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Monday, December 29, 2008

A lazy holiday for us

It is holiday today. Big J sprained his leg during yesterday tennis game, so he hardly going anywhere today. Supposed to attend a friend’s church wedding in the morning, but we did not go. Thank god the pain in his leg subdue and did not swell this morning after taking some Chinese prescribed pills.

Yesterday I went to highlight my hair, I spent RM110 on my hair. Didn’t cut my hair since it is still that short, just highlight and treatment on it. Well, at least Big J did not comment much on the hair this time round. The last time I cut my hair short, he was a bit surprised at my decision and till today, he still miss my long hair! LOL!

As for today’s activities, since we did not attend my friend’s church wedding this morning, Little J, myself and SIL went for CNY shopping in the morning after breakfast. First, we dropped by The Spring to hunt for FIL’s shirt, then bought some clothing for Little J (it is always easy to buy children’s stuff than adult’s stuff as they are more irresistible) and then bought myself a pair of office shoes from Primevera.

Then we went to Jenny’s boutique in Jln Green to check out any good bargain, but to our surprises, not many people there. Nothing good there. Nevertheless I managed to buy a blouse and 2 pairs of pants from WD Boutique, which happen to be Jenny’s next door neighbour. I guess economy must be pretty bad; not much discount given by Jenny this year. Usually it was packed at this time of the year, that you cannot hardly squeeze among the crowds and hardly can find a vacant fitting rooms.
When we reached home around 130pm, Big J was busy tidying up the bedroom. He was cleaning up the bookshelf by sitting on the chair when I entered the room. Hmm, I have to admit. He is a better cleaner than I do!! *wink*

Alright, time to get ready for the wedding dinner tonight. Since it is a holiday today, usualy people are quite punctual when come to wedding dinners. We have missed our friend's church wedding, so we would not want to be late for the dinner tonight.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Lots of books for the bookworms

We visited The Times Book Fair at Permata in the morning after sending off Big J’s dad and sister at the airport. We arrived at the venue around 1030am, and thank god not many people around. I guess it is pretty early since it was a holiday yesterday.

We supposed to go to MV douglo last Sunday but we forget the time. When we reach there, it was not open yet, so we haven't go to the ship yet. We were at The Times for almost 2 hours scouting for books. Some books are so cheap that we have hard time decided what to get and not to get. Talking about good bargain! Of course the hard cover would be slightly expensive. Check out what we get from the fair!! RM320 worth of books! Hmm. Going to keep the receipt, can be used for tax exemption, right??

Thursday, December 25, 2008

All the presents under the tree

Little J gets the most presents. Naturally it should be that way, since she is the only kid in the family. Lol! Look at all the presents she got from her family. When she went down to living room, she has to search her name among the presents. Of course with the help of her aunt, she able to locate her presents and having good time unwrap and play her presents!!

All is Disney merchandises, mostly Mickey Mouse since it is her favourite character. She got Minnie puppet, Mickey coin box, Mickey pillow, Minnie drum and Disney play house.

My little drummer

Getting accustomed to her new house

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Stay up late

Watching her cartoons till 10pm almost every night now. I think Little J is turning into a couch potato. She can stick to television if her favourite cartoons are showing!

Now that she sleeps late, she doesn’t wake up in middle of night anymore, asking for her feeding. She will sleeps all the way till morning, usually wakes up around 630am. I wonder she will do the same when she starts schooling next year. But probably everything will be normal for her as she is going for half day session, so not so stressful for her. She still can take her afternoon nap at babysitter’s house.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Swaying in the car

Even in the car Little J cannot be sit still. Climbing up and down, chatting away and dancing to the music.

Mummy couldn't help but giggle at her antic!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

He is at it again

Big J used to control his drinking habit but now he is back to drinking after many years of trying. I guess old habits never change. Since started his new job in June this year, he spends most of the nights with his colleagues. And when men usually go after office hours?? Pub or café drinking and chatting!

It worries me a lot as he is gaining much weight now. The body is expanding sideway and the tummy! Oh dear! Look like he is 5 months pregnant. It is a concern on his health as he is way passed the healthy level, according to doctor. If Big J doesn’t do anything about his habit and weight, he may have some health problem soon.

To encourage him to lose some weight, I usually persuade him to go for tennis games, now that we are crazy about tennis again. And for his Christmas present, I bought him a new tennis racket since the current one is broken. If we not up to tennis game, we may opt for a swim in the evening. As you know that both activities depend much on the weather, we hardly been able to do much as it almost rain every day.

And guess what! Big J is into line dancing now these days! He has been taking up lesson for many weeks, he told me recently. Want to give me a surprise he said. Lol! A colleague teaches him and others to dance poco-poco in the office after office hour. He is so crazy about dancing that he burn the songs and even want to teach me to dance. Dancing is never my field but it is kind of fun dancing around the house with the Indonesian poco-poco song at the background. Lol!

If you ask me to choose, I would rather having him dancing in office and come back late than drinking the night away.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Her own tree

There is a tree she can proud to call her own! :) Little J loves Christmas trees. Everywhere she goes if she sees one, she will go over to the tree and admire it. I guess those decorative items on the tree attract her. So last night, we went to get a tree for her (sponsored by her grandma).

When we reached home around 10pm last night, she is still not sleepy and insisted on set up the tree. Mummy and aunty helping her out in putting the Christmas balls, and fairy light. We did not get the star to be put on the top as not much choice at the shop. So the star will be later. For time being, the tree is lighted in the corner of the living room. This morning when Little J woke up, she remember her tree and run straight down to the living room. Lol!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Little update from us

Oh dear! I have not been updating The Lings blog much recently. Some updates on the family but I am not going to run through in details.

Basically Big J and myself are busy with work and targets. Most of the weekdays we reached home after 7pm. Sometimes I am lazy to drive car to work, so will hitch his car. If he is having meeting in the evening, then I will have no choice but to wait for him to finish meeting to pick me up. There was once, when I have to wait for him till 730pm.

Little J is growing tall I have to say. Weight wise, she is around 13kg. She still not that adventurous when come to food. Hopefully everything will change once she starts schooling next year. Talking about schooling, both myself and Big J are excited for her. Every day, we would tell her about going to school. Now I even trained her to bring her bag with pencil, books and cds in it to be brought to baby sitter’s house. Now she knows she need to buckle up when in the car, but once a while, she is very naughty and does not want to be buckled to her seat. She is diaper free and know when she needs to go to loo. Save a lot on diaper, really!!

I am glad that she enjoys reading. If she bored with books when in the car, I will ask her to sing, Beside my radio, I have Little J to entertain me on the road. *wink* Basically that is much for the time being. We are enjoying the festive season with Christmas around the corner. Little J loves to sing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and "Jingle Bell" and wish everyone "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tails for her please

She may has a funny tastebud, but either way, my Little J just love fishes. Like her mummy. But unlike her mummy, she only like fried fishes. Those small fishes where you deep fried them to gold. And she only like to take the crispy part like the fish tails or stomach, where when you fry, they are so crispy.

When ever I called my mum telling her that we go back for dinner on Saturdays, my mum will prepare Little J’s favourite fishes. Just for her!! I don’t know the name of the fish, but it is the small local fishes, where you usually fry them. You can eat the whole fishes even the bones as the bones are soft. Sometimes Little J takes mackerel too, but the crispy part only!!

So when ever I am at my mum’s place, I will need to sort out the fishes for the crispy part like the tails. It is kind of funny as I will pick up the tails and leave the remaining parts on the plate. And when there is fish, she can finish a bowl of rice without nagging from her mummy!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

1st Christmas tree

Our tree

Last Sunday, we forgo our afternoon nap and instead we went to Big J’s office to set up the Christmas tree. Big J brought his own tree to the office, since there was no space in the house for display. We bought lots of ornaments such as crystal balls, silver and blue balls, wrap, wreath, fairy light etc.

Little helper putting up the silver ball

So last Sunday afternoon three of us spent almost 2 hours in the office decorating the Christmas tree. Little J helped out too, although more nuisance than helping but we are glad that she enjoyed putting up the balls on the tree.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

When is right time for sex?

In any relationship, sex is one of the important ingredients in ensuring success of the relationship. To avoid much headache and heartache, one must take the right steps in knowing when it is the right time to have sex

Talk about sex with your partner. Find out what he or she thinks and honestly state your position. If it is uncomfortable, then sex will be too

Think how much you know your partner. Sex is nothing but trust and intimacy, so make sure you have that with each other beforehand.

Ask yourself how passionate you are about your partner.

Date for a while. Be comfortable with each other before going further

Little things like hugs and kisses are good indicators that sex is an appropriate set.

Always think of safe sex. Take the necessary precautions so sex can be enjoyable, both during and afterwards

Relax. Do not anticipate much, just have fun