I poo poo” or “mummy, whose poo poo is this?” I have to correct her from time to time. When she does big business, she will say she is peeing. *faint* It takes time for her to differentiate and know which one is the right word.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A note on Little J's Teacher's Day

It is Teacher’s Day today, and Little J’s preschool also did not miss on having its Teacher’s Day today. Few days earlier I make booking of donuts and bought a 2 L of orange juice for Little J to bring to school. I also taught Little J to write on a greeting card last night. She was so happy that she hold on and peek at the card for almost the whole night last night.

This morning we went to Bread & Pastry to pick up the pre-booked donuts before off to Little J’s preschool. Sigh! I should have just dropped her at the usual drop off point and pass the stuff to the attendant, but since I were there, I thought of paying off her next term school fee. So, instead of the usual routine, we packed at the designated parking bay and went down together.

Again, I said I should have drop her instead of going down together, because once I brought her to her classroom door, she started to cry. S**t! Normal day, she would be happy to be dropped off and marching to the classroom, but when I am with her, she is making a scene and want me to be with her. But thank god, her teacher came to the rescue and I escaped as fast as I could.

After making her school fee, I did dropped by her class to check on her and luckily she cooled down and forgot the whole scene. Kids!! How they can forget one thing and move on easily!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little helper of mine

Now that I am getting heavier, I tend to slow down in doing chores. Going up the staircase make me puffing for breath! Gosh! I still do the chores around the house, and thank to my little helper, Little J, she helps me around with some light work. When I lie down on my bed, and if I need anything, I will ask her to get the thing for me, like air con remote controller, open and close the door, keep the stuff etc. Little J loves to do work. I guess all children are the same. They love to do things for other people and get you to praise them afterward….Lol!

Sometimes Little J will make a fool of herself, like spinning around till she dizzy and crying out loud for help; or hold tight to Big J and shout for her aunt to help her releasing from her dad's grip!! Simply a cheeky girl. And out of nowhere, she will just tell you she was sad, and when ask why, she just simply replied "Nothing. I am just sad". Lol!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

She got to learn to be polite

Both me and Big J are getting worry about Little J. She has turned 3 years old more than a week ago. Big J said a child’s behavior as adult is reflected at his or her 3 years old stage. Hmm, I don’t really get it but what ever it is, she is still a child and need attention and good guidance to mould her personality and behavior.

But last night we have to frantically admit that Little J is a stubborn girl. The story goes like this:

Big J reached home around 8pm and as usual, had his dinner in front of the television, watching his favourite channel, History on Astro. Earlier, Little J follow my SIL out for car ride. After she reached home around 8.30pm, she just went straight to the remote control and change the channel. Of course, Big J reprimand her for impolite and grab the remote control back from her, told her to ask for permission first. And guess what, she just threw her tantrum in front of us, crying and wailing. Sigh!

So, me and SIL told her to be good girl, asked for permission from her daddy to change channel. And she didn’t want to!! Just cry and cry till she vomit. Sigh! After many minutes gone, she finally and quietly ask her dad “Daddy, I want to watch cartoon please”, then Big J let her so.

And that is not end of the story. She went to complain to her grandma in Kapit over the phone, telling her she crying and daddy is bad boy!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Showing off her writing

Just the other night after she turning 3 years old, Little J came to me requesting for paper. She wanted to write on a white paper. Usually I don't like her to scribble on the white papers as it is wasted eventually. I would give her some recycled papers to scribble. But that night, Little J was standing on the computer chair and requested for a piece of white paper that kept on the computer desk. I gave in to her request.

It turned out to be a surprise for me as she was showing me her writing skill. Hmm, I am impressed that she suddenly can write so many alphabets. And she was showing off, telling me what letters she wrote etc. The writing was slightly light because she used colour pencil and did not press hard on the paper. But it just make me a happy mum to see her progressing. *smile*