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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

He is slimming down

Since Big J started his diet programme earlier this month, he has lost a few inches on his waist and shield few kilos. He was very excited about the progress and aimed to lose more. Before this, Big J has been complaining of unable to fit into his wardrobe as well as fatigue. He has to buy bigger and bigger size shirts and pants. Now, he is no longer need to buy bigger clothing, but smaller size clothing.

He usually buys his clothing online as he is unable to find his size here. Not only that, it is also great to shop online, as it is easier, faster and has more choices. One of the online shopping website we like to visit is Shopwiki. Just the other night, we bought few pants and shirts for him. We have also bought some winter clothing for his dad who is going to Europe for holiday next month.

I have been telling Big J that it has been awhile since we have our vacation, so we should plan for vacation next year. Probably not Europe as it is way beyond our budget, but a holiday in one of the islands in Malaysia would do. We are thinking of going back to Redang where we had our honeymoon 4 years ago. This time, I must try surfing if we have a chance to go there again next year. We saw a group surfed in Redang previously and how tempted I was to try it out. But first thing first. I must get one surfing board and gear and learn to surf before going there next year.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whose precious one?

One day, my sister-in-law was sitting down with Little J in the living room, and following conversation follows:

SIL: You love who more? Mummy or daddy?
Little J: Mummy more
SIL: You love mummy or aunt more?
Little J: Hmm, aunt more.
SIL: You love aunt or grandma more?
Little J: Grandma more.
SIL: Oh, so you are grandma's precious granddaughter.
Little J: And aunt's precious one too.
SIL: How about Baby Jay? Baby Jay is whose precious one?
Little J: Uncle's precious.
(Uncle here is my brother in law)
SIL: So Baby Jay can sleep with uncle in uncle's room, right?
Little J: Yes. And I sleep with you.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Allergic to cough??

Little J has been down with coughing bugs for almost 2 weeks and after seeing she hasn't fully recovered from it, I took her to see doctor this morning. Her doctor did not open today, so I took her to mine instead. I am also infected by cough bugs for 2 days. Do not want to spread the bugs to Baby Jay.

This is her first time to my doctor, so I was asked alot of sickness history, such as how often she was sick, what allergy, does she has fever when she was sick etc. After much questioning and body checking, my doctor told me that Little J may have what it is pretty common in every children "Allergic to cough bugs". It means that she would easily get the bugs.

Since schooling this year, Little J has been down with sickness like almost once a month. I lost count of how many times I brought her to see her doctor. Usually she doesnt have fever, just normal flu or cough. So my doctor advised me not to give her cold drink and sleep in moderate air con temperature to avoid easily infected by cough bugs. So if your children easily sick (such as cough or flu), try not to give your children cold drinks and avoid sleeping in cooler air-con room.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Neat colouring

Little J has some improvement in her colouring skill. Now she can colour a certain item neater and also plays with more colours.

My cousin from Singapore bought her a Nickelodeon's wonder Pets colouring book and she has been enjoying herself colouring the pads. Most of the time I would help her to colour or guide her what colours to use. However she can be selfish once a while, and will not let anyone play with her colours!! Well, I don't remember I have such wonderful colouring books where I can colour when I was young. How lucky is our children!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1 month old

Baby Jay is 1 month old today!! He is now drinking 3 - 4 oz of milk, depends on the lenght of the time. He is getting cheekier and asking for more attention now. He does stretch and make a lot of sounds, even in his sleep.

He is one happy baby as he smiles a lot. Love his smile in this photograph.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh baby

We are happy that our girl, Little J really adores her baby brother. She would help me in anyway possible, like during diaper changing, she would help me pull out baby wipes or holding on to the baby diaper for me. However, we never leave her alone with the baby no matter how much she loves him. Little J is slightly “tomboy” and rough; she jumps on the bed, crawls here and there on the bed. We are scared to leave her along with Baby Jay even for a second!

This morning while on the bed, she was looking at the Baby Jay and then looked at me. “Mummy, baby already out and your stomach already flat.” I simply answered her “Yes” Then she looked at Baby Jay and said “Oh baby, you are sweet. Sweet baby. Good baby”. Hmm, wonder what does that all about?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Little update around the house

Next week Baby Jay would be 1 month old and that means I would be out of confinement too. *wink* I am happy and cannot wait for that day to arrive.

What would I do once I am out? I have been doing some wardrobe clearing yesterday and most of my outfit doesnt fit me for time being. Probably they will, but for those that I wouldnt be wearing (outdated) I have been keeping them aside. Thinking of giving them away for donation since they are still in good condition. So are Little J's clothing. She has a lot of wardrobe, mostly cannot wear anymore. Either give away to her little cousin or to children's home.

Since Mid-Autumn is around the corner, we have been thinking of giving away some mooncakes to relatives and friends that have been visiting and giving "angpow" and hampers to Baby Jay. Maybe I would buy them once I am out from my confinement.

As for Baby Jay, he is doing well, now drinking around 3Oz of milk every time. He is putting on some weight. He has been more alert and awake during the day and night, and start to cry louder. Lol! He is stronger as the day passes. We are thinking of changing his milk powder as his stool is still watery and smelly. Currently he is drinking Similac, and we thought of letting him try Anmum Infacare. Hopefully his stool would be more solid and less smelly after trying out the new powder.

Unlike Little J, Baby Jay has a fear of bath. We noticed that everytime the confinement lady is bathing him, he will hold tightly to her. And Baby Jay was holding his fist so tight, that his whole hand turn blue. Gosh! He will make noise if he was lower down to his bath tub, but if turn him facing the water in the tub, he will quiet down. Probably he doesnt like the "back stroke" style, but prefer the "butterfly stroke" instead. Lol!

He will have his next vaccination on 25th. Hopefully he will be doing fine; no fever. I must remember to give him some panadol first before going for the vaccine that day.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sisterly love

Since Little J met her baby brother, she has fall in love with him immediately. Every morning, she would come into the room to see her baby brother and greet him. She has been sleeping in her aunt’s room since the day I went to hospital. When she comes home, the first thing she would do is to see Baby Jay.

Take #1

Little J: Good morning, baby. What is your name?? *pause* Baby Jay.

(she would ask the baby and answer for him herself!)

Take #2

When she sees Baby Jay crying;

Little J: Why baby cry?
Mummy: Baby is hungry, want milk
Little J: Oh baby, please don’t cry. Don’t cry baby.

Take #3

While chatting to Baby Jay, Baby Jay was burping out some milk from his mouth;

Little J: Mummy! Come! Baby’s milk comes out from his mouth.

And when I go to attend the baby, Little J was wiping with a handkerchief

Hmm, I guess both are getting along pretty well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More of Baby Jay

Every day is a new day for Baby Jay. He is doing fine and getting naughtier each day. Almost every day I took a snap of him, on his facial expression and while taking bath.

A little statistic of baby Jay:

Born on 25 August 2009
Time: 4.44pm
POB: Normah Medical Specialist Centre
Weight: 3.338kg
Length: 50cm
Head Circumference: 34cm
Blood: B type

As of who he looks like, some said that from nose down he looks like me. The eyes look like Big J's. But most said Baby Jay looks like Big J!

Baby Jay smiles a lot, even in his sleep. Once a while making funny noises while sleeping. Babies do dream at such young age, right?? Must be sweet dreams or else Baby Jay wouldn't be smiling in his sleep. *wink*

Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Jay's first scrapbook

My baby boy is now 2 weeks old. I done with his first digital scrapbook, on his bath time. He loves his bath time.