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Friday, May 30, 2008

A visit to doctor

Little J had her Meninpococus vaccination last night. I brought her myself since Big J was not feeling well last night.

As usual, her mood was fine when I told her she is going for her injection and at the clinic. She played the slide and toys in the clinic, did not aware of what was going to happen next. However, once we were inside the doctor's room, she immediately remember why and where she was! Oh boy! She started to screamed and cried at the door step, asking me to "open the door".
What a sight! The whole clinic filled with her cries. She did not want to be calm, I had to hold her with one nurse holding her leg and doctor inject at her buttock. The ordeal did not end there, she wailed once we out from the doctor's room, pointing to her buttock and said "buttock pain".
I hate bringing Little J to clinic by myself. At least with Big J around, he can help to pacify and calm her down. Nothing can calm her down even when nurse offered her some stickers and toys. She just continue with her wail. The next round would be next month. Her 3rd Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am crack!

I thought making online tickets booking is easy and hassle-free, but it is not! It turns out to be long and tedious, especially filling all the particulars. Maybe I am not the patient type of person. I hate filling those forms, and now not to mention e-forms!!

I was making online flight booking for myself, while Big J commented on going directly to my sister's travel agents or MAS counter to book. I told Big J booking online is cheaper than going to the counter. Don't you think so?? Anyway, it took me nearly 1 hours to make and confirm online ticket. Sigh! Next time, I will get my sis to help to book. I do not need to go through all those headache-causing online pages.
Big J is going to KL soon to attend his sales talk. So, I took the opportunity to follow him too. Excuses, just want to take some break away from work! *wink* What ever, I am going to be on my own and Big J will be busy attending his talks!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

What we do on Sunday

Our typical Sunday is like this:

Little J wakes me up. If she is kind enough, she will wake me up around 630 - 7.00am

7.00 to 7something
I will play or teach Little J some drawing, reading or writing. Sometimes she will leave me and play with her laptops

Little J getting agitated and will start to jump on the bed

By 9am we will be out from the house and hunting for coffee shops for breakfast

Window shopping or grocery shopping around

We will be back from our shopping. I bathe Little J and let her settle in the bedroom.

Watch my CSI series till 2pm

2pm to 3something
Napping time

Get ready dinner if cooking. Otherwise lazy around in bedroom, watch DVD or do some reading.

5 something
Hunting for food

7 something
Watch television or give Little J some lesson in the room

Little J and family's bedtime

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What is your love style?

Your Love Style is Eros

For you, love is all about the passion!
And chances are, you're currently in love.You have a strong physical response to love...
And you are great at committing (As long as the person makes your toes curl!)
What is your love style?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go shopping.....mummy buy

She will keep mumbling “go shopping” to everyone that she meets in the house every day. During the holidays, she will ask her parents to go shopping. When in the car, she would say to me “go shopping”. *Faint*

Do all kids love to go for walk or shopping? My Little J does enjoy walking and window shopping. Then when ever we buy anything for her, she will remember who bought what and will say “daddy buy”, “mummy buy” or “ah ma buy” the next round she uses that particular item.

She loves to watch Mickey Mouse Club House, I think she has become a loyal fan. I just bought her a Mickey Mouse colouring book from Popular Book. She will say to her aunt that the book “mummy buy one”

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who's having fun?

It was hot day yesterday, so we went to swimming pool for a cooling time! Check out the fun here.....

Can't wait to jump into the water

Once in, very hard to get her out from the pool!

She getting an ice cream treat for been a good girl

Saturday, May 17, 2008

When is the right time?

We were (still are) debating when to enroll Little J to taska. To my understanding, some taska do accept 2 years old toddlers. Big J is not keen to put her in early, maybe only send her when she reaches 3 years old.

We have no complaints about her baby sitter. Little J has been taken care by her when she was 10 months old baby. Little J is the only children she cares for. We are comfortable with this 1-to-1 basis.

However my concern is that there is not much exposure to other children of her age or similar. Little J seldom mixes with other children. She has no fear of strangers, I guess been surrounded by adults make her comfortable with them. When it comes to children, she is reluctant to play with them. She does have her curiosity, but would not get near them easily. It takes much effort to persuade her to greet other children. She has no problem with baby as she adores them.

So you see, I am hoping that by getting Little J to taska at earlier age, she can adapt to the environment of having other children around her. However if she is not ready, I would not want to enroll her in too. Only when she is ready, comfortable and independent enough, we shall let her try the taska life.

Then the next issue comes. To enroll full or half day?? Sigh! Headache again……

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A never ending love

Most of the times when we talked about love, we always assume the loves that a man and a woman have. What about fatherly and motherly love? Mother's Day may have passed, but do not forget about Father's Day which is coming soon in June.
Although Little J never close to her dad, I knew deep down in my heart that she does love him. Although we asked her to say "Daddy, I love you", she never want to say it to him. However there was one time when she just woke up from her nap and said "Daddy I love you". Unfortunately Big J hasnt wake up yet that time to hear the words. Nevertheless he was happy when I told her about it afterward.
A parent's love to a child is undeniable one of the most precious love. You will never fall out of love with your children. Whether they are bad or done anything that cause grievances to you, you never let down on them and always love them. You will shelter them from rain and sun and hold the armor when they are in trouble.
As for Big J and Little J's story, Little J is still young and have yet to accept her dad wholly. She still very much attached (shall I say "stick to me like glue") at home. Where ever I go, she follow close behind. I hardly can do much thing with her tugging along. Maybe because of the less time spend together between Big J and Little J. However Big J now is much freer, and have been staying at home more often. He has quit his job, but will only join another company next month. So more time at home, more time with Little J. Hopefully she will get used to having her dad around and they become closer. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baby, love me please

Both daddy and daughter will have a scuffle every morning and evenings, and it has become a daily routine for both. Big J will ask Little J to give him a hug or kiss, and she will run away. Sometimes both will have a “cat-and-mouse chase” around the house.

Sometimes daddy will just pick her up and hug her. Daughter will struggle in his arm and shout to be released. “Don’t want, don’t want”. Poor dad! He feels like his daughter does not love him that much. I told Big J to be patient. He needs to spend more time with Little J, play with her. Give her more time to love her daddy.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Shorter hair

Little J just got her hair cut. I like it, she looks much more active and alert in this new look. *wink*

I never like to bring Little J for her hair cut. It was a dragging experience as she fidgets and would not be still for a second to have her hair cut. To have her hair cut, we will have to hold her in our arms and let them do the job with hair all over us. At least she did not cry. She turns out to be happy with her new look although once a while she will ask for her hair to be tied up by showing us her hair bands and accessories.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sticking matter

When there is a chance, Little J would not miss pulling out some tricks to impress you. She loves to take out those tiny stickers that placed on the imported fruits such as apples and oranges.

She was up to her sticking trick again last weekend in the car! After peeling off those stickers on the fruits she placed the stickers one by one on her leg, then she will count them. Whether it is one or five stickers, she will count “1, 2, 3, 4”. Lol! After finished counting, she will stick those stickers onto the fruits one by one, then start to peel them off again. There she goes again.